The Time Hole Saga

By Fawful the Waffle

Level 4-1: Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

As Mario and Bowser came out of the time hole, they felt light and thin. Mario looked around and his jaw dropped. There, sitting before him, was a huge, giant door with seven places for stars. And Bowser was right behind him.

Bowser: Woah! That thing is huge! And looks strangely familiar... Oh yeah! The Thousand-Year Door!

Mario: Mama-ia! Now what do we do! Someoneís a coming!

Peach (speaking through the microphone in the control room): Itís the professor Goomba whatís-his-name! And itís also you, Mario.

Mario: Mamamia! Let's-a-run-for-a-it!

Professor Frankly: Look, Mario, itís the Thousand-Year Door! See? The legend lives! It lives!

Mario and Bowser run in the opposite direction, into a room with a pipe in the middle of it. They go down the pipe, to the room below. As they come into the next room, they see a lone Goomba. Mario runs over to it, stomps on it, and yet another RPG battle begins. Mario finds himself jumping away from the Goomba, with a little star with the number 6 in it appearing above it. The Goomba circles around, and then turns into more star balls. The battle ends. The Goomba then turns into a bunch of coins. Then a time hole appears, and Mario and Bowser jump into it.

Level 4-2: Super Paper Mario

Mario and Bowser come out of the time warp into the all-too-recognizable Sammer Guy area. It is still there as it hasnít been blown to pieces by the void yet. But the void is pretty big. Then the void starts growing, and it starts destroying the area.

Mario: Let's-a get out of here!

But then something strange happens: two time holes appear in the middle of the void, and Mario is sucked in one and Bowser in the other.

* * *

Princess Peach: What just happened?

Princess Éclair: I think they got sucked into the purple thing.

Peach: I know, but it looked like a time hole appeared inside it.

Éclair: So you think that was supposed to happ-

Peach: Look! Thereís Mario!

* * *

Level 4-3: ???

Mario appears in a dark purple area. He sees nothing anywhere in sight. Then from behind him, he hears a moaning sound. He turns around and sees... Cackletta. Mario is shocked. Cackletta died! What is she doing here? Mario stares at her in shock. Then purple mist starts floating towards her, and he jumps away. Cackletta cackles evilly. There is a big flash, and what used to be in her place is now an evil, green and purple Mushroom thing that resembles Cackletta. Cackletta laughs again.

Cackletta: Mario! You thought you killed me! *laugh* But I didnít die! This is my true form! I am a Shroob, and Plan A of their plans to take over your land! I failed, as did Plan B, but Plan C is the greatest of them all! I am reborn! And if this plan doesnít work, there are many others! THIS WAR WILL NEVER END UNTIL WE SHROOBS HAVE VICTORY! *laugh* Now die!

She laughs again, and then she points her arms right at Mario, and purple mist comes out. Mario runs around, avoiding the mist, and sees a chest. He runs and opens it, and he gets another piece of the Cobalt Moon. Then the other pieces float out of Marioís pocket and circle around, and then join together. The moon then opens up in the middle and Luigi breaks free.

Luigi: Mario! You have saved me!

Then the Cobalt Moon swoops down and swallows them both, and the only thing they see is a shade of cobalt.

* * *

Peach and Princess Éclair stare at the screen. Mario and Luigi are both in the Cobalt Moon. But it didnít shatter. They see Cackletta, and are surprised. She doesnít look like she won, she looks confused. And what happened to Bowser? He went into a separate time hole, but he isnít on any of the screens. So as the princesses stare at the screen, their minds are elsewhere.

Level ?-?: The cobalt moon

Mario and Luigi are flying around in a tunnel that looks like crystal, but is really glass that is a shade of cobalt. They are just floating along. Then they see an end, just black, and rush toward it.

Level 5: Mario Party

Mario and Luigi are where they started. The place that started it all...

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