The Elemental Quest

By Double G Goomba and koopa 13

Chapter 4: Terror in the Sky

Dark Goomba: *looks at the title* Why is there a part 4? There shouldn’t be any more parts left at all!

Dark Dooplighost: I would assume that the three interviewers managed to defeat Dark Bob-omb and took the third Star.

Dark Goomba: Argh! These interviewers have already defeated three of our members! We must stop them now!

Dark Dooplighost: Don’t you worry, sir, I have an idea on how to beat them. They have people who are rooting for them, right? Well if they had people that were against them then maybe we’d have more of a chance to beat them. Just leave that to me. *evil grin*

Meanwhile in the sky…

G.G: Woah! We’re in the sky! I love sky levels.

Koopa 13: Well you wouldn’t run into a huge dragon.

Hooktail: Oh yes, it’s all the dragon’s fault. Hmph!

Koopa 13: Ahhhhhhh!

G.G: All right, it looks like there’s a city over there. Let’s check it out.

They head into the city and see it is full of Lakitus.

Koopa 13: Hey, do you cloud boys know what this place is?


The Lakitus start chucking Spinies at them as they run out.

Koopa 13: Wait! Stop! We mean no harm!

Lakitu: You heard them, they mean harm! Get them!

They hide behind a building

Chompy: Bark bark.

G.G: Yeah, what’s their problem? They were pummeling us with Spinies as if we did something wrong. I think I got one in my eye.

G.G. pulls the Spiny out of his eye.

??: Yo, dudes.

They turn around and see Lakilester behind them.

Spike: It’s Spike, man.

Koopa 13: Mario’s partner is here?

Spike: That’s right, turtle dude, I moved here from Flower Fields after we beat Bowser to a pulp.

Koopa 13: The big question is what are you doing here?

Spike: I saw you guys getting chased out of town, so I thought I should explain. A couple of days ago fellows that look EXACTLY like you came to this town and started wreaking havoc amongst our poor town. They destroyed our homes, drank all our water, and worst of all, they called our clouds stupid.

G.G: Oh no, not the cloud diss, a Lakitu’s ultimate pet peeve.

Koopa 13: Those puff pets you have look unique.

Spike: So you must understand why they think it was you.

G.G: So why don’t you think we did it?

Spike: because I read your Interviews. I know you may steal and freeload, but I don’t think you’re even capable of this feat, so it must have been that guy that was here the day before we were attacked.

G.G: What guy?

Spike: A day before we were attacked, an evil-looking Duplighost came here demanding that we give him the Elemental Star or else we would regret it.

Koopa 13: *sigh* Dark Duplighost.

G.G: Must be. Anyway, do you know where the Star is?

Spike: On the highest part of cloud mountain, there is a castle that used to belong to Huff ‘N Puff until he was defeated. He used the Elemental Star to power his Puff Puff Machine, but after his defeat we took back the Star and made his castle the sanctuary.

Koopa 13: All right, we’re set to go, but first, can you give us directions?

Spike: I can, but it’s still dangerous his castle. Hs full of traps. Do you think you could handle it?

G.G: Of course, you can believe it.

Naruto: Believe it!

Spike throws a Spiny at him.

Spike: Stupid cameos.

Koopa 13: Yes, The Three Stooges were born to take on this challenge.

Spike: But first we must get through the town in order to get to the castle, so we need to get you guys some clever disguises.

The three heroes walk through town with fake mustaches on.

Spike: All right, we’re here. So from here on out, you’re on you own. Good luck.

Spike leaves.

G.G: All right, let’s head inside.

They do so.

Koopa 13: This castle is bigger than all of Bowser’s castles put together.

They start walking across a bridge in the middle of the room, when the path behind them starts to fall

Koopa 13: What the galloping Koopas is this?

G.G: Always with the puns, huh? Now then, RUN!!!

They run like little girls racing trough the field picking up daisies while-

G:G: Hey! Lay off, would you?

Sorry. Afterwards they finally reach the end.

G.G: Phew. Close call.

??: There they are!

The three heroes turn around and see a bunch of Lakitus in front of them.

Lakitu: They’re trying to steal our treasure! Get them!

The wave of Lakitus starts to come at them.

Koopa 13: Wwhat do we do now?

G.G: Oh, wait. I just remembered, we haven’t tried out the Earth Star yet.

G.G. uses the Earth Star and a bunch of rocks hit the Lakitus.

Lakitu: Huh? What was I doing again? *looks at the other Lakitus* Oh yeah, I was going to destroy you Lakitus with my Spiny!

Lakitu 2: Me too!

