The Time Hole Saga

By Fawful the Waffle

Mario, Luigi, and Peach are playing Mario Party when IT happens. Peach is playing as Bowser, when she rolled a 13.

Peach: But thatís not possible! We have been ripped off! We are all-

Then Peach gets sucked into the A button on her controller.

Level 1-1: Donkey Kong

Peach: But, but, oh...

(A car starts beeping to block out bad words.)

Donkey Kong: Peach, come?

Peach: TheÖ huh? SureÖ

Donkey Kong music starts playing and the place turns into horrible graphics. Mario appears . Mario jumps over many barrels with a weird jump sound. He soon gets to the top. Donkey Kong gets mad and runs up the ladder, forgetting to grab Peach. The place looks normal again.

Peach: Mario! You came to rescue me!

Mario looks around, looking as if he heard something. He continues to follow Donkey Kong.

Back in the room where Peach was when this all startedÖ

Mario: No! Princess CheeseÖ I mean PeachÖ was (Yum, cheese!) taken!

Luigi: Who is Princess Cheese?

Mario: Peach!!! No!!! What will I doooooooooooooooo?!

Mario gets sucked into the A button on Peachís controller. Outside, Luigi hears the mail call. He goes outside and opens the letter. It saysÖ

Dearest Luigi,

We, of the Chestnut Kingdom, need your help once again. We have lost all 3 of our treasures: Princess Éclair, the Magical Compass, and Prince Shoib. We need your help! Please come! You need to!!!

- The citizens of Chestnut Kingdom

Luigi leaves his house, and sets off on an adventure. But when he leaves, he doesnít notice the big laser that hits his house and turns it into a purple Mushroom, and he doesnít hear the all-too-familiar cackling.

Level 1-2: Super Mario

While Mario follows Donkey Kong, a weird hole with a spiral of yellow and pink appears right next to Peach. Then what she hopes to be the real Mario appears.

Peach: Mario! Over here!

Mario hops over and stares at the hole next to her.

Mario: Mamamia! That is a Time Hole!

Peach: You meanÖ Oh yeah! These devilish things popped up all over my castle!

Mario jumps in, pulling Peach along with him.

Peach: What are you doing?!

They are going in, and everything turns into bad graphics, and Bowser stands between Mario and Peach. Mario jumps over Bowserís head, and he lets the bridge drop. But when he turns around, he sees Toad jumping up.

Toad: The princess isnít here, try another castle.

Princess Peach had been stolen! And when Toad stops talking, he turns into a Mushroom. A purple one. Mario freaks out, jumping up and down. A time hole then appears right next to him, and he jumps in.

* * *

Luigi is on a little train. He doesnít like it. Luckily, he is almost at the Chestnut Kingdom. Then the train stops, and a voice comes over the intercom.

Intercom: We have arrived at the Chestnut Kingdom. Please get off the train.

* * *

Level 1-3: Paper Mario

As Mario jumps out of the Time Hole, he suddenly feels lighter and thinner. He then realizes he has turned into paper. He looks around, and sees trees and blue and red Goombas.

Blue and Red Goomba: Ouch! That hurt! Weíre getting the king!

They run off. Mario then jumps after them, with a boing sound every time he pushes off the ground. Then he comes to a castle, and on a balcony is a Goomba with a nice crown and crossed eyes.

Goomba King: You dare hurt these two Goombas? Now to face my wrath!

With that, he jumps down, and a RPG battle begins!

Mario looks around. He sees a tree with huge chestnuts, and the Goomba King and Goomba twins. He tries jumping on the tree, and the chestnuts fell down, killing all three of them. Mario gets little balls with stars in them, but he doesnít know what he is supposed to do with them. Then he escapes from the RPG battle.

The Goombas are gone, and Mario is standing in front of the castle. He walks in and sees Toad in there jumping up and down.

Toad: Princess Peach isnít here, try another castle.

* * *

As Luigi walks around the train station, He notices it is strangely empty. There are a few people, but they are walking silently and not talking. Itís not really empty, actually, more like a ghost town. He walks out of the station, and notices the castle where Princess Éclair lives. He takes out the letter the citizens sent him and reads it again,

We, of the Chestnut Kingdom, need your help once again. We have lost all 3 of our treasures: Princess Éclair, the Magical Compass, and Prince Shoib. We need your help! Please come! You need to!!!

