The Elemental Quest

By Double G Goomba and koopa 13

Prologue: The Unknown Attack

The story begins at Lemmyís Interview Show, where our three heroes are discussing important matters.

G.G: I think that we should paint the stage black, it looks cool.

Koopa 13: How about rainbow?

G.G: Rainbows are for hippies. Then again Lemmy really is a hippie.

Lemmy: No Iím not.

We see Lemmy wearing a peace sign.

Chompy: Bark.

G.G: PINK?! PINK?! Thatís perfect!

Suddenly the room goes dark.

Koopa 13: Whatís going on? Anyone got a flashlight?

Lantern Ghost comes in with a lantern, duh, and evil beings stand before them.

Dark Goomba: Muhahahahaha! Greetings, fellow interviewers! We are the Dark Beings of the Mushroom Kingdom. This is Dark Bob-omb, Dark Koopa (no relation), Dark Buzzy Beetle, Dark Dooplighost, and me, the leader, Dark Goomba. Together we are the Dark Beings!!!

G.G: Very original.

Dark Goomba: We have come to take over this Interview show of yours and make it ours!

Lemmy: Over my dead body!

Dark Goomba: Sorry, not an option.

A cage drops on Lemmy.

Dark Goomba: We need you, Lemmy Koopa, to be our interviewer for life, Ďcause we certainly wonít do it. With your knowledge of Interviews and our great jokes, we shall make the greatest Interviews in the world! They will be so good that everyone will watch and we shall become the greatest interviewers in all of Lemmyís Land! Muhahahahahahaha!!!

Koopa: 13 We will just see about that! No one makes better interviews than the three amigos!

G.G: Yeah, what he said. And anyone that tries to gets a beating.

All three prepare to fight.

Dark Goomba: Foolish beings, you should not fight those you canít beat! Dark Bob-omb, take care of these fools.

He walks off with Lemmy and the other members.

Lemmy: King Dad! Help me!

Dark Bob-omb: Well, fools, this shouldnít take longÖ

He grows in size and explodes, sending the three out of the Interview show. The three of them land outside on top of each other.

G.G: Ouch, man. Rude, huh?

The ground starts to shake and the Interview place falls into the ground. An evil castle rises in its place and a force field appears around it.

Koopa 13: Woah! Just like that!

G.G: Whatís going on? Who are these guys?

?? : They are the Dark Beings.

The three turn around and find an old Koopa standing behind them.

Chompy: Bark bark?

??: My name is Koopen. I was walking around the neighborhood when I saw this thing. It looks like trouble.

G.G: What do you know about them, gramps?

Koopen: Come to my house. Itís a little ways from here, not too far.

3 hours laterÖ

G.G: That was some short walk!

Koopen: All right, now then, down to business. These beings you encountered are the Dark Beings an organization of evil creatures bent on conquering Lemmyís Land.

Koopa 13: How do you know about all this?

Koopen: I was once an interviewer myself in the old days. Lemmy used to talk about these guys who kept sending in Interviews that were just, well, insane. They went against every rule of interviewing and were plain awful. These guys went by the name Dark Beings. Eventually Lemmy had them banned, which of course angered them and they swore revenge. But that was a long time ago- two hours ago, to be exact. Also two hours ago I just retired. Boy what a retirement party it was! So cool, the lights, the babes, the...

Chompy: BARK!!!

Koopen: Oh, right. Well anyway *picks up a newspaper* according to the paper today, Professor E. Gaddís new experiment, the doom device, was stolen. It had the power to suck up life force from people, and without a doubt those fiends have it now. What they plan to do with it, I do not know, but it canít be good whatever it is.

Koopa 13: Where can we find those crooks?

Koopen: They have taken over Lemmyís Interview Show and have replaced it with their castle. Right now their castle is blocked by a barrier and canít be entered, but even if you could you would still be in trouble. That machine uses the life force it sucks from people to shoot out a beam capable of destroying all of the Mushroom Kingdom. You would be walking into a death trap.

