Mario's Koopamon Adventure 3: Delfino League

By crankymama5452

Chapter 38: A Chilling Battle

Mario and Tatanga proceed down the Airstrip to arena three. Mario wonders who is next and so does Tatanga, but neither speak their thoughts on who it could be. When they get there they see the Crystal King standing there. When they eye each other, they freak.

CK: What? You? How did you come so far? Hmmmm, no surprise. I know of your progress, I know your strategies; I have been informed of it all by our master. Well, I'm not one to make conversation. I want to begin.

Mario: Good. Is it just like the other two?

CK: Five on five. First one to lose their five loses, just like the other two. Because I'm a nice guy I'll let you pick first.

Mario: Okay, GO B BASS!

CK: Okay, I'll begin with SNAILICORN!

Crystal King sends out a snail with a horn sticking out of the front of its shell.

Mario: Okay, we will begin. B BASS, HYDRO PUMP!

CK: Use your Energy Cannon.

B Bass fires a long blast of water and Snailicorn fires out a long, thin, spiraling, reddish-green energy beam that hits and dissolves the hydro pump. Snailicorn wastes no time and fires another one.


B Bass bounces over the beam and launches the ice beam, freezing the tip of Snailicornís horn.

Mario: Now try Hydro Pump!

B Bass fires his long blast of water again but this time Snailicorn uses withdraw and goes in his shell, and the hydro pump smashes the ice. Snailicorn comes out looking unharmed.

CK: Now we end this. Use Horn Drill.

Snailicorn runs at B Bass at high speed.


CK: Ice Beam!

Snailicorn fires the ice beam and holds off the hydro pump, fighting against it and breaking the blasts apart before ramming B Bass and, to Mario's horror, knocking him down and out in one hit. The Crystal King begins laughing evilly.

Mario: Return. What was that?

CK: Horn Drill. The user generates a special energy in their horn and punctures the foe with the horn and drains the energy into the foe. That energy then forms into a deadly energy that knocks out the foe instantly.

Tatanga: Woah. Don't let him hit again, Mario.


Shayman comes out and glows, causing Snailicorn to glow and lift off the ground. Snailicorn withdraws and then uses its horn to fire an ice beam down the arena at Shayman.


Shayman stops the beam and sends it back and forms a glowing, icy, mystical sphere around Snailicorn that explodes, sending waves of energy into Snailicorn, slicing up its shell and knocking it out. CK recalls him.

CK: Well done, Mario. Well done. I must say, though, you have not yet gone up against the true potential of ice types. With that said, I choose GULPIT!

CK sends out a purple, blob-like thing with a massive tongue.

Mario: Another new one. USE PSY CUT!

Shayman jumps at Gulpit and swings its glowing hand at Gulpit.

CK: Basic. Use your Icy Wind.

Gulpit opens its huge mouth and blows a freezing wind that slows down Shayman long enough for Gulpit to use a slam attack and smash Shayman across the face with its tongue, sending Shayman flying back. Fortunately he lands on his feet.

Mario: Darn. Okay then, let's try TRICK ROOM!

Shayman glows and everything goes blurry until Gulpit runs at blinding speed at Shayman.

CK: I have no idea what your plan is, but SLAM THEN USE ROCK BLAST!

Mario: Good choice, now we wait.

Gulpit runs at high speed and flings his tongue out.


Shayman lunges in slow-mo and grabs Gulpit by the tongue and spins him around. Due to the speed of each Koopamon being completely altered, it takes Shamen a good ten seconds to spin Gulpit around. However, due to the extra speed in Gulpitís motion, he flies twice as fast when released and crashes into the ground twice as hard. Gulpit bounces up and spits out four consecutive rocks.

Mario: PSY CUT!

Shamen swings but goes too slow to chop them and is hit by all four. Gulpit comes running in again to slam, and swings and hits Shamen right in the chest with his tongue, sending him flying through the air in slow-mo.

CK: And now we take advantage of the slow fall. ICE SHARD!

Gulpit begins spitting hundreds of chunks of ice that proceed to smash into Shamen until Shamenís Trick Room ends and they both fall from the sudden change. They both struggle to get up until CK grins.

CK: Come on, Gulpit, use your tongue.

Gulpit flings his tongue out and uses it as a catapult to fling himself through the air. He comes down for a body slam until Shaymen holds him in the air with Psychic.

Mario: Now let's take him out. PSY CUT!

