Stuper Paper Mario

By Koopra

One day Mario and Luigi were sitting down having tea…

Luigi: Hey Mario, we (you) haven’t gone on any adventures for a while, Let’s go to the princess’ castle, A bunch of crazy stuff goes on there!

Mario: Okey-dokey!

Luigi: Don’t say that. Let’s-a go!

Mario and Luigi go out the door and past the mailbox when…

Toad: Graaaaaaaaahhh!!!

…Toad falls out of the sky.

Luigi: Aaaaaaaaaaa!

Toad hits Luigi, knocking them both out.

Mario: Mamamia!

Mario then see’s a note taped on to Toad’s Vest. He picks it up and reads:

The princess is in trouble! We think it was Bowse-

It then turns into ashes.

Mario: Gotta save-a da princess!

Mario runs off.

Luigi: Ohhhhhhh…

A meteor hits Luigi.

At Bowser’s Castle...

Bowser: Bwahahahahaha! Bow, minions, bow!

Koopa Troopa: Intruders! Intruders!

Bowser: Intruders? Bah! There are no intruders here!

Goomba: No… just that hairy guy over there.

The Goomba points at Mario.

Mario: Hiya!

Bowser: … Ummmm… How did you get in here?

Mario: Woah!

Bowser: My front gate was- BLARG!!! Those stupid gatekeepers… I’ll fire them!

Mario: Uhhhhh… Cheese?

Bowser: The princess? I don’t have her!

Mario: Grrrrrrr…

Bowser: I mean it! I don’t have her!

????: Bleh heh heh heh, Bleck!

Mario: ???

Bowser: Wah?!

All of a sudden, a strange, bat-like thing with a monocle, cape, and top hat appears out of nowhere.

Mario: Mamamia!!!

Bowser: Wha- Who are you?!

???: Pardon me, where are my manners? I am… Count Bleck!!!!

Bowser: Who?

Count Bleck: Count Bleck!

Bowser: … What?

Count Bleck: Bah! I’m Count Bleck and that’s it!!!

Bowser: Ok ok, Count Blarb.

Count Bleck: Graaaaaahhhhhhhhhg!!!

Mario: Hello?

Count Bleck: Shut up!

A lightning bolt strikes Mario.

Mario: Woah!

Mario is on the floor knocked out.

Bowser: Ummmmmm… Where’s the princess?!

Count Bleck: Over there.

Count Bleck points at Peach.

Peach: Hi!

Count Bleck: Now what… Oh yeah! VOIP!!!

A massive void appears, and sucks everyone but Count Bleck (and Mario) in.

Count Bleck: Bleh heh heh Bleck!

Count Bleck disappears.

A while later…

????: …………ario……….. Mario…….rio…….. Oh whatever! Mario, wake up!!!

Mario: Wahhhh!

Mario sees a strange butterfly before him.

Mario: Hmmm?

????: Who am I? Oh… silly me… I’m Tippi.

Mario: … Wha?

Tippi: Tippi.

Mario: Okey-dokey!

Tippi: To Flipside!

Mario: Wha?!

They disappear.

In Flipside...

Mario: Woah!

Tippi: I’m back!

??????: Good, did you get the pizza?

Tippi: No, sorry Merlon.

Merlon: I’ve been waiting five days!

Tippi: I know, I know…

Merlon: Eh? Who’s dat hairy fella?

Tippi: He’s Mario.

Merlon: Can we eat him?

Tippi: No.

Merlon: Dang it!

Mario: Hiya!

Merlon: Eh? What are ya still doing here?! Go find the Pure Hearts!

Mario: Wah?

Merlon; Eh? Oh, they look like this.

Merlon throws a Pure Heart at Mario.


Mario: Owie!

Merlon: And take this good for nothing butterfly with you!

Merlon throws Tippi at Mario, making Mario fall off the tower.

Merlon: Oops…

Merlon walks away.

With Tippi and Mario, who are still falling...

Tippi: We must find the Heart-


They land on the Heart Pillar.