- The citizens of Chestnut Kingdom

He puts down the note. Princess Éclair is not there. He has to go by himself. Since when did they have a prince? And why did ďShoibĒ sound vaguely familiar?

Luigi: Maybe someone in the castle can help me find out who kidnapped them.

He walks in the castle, walks to the top, and sees a purplish Mushroom figure, tall, not short like the citizens. A Shroob. The Shroob is throwing stuff into a hole, and then when itís done, it laughs a cackly laugh and a Time Hole appears out of where the hole was.

Shroob: * something in warbly weird letters*

The Time Hole burrows under the ground, leaving him, but the hole from which it came is still there.

Suddenly, Luigi realizes: the letter was a trap. He is in a factory. A Time Hole-making factory.

The Shroob turned around and spotted Luigi.

Shroob: *same weird, warbly words*

The Shroob waits for a response, and then takes out a device and talks into it.

Shroob: Can you understand me now, weakling? I am Prince Shoib, brother of the two Shroob Princesses. They arenít the only royalty. And the plan was going along fine, until you and your red friend defied their powers, which caught me off-guard. You were strong. But that wonít happen now, with the princess trapped, and Mario trapped but trying to save the princess. And you are now trapped.

Luigi didnít understand. What did he mean he and Mario were two strong?

Prince Shoib: Havenít you ever wondered how the Swiggler got the Cobalt piece? Why would we hold one of the pieces of the Cobalt Star, trying to keep it hidden from you, when we needed it? I sent you there, I sent you to get it. I needed you to get all the pieces and free my sister. I made the time holes. The time machine causing a rip in the fabric of space, how is that possible? Youíre lucky you were strong, but thatís it. Now there's only one of you, not four.

Prince Shoib laughed. He then ran over and pointed at Luigi.

Prince Shoib: *yet again he says words in that weird, warbly language*

As he said this, Luigi started turning blue and taking on the shape of a moon. Luigi had become a Cobalt Moon. He then felt broken, and scattered. He felt like he had many eyes, seeing many things, all across land and time.

* * *

Peach was sitting alone in a dungeon. She had no idea what was happening, or what to do. Then she heard a BOOM and someone else appeared in the dungeon.

Peach: Who are you? What do you want?

???: I am a friend, Peach. I am Princess Éclair, of the Chestnut Kingdom. I have been sent here by Prince Shoib, the last remaining Shroob royalty.

Peach: What are you talking about?

Princess Éclair: Remember how you were trapped in your castle of the past that was taken over by the Shroobs? Well, the twin sisters arenít the only royalty of the Shroobs. They have a brother, Prince Shoib. Heís causing huge chaos in my kingdom. I think heís making an army and invading yours. But that is all I know. Do you know anything?

Princess Peach: Nothing about Prince Shoib, but something way out of the ordinary happened. I was playing Mario Party when I rolled a 13, and that is impossible. Then I got sucked into the A button of the controller, and then got trapped inside the old Donkey Kong game, and Mario was there too. We then went to the Super Mario game and I was taken by huge, red tentacles that came out of the lava under the bridge that Bowser was on. And now Iím here.

Princess Éclair smiled.

Princess Éclair: That told me a lot. I think I understand Prince Shoibís plot. I think he wants to take all of existence in every game and time and put it all in the same time and place so that the Shroob army can take it all over at once.

Princess Éclair took out a see-through compass that had a tinge of blue in the color. It was round with an arrow in it that was constantly moving.

Princess Éclair: This is a magic compass. It directs the holder to where he or she wants to end up: in my case, and Iím guessing yours as well, to get out of this cell. Let us see where it points...

Princess Éclair held it in her palm and she and Peach watched closely as the arrow swiveled around a bit, finally pointing to a spot in the wall that looked like wood. Peach went over and knocked on it with her fist, and it sounded hollow. She then pushed on the wooden wall and broke it open, and she and princess Éclair walked out, and were amazed...

Level 3-2: Super Mario Sunshine

The princesses stard in amazement. They were in Delfino Plaza on Delfino Isle. A weird, fat guy with a skirt made out of leaves, a huge nose, and a tree growing out of his head talked to them.

Pianta: Welcome, to Isle Delfino! Our island is shaped like a dolphin! Thatís why we get many tourists! We also have food, good food! Did we mention our island is shaped like a dolphin? Enjoy your stay! Did I mention my name? Itís Ralfino! Our island is shaped like a dolphin!

