Mario's Koopamon Adventure 3: Delfino League

By crankymama5452

Chapter 33: Heading to the League's Final

Mario and Tatanga enter the Plaza after Mario won his long awaited final badge. Mario is heading to the League and the Elite Four, which is... somewhere.

Mario: Hey Tatanga, do you know where the Koopamon League is?

Tatanga: ... Ummmm, no.

Mario: Well isn't this going to be fun!

Tatanga: We just need to ask people. We can't just end this because we don't know where to go.

Mario: Right. Let's-a-go.

Mario and Tatanga begin asking random people. A lot of them don't seem to even know what Mario is talking about, and others say that it's in the guidebook. They eventualy come to the dock where the boats are. Mario and Tatanga run to the driver of the boats.

Mario: Hello, do you know how to get to the Koopamon League?

Boat Driver (BD): Yup, I do. I, however, can't tell you unless you show me the badges. I need to see eight.

Mario: No problem.

Mario shows him the badges and he takes and looks at them.

BD: Yup, this is them. Get onboard.

Mario and Tatanga get on his boat and they begin to sail.

BD: So you're going to take the Elite on, are you? You're brave. We have some pretty powerful trainers here. The Elite Four and Champs of the other two kingdoms came to try their luck; got their badges but were all dropped at the hands of the first member. I pity them. All that work gone down the drain like that. Ah, what can you do, though?

Mario: Yup... Wait... You said ALL the members of the Elite Four of ALL the kingdoms?

BD: Yeah.

Mario looks at Tatanga.

Mario: Tatanga!

Tatanga: Ehehehehe...


Tatanga: Sorry, Mario. I went to try this place out right after you beat Bowser in our League. The other three went to the Island Kingdom so I came here.

Mario: Great, and I'd LOVE to hear info on my first opponent.

Tatanga: Well I can give one piece of advice. There are seventeen types of Koopamon, and you fought fifteen against the leaders. Let's just say it's one of the two you haven't gone up against.

Mario: So Fighting or Poison.

Tatanga: Yup.

BD: Oh really? I always wanted to know more about them. Although I did ferry one of the members there. What a nice girl, bless her heart. She was was so polite, and it turns out that when I took her here she was just coming to try out to win. She fell to the Champ, though, so she would be number four.

Mario: Wow!

BD: You must know her. When she got on she asked if I took you over yet. Apparently she is in some kind of competition or something. She never said, but she was pleased when she found out you haden't got your badges before her.

Tatanga: Mario, who do you think it was?

BD: Well I can't say myself, so I myself would like to know. She never mentioned, though. OH she did have a... Oh, what do you call the things... OH! It was a Zeostar.

Tatanga: What type are they?

BD: Water, I think. Mario, you have any Grass or Ele-

Mario: Water...

BD: Yeah, why?

Mario: ...

Mario shakes himself, and then looks and gives the BD a continue on sign.

BD: Okay. You have Electric or Grass?

Mario: Grass.

BD: Well you should do fine. It's just ahead.

Mario and Tatanga sit back and relax as the boat zooms full speed ahead.

Chapter 34: Lots of Pre-Final Revealings

The boat sails up and docks... at the Airstrip. The Airstrip seems to be over a hundred feet longer. At every ten or so feet down is a stadium that is ten feet itself. Mario is dropped off at the edge outside the tower-like building.

Mario: I can't believe it. Here and outdoors.

Tatanga: Yup. Outdoor battles are nice, so they made it just like so.

BD: Mind if I trail along 'til you register? I see the nice lady inside looking at you. She was waiting. Wait... Are you the Champ or something? Is she standing there to take you down to the end?

Mario: No no no. This is my first time here as a League contestant. Who is that?

The three enter the building as the girl runs out the other side. Mario goes to the counter and speaks to the lady Pianta.

Mario: Hello. I'm here to register.

Pianta: Sure thing. Badge proof, please.

Mario shows the badges.

Pianta: Thank you. Please use the computer to your right to transfer around your Koopamon for the big battles.

Mario: Okay.

Mario, Tatanga, and BD go to the computer, and Mario calls E. Gadd on the visual phone.

Mario: Hey E. Gadd, I'm at the League.

E. Gadd: Simply amazing. I knew you could do it, old boy. How can I help?

Mario: I'd like to transer around some Koopamon, please.