Tippi: -Pillar…

Mario Shoves the Pure Heart into the Pillar.


They are on Flipside Tower.

Mario: Wha?!

Tippi: Through the door!

They run into the first world…

At Count Bleck’s Castle...

Count Bleck: Minions! Assemble!

Nastasia: Yes, assemble. K?

O’Chunks: I’m here… uhhhh, Bass?

Mimi: I’m here, and it’s Boss.

Dimentio: Yes… I WILL TAKE THE CHAOS HEART AND RULE THE WORLDS!!! ... I mean, here.

Count Bleck: Nothing fishy there… But I have unleashed the Chaos Heart! By making Peach and Bowser marry!


Count Bleck: Make him stop.

Nastasia: K.

Nastasia zaps Dimentio.

Dimentio: Graaahg!

Dimentio is knocked out on the floor.

Count Bleck: Thank you. Now, I shall go.

O’Chunks and Mimi: Me too.

They all leave (Dimentio too).

Nastasia: Um…. This chapter is over, K?

Chapter 1: The Road of Lines, and Land

With Mario and Tippi...

Mario: Mamamia!

Tippi: What is it, Mario?

Tippi looks in front of her, and see’s a big wall.

Tippi: Oh… We must find Bestovius!

Mario: Hmmm?

Tippi: Wha- Oh… Bestovious is a sage that is the Dimensional Governor of Lineland and the so-called "Flip Wizard". He thinks highly of himself and is a descendant of the ancients. He is also a distant cousin of Merlon and Merlee. He is responsible for granting Mario the ability to switch between the second and third dimensions. He is found at the beginning of Chapter 1.

Mario: O.O

Tippi: … What?

Mario: … Let’s-a go!

Tippi: We must get past this wall to get to him! … But how to get across…

Mario: Hmmmmmm…

A few seconds later, Tippi is carrying Mario over the wall.

Tippi: *OOF* You're too fat!

Mario: Grrr…

Tippi: Heh heh… *OOF*

They land right outside Bestovius’s house.

Tippi: Lucky us.

Bestovius: Hello, ol’ chums…

Tippi: Hello, are you Bestovius?

Bestovius: Oh no! Tax collectors!!!

Tippi: What? No!

Mario: Hiya!

Bestovius: Eh? Who are you?

Mario: It’s-a me, Mario!

Bestovius: Eh?

Tippi: The Hero.

Bestovius: Oh ho ho ho ho. Really?

Tippi: Yes.

Bestovius: Give me money.

Tippi: No.

Bestovius: Dang it! (That never works…)

Tippi: Why should we?

Bestovius: I’ll… give you a Pixl?

Tippi: Which?

Bestovius: Boomer.

Tippi: Ummmm… Mayb-

Mario: Okey dokey!

Mario throws a sack of money at Bestovius.

Bestovius: Ummmm… Here you go…


Tippi: Where is that voice coming from?

Voice: What voice?

Tippi: Aha! It’s the author!

Author: No it’s not.

Tippi: Your name says you are.

Author: Dang it! Ummmm… I’m… Koopra!!!

Tippi: Who?

Koopra: I dunno.

Tippi: Then go away, you're ruining the chapter.

Koopra: Okay.

Koopra leaves.

Bestovius: Cookies!

Bestovius throws cookies everywhere.

Mario, Tippi, and Boomer: O.O

Bestovius: What?

Mario, Tippi, and Boomer are gone.

Bestovius: …

Bestovius eats a cookie and walks away.

With Mario, Tippi, and Boomer...

Mario: Let’s-a go!

Mario throws Boomer, and three boxes of TNT at the wall. The wall blows up.

Mario: Woohoo!

Mario hits the Star Block, and continues.

At Mount Lineland...

Tippi: How did we get here?

Boomer: From the lack of you talking.

Tippi: Grrrr…

Mario: Hello?

Tippi; Wha- Oh, it’s just you, what do you want?

Mario says something in Latin.

Tippi: Ummmm… What?

