Stuper Paper Mario

By Koopra

Chapter 6: Rice-a-Ronie Goes Kablewie

Without ever finding the Heart Pillar, Mario and friends are sitting around and waiting for King Sammer. Bowser seems to be eating rice right now… but that's not important.

Peach: Is that fried rice?

Bowser: Umm… Yes, why?

Peach: GIMME!!!

Mario: Ala ban kazoo!

Bowser and Peach stop fighting.

Peach: Huh, what do you mean King Sammer is here… King Sammer! How are you?

King Sammer: Good, for now, but if you want the Pure Heart you have to defeat one hundred of my weake- er, finest soldiers!

So then they go to defeat the soldiers. They finish in 0.0000001 of a second.

King Sammer: Oh, uh… Look at that!

Everyone stares at King Sammer, who appears to be very crazy. King Sammer pulls out some TNT and blows up all of Sammer Kingdom.

Tippi: We're doomed!

Tippi looks around, seeing that all of the building have been turned into rice.

Tippi: Is this our fate?! To have our dimension turned into Rice-a-Ronie?!

Bowser, Mario, Peach, and Boomer start eating all the rice they can when two giant robots burst out of the rice.

Koopra Z (in the Koopbot): Look, it's those saps again!

Mr. L (in Brobot): Yeah, let's wipe the floor with them!

They start firing missiles that blow up the closest metal object, and seeing how the only metal around is Brobot and Koopbot, I think you know what happens.


Mr. L and Koopra Z are sent flying away, leaving behind the Pure Heart.

Mario: Hooray!

Mario grabs the Pure Heart and they all get teleported to the next world.

With Koopra Z and Mr. L…

Koopra Z: Ow…

???????: How ya doing?

Mr. L: What?! Dimentio, what are you doing here?!

Dimentio: To send you two to where you belong, the Underwhere!

Koopra Z and Mr. L: Nooooooo!

Dimentio zaps them, sending them to the Underwhere.

Dimentio: Hee hee hee.

Dimentio teleports away.

Chapter 7: Under where?

Mario and friends wake up, finding themselves in a demonic underground city with demons called Shaydes as it's residents.

Bowser: Woah, I should build a castle here!!!

Peach: Tippi, where are we?

Tippi: I-I don't know, I have never studied this place, or known that it exists.

Boomer: Don't worry, I'll ask that shadow over there. Excuse me, where are we?

Shayde: Why, you are in the Underwhere!

Boomer: Thanks!

Shayde: Wait, you don't look like you're from here… Gah! Intruders!

The Shayde runs to a button and presses it, causing an alarm to go off.

Bowser: Run!

The heroes run away, only to run into Koopra while he is trying both to figure out where he is and cheer up Luigi, who is scared.

Mario: Mamamia!

Luigi looks up.

Luigi: Mario? Mario!

Luigi jumps up and runs to Mario and hugs him.

Mario: Hooray-a for you-a!

Bowser: That's very nice, but isn't he the author?

Bowser points at Koopra.

Koopra: Yes I am, but I don't remember writing the last three chapters…

Tippi: Weren't we just running?

Bowser looks behind himself and sees an angry mob of Shaydes running after them.

Bowser: RUN!!!

Koopra: So loud…

Luigi grabs Koopra and runs away from the mob. While they run, they find a small angel-like thing.

Luvbi: Hi, I'm Luvbi!

Bowser randomly grabs Luvbi and runs away with the other heroes. Yes, I'm a hero; there are five in this Fan Fic.

Koopra: Look out!

Koopra pushes the heroes onward as a parade of Bullet Bills come rushing after them. They get away from the angry mob, but they don't notice. They run around the Underwhere for about half of an hour until they find a door with a face on it.

Door: What color is my underwear?

Luigi: Purple!

The door randomly explodes, letting them go through. On the other side they find another door with a face.

Door2: What is the average rainfall of the Amazon Bison?

Bowser: Purple!

The door explodes.

Everyone but Bowser: O.O

Bowser: What?

They walk through the door to find Mayor Dour.

Tippi: You again?!

Dour: Um… No.

Dour explodes. They find another door that doesn't have a face on it, and walk through it. On the other side they find an open sky with scattered clouds.

Bowser: My eyes!

Bowser runs in circles until he runs into a Skelebit that was on a stroll.

Skelebit: Wahh!!! This is war!

The Skelebit grabs Luvbi and jumps off the cliff.

Bowser: No! That's my pet moth!

Bowser jumps off the edge, the others follow.

Mario: Wheee!

They land on three old guys, one dressed in blue, one in yellow, and one in red. All of them are holding an orb that is the same color as their clothes.

Mario: Wahoo!

Mario grabs the orbs and runs away.

The Three Holders of the Orbs (T.T.H.O.T.O): Nooooo-

They all die at the same time.

Bowser: Get that skeleton!

They run until they find a bridge that has yet to be built, and Mario throws the orbs at it.

Peach: Mario, my pearls!

The grossly unfinished bridge becomes a soft, cushy rainbow. The heroes run across and run into the skeleton.

Bowser: MY MOTH!

Bowser sets the skeleton on fire and grabs Luvbi. King Grambi walks out of his castle.

King Grambi: You've rescued my daughter!

Bowser: Your daughter?!

Bowser eats King Grambi, who was really Bonechill in disguise, don't ask me how he got so small. The real King Grambi walks out.

King Grambi: You've rescued my daughter, who is really a Pure Heart!

Luvbi: Huh? Noooooooooooo-

King Grambi smacks Luvbi, turning her into a Pure Heart by the touch.

King Grambi: Oh, um… Take it, you killed T.T.H.O.T.O, and I hated them.

So Mario and friends grab the last Pure Heart and walk away while Koopra drags Bowser, who is still bawling about loosing his pet moth.

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