E. Gadd: Sure thing. Who would you like?

Mario: Well I want B Bass, Eeker, and Billy Pa Joe, so take Fat Stack and Mecha B. I think I'll keep Clone, too.

E. Gadd: Okay. Which two do you want?

Mario: I'll have Glurp and Ameboid.

Tatanga: What about Grass?

Mario: No no. No worries. I like my picks.

E. Gadd: Okay, Mario, here they come.

E Gadd sends them over.

E. Gadd: There. Is that all?

Mario: Yup. Thanks, Professor.

E. Gadd: Okay, Mario. Good luck.

E. Gadd hangs up, leaving Mario with B Bass, Eeker, Clone, Billy Joe Pa, Ameboid, and Glurp.

Mario: Okay. Let's go.

The three step outside to see...

Mario: PEACH!

BD: So that's your name. Nice to meet you.

Tatanga: What...

Peach: Hello Mario. Pleasant seeing you here. I still haven't forgotten you leaving me at the docks of Toad Town.

Mario: How did you get here so fast?

Peach: Simple. When you sailed off I had my Koopamon ferry me.

Mario: How did you get ahead of me?

Peach: Well you see, when you stopped to speak with that... devil you before Pinna Park, I slipped by and got ahead.

Mario: How did you stay ahead?

Peach: Traveling through two kingdoms made my Koopamon more powerful. I swept away the Ground and Fire leaders. Really I only had difficulty with the Electric and Grass leaders. Nothing Ice and Ground moves couldn't handle, though.

Mario: How did you beat the whole Elite Four?

Peach: Simple. I challenged them and then I ended battle having more Koopamon standing than them. But that stupid goo you is tough.

Mario rolls his eyes.

Mario: Figured it was him, the cheap fibber.

Peach: Oh-ho, so he never told you.

Mario: Nope.

Peach: Well then it lo... Oh, well hello, Tatanga.

Tatanga: Hello, Peach.

Peach: You with him, I see.

Tatanga: Yup.

Mario: Peach, if you don't mind, could we please proceed? I want to beat the first three, you, then the so-called goo me.

Peach: Sure, no prob. Go ahead.

Peach walks ahead, leaving Mario and Tatanga there. BD seems to be following her.


Chapter 35: One Last Distraction

The two step onto the strip and begin moving down it to the first stadium. Tatanga suddenly steps in Mario's way.

Tatanga: They took my badges because I lost a battle.

Mario: What?

Tatanga: That's the rules. Lose a battle and hand over your badges. I lost and they took my badges.

Mario: Okay...

Tatanga: I want another go. Let me have the badges.

Mario: What? No way. What's wrong?

Tatanga: Mario, I'll always be your friend, but I wanna neat them. Now hand over the badges.

Mario: Tatanga, if you lose, you lose my badges.

Tatanga: Fine... Under League rules, if I challenge you, you can't refuse. I challenge you three on three.

Mario: Tatanga, this is harsh. I already beat you once, don't make me do it again.

Tatanga: But I NEED to become a League Champ. I can't beat Smithy, I can't beat your brother, I CAN'T EVEN BEAT THAT DARN BOAT DRIVER!

Mario: WHAT?

Mario flings around to see BD waving at him from stadium one.

Mario: My god, what is the world coming to?

Tatanga: Please Mario... please.

Mario: I can't. Where is this coming from, anyway?


Mario: WHAT?

Mario turns to see BD fling his suit off, revealing Jr. with a Pianta mask on.

Mario: Oh, for the love of god. I'll take my stab at Poison.

Tatanga: Yup... I have Psychic. I'll tear him up.

Mario: Only to lose to number two.

Tatanga: *sigh* Fine, Mario. Fine. I'm sorry for this unneeded road block, I just wanted to give it another go.

Mario: It's okay. Let's go.

Tatanga: Okay... Mario, will you use one of my Koopamon?

Mario: I have six.

Tatanga: And I have six, too. We'll temporarily exchange one. I just want to say my Koopamon helped destroy the Champ.

Mario laughs.

Mario: Okay then. Take... well, Ameboid. I already have Water, so hold on to him. I'll take in exchange... Shaman. He has some good variety of Psychic moves, I believe.

Tatanga: Yup. Let's trade.

They switch around and head to Jr.

Chapter 36: The Beginning of the End

Mario and Tatanga step up to Jr, who smiles and laughs.

