The Time Hole Saga

By Fawful the Waffle

Level 5: Mario Party con’t

Mario and Luigi looked around. It was unbelievable. They were right back where they started. The final task was what caused it all. The map was one they had never seen before. It was purple with dark blue spots. Just then they saw a purple mist fly in, and take form in the center of the board. It was Cakletta. She laughed.

Cackletta: Welcome to my board, Planet of the Shroobs!

On cue, the board came to life. Shroobs appeared and walked around. The board started moving, stores opened up, and a castle rose in the middle.

Cackletta: This board of mine is a little different. I will be nice enough to tell you the rules. The main rules of all Mario Party games are part of this. Go around the board, get coins and Stars. Now here’s my twist: there are more turns than mini-games. I don’t like mini-games. I like leaving things to chance. Also, the Shroobs walk around wherever they want. If one runs into you, you lose half your coins. The Stars you collect don’t give you points. If you get one, you give it to your opponent. You start with 3 Stars. Lose them and leave the map. Last one standing wins. The four players are you two, Mario and Luigi, me, and Doopliss.

Then something fell out of the sky and landed next to Cackletta. It wasn’t Doopliss, though. It was Bowser

Bowser: I sure fooled you guys! Ha!

Doopliss then transformed back into his, her, uhh, it's original form.

Doopliss: You took me along for the ride! Thanks! If you hadn’t brought me along, I wouldn’t be here! You created the path!

Cackletta: Let’s begin! I have home field advantage, which is also special to this map, so I go first. Let’s go!

Cackletta rolled an 8. She glided 8 spaces, and then landed on a Blue Space. She got three coins.

Doopliss then went. He rolled a 1. He moved one space ahead grumpily, landing on a Blue Space. Three coins.

Luigi’s turn. He rolled a ten, and practically ran ahead to his spot. A blue spot. Three coins.

Mario went and got a 5. He landed on a Blue Space. 3 coins.

There was no mini-game this turn.

Standings: All tied with 5 stars and 13 coins.

Cackletta’s turn. She rolled a 3, and landed on a-

Doopliss got hit by a Shroob. He lost 7 coins.

-? Space. The spot she was on rose up high onto a spinning thing in the sky, dropped her on the spinning thing and seding her flying to the beginning.

Doopliss’s turn. He rolled a 7, and landed on a Red Space. He lost 3 coins.

Luigi’s turn. He rolled a 4, and landed on a blue spot. But instead of 3 coins coming out, it started flashing different colors. Then it flashed a big, orange M.

Cackletta: That means there will be a mini-game at the end of the turn. This happens randomly. If you win, you get a Star.

Luigi got three coins.

Mario’s turn. He rolled a 2. He landed on a Red Space. He lost three coins.


Cackletta: Seeing as Luigi landed on the mini-game spot, he gets to choose the mini-game. Here are the options.

She pointed towards a big screen that Mario and Luigi hadn’t noticed before. It showed 5 mini-game options:
1. Maze, Switch, and Capture.
2. Running Wild
3. Freeze and Seize
4. Whirling Runners
5. Blooper Trooper

Luigi stared at it a while. Cackletta got annoyed, put on a glove, picked up a Shroob that was passing by, and threw it at Luigi. He lost 8 coins.

Luigi: I pick Maze, Switch, and Capture!

Cackletta: Ok! Begin!

The big screen with the mini-game options turned black.

Cakletta (her voice now amplified, so everyone can hear her): Ok, here’s how you play. We each begin in a different corner of a maze. You must get to the center, grab a flag, and go back to any corner. Sounds simple enough, right? Here is the twist: every 15 seconds the maze moves up to the ceiling, and you fall down to a new maze. You stay where you were, though, you don’t go back to your corner. First one back to a corner with a flag wins! There are four flags, so don’t worry about having to fight for a flag. Understand? If you don’t, too bad. Let’s start!

When she finished, a time hole appeared under each one, and they were sucked into it.

* * *

Peach and Éclair were watching the whole thing silently. They wished they could help, but there was nothing they could do. The stakes were high for this game, and it seemed as if it was being altered in the Shroobs' favor. That really wasn’t a surprise. But Princess Éclair had a feeling that they were missing something, like Mario and Luigi getting out of the game wasn’t the whole purpose. ..

* * *

The time hole let them out in a square area with mazes all around. It was see-through, which gave you the eerie feeling that you might fall through at any moment.


They all set off, trying to get through the labyrinth. Then the maze flipped over and they were in a new set of mazes! Mario looked up and saw a Lakitu floating towards the center. It was Doopliss, he was cheating and flying over to the center! He sunk down and came out with a flag. Mario ran faster and soon found the flags. Then the stage flipped, but it was okay because he was in the same area. He grabbed a flag and ran. Cackletta showed up when Mario left. He looked up and saw that a path leading straight back to the start was right above him. He stood and waited, then the maze flipped and he ran back to the finish and put the flag in the hole. He won! A time hole appeared under him and he was brought back to the game board. They all watched the screen, and then each player’s stats and coins showed up on the screen. Then a voice came over the speakers.

Voice: Mario, who would you like to take a Star from?

Mario: Cackletta!

