Stuper Paper Mario

By Koopra

Chapter 3: The awesome land where people like to make sprites

Last time we saw our heroes, they had just walked through a door to the third world…

Peach: Um… Where are we? Pixeltendo?

Bullet Bill: Duh.

Bullet Bill is shot.

Tippi: Nope, we are in the Bitlands!

Mario: Wah?

Tippi: The Bitlands is an extremely pixelated (to the point of it being named after such) dimension that has several references to other Mario games in Stuper Paper Mario.

Peach: Games?

Tippi: Ummm… No.

Boomer: Hey guys, look at that bush.

Reader: I've lost interest…

Koopra: Wait!

Reader: Why?

Koopra: I have a pet lizard.

Reader: What's its name?

Koopra: … Francis.


Koopra: Don't do that.


Koopra: Sorry, you can't have Tip-

Francis runs away with Tippi.

Koopra: -pi… This is your problem.

Mario: Whoo!

Mario and his friends run off to get Tippi back. Back in the bush...

Barry: Heh… Where are the heroes...?

At the Tile Pool...

Boomer: I say we jump in.

Peach: But the water will ruin my hair!

Boomer: Duh.

Peach: I say we throw you in and blow the water out of the pool.

Boomer: Okay!

Boomer blows the water out of the pool.

Mario: Whee!

Thudley: I'm your new Pixl with girth!

Mario/Peach/Boomer: Ewwww…

Thudley: What?

Peach: Nothing… Let's go get Tippi!

They run for three hours (except Boomer and Thudley, they float) only to find a giant castle with a sign that says FORT GOOMbAZ X

Peach: GOOMbAZ X?

Mario: Koo Koo ka choo!


Peach: Oh boy…

Boomer blows up the castle. Four Goombas with ninja costumes on land in front of the gang.

Goomba #1: Huh- WHAT DID YOU DO THAT FOR?!


Goomba #2: What?

Goomba #3: (Boss, you forgot-)

Goomba #4: (To introduce us.)

Goomba #1: Oh yeah... FEAR US, MORTALS! FOR WE ARE…

All Goombas: GOOMbAZ X!

Boomer: Mm hm, that's nice.

Goomba #1: Grrr… I, the Red GOOMbAZ, will destroy you!

Peach: Could you tell us who is who?

Red GOOMbAZ: Ummm… Okay.

Goomba #2: I'm Black GOOMbAZ.

Goomba #3: I'm the-

Goomba #4: Yellow GOOMbAZ. And I'm the-

Goomba #3: Blue GOOMbAZ.

(Note: Goomba #3 is the Blue GOOMbAZ, Goomba #4 is the Yellow GOOMbAZ.)

Red GOOMbAZ: Umm… Where did they go?

They look around and walk away.

Peach: That was easy!

Boomer: *gulp* This w-won't…

Peach: Huh?

Peach looks around and sees…

Peach: Bowser!

Bowser: Bwa ha ha ha! Bow down, fools!

Peach: Oh no…

??? ???????: Yah!

Red GOOMbAZ hits Bowser on the head. Bowser falls to the ground.

Bowser: Owww… Dang, I lost.

Peach: … Guess what, you have to help us save the world for 3,000,000,000,000 coins!

Bowser: Sweet!

Koopra: Bowser is in you party!

Red GOOMbAZ: Hey! That's my pet, uhhhh... turtle!

Koopra: No it's not.

Red GOOMbAZ: Dang it!

Red GOOMbAZ walks away.


Bowser: Who?

Peach: >_>

Bowser: What?

They all run around for three days trying to find Fort Francis, only they do't know that FORT GOOMbAZ X was Fort Francis.

Tippi: What are you guys doing?

Bowser: Looking for an idiot named Tippley or summit…


Bowser shrinks in an anime fashion.

Bowser: Sorry, honey…

Tippi: If you guys would like to, I dunno… SHUT UP FOR ONE MINUTE, so that I can give you a Pure Heart.

Mario: Yippi!

Bowser: Wah!? Mario's here?!

Mario runs up to Tippi, who gives him a Pure Heart

Koopra: Hey guys, guess what!

Mario: Wah?

Koopra I'm going to put the Pure Heart in the piller for you guys!

Everyone: Yay!

Koopra: And I'm going to warp you to your next world!

Everyone: Yay!

Koopra: Ala Kachoo!

They all warp to outer space…

At Castle Bleck...

Count Bleck: I've got nothing. See ya in Chapter 4.


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