Mario: Okay, Jr. You and me. I'm taking you down at last.

Jr: It'll be fun to see you try. I didn't achieve this rank by stealing and cheating.

Mario: You'd never think, though.

Jr: Humph. Well you're with the big stuff now, and we play by five on five.

Tatanga gasps.

Jr: That's right, alien boy, we play for keeps in long matches. Although it was ten seconds in your case.

Mario: ALL RIGHT, ENOUGH! You want it five on five, then five on five is what you get.


Jr. jumps in the air and throws out a Koopaball, releasing a bat.

Mario: All right then, GO BILLY PA JOE!

Mario releases the Pupox.

Jr: Eh... The names are as weird as you. TOXIC ATTACK!

Swoopula hacks up large globs of poison towards BPJ, who begins to prance around them.

Jr: Don't let it get away. Keep it up.


BPJ begins to twirl and twist about, letting the goo fly by until he gets an opening and takes a swing at Swoopula, who flies out of the way, causing BPJ to stumble forward and get hit by Toxic, causing him to turn purple.

Jr: Now into phase two. DOUBLE TEAM!

Swoopula multiplies, confusing BPJ while it slowly takes damage from Toxic.

Tatanga: This is why I lost, Mario. It's a cheap way to battle, but it's legal.

Mario: We'll just need to hit them all, I guess. QUAKE POUND!

BPJ slams his hammer into the ground, causing debris to fly about and strike the Swoopulas. Only one gets hit, as the rest of the debris goes through their holographic bodies. BPJ uses his opportunity to smack the real Swoopula upside the head with his hammer and send it flying for a whirl.

Mario: YES!

Swoopula ragains balance.

Mario: NO!

BPJ begins to slowly kneel down.

Tatanga: Hurry, he's gonna faint.

Mario: I need one more hit. SWIFT!

BPJ swings his hammer and stars fly out, chasing Swoopula around until they all pelt him and he topples onto BPJ, knocking both out.

Both: Return.

Mario: So far, so good. GO GLURP!

Jr: Don't get carried away. One knockout isn't five. We have just begun. Now witness the power of my PUTRID PIRANHA!

Jr. calls out the colorful Piranha Plant.

Mario: Grass on Ice. Why? Whatever, there has to be a reason, so ICE BEAM!

Glurp opens its mouth and spits out the stream of ice, which Putrid Piranha... swallows.

Mario: What?

Jr: There had to be a catch, right? Well there it is. Putrid has the ability to suck in projectiles and beams. Therefore, only combat moves can hurt him, but that means you need to get close to that big mouth of fangs.

Mario: Ugh. I knew things would not be so fun. Okay, then use Dissolve.

Glurp goes into the ground in a pile of goo.

Jr: Let's end this here and now. USE YOUR LEAF HURRICANE!

Putrid spins its leaves, launching them in spirals all over and covering the ground in Glurp's path. As he moves over them, they fall in and get sucked inside. Glurp comes out screaming.

Mario: GLURP!

Jr: Toxic!

Putrid Piranha hacks out the sludge, which covers Glurp.

Jr: Now use LICK!

Mario: What?

Putrid Piranha emits a ten-foot tongue that slaps Glurp about, paralyzing him on the spot with poison.

Mario: Now what?

Jr: Useless beams and projectiles, I guess.

Mario: Good idea. ICE BEAM!

Glurp fires a beam that Putrid swallows.

Mario: Hmmmmm. I have maybe a minute, I need a plan... Oh, maybe...

Jr: Hehehe. What now?

Mario: ICY WIND!

Glurp shoots a huge blast of icy wind, covering the stadium and freezing everything, everything as in Putrid's stem and leaves along with his head's base, preventing him from moving off the spot, as well as his head and mouth.


Glurp fires another beam that hits Putrid square in the bottom of his head, shattering the ice's hold on him and sending him flying to the ground and doom.

Jr: Lovely strategy. Even I must comment.

Mario: Lovely, now hurry up.

Jr: Okay. Return.

Mario: Now who?

Jr: ...

Mario: What?

Jr: ...


Jr: No it isn't. You need to do your homework, alien boy.

Mario: What?

Glurp collapses from poison.


Jr: No, not cheat. If you read up on battles, I can make conversation in between rounds. I simply used it to an advantage. GO GLURP! Ice/Poison now.

Mario: He has one too. Okay then, EEKER, GO!

