Koopa Hearts

By Denny W. Koopa


It was our first day of vacation. We'd decided to go to Yoshi’s Island. Bowser and Claudia had let us go on our own, leaving Ludwig in charge, while they went to a meeting with Nintendo. *cough*Vegas*cough*

The boat trip was pretty smooth, except for Morton, but he used the bucket. Wendy went to the beach to sunbathe, Roy, Iggy, Larry, and I unpacked our stuff at the air-conditioned resort, while Ludwig checked everyone in. Oh, and Morton was just talking to the native Yoshis.

Iggy and I shared a room, Wendy and Larry shared a room, Roy and Morton shared a room, and Ludwig got his own room. Yet there was still one room left in the resort. You guessed it. Susan and Nick.

We just relaxed for the first day and then we went to sleep. But I had weird dreams. I was in a dark world just full of pillars. They gave me a sword, shaped like a key. And I had to attack creatures to get to the next pillar. Then, at the final pillar, a huge, dark version of me rose from the ground. It was hard to weaken him, and then the darkness swallowed me up...

I woke up to find the resort empty. All of our suitcases were outside. We had to leave the Island. Why? Because Mount Margarita was an active volcano, said to erupt within two days. We had to get equipment and fast! Roy and Morton got the wood. Larry, Iggy, and I got some water from a nearby waterfall. Nick, Susan, and Wendy got fish for food. We would set sail tomorrow.

Then the unthinkable happened. I awoke to a hurricane. I looked out at the window and saw the raft floating away! I quickly got dressed and ran out. All of a sudden, tiny, dark figures, almost looking like Ninjis, came out of the ground! I quickly grabbed a stick on the ground and starting whacking them. Then, one just took the stick and snapped it in half.

I looked over at the waterfall. There was that key-shaped sword! I swung the sword around. There wasn’t any blood or anything. They just seemed to... disintegrate into the air. Yet even more of them kept rising out of the ground. I ran to the volcano. Perhaps this was where they were coming from. Perhaps I could freeze the lava and stop the storm. There was a door on the volcano. My sword started glowing and the door opened up.

All of a sudden, I got blown back, onto the beach. All of the others were on it too, but they didn’t have anything but the stakes. All of a sudden, the land broke apart in a big chunk. We drifted off into the sea with rushing waves! To make matters worse, the huge Koopa Shadow rose out of the ground again. We had no choice but to attack. I kept slashing at his wrist while one by one, my cousins and siblings were swallowed up into the ground. First Nick, and then Susan. Then Ludwig, Roy, Morton, Wendy, Iggy, and Larry were swallowed up, as if he was eating us all ib order of largest to smallest. I let out a final gasp before I got swallowed up. Everything went dark…

Chapter 1: Starting the Puzzle

When I awoke, it was night. But something was different. I looked around, and I wasn’t at the resort, or even floating near the ocean at all! I was in an alleyway in the city! I slowly rose up. Thank DAD I still had my ball. I got on it and rolled further to where there was more light. The city was amazing. I rolled down a set of stairs to the town square. First, I’d have to find my siblings, no matter how much I wanted to return without them. Hmm, maybe I could find Iggy, and then just leave. But first of all, where was I, and where would I go?

This definitely wasn’t any part of the Mushroom Kingdom. The residents here looked like those Humans from Earth. I rolled over to one of them, a Youngling. “Umm… Hello… I’m lost. Where am I?” I asked.

“Well, you’re in Traverse Town. You certainly don’t look like the normal residents here. But then again, creatures from other worlds have been coming here as well. They claim their world was destroyed.” I gave a puzzled look. What a freak! I quickly rolled away. There was a café nearby, but it was deserted. A few candles were lit. There was also a treasure chest on top of a cabinet, but I couldn’t open it. There was an item dhop open. Perhaps I’d go in there.

The shopowners were sure weird. They were ducks, three little ducklings. One wore a red hat, another blue, and another green. I was hungry. Maybe I could get a candy bar. I handed a few coins to the red duck, as he seemed to be in charge. He gave them back. “We only take our currency, called munny.” I left angrily. They can’t even spell money right, why even bother buying something? I was near where I had awakened. I saw another shop, and walked in. At least this guy was older, and not an animal. They only sold rings and jewelry here. The guy said they could increase our strength and speed and stuff. I’m not THAT gullible!

