Luigi and Mario: Mushroom Island Battles

By Amos Magikoopa

Larry pressed a vegetable in the huge plant thing (substitute for button), and a blast of green came from the creature's mouth and sped towards the Marios. They just barely dodged it.

Mario: How do we-a beat it if it's invincible?

Luigi: Nothing the Koopalings make is ever invincible. It just has some sort of weakness that is the only thing that can hurt it!

Larry: (to himself) They may have figured out it's not invincible, however, they'll never find out that its weakness is a poisoned water supply. It can survive without sunlight and against fire and such.

Mario: I know its weakness!

Luigi: What is it?

Mario: Posioned water supply!

Larry: Hey! You were eavesdropping! That's my job as Cheatsy Koopa!

Mario: No, I guessed! You just confirmed it.

Larry: *sigh*

While this whole conversation was going on, Larry was blasting away at the red and green plumbers. Mario suddenly ran up with a Poison Mushroom to poison the water supply. Larry spotted him.

Larry: Not so fast, Mario! It's not going to be that easy!

Two carrot drills shot from the plant and collided with Mario, sending him flying. Larry started laughing until he realized that Luigi was missing.

Larry: Hey! Where did Mr. Green go?

Larry received a hard kick from behind, and fell over.

Luigi: Mr. Green strikes again

Luigi then took the Poison Mushroom from Mario and poisoned the Piranha Plant's drinking water. The plant turned black and wilted.

Luigi: Yes! We win.

Larry: Not yet!

Larry climbed back into the cockpit as the plant began to rumble. Suddenly a layer of skin (or whatever is on plants) fell off and the Piranha Plant jumped back up.

Mario: Luigi! That layer of skin was its protective layer! Now it's vunerable!

Larry: It is not over yet!

Suddenly Larry pulled out a Wing Cap.

Larry: I believe this is yours.

Then Larry put it on his Piranha Plant. The oversized plant lifted into the air, flowerbed and all.

Larry: I really must thank Doopliss after this.

The plant roared and shook the whole room. Then it began to power up a green energy ball. Once the ball was huge enough, it formed around the Piranha Plant, acting as a force field.

Luigi: Mario, why are we fighting Larry?

Mario: What do you mean?

Luigi: Well, we came here to fight Bowser for Peach, so why do we need to fight the Koopalings when we could just bypass their castles?

Mario: I never thought of that. Let's leave!

They started walking towards the door while a confused Larry got ready to blast them, but they reached the door before he could. Larry landed and then he and his plant stepped forward to follow them and tripped over Mario and Luigi's suitcase, which Luigi had purposely left on the ground. The the force field deactivated because Larry accidentally hit a button in the fall. The red and green plumbers ran back into the room, and before Larry could get up, Luigi threw a Bob-omb into the mouth of the plant. BOOM! The plant was torn to shreds. The explosion sent Larry through the ceiling and into the docking bay for the doomship.

Luigi: Idiot! He fell for it.

Larry (from up above): Oh really.

The top of the castle was torn open with a vicious exploding sound. Floating there was Larry's doomship.

Larry: See if you can dodge this.

The doomship shot a Bombshell Bill that would have destroyed the red and green plumbers if it wasn't countered by another explosive. Once the smoke from the explosion cleared, a smaller ship appeared next to it. The ship had an E. Gadd logo on it.

Mario: Professer?

E. Gadd was standing atop the ship. He lowered a rope ladder.

Professer E. Gadd: Hop on, boys.

Mario and Luigi climbed the rope to the floating ship above.

E. Gadd: I'll hold the missiles off while you climb onboard the other ship and defeat Larry.

Red and Green used the missle cannon to propel themselves to Larry's ship. After some enemy stompin' and cannon dodging, they reached Larry's chambers.

Larry (tired out from the battle before): I'll get you this time.

Then he shot out rings from his wand at Mario and Luigi. They quickly evaded him and stomped on his head 3 times. Larry fell to the floor defeated. They quickly pushed the self-destruct button on the control board and fled the ship by cannon. (Why is there a self-destruct button?) The ship exploded and fell from the sky. Unfortunately, the falling mass of burning wood crashed into E. Gadd's ship and it exploded, sending E. Gadd flying through the air and into the distance. Luigi and Mario, who had used the cannon to reach the ground, ventured on until they came to a cave.

Luigi: Through this should be Desert Land.

???: We meet again, Slick.

Doopliss came out from the cave's opening.

Doopliss: Now we fight, Slick!

Doopliss floated up into the air and dived down into Mario, knocking him backwards.

Mario: Luigi, you run ahead while I destroy this freak.

Luigi started to run off, but Doopliss grabbed him and scanned him. Purple smoke surrounded him and he emerged as Luigi. He then dropped Luigi and charged up a thunderball.

