The Time Hole Saga

By Fawful the Waffle

Level 3-2: Super Mario Sunshine, conít

As Peach and Princess Éclair flew off, they flew around Isle Delfino, and eventually flew into a Time Hole sending them to wherever life takes them next.

Level 3-3: Super Mario World (the land of Sub-con)

As the princesses saw a huge mountain come into view, Peach understood what to do. She jumped up and over the mountain, with Princess Éclair close behind, and eventually made it over. They saw a pink Yoshi thing with an abnormally large mouth: Birdo. Peach knew she had no way of killing Birdo easily, so she hatched a plan with Princess Éclair.

Peach: I remember when I was in this game a long time ago. We have to jump on her egg right there, see? It will take us to a secret level. Maybe if we do that, we can get out of here without having to fight Birdo!

Princess Éclair: That thing is called Birdo? Well, youíve been here, and I havenít, so Iíll go with your plan.

Just then, Birdo spit out another egg. Peach and Princess Éclair timed it right, and jumped onto the egg, riding smoothly to wherever the egg took them. Soon they came to a tiny little island with a warp on it.

Peach: Yes! We found another way out! Iíll let you go through first.

Princess Éclair: Umm, ok, Iíll go in...

Princess Éclair went in and then Peach followed after her, and when she came out on the other side, she couldnít believe her eyes.

The Real World

They were out of the video game, once and for all. The princesses looked at each other, then smiled. It wasnít possible, but they were out. Then they took in there surroundings. They were outside, under a tree. Then Peach and Princess Éclair got scared out of there wits. Everything there was gloomy, and it was infested by Shroobs, purple mushrooms. Peach and Princess Éclair ran, and then Princess Éclair got an idea on where they had to go.

Princess Éclair: Peach, I've got an idea. When we were in the Isle Delfino place, you said, "Mario, Iíve been looking all over for you! Where have you been since Iíve last seen you?" Well, he is probably along his way in the video games, and there is probably a room where it shows the video games, like a security room watching all the video cameras, making sure no one goes through! We should go there and see if we can help this Mario!

Princess Peach: That is a great idea. But how do we find it?

Princess Éclair: You forgot that I have the Magic Compass! It will be helpful to us; it will send us to the thing that is closest to where we want to go! Letís use it!

Princess Éclair took out the Magic Compass and held it in her palm. The point spun around for a while, then stopped and pointed right behind Princess Éclair. The princesses looked right behind Éclair and saw a dirty old brick building. They walked inside.

Inside was just an empty room with bare walls. Éclair held up the compass again and the arrow pointed to a hole in the corner. The princesses went over to it and jumped in. Inside the hole was a control room with many TV screens. The princesses looked at them. Peach came to one with a picture of Isle Delfino.

Peach: Weíve found it! Quick! Find the one with Mario in it!

Princess Éclair: Iíve found it! Heís jumping into a Time Hole...

Level 2-3: Super Mario 64, conít

After Mario got the second piece of the Cobalt Moon/Luigi, a Time Hole appeared, and he jumped into it.

Level 3-1: Super Smash Bros. Melee

As Mario was forced out of the time hole, he realized where he was: oOn a little platform. And on the other side was none other than Bowser. Bowser stomed towards him and then breathed fire, burning Mario and hurting him.

Bowser: Mario! Why would you put me in a video game? I was just enjoying a nice game of Mario Party when I rolled a thirteen and got sucked in here! How did you do it?

Mario: What do you mean? Youíre the real Bowser?

Bowser stared at him funny.

Bowser: Of course Iím the real Bowser! Is there a fake Bowser?

Mario: You were sucked into a video game?

Bowser: Yes! What did I just tell you?

Mario: So was I! And Peach was too, and she rolled a 13 as well! Mamamia!

Bowser: You mean?

Mario: Yes. We are both prisoners.

* * *

Peach: Argh, no! Not Bowser! How come HE has to get involved in this mess?

Éclair: This is hard to understand. The usual bad guy is also trapped? And Mario is saving Luigi, weíre helping Mario, is that it?

Peach: I think so.

Éclair: This is going to get more confusing, I just know it.

* * *

Once Mario and Bowser realized that they were both trapped, a Time Hole appeared, and they both jumped in.

Level 3-2: Super Mario Sunshine

As Mario and Bowser came out of the Time Hole, Mario realized that a yellow contraption was on his back.

Yellow Contraption: PROCESSING INFORMATION. SUBJECT: Mario. Hello Mario. I am FLUDD. I am pleased to meat your acquaintance.

Mario: Letís-a-go!

FLUDD: Mario, look at the giant Piranha Plant made out of graffiti. You must destroy it. Press R to shoot water at it. Go give it a try.

Mario listened, and ran over and squirted the graffiti plant with water.

Graffiti Plant: Arwaghrrahgr!

The graffiti plant shrunl, and in its place a Time Hole appeared. Mario and Bowser jumped in, going to another level of their chapter.

Level 3-3: Super Mario World Advance (the land of Sub-con)

As Mario and Bowser jumped out of the Time Hole, they were in an area with a curtain on each side, and Mario and Bowser were right next to each other. Then the lights went to Mario.

Mario: Let's-a go!

Weird background music started playing, and Mario jumped his way through obstacles, enemies, and weird things he had no name for, and eventually came to a mountain. He started jumping up and over the mountain, and eventually came to a pink Yoshi thing.

* * *

Peach: Mario! Jump on an egg! You can leave that way.

* * *

Mario considered it. But he remembered that he was still trying to save his brother.

Mario: No. Luigi is-a-here. We must save him.

And with that, Mario asked Bowser to go and kill the pink Yoshi thing with his flame breath. Bowser did so, and a chest appeared, with another piece of the Cobalt Moon. The Time Hole then appeared, and Peach and Éclair watched as the pair jumped in and were sent wherever they would go next.

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