The Composite Adventure

By Double G Goomba and koopa 13

Chapter 2: Super Sonic Fight

G.G: Woah. Look at all the loops and springs. Itís like a skateboarderís dream. Koopa 13, where are we?

Koopa 13: Those rings and those oddly placed robots mean we are on Mobius, Sonicís world.

G.G: What a stupid name. Now letís find-

Chompy: Bark bark.

G.G: What is it Chompy? Is little Timmy stuck in a well?

He points to a green gem laying on the ground.

Koopa 13: I got it!

Koopa 13 runs to the gem.

G.G: What is this thing?

Koopa 13: Itís aÖ.. Chaos Emerald

G.G: This thing looks to have a lot of power, letís-

Suddenly a little pink chick comes from behind and starts clinging to G.G.

Amy: I found you, Sonic!


He starts banging against a rock until she falls off

G.G: OhÖ I thought I was gonna dieÖ

Koopa 13: She thought you were hot.

As they look at Amy, a claw thing snatches the Chaos Emerald from Koopa 13.

G.G: What theÖ?

???: Muhahahahahha! The Chaos Emerald is mine!

We see a fat, bald scientist floating in the air on his pod thing.

Koopa 13: Itís Dr. Eggman.

Eggman: With this Chaos Emerald I will conquer the world.

He flies off with the Emerald.

G.G: Argh, darn it.

Amy: Iím sorry, did I distract you from something?


Koopa 13: Yeah, and because of you, fat boy ran off with the Emerald.

Chompy: Bark bark MORON!

Amy: Well if it will help, I can show you where his base is to make up for it.

G.G. straps a horse carriage to her teeth.

G.G: Go, horsy, go.

She runs them tiringly to Eggmanís base.

G.G: Good horsy,

He gives her sugar cubes.

Chompy: Bark bark.

G.G: Yeah, letís head inside.

They go inside to see machines everywhere.

Koopa 13: These robots are real pains in the Koopa.

G.G: How are we supposed to get to him with all these robots blocking our path?

Mowz: Well this is a surprise. I never would have expected to see you guys again.

They spot Ms. Mowz standing on top of a machine.

G.G: Ms. Mowz again? What are you doing here?

Mowz: Just doing some spring cleaning.

G.G: RightÖ

Ms. Mowz: Well anyway, it looks like you could use a shortcut. Just leave that to me.

She puts a cheese bomb on the wall and blows a way to Eggman.

G.G: Thank you, Ms. Mowz.

Mowz: Donít mention it. Now then, if youíll excuse meÖ

They take the door to where Eggman is while Ms. Mowz goes on a shopping spree.

Eggma: Who in the world are you weirdoes?

Koopa 13: Hey! No one disses the crew!

G.G: We WEIRDOS are the guys who are gonna kick your butt if you donít give us the Chaos Emerald.


Eggman: So you think you can fight me, huh? Well then, letís see if you can back up those words.

Suddenly Sonic, Shadow, and Silver come down from the ceiling with helmets on their heads.

Eggman: Thanks to that cat in armor, I was able to put my mind control devices on the three hedgehogs that stand in my way, and now they work for me. Now, my minions, destroy those three.

Hedgehogs: Yes sir.

Shadow decks Koopa 13 to the ground while Sonic slams G.G. into the wall. Then Silver lifts up Chompy and slams him into the wall. G.G. jumps out from the wall and slams his head into his gut as Sonic spins and slams him into the ground. He pops out and uppercuts Sonic into the ceiling while Shadow continues punching up Koopa 13. Koopa 13 ducks and goes behind shadow and kicks him into the wall, while Silver bounces Chompy around the room with his telepathy. Chompy then breaks free and crushes him underneath him, but then Silver lifts him up and throws him into G.G. As they hit each other, G.G. grabs Chompy by his chain and starts hitting off the hedgehogs as if Chomp were a bat, until koopa 13 zooms past them into the wall after being attacked by Shadow. He starts his air shell attack and rams into them one by one and then knocks Sonic down to the ground, where G.G. hits him in the back. Sonic falls and knocks him into Silver, who kicks him in his ball form  and knocks the three heroes away from them. They all land on their feet, panting.

G.G:huff huff

Koopa 13:hack huff

Chompy:pant pant pant

Hesghogs:huff huff

G.G: Ugh. Weíre equally matched.

Koopa 13: Donít think itís over yet. They still have some strength left.

Chompy: Bark bark.