G.G: So what can we do?

Koopen: There is only one thing that can shut down a machine so powerful: the Elemental Stars.

Chompy: Bark?!

Koopen: They are stars made from four elements: fire, water, earth, and air. When they come together they grant the user magnificent power, but because of their power they were scattered across the land to prevent them from being used by evil, and thatís where you come in.

Koopa 13: What do we need to do?

Koppen: You three are the only ones that can challenge these monsters since this is your Interview.

G.G: Stop breaking the fourth wall!

Koopen: Sorry. Anyway, you three must gather these Stars and shut down that machine. Itís up to you three to stop the Dark Beings. I know of only one of the Starís location: in the fire canyon beyond this village. Once you get that one it will point you to the next one, and so on. Now that is all I have to tell you, Go now, Double G. Goomba, Koopa 13, and you Chain Chomp thing.

G.G: All right then. Letís go get those Stars and teach those freaks a lesson.

They head off to the fire canyon. Meanwhile in the dark castleÖ

Dark Bob-omb: Dark Goomba, the doom machine is ready.

Dark Goomba: Very good. Commence firing at once.

Lemmy: You wonít get away with this! My interviewers will stop you!

Dark Goomba: What, you mean the Goomba, the Koopa, and the Chain Chomp? What makes you think they will save you?

Lemmy: Good point.

Dark Buzzy: Dark Goomba, we have a problem. The three idiots are looking for the Elemental Stars.

Dark Goomba: HmmÖ So theyíre alive, huh? Well then, where are they heading off to first?

Dark Buzzy: Fire Mountain, sir.

Dark: Goomba: Very well then. Dark Koopa, get in here!

Dark Koopa: (entering) Yes sir?

Dark Goomba: I need you to go to Fire Canyon. Letís give our friends a little presentÖ Muahahahahah!

Chapter 1: Blazing Along the Flames

Koopa 13: Woah itís hot; it wasnít easy getting up here!

G.G: Youíre telling me! Ok, Chompy let me down.

We see that G.G. is on Chompyís back. He jumps off and they head out.

G.G: Hey, look over there! Itís some Lava Bubbles.

Lava Bubble: Hey, itís Mario! No wait, itís just some ugly-looking guys.

Koopa 13: Who you calling ugly, fire boy?

Lava Bubble: Ohh, I see how it is! You wanna start something?

G.G: Sure! Bring it!

Chompy: BARK BARK!

G.G: Oh fine. We're not here to fight, we're looking for the Elemental Stars. You know 'em?

Lava Bubble: Oh, that thing? Yeah, itís at the top of the mountain, but thereís a bunch of boulders coming down it, so itís obvious what you have to do.

Koopa 13: Thank you, fire boy!

Lava Bubble: No problemÖ Hey!

They walk off toward the mountain.

G.G: This must be it, since itís the only place here with boulders falling down.

Koopa 13: It should be just a couple feet away.

G.G.: But how are we going to get up that mountain with the boulders?

???: Hey, you guys over there!

They turn around and see a Punie with sunglasses and a turban on its head.

Punie: You wanna get up this mountain? Then just take my conveniently placed stairs up the mountain. But it will cost you 200 coins.

Koopa 13: 200 coins? What a ripoff!

Punie: Bussiness is bussiness, buddy. Take it or leave it.

G.G: Sorry, guys, we have no other-

He jumps on the Punie and squishes him flat.

G.G: 200 coins my butt. Now let's get going

They head up the stairs and see a cave ahead.

G.G: This must be where the star thing is.

They head inside the cave and find themselves on a narrow path.

G.G: Looks like a long fall from here.

Koopa 13: I can just reach across with my shell when I am inside.

G.G: Ok then. G.G. and Chompy jump on Koopa 13's back.

G.G: Then take us to the Star.