Doopliss: So let's see if you can beat your own brother.

Doopliss shot green fireballs at Mario until Mario got a chance to throw some at him, and they both kept throwing and dodging while Luigi ventured on. Luigi kept walking. He kept walking through the darkness until he reached the other side of the cave. He emerged from the cave in a sandy desert.

Chapter 2: Kingdom of Sand

There was a single path in this sandy wasteland. To the side of that lay a single sign.
This sign said:

Visitor, you have been warned. This path leads to Mount Sand, home of the Sand King. Straying off this path is unadvisable as it may lead you to wander this desert endlessly.

- Desert natives

Below this message was another written sloppily. This other message looked as if it was new.
It read:

Dear visitor,

You might as well flee, for the Sand King has been overthrown and the village demolished. Our once peaceful home has been turned into a nightmare by a Koopa known as Morton Jr, and this village of ours is now an evil town of nightmarish preportions. Some of us villagers have fled, but the others have been captured and been turned to slaves. If you are brave and strong, please help, if not please fetch help.

-The Desert Natives

Luigi ventured on, hoping that Mario would be okay, but he wasn't too sure, for Luigi had secretly been training at the dojo and had also been training a secret power with Merlon, the town's fortuneteller. Luigi had beaten The Master five times and Merlon had said that Luigi was showing improvement lately. Oh well, Mario always pulled through, Luigi thought. Luigi started walking forward when he saw three creatures in the distance. He couldn't see what they were, but they looked like Boos and they were coming towards him shouting something, and they were carrying a cage.


Doopliss: Okay, Slick, I call an RPG battle!

A curtain appeared over Mario and Doopliss, and when it opened they were on a stage somewhere.

Doopliss (Luigi): 35/35
MarioZ: 35/35

Doopliss (Luigi) attacks with a hammer. 8 damage!

Mario attacks with a jump worth 4 damage, but jumps again and does 4 more damage.

Doopliss (I'll just call him Luigi-D): 27/35
Mario: 27/35

Luigi-D attacks with Thunderhand for 10 damage.

Mario uses Firehand for 8 damage.

Luigi-D: 19/35
Mario: 17/35

Mario: Luigi was better last time we practiced.

Luigi-D: I'm not going full throttle. Maybe I should!

Luigi-D: 49/65
Mario: 17/35

Mario: 0_0

Luigi-D attacks with Thunderhand. 15 damage!

Mario attacks with Hammer. 8 damage!

Luigi-D: 41/65
Mario: 2/35

Luigi-D finishes with Hammer. 12 damage!

RPG battle over!

Mario and Luigi-D appeared back at the cave entrance, and Mario dropped to the ground. Luigi-D turned back to Doopliss and walked over to Mario.

Doopliss: Any last words?

Mario: Can I have that?

He points at the ground.

Doopliss: (looking) What?

Mario smacked Doopliss with his hammer, and Doopliss was knocked backwards onto the ground. Mario walkrf over to Doopliss and noticed that he dropped a key that had a star with a handle. He picked it up.

Doopliss: No, Larry's Key!

Mario: Is this the key that Larry used?

Doopliss: I'm not going to tell you.

Mario: (muttering) I wish you would.

Suddenly the key shined with immense power and struck Doopliss with a bolt of electricity. His mouth opened forcefully.

Doopliss: It's a key to Bowser's castle, and after you beat Larry's plant I took it without you seeing me.

Mario: That was awkward.

Then the key shone with light again and a bright yellow number 3 appeared above it. The number then flashed and became a number 2. Then the key stopped shining.

Mario: I wonder if this key grants wishes?

Doopliss: Hand it over, then, Slick!

Mario took his hammer and whacked Doopliss out of his way, and continued forward.

Mario: I wish I could find Luigi.

The key shone again and Mario disappeared in a cloud of smoke.


Luigi sat on the cold, hard floor of the cage, hoping that Mario would come to the rescue soon. He had tried everything to escape but, he had failed. The cage seemed to be made of a magic metal material and was probably indestructible. Just then a Tanoomba opened the door to the room and came up to the Gritty Goombas gaurding Luigi's cage, and whispered in one's ear then left the room.

Gritty Goomba1: What he say?

Gritty Goomba2: It time for the sacrifice of prisoner.

Gritty Goomba1: (to Luigi) You hear that, green one? You get to be sacrificed to the moon king.

Luigi: Moon King?

Gritty Goomba2: Ya, our leader. You get to be his lunch.

Luigi: *gulp* Mario, where are you now?

Read on!

Author's Note: Dear readers of this stupid story, I apologize for this story's, umm... stupidness. I promise next chapter will be good and also nicely written. No more script format and more detail. I'm sorry for the delay of this better writting, it's my first submission and I'm nervous. I'm sorry also to Lemmy 'cause he has to read this stupid stuff.

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