Tatanga: YES! Full advantage.

Mario: Now what?

Jr: This is what. ACID ARMOR!

Glurp sinks into the ground out of view.

Mario: Okay, I handled this a while back. PSYCHIC HIM OUT!

Eeker uses Psychic on the ground and starts levitating masses of land and hurling them. When the stadium is clear, Glurp is nowhere to be found.

Jr: Poison Fang!

Glurp comes out behind Eeker, but Eeker spins around and torches it back underground.

Mario: Good one. Don't let it poison you.

Glurp comes flying out of the ground and uses Chill Spiral to encase Eeker in a spiral of ice from toe to neck, holding him down. Glurp then lunges at him with his mouth open.

Mario: Use your Psychic!

Eeker glows and the ice breaks and flies into Eeker, sending it to the ground.

Jr: Baton Pass.

Glurp disappears and a Shroobsworth appears.

Mario: What? PSYCHIC!

Eeker lets rip a blast of Psychic that does nothing.

Jr: Again you need to read up on this stuff. Shroobsworth may be Poison but also Dark, preventing Psychic moves.

Mario: Heat Wave!


Shroobsworth claps its hands, sending out dark waves that part the heat wave and knock Eeker out.

Mario: Dang. Return. GO B BASS!

Mario calls out B Bass, who without command knows Mario wants Hydro Pumop and blasts Shroobsworth, who twirls his walking stick, repelling most of it.


B Bass lets Ice Beam rip and shoots along with it in a jet of water. Shroobsworth repels the ice but is struck down with Aqua Jet. Jr. calls him back


Mario: AQUA JET!

B Bass launches forth, but Glurp goes underground.

Mario: No way you're pulling that off again. ICE BEAM THE GROUND!

B Bass freezes the arena as Glurp comes out and surfaces on the ice.

Mario: BOUNCE!

B Bass smashes the ice with Glurp on it, literally smashing Glurp to pieces. Jr. recalls him to regenerate its body.

Jr: You were too weak from the last round. Well Mario, it's my big stuff on two of yours. GO HERMIE III!

Jr. releases the massive Santa crab thing.


Hermie spits out purple bubbles, which B Bass pops with small Hydro Pump sprays. He then launches at Hermie with Aqua Jet.

Jr: Hehe... VICE GRIP!

Hermie grabs ahold of B Bass before it hits, and begins to slam B Bass over and over again off the ground.


B Bass sprays the ground and provides pressure that flings him into the air flipping and sending Hermie with him. They land with Hermie on its side, but Hermie uses Vice Grip to grab B Bass again and then proceeds to slam him about again until B Bass faints.

Mario: Return. Go... SHAMAN!

Tatanga smiles.


Shaman uses psychic powers to spin Hermie in circles until Hermie grabs ahold of the ground and forces itself out of confusion. Then it uses its claw to throw itself through the air and come down on Shaman with Rock Smash.

Mario: Darn. Use Psycho Cut.

Shaman begins to rapidly swing its arms again, hacking at Hermie's belly and leaving glowing marks. Hermie stumbles back in agony until it uses Roost. It's normally a Flying-only move, but Hermie retreats into its shell and heals up.

Mario: Oh, not one of those ones. USE CONFUSION AND MIX WITH MAGIC TRICK!

Shaman levitates Hermie and begins to make him glow until Hermie becomes blinded by the light. It then falls to land and begins to swing wildly about, trying to hit Shaman, who keeps stepping away.


Jr: Doesn't that make a slower Koopamon go fifty times as fast? You just helped.

The arena goes wavey and Hermie, still blinded, begins to zoom around out of control, swinging at thin air until it trips over itself and crashes, sliding across the arena to a halt in front of Shaman.

Jr: Of poot!

Tatanga: DO IT!


Shaman generates a glowing aura around its hand and chops Hermie right in the face, sending it for several loops. When it lands, Jr. smiles.



Shaman uses Confusion to suck Hermie right out of its shell and then send him flying into it, where he crashes down and out.

Jr: Return... How? Why did this happen? I gave it my all and I still lost. Is Poison not a good type? Am I just bad? Both?

Mario: Obviously not. You wouldn't have made it here, right?

Jr: Right, but... Whatever, just go. NOW! Please.

Mario: Okie-dokie.

Mario and Tatanga continue down the Airstrip.

Tatanga: Thank you, Mario.

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