Koopa 13: That I will do, G.G, that I will do.

They head off on Koopa 13ís shell and dodge the fireballs that come from the lava and slide down a long slope to the bottom of the cave.

Chompy: BARK BARK!!!

G.G: Yeah, I see it! The Star! Itís right there!

Koopa 13: Then letís snatch it before anyone comes here and challenges us to a fight!

Dark Koopa: THATíS MY CUE!

He jumps down from the ceiling.

Chompy: Bark?

Dark Koopa: I am Dark Koopa, no relation to the interviewer in any way, and one of the Dark Beings.

G.G: What do you want?

Dark Koopa: I have been ordered by Dark Goomba to annihilate you.

G.G: Why?

Dark Koopa: You stand in the way of our plan, of course, and anyone who stands in our way gets a beating.

Koopa 13: Why are you losers doing this?

Dark Koopa: You mean our evil-type plan? Simple, because you foolish interviewers have stood in our way for too long. Lemmy accepted all your Interviews but never ours, so we're going to solve that little problem and destroy all the Interviews in Lemmy's Land. And guess what? You're first!

G.G: 30 HP, 20 FP
Koopa 13: 30 HP, 20 FP
Chompy: 20 HP, 15 FP
Dark Koopa: 50 HP

* Koopa 13 uses Shell Spin, Dark Koopa takes 5 damage *

* G.G uses Multibonk and does 7 damage *

* Chompy does Crunch and causes 10 damage *

Dark Koopa: All right, kiddies, watch and be amazed!

* Dark Koopa uses Triple Shell and does 5 damage to G.G. and Koopa 13 and 3 to Chompy 3 times each *

G.G: 15 HP
Koopa 13: 15 HP
Chompy: 11 HP
Dark Koopa: 32 HP

* G.G uses Charge and his attack goes up by 2 *

* Koopa 13 uses Bowling Shell and does 7 damage *

* Chompy uses Crush and does 8 damage *

Dark Koopa: Not bad, not bad at all. But I am just getting warmed up. Take this!

* Dark Koopa uses Air Shell and does 10 damage to the party *

G.G: 5 HP
Koopa 13: 5 HP
Chompy: 1 HP
Dark Koopa: 26 HP

* G.G. uses Spin Bonk and does 10 damage *

* Koopa 13 uses Shell Breaker and does 10 damage *

Dark Koopa: No! Have mercy!

G.G: Mercy is not our style. Finish him, Chompy!

* Chompy uses Crush and does 7 damage and demolishes him *


Dark Koopa: No! How could I lose to saps like you?!

Koopa 13: Youíre the sap now! *laugh*

Chompy: Bark bark!

G.G: Right, letís get that Star!

He grabs the Elemental Star from the pedestal.

Koopa 13: Yes! Our first Elemental Star!

The Star starts to glow, and a bright light flashes.

Koopa 13: What was that?

G.G: Look! Our HP and FP have gone up by ten. I wonder if itÖ.

The Star blows out fire and burns Dark Koopa to a crisp.

Koopa 13: Barbecue! My favorite.

G.G: Dude, these Stars rule the other three together, and they give us ultra powers!

The ground starts shaking and lava starts to come from the ground and cover the platform.

G.G: Yep, just typical!

Koopa 13: We must flee!

Suddenly the Star lights up and the three heroes disappear then reapper on an island.

G.G: What the? What happened?

Koopa 13: The Star must have done something.

Chompy: Bark.

G.G: Oh, thatís right. That old Koopa said that the Stars point to the next, so this is what he meant. I thought he was just blowing hot air. This must be were the next Star is, then. In that case, let's go.


Dark Bob-omb: Dark Goomba, a report, sir: Dark Koopa has been defeated by those three interviewers.

Dark Goomba: Hmmm... Disturbing. These three interviewers are but no matter. Soon they will fall just like all the other interviewers in Lemmyís Land. Hehehehehehe!

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