Luigi and Mario: Mushroom Island Battles

By Amos Magikoopa

Part 2

Mario and Luigi land on the beach and kept venturing on until they reach some sand dunes.

Mario: Luigi, did you-a-happen to grab a map from the boat?

Luigi: Yes I did, and on it I see a grassy area over these dunes.

Mario: Let's-a-go!

Chapter 1: Grass Grass Plains.

Mario and Luigi come over the sand dunes to see a long, grassy field and tons of Koopas and Goombas.

Goomba: Ahhhhhhh! It's Mario and Mr. Green! Everybody hide!

Luigi: Mr.Green! MR.GREEN! That is it.

Luigi takes an Ultra Mushroom out from the suitcase and uses it to get Ultra big. He then picks up Mario and runs full steam ahead, destroying everything in his path until he shrinks to normal.

Mario: You sure-a get mad when someone calls you Mr. Green.

Luigi: Well it makes me mad that everyone knows who you are and I'm chopped liver.

Mario: Let's keep going now.

Meanwhile at Bowser's Castle…

Bowser: Junior, Larry, Morton, Wendy, Iggy, Roy, Lemmy, *pant* and Ludwig, get down here.

Koopalings and Junior: What do you want Dad?

Well actually in this story we'll call Junior a Koopaling.

Bowser: Well first, the Marios are here on the Island. Also I would like to know who ate my heart attack on a bun (also known as a Big Mac).

Everyone points at Junior except for Junior, who points at the wall.

Bowser: All righty, then Junior, go to the dungeon immediately or I'll feed you Wendy's disgusting fries for a whole month. (Wendy's as in the fast food place, not Wendy Koopa.)

Junior runs off towards the dungon very frightened.

Ludwig: I like Wendy's fries.

Bowser: And yet you wonder why we call you Kooky Koopa. Now I want you all to get to your castles immediately. Also tell Susan to come to the throne room.

Wendy: Why is she here?

Bowser: For one I want to give her a chance to fight against the Marios; and two, I need to know if her father is up to something. (muttering so no one can hear) I'll teach you to plot against me, ya dang frog.

Lemmy: Great idea, Dad.

Bowser: I come up with the best ideas, don't I?

Morton: No. Your ideas are horrible, stupid, dumb, and always make you lose, get defeated, don't win. And furthermor-

Morton is cut off by a bloodcurdling scream, and Susan comes rushing into the room.

Susan: Who put worms in my bed?!

All the Koopalings in the room start laughing.

Susan: You all are so mean! Except you, Larry. I still like you, Larry.

Larry vomits all over Roy.

Roy: You idiot!

Roy then startd to beat up Larry.

Iggy: (to himself) Here is my chance to get back at Roy. I'll attack him when his back is turned.

Iggy uses his wand to blast Roy in the back when he isn't looking. Roy falls over, crushing Larry.

Roy: Ow!

Larry: Too much body weight on top of me… Ow! Roy, lay off the Twinkies.

Roy: This body weight is muscle.

Iggy: (sarcastically) A likely story.

Roy: Why you little…

Bowser: All of you leave now except for Susan.

After they do so, Iggy's screams of terror echo through the castle. No one will ever question Roy about his body weight again.


Luigi: Mario, look! In the distance is a fortress!

Mario: I don't feel like going through it.

Luigi takes out a Bulky Bob-omb and tosses it at the fortress. The fortress explodes and Petey Piranha comes flying out of it.

Mario: Whatever happened to Boom Boom?

Luigi: I have no clue.

Mario quickly takes out a bottle of water from the suitcase and tosses it in Petey's mouth before he spits out any goop as he usually does. Mario and Luigi quickly ground pound him at the same time. Double Pain! Then before he can get back up Luigi ground pounds him again, defeating him. He then melted away into nothing.

Mario: Well that was easy!

Luigi: Mario, look what else is in this suitcase.

He takes out a Wing Cap.

Mario: I'll put it on and you hold on. Then we can fly to the end of this level!

???: Not so fast, Slick!

Then a nearby Goomba is surrounded in purple smoke, and out comes as Doopliss.

Mario: Doopliss, what are you doing here?

Doopliss: Well after I left the Shadow Sirens I came to work for Bowser.

Doopliss then snatches the Wing Cap from Luigi.

Doopliss: I think I'll give this to Larry.

Luigi: Give that back.

Doopliss: Let me think. Hmmmm. NO!

Doopliss then scans a nearby bird with his shapeshift power and flies off.

Mario: Did you hear Doopliss? The Koopalings are on this Island as well as Bowser.

Luigi: Great, now we have to battle them too.

Mario: Over there in the distance, is that Professor E. Gadd?

E. Gadd: Hello fellers, what brings you here?

Luigi: Well we are here to-

E. Gadd: Before we start chatting, why don't we come back to my house and chat over a nice cup of Hoolumbian coffee?

Mario: Let's-a go.


Princess Peach is sitting on her bed looking around the room, thinking. Sure it is decorated nice, but it is still a cold cell in Bowser's castle. She then starts thinking about Bowser's strange behavior lately. First of all, he has not been trying to get Peach to like him. He also is letting her freely wander his castle. Of course she can't leave as the front door is heavily guarded and there are guards on every side of the castle making sure she doesn't leave via window. Also she could have sworn some of his troops are X-Nauts. Bowser is definitely up to something really suspicious. Then suddenly, without knocking, Kammy Koopa enters her cell.