Voice: One point has been deducted from Cackletta. The current stats are:

1st: Mario, 3 Stars and 10 coins
2nd: Luigi, 3 Stars and 8 coins
3rd: Doopliss, 3 Stars and 3 coins
4th: Cackletta, 2 Stars and 13 coins

Cackletta’s turn. She rolled a 10. She landed on a Blue Space, but it started flashing. Mini-game! Cackletta got three coins.

Doopliss’s turn. He rolled a 4. He reached a Blue Space, which ended up being a mini-game space. Doopliss got three coins.

Luigi’s turn. He rolled a 1. It ended up being a mini-game space! He got three coins.

Mario’s turn. He rolled a 7. He landed on a Blue Mini-Game Space. He got three coins.

* * *

Peach and Éclair were watching the whole thing silently. They wished they could help, but there was nothing they could do. The stakes were high for this game, and it seemed as if it was being altered in the Shroobs' favor. Four mini-games? But Princess Éclair had a feeling that they were missing something, like Mario and Luigi getting out of the game wasn’t the whole purpose. Peach looked around and found a headset. She picked it up and there was a button on it that said “Send to desired person, in this case Cackletta to aid her”. Peach got the idea that you could send it to more then one person. She pressed the button…

Peach: Mario.

Headset: I will send it to the desired person who desperately needs it. Please set me down.

* * *


Cackletta: Well, that was very odd. Oh well! We are doing the four mini-games from the last list that Luigi didn’t pick, so it doesn’t take so long.

Running Wild

Cackletta: Here is the first mini-game. The rules are this: you have to run down a dangerous path. Watch out for anything. If you get hit, you are out of the game. And I’d like to say this: with four mini-games, there is a good chance someone will get eliminated at the end of this turn. So a lot is riding on this. Let us begin!

Time holes appeared again under each one of them, taking them to the next mini-game. The time holes let out on top of a tall hill. There was an easy to see path. It was bright and sunny and the hill was green except for a path covered in dry dirt.


And they all started running down the hill. Cackletta had the hardest time, she couldn’t run very well. Mario and Luigi were having an easy time, but Doopliss was already near the bottom. He had transformed into a perfectly circular boulder, so he rolled down. He reached the finish before any boulders had come down.

Doopliss Wins!

Time holes appeared under each of them, bringing them to a glass box.

Cackletta: This is where we go, instead of having to go back to the map, between mini-games to explain them.

Freeze and Seize

Cackletta: This mini-game is in a big, hilly field with a lot of rocks. You have canisters on your backs with a tube with a nozzle on the end of it. You use the nozzle to release gas at your opponent that immediately freezes them. They will be frozen for 10 seconds. That is not the object. The object is to capture your opponents' flag and bring it back to your area. Once you have all three, you win. Opponents can steal their flags back, however. Let us begin.

Time holes took them to a place just as Cackletta described. It was nighttime there, and hard to see.


They were off running. Luigi and Mario got together and ran to Cackletta and Doopliss’ flags. But the shroobs would cheat once again. Doopliss turned into some creature that could withstand the ice gas. He then froze everybody else, and turned into a Amazee Dayzee, making himself really fast. He then grabbed all the flags ran back to his flag.

Doopliss Wins!

Time holes then took them again to the glass box.

Cackletta: Two down, two more.

Shroob’s Clue

Cackletta: This is a tougher mini-game. We all start in a different maze with one clue. It is all the same clue and same maze. We have to follow the clue to another clue until we get to the end, where there is a buzzer we push to stop the game and confirm we’ve won. Let us begin.

Time holes took them away. Luigi began in a small, square room with orange walls. Words were written on them:

Up, right turn
Again again, then you move.

Luigi followed the instructions. He turned right, then two more times, but it led to a dead in. He backtracked to the beginning. He realized you don’t move until you’ve turned around three times. He followed these instructions, then went down a path that turned a bit, but that had no forks. He came to another square room with clues on the wall

Up, you look No other way.

Luigi decided to look around in the room. Then he looked up, and saw.

Right, Left, Left
Left, Left, Right
Right, Left, Right
Again but the
Other way.

Luigi followed the directions again, and came to the buzzer. He pushed it down, and there was a loud noise.

Luigi Won!

A time hole appeared underneath him and he was taken away to the glass room again.


Cackletta: This game is a little childish. You have to mix and match creatures' parts to the picture given. First one wins! The picture is different for each one. Let us begin .

A time hole took them to a room with 4 seats with a few buttons and joysticks. They all took their seats.


A picture showed up for Mario. It was a Blooper head, a Koopa’s body, and a Goomba’s feet-

Doopliss wins!

A time hole appeared under each one of them, and took them back to the Shroobs planet. Everyone’s stats appeared on the giant screen.

Voice: Doopliss, pick your first two targets.

Doopliss: I use them both on Mario .

Voice: Luigi, pick your target.

Luigi: Doopliss!

Voice: Doopliss, pick your last target.

Doopliss: Mario!

Voice: A player has been eliminated. Goodbye, Mario.

Cackletta: *creepy laugh* Mario, you will be put through a time hole to a remote rock in outer space, and then the time hole will be sealed. We will trap you on that rock. Nice try.

And with that, Mario was taken out of the game.

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