I asked him if he saw anybody who looked like me. “Um, well, this one guy with crazy blue hair came in with one with a bow. She kept on trying to take them when I wasn’t looking,” he said.

“Yup, that’s some of them.” I laughed. Wendy was here. He pointed me to the way they went. I followed his directions to a great big wooden door. I opened it up, to reveal another HUGE part of the city. There was a clothes store, but it seemed to be closed. There was a hotel, a big monument, and a few alleyways, along with another town square. It seemed to be deserted.

I took a step, well, a small roll, and all of a sudden, a man jumped out, and I watched as dark creatures, the same I had seen on Yoshi’s Island, took over his body, and disintegrated it. I gave a shutter as a heart floated up. Then, the creatures popped up from the ground, and I was weaponless. All of a sudden, that key-shaped sword popped into my hands. I slashed them, one by one, and they all fell apart. When they did, however, yellow orbs fell out. I decided to collect them. Maybe they would give me good luck… Then, two men in black cloaks entered the hotel. I quickly followed. Was this one of Larry and Iggy’s stupid tricks?

The hotel was full of the creatures too. I slashed them immediately, not caring for the vases and tables I slashed by accident. I collected the orbs they left behind, and then I ran out hurriedly, hoping to still catch up with the two mysterious figures. They went into the side of the town hall-like building. However, when I walked in, it wa zany and colorful. There was a sign that said “Gizmo Shop”. There were more of those dark creatures then ever. The small, black ones weren’t the only ones now! There were also flying goblins! I got hurt a few times, but nothing other then a few scratches. Man, I hope I don’t get an infection from that!

After about 15 minutes of fighting, there were still a few left. I decided to leave them to fight amongst themselves and leave the building. There was a little drop outside, but my ball cushioned me from it. There was a door at the end of the alleyway. I walked inside it. There were two dogs, spotted ones, like Bagel’s boyfriend. Dalmatians! That’s what they call them. I took out the Bagels Dictionary to figure out what they were saying. They had lost their 99 puppies. Wow. I hope Bagels doesn’t have that many. I agreed to try to find them, but first I had to follow the men. We went into an alleyway behind the hotel. More creatures popped out, but they were more like annoying pests than scary monsters. I defeated them quickly, then continued to follow.

I ended up in the town square of the Second District, almost running in a complete circle. “Yeah…. This is one of Larry’s tricks, isn’t it?” I muttered as I sat on a bench to take a breather. What a wild goose chase! I looked around. There was only one place left to go, through that one final alleyway. I slowly wandered through, defeating six more of those creatures, the ones that looked like gothic elves. There was a door. I approached it cautiously. I remembered what happened with a few doors in Luigi’s Mansion! There was yet ANOTHER part of town! This part seemed small though. There seemed to be an old, rusty house to my left. I walked in.

“Lemmy! It’s about time you came! Where were you?” Iggy yawned. He was sitting at a table in the middle of the house. Larry was eating some soup at one end of the table, and Ludwig was intently observing a map. Roy was using a pillow tied to a string as a punching bag; Wendy was sleeping quietly on an old, rusty bed. Morton was sleeping on another bed, but not quietly. You see, he snores quite loudly, but that’s another story.

“Just rolling around,” I happily said. I sat down on one of the seats. “Did you see those dark creatures?” I asked, hoping not to sound like some psychotic freak.

“Yeah. We ran away though, we left our wands at the resort. We dropped into our shells, and slid to safety,” Ludwig murmured, not taking his eyes off of the map.

“WOAH! Sick weapon!” Larry shouted out suddenly. He ran over and stared at the sword I still wielded in my hand.

“Hand it over!” Roy ordered, grabbing the sword from my grasp. He was about to practice a slice with it, but it disappeared, and reappeared into my hands.

“Where did you get it?” Iggy asked.

“I dunno, it just appeared in my hands the first time I encountered those little black things,” I answered. “Say, where are Nick and Susan?” I asked.

“We didn’t see them,” Ludwig abruptly said.