Shayman bounces up and uppercuts Gulpit with its glowing hand and sends Gulpit down, putting Mario in the lead with one of his knocked out to CKís two. CK recalls Gulpit.

CK: Interesting. Well, it is my job to test one of your abilities as a trainer, and I have not yet done the one I was assigned. Jr. tested yoru power, Princess Shroob your endurance for long matches, and me... Well, let's see if you can guess. GO WHITE CLUBBA!

The Crystal King sends in a white-colored Clubba who is obviously ice.

Mario: Okay then. Letís use CONFUSION!

CK: Double Team and Double Hit.

White Clubba forms a ring of ten copies around Shayman before each proceed to smack him with their clubs twice, knocking him out.

Mario: Return. Darn... Tied already. I need a type advantage. GO EEKER! HEAT WAVE!

Eeker jumps forth and fires a wide wave of heat, knocking the clones out and leaving the real one wide open.

CK: Okay Mario, deal with this one- MIST AND THEN ICE BEAM!

White Clubba spits out a mist that slowly fill his area of the arena, blocking Eeker from seeing it. Ice beams fire from the mist at Eeker, who narrowly dodges them.


CK: Double Team!

Before Eeker can attack, a stream of White Clubbas come flying out of the mist at Eeker and jump on him, holding him down.


Eeker glows and a blast of heat generates, setting the Clubbas ablaze and fading out the clones. Eeker forces WClubba off and uses Flamethrower, but misses when the flames are back-flipped over.

CK: Use Mist.

WClubba once again brings up the mist.

Mario: No way you getting away this time. I know what to do. HEAT WAVE!

Eeker sends a wave of heat into the mist, setting the whole thing ablaze and causing the mist to fade away. When it clears, WClubba is down and out as well as burnt. CK recalls him with an infuriated look.

CK: Well I guess you know I need to test how well you fight blinded by evasive moves. But even though I have two and you still have three, I have no intention of failing. Now for my next Koopamon, I CHOOSE YOU, ICE SNIFIT!

CK sends out a Snifit in a winter coat.

Mario: Well now. Allow me to cause some more destruction to your team. I need to win this and win this whole league. There are too many people depending on me. USE HEAT WAVE!

CK: Bring it! SNOW BALL!

Ice Snifit spits out five increasingly largesnow balls that push against the heat, melting the snow and turning it into water that puts the flames out.


Mario: NO! DODGE!

Eeker jumps over a ball of ink that launches from Ice Snifitíss mouth. Ice Snifit proceeds to use Gunk Shot and launches several balls of goo.

Mario: Burn them with Flamethrower.

Eeker sends out a long burst of fire that causes the goo to explode. Ice Snifit uses the blasts as a means to hide itself in the falling debris, then uses Gunk Shot and hits Eeker in the eyes, blinding it. Ice Snifit comes in with Snowball, Gunk Shot, and Octozooka all at once.

Mario: JUMP!

Eeker jumps them but lands and trips and is knocked out by the next octozooka. Mario recalls him.

Mario: Now we'll try... GLURP! ACID ARMOR!

Mario calls out Glurp, who sinks into the ground.

CK: Your ice won't beat mine, for sure. USE GUNK SHOT AND HIT IT WITH SNOWBALL!

Ice Snifit spits a ball of goo and then hits the goo with a snowball, causing them to burst into a raining pile of gooey snow that Ice Snifit hides in.



Glurp moves under Ice Snifit and Ice Snifit falls on top Glurp, who is still underground. Glurp them comes up stretched to form Ice Snifit. Glurp then proceeds to vomit up Ice Snifit, who is down and out. CK recalls him.

CK: Humph. Well then, I need to do something, and fast. I think I'll use my top Koopamon. GO CRYSTAL BIT!

CK sends out a cube-shaped piece of ice that is only a few inches tall, six at max.

Mario: Uggh. I hate it when the most powerful turns out to be the small one. I am NOT letting you win. USE POISON GAS!

Glurp spits a cloud of gas.

CK: Let's see you hit me after this combo! DOUBLE TEAM, THEN HAIL!

Crystal Bit multiplies to fifteen copies, then forms a massive hailstorm. The Crystal Bits fly into the hailstorm and begin to fall with it, leaving Mario completely unable to find any of the copies.

Mario: How in the...


Crystal Bit flies out of the hail and slams into Glurp, followed by the clones, who do the same and knock Glurp out.

Mario: Return... GO BILLY PA JOE!

Tatanga: WHAT?