Mario: Uh huh!

Tippi: Blow up the mountain?!

Mario: Mm hmm!

Boomer: Yay!

Boomer goes to get some TNT.

Tippi: Are you sur-


Mario runs to Yold Town with Boomer.

Tippi: *sigh*

Tippi flies after them.

Tippi: Hmmmm… There is no bridge, what should we- GACK!

Mario grabs Boomer, and forces Tippi to carry them across.

Tippi: So… *oof* fat!

Mario and Boomer: Grrrrrr…

Tippi: I mean *Oof* skinny!

Mario and Boomer: : )

They land on the other side.


Tippi: Sheese, so loud…

Some Yelling Guy: NOW!!!

Tippi: Okay, okay!

Mario, Tippi, and Boomer run to the mayor’s house.

Mayor Dour: Hello.

Tippi: Um, who are you?

Mayor Dour: Oops, wrong game.

Mayor Dour is gone, and Yold Mayor Guy is in his place.

Yold Mayor Guy: Hello!

Tippi: Are you the mayor of Yold Tow-

Yold Mayor Guy: Yeppy-d!

Tippi: Ok…

Yold Mayor Guy: I give you Pixl!

Yold Mayor Guy throws a wadded up piece of paper at Mario, who is gone.

Yold Mayor Guy: Wheee!!!

Yold Mayor Guy dies.

With Mario and the others...

Tippi: We must find Fracktail!

Boomer: Why?

Tippi: He has a Pure Heart! (And an IQ of 2.)

Mario: Mario!

Tippi: … Falling fat guy?

O’Chunks fall’s on Tippi.

O’Chunks: Die Mario!

Boomer: Who are you?

O’Chunks: I am… O’Chunks!

Tippi: You're… crushing… my lungs!

O’Chunks: Eh? Oh, sorry, wee buttafly.

O’Chunks gets off of Tippi.

Tippi: Mario, he want’s to kill us!

Boomer: We know.

Tippi: Oh… Die!

O’Chunks is unharmed.

Tippi: Fruit…cake?

O’Chunks: Fruit?! I’m-

O’Chunks gets all puffy.

O’Chunks: Alergac.

(Note: That was ment to be spelled wrong.)

O’Chunks: Scara voce, musd ron!

(Note: That too.)

O’Chunks runs away.

Tippi: We win!

Mario hits a Star Block, and they are in a tomb… place.

Tippi: I think Fracktail is near!

Boomer: Where is he?

Tippi: Through that door.

Tippi points at an unguarded door.

Boomer: Oh.

Mario runs through the door, and jumps in front of Fracktail.

Fracktail: Food?

Mario: Yippee!

Fracktail: Food!

Fracktail eats them.

Tippi: Great, now the dragon ate us!

Mario lights a stick of TNT.

Tippi: Wha- Mario! Don’t!


Fracktail blows up.

Mario: Wheee!

Tippi: Great, now how are we going to get the-

Tippi is knocked out by a falling Pure Heart.

Boomer: Yay!

Dimentio appears.

Dimentio: I see you met Fra- Oh, he's dead… Katow!

Dimentio disappears.

You got a Pure Heart!

So then, Mario and friends are back at Flipside Tower.

Tippi: Merlon, we got the Pure Hea-

Mario jumps off the tower.

Tippi: Mario! Noooooo!

Mario lands next to the next Heart Pillar, and jams the Pure Heart in again. Mario appears back on top of Flipside Tower.

Mario: Woohoo!

Tippi: I hate you…

They walk away… for a reason!

At Castle Bleck...

Count Bleck: You all here?

O’Chunks, Mimi, and Dimentio: Yes.

Count Bleck: Peach… kinda… fell out of the Void.

O’Chunks: I’ll kill her!

Count Bleck: No, Mimi will.

Mimi: Yay!

Count Bleck: Leave me!

O’Chunks, Mimi, and Dimentio: Ok!

They leave.

Count Bleck: … Where’s Nastasia?

Read on!

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