Lakitu 3: Me too!

They all start attacking each other

G.G: Ah, so that’s what it does, it confuses people. Awesome! Ok, let’s get out of here before they remember to beat us up.

They come to a big door and see 2 Koopa guards in front of them.

Koopa Guard 1: This is the sacred chamber of the Elemental Star, no tourists allowed. Hey, wait a minute, dude, aren’t you Koopa 13?

Koopa 13: Why yes. Why do you ask?

Koopa Guard 2: Dude, it’s us, Koopa 25 and Koopa 19. We used to work together in Bowser’s army, remember?

Koopa 13: I think I used to, but I realize Bowser is a big cry baby.

Koopa 25: Well hey, you must want the Star, right? Well go on in then.

G.G: Wait a minute, just because you know Koopa you just let us in without questioning us?

Koopa 19: Yes.

G.G: Wow, you guys must be the worst guards ever, but whatever works.

The Koopa guards open the doors. In they go into the room to find the Elemental Star on a pedestal.

Koopa 13: At long last, the Elemental Star collection is complete! Hello to Lemmy’s Interviews!

G.G: Hang on a moment. Marco!

Dark Dooplighost: Polo! Ah darn it.

Dark Dooplighost emerges.

Dark Dooplighost: Well now, I thought that those stupid Lakitus would destroy you, but looks like you can’t leave a Lakitu to do a Dooplighost’s job. Now then, I’d rather we skip the formalities and get to the fighting part.

G.G: Fine by us.

Chompy: Bark.


G.G: 60 HP
Koopa 13: 60 HP
Chompy: 50 HP
Dark Dooplighost: 70 HP

Dark Dooplighost: Well now, fools watch and be amazed..

G.G: We already know what you’re gonna do, you’re gonna transform into one of us.

Dark Dooplighost: That’s what a normal Dooplighost would do, but I’m no ordinary Dooplighost, because I…

He transforms into all three of them.

Dark Dooplighost: …can transform into three people at once!

Koopa 13: We will still find your weakness, you freak in a sheet!

Fake G.G, Koopa 13, and Chompy: 30 HP each

G.G uses Spin bonk and does 10 damage to Fake G.G.

Koopa 13 uses Air Shell and does 10 damage to Fake Koopa 13.

Chompy uses Charge and his attack goes up by 3.

Fake G.G. use Multibonk and does 7 damage to G.G.

Fake Koopa 13 uses Bowling Shell and does 10 damage to G.G.

Fake Chompy uses Crunch and does 7 damage to Chompy.

G.G. 43 HP
Koopa 13: 60 HP
Chompy: 43 HP
Fake G.G: 20 HP
Fake koopa 13: 20 HP
Fake Chompy: 30 HP

G.G. uses High Five on Koopa 13 and gives him an extra turn.

Koopa 13 uses Bowling Shell and Spin Shell and does 17 damage to Fake Koopa 13.

Chompy uses Crush and does 13 damage to Fake Koopa 13. Fake Koopa 13 defeated.

Fake G.G. uses Multibonk and does 7 damage to G.G.

Fake Chompy uses Crush and does 10 damage to Chompy.

G.G: 36 HP
Koopa 13: 60 HP
Chompy: 36 HP
Fake G.G: 3 HP
Fake Chompy: 30 HP

G.G. use Mulitibonk and does 7 damage to Fake G.G.
Fake G.G. defeated.

Fake chompy: Well done. You seem to be good at using those skills of yours, but it ain’t over yet!

Fake koopa 13 and G.G. reappear.

Fake Chompy: Hah! See that? I can bring back the other fakes as many times as I want. Unless you can defeat all of us, then you’re done for.

G.G: Oh boy. This is not good.

Chompy: Bark bark.

G.G: Oh yeah, that’s right, we still have the Earth Star. Koopa, finish them off!

Koopa 13: Right!

Koopa 13 uses the Earth Star and confuses the Fakes.
The three Fakes start attacking each other and they all faint.


Dark Dooplighost: Heh heh. Looks like I lost, but it doesn’t matter. Dark Goomba will defeat you, and then… and then…

He faints.

G.G: That takes car of that. Let’s leave him here for the Lakitus to take care of. Now let’s get the Star.

The three of them take the last Star.

Koopa 13: Finally! We have all of the Star! At last!

G.G: Come on, you guys. Let’s head back to Koopen’s house and figure out what to do now.

The Star lights up and they warp out of there.


Dark Goomba: So it looks like they are on their way here. Very well, then, my dear Interviewers. Come, come and face me, and we shall see who is truly stronger!

He laughs evilly.

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