CK: Hail and Double Team!

Crystal Bit multiplies and flies into the hail.

CK: Quick Attack!

Crystal Bit flies out and hits Billy Pa Joe, causing him to stumble back. Crystal Bit flies back into the hail.

Mario: Okay, we need to go on the defensive. HAMMER TOSS!

Billy Pa Joe throws his hammer into the hail.

Mario: Get ready for when it comes out to use Shadow Smash.


Hundreds of small ice chunks fly from the hail and pelt Billy Pa Joe, causing increasing damage. Billy Pa Joe tries to prance around the shards but they follow his movement.


Billy Pa Joe begins to wildly bust the shards, holding back the damage.


Crystal Bit flies from the hail, only this time he is smashed back into it by shadow smash.

CK: DíOH! Okay then, Ice Shard.

Mario: I need to find it... Wait a minute, I think I know. It is so simple. Crystal Bit falls with the hail. If it stops falling or begins to move up, it'll stand out. Once it hits the ground, it stays there.



CK: What?

Billy Pa Joe jumps up and smashes the ground, sending shockwaves into the hail and. All the clones are seen disappearing. The ground blows open and a large number of rocks fly out into the air and fall back down, destroying the hail. The rocks fall towards the exposed Crystal Bit.


Crystal Bit flies from under the rocks towards Billy Pa Joe.


Billy Pa Joe pulls back his hammer and lets it fly, smashing it right into Crystal Bit and throwing it down and out. CK recalls him.

CK: I don't understand. My plan was foolproof. I couldn't lose. It was my job to test how an opponent fares when unable to see the foe. You couldn't see my Koopamon, so how did you win?

Mario: You followed a pattern. When I found out the first time I never had to worry about you doing something new because Crystal bit would be easily spotted if he did anything other than fall.

CK: Good job. I can't argue, as much as I wanted the win. Good job. One more win and you can battle our master.

Mario: Okay. Bye then. See you on my way back.

CK: Okay. See ya, Mario.

Tatanga and Mario proceed down the Airstrip.

Tatanga: Mario, you know what is next?

Mario: Yup. No problem. This will be a breeze.

Tatanga: I wouldn't be so sure. Peach is obviously tough. She made it here, right?

Mario: Yeah, but... but... Whatever, letís just go. I want to beat Shadow Mario.

The two continue to Peach.

Chapter 39: Mario vs Peach, Deep Sea Combat

Mario and Tatanga proceed down to Peach. Peach stands there and smiles. Not even seeming the slightest bit worried, she begins to speak.

Peach: Hello Mario. I am glad to see you've come here.

Mario: Thank you. I'm glad we're going to get to have this battle.

Peach: Yes I am. I remember those two matches we had a long time ago, where you beat my Star Slap up with your Cheep Cheep... or sort of along the line; and our tournament match in the Island Kingdom before you faced Mack.

Mario: Yes, they were easy for me. I guess now I should panic a little. Now I actually may lose.

Peach: May! There is no may lose for you, Mario. There is will. You WILL lose. I want to challenge the champ again, and beating you will let me.

Mario: Well, then I guess the conversation is done with.

Peach: I guess so. We can't hold each other up like so. Tatanga, please step back if you don't mind, preferably off range of the arena.

Tatanga: Umm, okay. I don't know why, but... I guess it's for my own good. Good luck, Mario. Give it your all.

Tatanga steps aside as Mario and Peach pull out a Koopaball.

Peach: Five on five. You will now come face to face with my new team of Koopamon, evolved and new. Oh, and by-the-by, I'm SUPPOSED to test your skills. The champ said for me to. I totally agree with him. I'm not doing this to follow his rules, but because I was instructed to test something I haven't really seen you have to deal with. With that said and done, let's begin.


Peach: Let's kick things off with SKEETER!

Mario sends out Clone and Peach calls out a pondskating spider. The Skeeter slides along the water back and forth.



Skeeter slides towards the arena where Clone is and bounces at Clone, who fires a shadow ball at it.


Skeeter blocks the shadow ball and flings a bomb into Clone, confusing him.

Peach: Attract.

Skeeter launches a heart into Clone, who falls in love.

Mario: What? Shadow Punch it over and over.

Due to its poor status, Clone repeatedly hurts itself in its confusion or is stopped from attacking due to its attraction to Skeeter. Obviously Peach was instructed to test how Mario handles bad statuses.

Mario: I don't understand. Why won't he attack?