Princess Éclair stared at Ralfino like he was crazy, and Peach walked away. Princess Éclair caught up to her.

Princess Éclair: Wh-What wa-was th-th-th-that? Have you-you been here be-be-fore?

Princess Peach: Why, yes I have. That is a citizen of this island. Quite strange-looking, arenít they? I wonder how we got he-

Peach never finished her sentence, because a red, blue, and yellow streak went blazing fast right in front of her, spraying water all over the place. The streak of three colors then hit a wall and flew backwards. Peach took a closer look, and saw Mario! She ran too him, and he was shocked to see her.

Mario: Peach! Mamamia! How did you get-a here-a? Iíve-a been a looking all over-a for you!

Peach: Mario! What have you been doing ever since I was captured?

Mario: Iíve been-a traveling all over Delfino Island! How did you-a escape from-a Bowser on the volcano?

Peach realized that this Mario was part of the game, not the real one that was sucked into the game. Then she realized something else: she had just screwed up the game. She was supposed to be kidnapped by Bowser and taked to a volcano. How was she going to get through this? One thing was for sure, there is no easy way out of this one. If she said she had escaped, Mario would take her back to the Mushroom Kingdom and the game would come out of order and end early, sending her somewhere new. Just then, she got an idea...

Peach: Why yes, Mario, I have escaped. We can go back to the Mushroom Kingdom now. But first, Mario, Iíd like you to meet my new friend, Princess Éclair. Bowser kidnapped her as well. Would it be okay if she came with us?

Mario just stared out at Princess Éclair. The two princesses felt awkward, then the yellow backpack water thing, FLUDD, stepped in.

FLUDD: Why, Mario would love to do that, Peach.

FLUDD sprayed Mario with a bunch of water, giving him his senses back.

Mario: Okee-dokee! Letís-a go!

* * *

Level 1-3 conít: Paper Mario

After being informed that Peach was not in a castle in Paper Mario, Mario noticed a chest behind Toad in the back of the paper castle. Mario walked to it, opened it, and saw a shard of Cobalt glass glimmering in the faint light. Mario picked it up, and a time hole appeared next to him. He jumped in, ready to move on.

Level 2-1: Mario Tennis

When he got out of the Time Hole, he found himself on the tennis court, with a tennis racket in his hand.

Lakitu Ref: And here are our challengers: Mario, and his partner, Wario! They are brave, being just a rookie and facing our defending champions, Paratroopa and Boo! Letís start the match! The details of this match: only one set decides the match! Letís begin! Mario is serving, he throws it up, nice hit, and Boo hits it back. Wario hits it back into the other team's court, barely scraped the net, that one did, and it bounces once, and it bounces twice! Score: Mario and Wario, 15-love.

Surprisingly, the game wasnít a challenge. Mario and Wario defeated Boo and Paratroopa, 40-15. When Mario won, a time hole appeared next to him, and he jumped in.

Level 2-2: Mario Kart

As the time hole faded away, Mario found himself in a racing kart with the countdown light going. Red, yellow, yellow, yellow, green GO! Mario raced off, and he then just realizes where he was. He was on the racetrack of Rainbow Road. He steered right, left, straight forward, and then made U-Turn to the left.

Mario: This is easy!

Mario continued doing fine, but then a red turtle shell hit him in the back, and he flipped up as Yoshi passes him, laughing. Mario got control back, and realized that he had taken a dive from 1st to 5th. He drove through an item box, and got a Star. He used it, and became faster and invincible. He sped up, purposefully driving through his opponents. He drove up to first, crossed the finish line, and drove right into a Time Hole.

Level 2-3: Super Mario 64

Mario came out of the time hole, and was amazed. He was in the lobby of Princess Peachís castle. He looked around, and saw a door with a star on it. He ran up, opened it, and saw a picture of Bob-ombs marching. He jumped in it, and went to Bob-omb Battlefield, world 1. Mario appeared on the battlefield and ran to the Chain Chomp. He jumped on the log, it escaped, and he got the Star inside the nearby cage. He got pushed out of the world, and a voice talked to him.

Voice from Above (possibly God): Mario, you have found my Power Star. Please continue to the big red door with a star on it.

Mario obeyed the voice, and headed to the red door. He opened it, and saw a chest. He opened it, and a shimmering piece of Cobalt glass, like last time, was there.

Voice from Above (possibly God): Mario! Thank you! This is Luigi. Iím in the Cobalt Moon, and need you to help find the rest of me!

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