Larry’s eyes brightened up. “Maybe those dark creatures ate them up!” He cheered.

“We still have to look for them,” I argued, “or King Dad will KILL us when we get back.

Wendy and Morton slowly walked over. Some of the small yellow orbs fell out of my shell. “Hey, what are these?” Iggy said.

“Are they food? Food would be great! I’m hungry! I want something other then soup. I need something crunchy, and those look crunchy! They probably-”

“JUST SHADDAP AND EAT ONE ALREADY!” Wendy impatiently shouted.

Morton stuck one in his mouth, and then spit it out immediately. “That’s gross! “That’s disgusting! Yucky! Eww! Not cool! Horrible!” Morton complained.

“We get the point,” Iggy finally said.

I looked at Larry for a second, and remembered. “Why did you wear those black cloaks and run around in a circle?”

Larry looked up for a second. “What? I stayed in here the whole time!” He spat.

“WOAH! Who are they!” Wendy gasped, looking out the window down towards a plaza. It was them! The two mysterious men!

“It’s probably Susan and Nick,” Iggy said. “So why bother?”

“But one of them has a white, fluffy butt! Come look!” Wendy argued.

“I don’t wanna look at some stranger’s butt!” I laughed. I looked out the window, as Wendy pulled me by my hair.

“Take it easy! Woah! They're in trouble!”

I gasped. A ring of the dark creatures appeared. “Come on! We gotta help them!” I shouted as I ran out. I jumped down the stairs, Larry, Iggy, and Roy following. Wendy, Morton, and Ludwig were slower. Half of the creatures were defeated when we got there. One of the mysterious men had a shield and was basically running into them with it. I couldn’t help but laugh at that. The other one was casting spells of fire and ice. I quickly ran into the arena, and sliced the remaining ones.

“Oh no! That one’s tough!” The smaller stranger worriedly backed away.

“Ha! Look! He’s chicken!” Roy laughed.

The smaller figure made a weird noise and seemed to do an angry dance. “I’M NOT A CHICKEN!” he shouted. He dropped his cloak. “I’m a Duck! Donald Duck!” he huffed.

“And I’m Goofy!” the taller one cheered as he dropped his cloak. “Gwarsh,” Goofy whispered loudly to Donald. “That’s the one. With the Keyblade.” He pointed to me.

“What you say about me?” I asked in a joking manner. We all sat down in a circle for a story.

First, we told them about how we were on vacation and how we just drifted off, and then disappeared into this world through the shadow. Donald and Goofy told us that worlds were disappearing. The shadow was just a portal. They told me that I was the chosen one, because of my bravery and my attitude. They said that I would have the strength to save the whole universe from disappearing. They told us about the creatures, called the Heartless, and how they stole people’s hearts to fill the universe with darkness. The only way to stop them was to close the sacred doors through the keyholes to stop any more Heartless from coming through. They promised that if we helped them, they’d bring us back home, and help us find our cousins. We agreed, and got up.

“How can we help if we don’t have weapons?” Ludwig asked. Then, Donald and Goofy led us to a secret door. There were six items all lined up, and all my siblings got their weapons. Larry got nunchucks, a weapon for speed. Morton got a laser gun, a weapon for attacking from a distance. Wendy got the Bow-Boomerang, a good slicing weapon that always comes back. Iggy got a bow and arrow, which takes long to charge but has a powerful ending. Roy got brass knuckles. He’s been practicing his whole life for those. And Ludwig got all assortments of bombs and junk.

“Hey, what are these yellow orb things?” I asked Goofy. I didn’t ask Donald because he tends to spit a lot when he speaks, and that’s kind of gross.

“Those are munny!” He smiled.

“Oh… I see… And how do we get to these other worlds? Warp pipes?” I asked.

“Warp what?” Goofy started.

“We have a spaceship that will help us travel!” Donald quacked. “Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s go!” Donald shouted as he ran out of the room.

We all followed like little ducklings following their mother. We got a few potions from the item shop, and Wendy made us get bracelets at the accessory shop. We went through wooden doors in front of the town square of the First District. We saw the spaceship waiting for us. “The Koopa Capers are back!” Ludwig shouted, and we all cheered back. We jumped in and set sail.

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