Peach: I'd answer that, but it's your job to. USE QUICK ATTACK!

Skeeter slides loops around Clone, making him dizzy, before she slides at high speed into him and causes him to stumble. The strikes doesn't harm him, but he stumbles into the water.


Skeeter bounces at the water and lets rip another bomb.

Mario: Hit it with Shadow Ball.

Due to not targeting Skeeter, the attack is a success and Clone bombs the bomb, bursting it in midair. To both trainers' horror, however, the chemicals within are spread onto both Koopamon, making them both confused. They both begin to throw thin air strikes and toss themselves about uncommanded.

Peach: Stand still.

Skeeter stands on top of the water, not making a move, and waits for her confusion to end. Clone finally snaps out of confusion and fires a shadow ball at Skeeter.

Peach: Boring. PROTECT!

Skeeter blocks the shot just as her confusion ends. Skeeter makes a mad slide towards Clone.

Mario: I need a new plan... Okay then, SHADOW PUNCH THE WATER!

Skeeter comes in as Clone punches the water, splashing it up into the air and flipping Skeeter onto her back. Clone shadow punches it out for the count.

Peach: Come back. That was too fast. I need something much more deadly on your end. GO ZEOSTAR!

Peach releases a neon-like Star Slap.

Mario: Is that your Star Slap?

Peach: Yes it is. Now I'd love to see you get out of this one. FLASH!

Zeostar lights up and blinds Clone.


Zeostar bounces into the water, then aims back towards land and zips at high speed at Clone.

Mario: Hurry up and shake it off.

Clone begins to try regaining his vision, but Zeostar flies out of the water and hits into Clone like a throwing star.


Zeostar spits a heart out at Clone, but Clone jumps it and shoots Zeostar into the water with a shadow ball.


Peach: Hehehe. Well done. I'm surprised you got that so quick. Good old Mario. AQUA JET!

Zeostar flies from the water and guts Clone, knocking him out.

Mario: Darn. Return. GO Eeker.

Tatanga and Peach stare in shock.

Tatanga and Peach: A fire type. Oh my god, you really are stupid, aren't you?

Mario: Don't jump to conclusions like that. USE HEAT WAVE!

Peach: Whatever you say, Mario. USE SWEET KISS!

Zeostar jumps in to use the confusion move when the heat wave hits and fries Zeostar, knocking it back down. It quickly gets up but is burnt.


Mario: Hehehe.

Peach: Why you little... You'll pay. USE YOUR AQUA JET!

Zeostar goes into the water, then zips out once again using the water as a power source and speed boost for the move.

Mario: Let's go, Flamethrower!

Zeostar shoots right into the stream of fire and is roasted right into a knockout, much to Peach's surprise.

Peach: Interesting. Two down. Come back, Zeostar. I need to get with the program. I'm not supposed to lose. Let's try some high quality super power now. GO DIVER GOOMBA!

Mario: Oh... Paragoomba.

Peach: Evolved with the Water Stone. She lost her wings but she is still a girl, and therefore she is going to kick butt. DIVE UNDERWATER!

Diver Goomba goes underwater, to the full disadvantage of Eeker.


Eeker tries to locate and pull Diver Goomba out of the water.

Peach: Now for confusion or knockout. WATER PULSE!

Waterballs fly out of the water and knock out Eeker.

Mario: Darn. Return.


Mario: Three left for us each. GO B BASS!

Mario calls out B Bass, who flies into the water.

Peach: Oh, wow. It has been a while since I saw you, B Bass. I'm guessing you want to end things fast. In this case, I will do the same. USE YOUR DOUBLE TEAM!

Diver Goomba forms a ring of clones around B Bass.

Peach: Use AQUA RING!

The clones surround themselves in water rings that heal them slowly.


B Bass bounces out of the water and comes down on a clone, getting rid of it. B Bass goes down and bounces up into another clone, repeating the process, but Diver Goomba keeps duplicating and healing more and more.


Diver Goomba and her clones fire waterballs at B Bass.


B Bass spins spraying hydro pump, destroying the attacks and clones, and smashing Diver Goomba back.

Mario: AQUA JET!

B Bass flies into Diver Goomba, knocking her out.

Peach: Come back. Why? Why is this happening? I should not be letting this happen.

Mario: You aren't. I'm just TOO good.