Kammy: King Bowser requests your immediate appearance in his throne room.

Peach: Tell him I said no!

Kammy: You have no choice in the matter, so come!

Peach follows Kammy up a flight of stairs, through a long, winding corridor, and over a pit of boiling lava. Then they reach enormous wooden doors. Kammy nods to two Koopatrols standing watch outside, and they push open the door. Peach walks after Kammy through the room, on a long red carpet, and up to a throne. The throne is huge and decorated like Bowser's throne from Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga. The only thing different is that the back of the throne is decorated like a spiky green Koopa shell, similar to Bowser's own shell. On one side of the throne stands Kamek, looking as old as ever, and Kammy joins her cousin on the other side. On the throne sits Bowser, looking as smug as ever.

Bowser: I suppose you suspect those idiot plumbers to come and rescue you like usual. Don't get your hopes up, Princess.

Peach: Why not? I mean, we both know that you are going to be beaten, so what is the point of capturing me? The only difference this time is that you’re on an island.

Bowser slams his fists so hard into the arms of the throne that he leaves an imprint. His face starts to turn beet red.


Peach, obviously frightened, sits on the floor and decides not to bring up the subject again.

Peach: What am I here for anyway?

Bowser: (calming down) You are here for a doctor's checkup and some other things.

Peach: Why exactly am I havin-

Bowser: I have my reasons!

Peach: Ok.

Just then, a Shy Guy wearing a stethoscope around his neck and a doctor's uniform stumbles in.

Bowser: So you were able to make it, Dr. Guy. You had me wondering where you were. DON'T DO IT AGAIN.

Dr. Guy pulls out a clipboard and begins the checkup…

At Professor E. Gadd's cabin, Mario and Luigi have just finished their coffee and told the Professor their tale.

E. Gadd: So that is why you have come to this Island. It all makes sense now.

Mario: What makes sense?

E. Gadd: Oh nothing.

Luigi: Why are you here?

E. Gadd: To invent in peace and quiet. Well I'm glad we got to chat, but you must be going now.

Mario: Why?

E. Gadd: This chapter is getting quite lengthy!

Luigi: Oh.

The Professor leads them into another room, which is piled ceiling-high with inventions. E. Gadd pulls out a cannon of sorts and places iy on the floor facing an open window.

E. Gadd: Jump in and you'll be sent to Larry's castle.

Luigi jumps in and is sent flying through the window. Mario jumps in but before he does he could of sworn he saw F.L.U.D.D. in the corner. He is blasted away into the distance. After some time he sees a castle in the distance, and when he is closer he realizes he was heading straight for it. He feels a slamming sensation as he crashes through not a wall but a window. When he lands his cheek is bleeding, but not as bad as Luigi, whose face had been torn apart by the window. Luigi quickly takes out two Tasty Tonics and drinks one himself before giving the other to Mario. After drinking it, his cuts started to heal magically.

Mario: I never knew a Tasty Tonic could do that.

Luigi: I added a special Mushroom formula to it. It only looks like our cuts are healed while we are really bleeding. Slowly, while they look like they’re healed, the Tasty Tonic is working to actually heal them.

Mario: Wow!

Luigi stands up and looks around the room. They are in a room similar to a greenhouse. At one end of it there is a throne, and in front of it is a flower bed with a single plant stem rising out of it. The stem is only two inches high and sports a single leaf. On this throne sits Larry, who he doesn’t notice until now.

Larry: Well you certainly came in interestingly. I was expecting you to come through the castle and get caught and destroyed by a devious trap I set up over the door to this room. Well I guess I'll destroy you myself!

Then Larry cackles and pulls out a vial of purple gunk labeled “Growth Formula”. He then pours it into the flower bed in front of him. There is a loud rumbling and the flower bed shines with light as the stem quickly grows into an enormous Piranha Plant. Some vines grow up from the flower bed and cover the stem of the plant. Two carrots connected to one of the vines serve as arms. These carrots are huge and menacingly sharp. With its carrot drill arms and its creepy head, the plant looks like a tough enemy to beat for the Brothers. Then Larry climbs up into a tangle of vines near the head, the tangled vines serving as a cockpit, and cackles once more.

Larry: I'm going to go down in history as the first Koopa to ever destroy the Marios. Now stand back while I destroy you.

Will the Marios survive? What about Peach? What is Bowser up to? What happened to the Blue Yoshi from the first chapter? What is Anatomy? Why is Kamek still alive seeing how old he is? Why is Bullwinkle a moose and not a bull? How can Mr. Luggs eat even though he is dead?

Find out the answers to the first four questions in the continued story of Luigi and Mario: Mushroom Island Battles.

(If you can find out an answer to any of the last four questions, please tell me. Actually, don't. I don't like to talk to freaky people. Except for my one sister... Wait, she is a freak too. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.)

Luigi:  0_0  Was that last part needed?

No. Actually, yes!

Luigi:  0_0

Read on!

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