G.G: Weaknesses? I dunno, koopa 13, do they have any weaknesses?

Koopa 13: Well Sonic canít swim, but Shadow is angry so heíll fall right into our trap.

G.G: What about silver boy over there?

Koopa 13: You know, since heís a hedgehog he probably canít swim either.

G.G: All right then.

The three of them jump on top of a pipe over a pond.

G.G: Hey losers! I bet you canít get us here.

Koopa 13: Fall and you drown.

Chompy: Nya nya nya nya.


He charges at them, followed by Sonic and Silver, who are trying to stop him, but the three of them end up falling in the pond. As they do, the helmets fall off.

Dr Eggman: What? No! My mind controlling devices!

The three hedgehogs come out and attack Eggman until he runs away, dropping the Chaos Emerald.

G.G: All right, we got the Emerald.

G.G. picks it up

Sonic: Hey, what happened?

Koopa 13: You guys were controlled by Eggmanís devices.

Shadow: I assume you saved us.

G.G: Yeah, listen, we need to borrow this Emerald for a while. Is that cool?

Silver: Just bring it back.

G.G: Sure thingcough not cough.

Sonic: What?

G.G: Uh, nothing. See ya.

They head back to Koopen's house. Meanwhile...

Lemmy: Man, grocery shopping at a time like this? I can't find any good stores any-

Suddenly the earth shakes a little and a giant, burley cat in a suit of armor stands behind Lemmy. He turns around.

Koi: You must be Lemmy Koopa.

Lemmy: And if I am?

Koi: I was hoping to find those three interviewers, but you will do. I wish to take control of your Interview show.

Lemmy: Why?

Koi: Because Iím going to make it mine along with the rest of this world that I have made.

He pulls out his staff and whacks Lemmy into a tree.

Lemmy: Looks like you wanna start something. Well I wonít go down without a fight.

Koi: Very well then, if that is what you wish then so be it.

Koi sends out a bolt of electricity at Lemmy, who jumps into the air and tries to hit him, but Koi grabs lemmy and starts banging him against a tree over and over. Lemmy kicks him backwards, then koi throws his staff at him. Lemmy ducks and tries to kick him but Koi ducks and backflips into lemmy and sends him flying throuhw a couple of trees. Lemmy comes back and kicks him from underneath, and the 2 of them starts ramming and spinning into each other unti Koi uppercuts Lemmy from underneath and sends him flying into the air. Koi then rams him with his elbow, slams him into a tree, rams him into the ground, and stomps on top of him, knocking him unconscious.

Koi: Humph. I was expecting a bigger battle, but whatever.

He starts writing a letter and leaves it on Lemmy.

Koi: Hmm, sounds like someoneís coming. I think itís time to leave.

As he does, G.G. and the crew come walking in.

G.G: So this is a Chaos Emerald?

Koopa 13: Yeah, itís one of the powerful object we need to create a dimensional rift.

They spot Lemmy.

G.G: Woah, what in the world happened to Lemmy?

Koopa 13: Lemmy, can you tell us what happened?

Chompy: Bark bark.

G.G: Huh? A letter? Oh, there is one on his chest.

G.G picks it up.

G.G: ďIf you donít want this to happen to you, stop what ypu're doing, NOW!Ē Heh, how artistic.

Koopa 13: He didnít even give his name.

Chompy: Bark bark.

G.G: Yeah, it must have been that cat in the armor, no doubt. Looks like heís afraid of us.

Koopa 13: Yeah, we need to teach him some respect.

G.G: For now we'd better take Lemmy back to Koopenís, even though I would rather leave him here for the wolves.

Chompy picks him up and they take him back to Koopenís.

Koopen: Hmm. Poor Lemmy, heís lucky you guys found him or he would be good as dead.

G.G: It was that cat in the armor that did this. Only we get to beat Lemmy senseless; he will pay.

Koopen: I also been researching whatís been happening around the world, and itís not looking good. Lately people have been turning into evil spirits. Koi has most likely figured out how to use the staff; you three must quickly find more objects of great power before we all become his slaves.

Koopa 13: Letís look at the map, it can lead us to the next place.

He holds the map out.

Koopen: I have heard a legend that in this area right here there are three magical triangles of the goddess that grant great power to one who touches it.

G.G: Koopa 13, does that sound familiar to you?

Koopa 13: Well well, it looks we are heading to Hyrule, invaded by the evil Gerudo king Ganon.

G.G: One more trouble after the other. Ok, itís gonna be a long walk, so letís get going.

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