Peach: Heheheh... Tehehehehe. Why would I give up? You don't understand, Mario. What you think is you winning is really me winning. You see, you have just let your top guy into battle to take damage, and your second best is already down as is your third best. B Bass can't take on my last two, and when he goes down it will be smooth sailing from there. Now for an old friend super-sized. GO SUPER BLOOPER!

Peach releases a thirty-foot Blooper into the water. It stares evily.

Mario: You think super-sized Koopamon will make a difference? AQUA JET!

Peach: Look at the five-foot fish take on the squid six times larger than it. USE SPLASH!

Super Blooper comes shooting up out of the water towards B Bass!


Peach: You too Super Blooper.

The two hydro pumps clash and force back and forth. Super Blooper lowers and crashes into B Bass, forcing him underwater.

Mario: Aqua Jet.

B Bass goes deeper and deeper underwater, with Super Blooper following. They swim farther and farther from the arena so Peach and Mario can't see them well.

Peach: Use Toxic and ATTRACT!

Mario: B Bass, don't let them hit you. Spin and Ice Beam.

B Bass and Super Blooper begin spinning all over, launching hearts, toxic globs, and beams underwater, poisoning the water and slowly freezing it. Both Koopamon are hit by the ice and poison. B Bass is poisoned.

Mario: No... no. USE AQUA JET!

B Bass launches into Super Blooper and bounces off over and over. B Bass is nearly knocked out by the poisoning, and begins to mysteriously glow blue.

Mario: What? ... TORRENT!

Peach: NO!

Mario: Yes. Torrent activates when B Bass is in peril, and it triples the power of water moves. AQUA JET!

B Bass slams Super Blooper, pushing her straight back to the arena, where it is knocked out when it is slammed into the wall.

Peach: Return. One on three. Now I get serious. My top Koopamon: introducing the fifty-foot eel, MEGA UNAGI! I CHOOSE YOU!

Peach sends in a massive eel to do battle.

Peach: CRUNCH!


B Bass fires a high-powered blast of water, but it is nothing to Super Unagi and B Bass is crunched out.


Billy Pa Joe smashes his hammer down on Unagi's back over and over, causing her to scream in pain, but she easily knocks Billy Pa Joe off by flipping up her tail fin and beating him off back onto the arena.

Mario: Use Quake Hammer.

Billy Pa Joe smashes the arena, sending an earthquake out into the water that creates tidal waves and whirlpools that toss and smash Super Unagi around.

Peach: Silly Mario. USE GLARE AND AQUA TAIL!

Super Unagi glares at Billy Pa Joe, paralyzing him, and then hits the side of the arena with Aqua Tail, knocking Billy Pa Joe into the water for a disadvantage.



Mario: No way he's falling for that ugly thing.

The heart hits and Billy Pa Joe goes gaagaa over Super Unagi.

Mario: Okay, maybe he will.



Billy Pa Joe fights the attractive ugly eel with the massive fangs lunging to smash him up, and beats his hammer forcefully over Super Unagi's head, knocking her back, but she still swats him down and out.

Mario: Darn. Return.

Peach: Where did your advantage go now, Mario?

Mario: Grrr. I can still do this. GO GLURP!

Peach and Tatanga: WHAT?

Peach: I won't fall for the stupid act. You're not fooling anyone.

Mario: We'll see. USE YOUR BITE!

Glurp tries to bite Super Unagi, but can't reach her off the arena.


Super Unagi smashes the side of the arena, trying to knock Glurp over, but Glurp is stuck to the ground and isn't going anywhere.

Peach: Oh-ho, there it is. JUMP AT IT!

Mario: Oh poot.

Super Unagi hauls her fifty-foot body into the air and sends it crashing along the arena, plowing over Glurp and sending fifty feet of massive force over him, pushing him under the ground.

Mario: Oh no. Glurp is already falling. I've got little time. I need to act.

Peach: Charge it.

Super Unagi comes in again for the same move.

Mario: *gasp* I KNOW! ICE BEAM A WALL!

Glurp forms a wall that Super Oonagi smashes through and becomes lodged in, leaving her stuck out of the water. Peach backs up and gasps.

Peach: Oh no.


Glurp fires an ice beam into Super Unagi, endlessly freezing her into a knockout.

Peach: ... Return. I can't deny it... You are a champion. Mario, there is no doubt in my mind that you'll win. You WILL win. Go on to the champ. Defeat him... please.

Mario: Thank you, Peach... I will... Come on, Tatanga.

Tatanga: Right. Let's do this, Mario. I have faith in you.

Mario and Tatanga proceed to the final battle.

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