Luigi and Mario: Mushroom Island Battles

By Amos Magikoopa

Now it’s time for a brief recap.

Previously in MIB…

Some Random Person: I loooooove Men In Black!

Author: Not Men In Black, Mushroom Island Battles.

The story started out when Bowser kidnapped Peach (for the 1,000,000,000th time!) and took her to the nearby Mushroom Island. Mario and Luigi chased after and had a run in with Professor E. Gadd and fought Larry. Afterwards Mario fought with Doopliss as Luigi trecked ahead only to get captured by desert cannibals. Mario then beat Doopliss and got a key that grants wishes and also opens a door in Bowser's Castle. He used two wishes and found Luigi, and they ventured forward and started a battle with Morton. Meanwhile Doopliss and his companion Amos the Magikoopa (sounds vaguely familiar!) sought to find out Bowser’s real plan and captured the evermore eavesdropping Peach. Also Toad Town is under attack! Now to the battle with Morton!


Morton- 60/70
Mario- 32/35
Luigi- 37/65

Luigi attacks with Thunder Bros. and weakens Morton's defense but only does 3 damage!

Morton's mouth powers up and releases a blast of a speech through his megaphone, doing 10 damage.

Mario uses a Thunder Rage and does 5 damage.

Luigi spins in a circle and charges a ball of thunder in his hand. He keeps spinning until he is only a green blur. The thunder rages around his body and consumes him. Then he stops and releases a shockwave of blue thunder, dealing out a whooping 17 damage.


Morton: You *pant* guys *pant* are *pant* tough!

Morton powers up, increasing his attack power greatly.

Mario attacks with Power Hammer, doing 8 damage.

Luigi powers up.

Morton unleashes a powerful speech, doing a great 20 damage.

Mario uses Repel Cape on himself.

Luigi powers up.

Morton throws some hammers but Luigi blocks with his hammer and Mario dodges with Repel Cape.

Morton- 27/70

Mario weakens Morton's defense with a D-Down Block. (I made this item up!) Morton’s defense is now double down.

Luigi spins in circle again but this time he begins to hover in the air. The thunder consumes him and increases his size. His hands become charged with thunder and he comes hand-first down towards Morton. He hits Morton’s head and releases an explosion of incredible thunder, covering the battlefield with smoke and damaging everyone greatly. Only one figure stands up to emerge from the smoke...


???: Now I hope you'll decide to tell me!

Toad: Never!

???: Don't underestimate me, fool! Tell me where Mario put the Crystal Stars!

The figure who was hiding in the shadows released a burst of lightning from its hands to shock the tied up Toad. While Toad was talking to E. Gadd earlier, some babbling fool had attacked Club 64 and taken him, Toadette, and their companion Scarvy the Bob-omb up to the tower/cannon floating above Toad Town. Toad hadn't seen them since. Now he was in a room draped with ugly mirror on the walls.

Toad: OW!

???: Are you finished defying me? I hope you don't want anything bad to happen to your poor, poor friends!

Toad: *GASP* You wouldn't!

???: I think I would! Eyhaa ha ha!

Toad: I would never tell you, Cackletta!

dun Dun DUN!

Cackletta: I think I would! Fawful, come here!

And sure enough, Fawful (Cackletta's assistant) came floating into the room sporting his usual headgear. Toad referred to Fawful as a babbling fool since all he did was babble on and on.

Fawful: Mistress, what is your wanting of desire?

Cackletta: Bring me *finger quote* "the lazer".

Toad: Isn't that plagiarized from Austin Powers?

Cackletta: No! Anyways, I bet you’re wondering how I returned from the grave?

Toad: No, not really.

Cackletta: I'll tell you anyways. After Fawful got all those beans from the Mario Bros. in Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time, he came back to the Beanbean Kingdom to get a reviving formula from some of the ancient Beanbean civilizations that still exist. The only way to pay them was in beans.

Fawful: Mistress, I have brought *finger quote* "the lazer" of your wanting!

Cackletta: Wonderful!

Cackletta rapped her hand on the moldy, stone wall behind her and it moved over, sliding into the wall. Where the wall once stood there was a window through which Toad could see Toadette and Scarvy tied up and wearing jet black shackles. Cackletta then aimed *finger quote* "the lazer" out the window at the spot where Toadette and Scarvy were tied up.

Cackletta: Will you tell me now where the Crystal Stars are?

Scarvy: Don't!

Toadette: Never tell her, Toad, even if it means our sacrifice!

Cackletta: I think you might want to let me know!

Toad: Fine... I'll tell you.

Scarvy: NO!

Cackletta: You... will?

Toad: NO, but I'll tell you one thing!

Cackletta: What?

Toad: You sure are ugly!

While this whole conversation had been taking place, Toad had been busy cutting the rope with a piece of scrap metal that he found on his shirt. (It was probably from the damage done to Club 64.) He then jumped free and quickly grabbed *finger quote* "the lazer" and cornered Fawful and Cackletta with it.

Toad: Release Toadette and Scarvy NOW!

Fawful: No!

Toad fired *finger quote* "the lazer" but Cackletta had thought ahead. She peeled a mirror of the wall and held it in front of her. The beam backfired and smashed *finger quote* "the lazer". Toad was sent flying backwards and smashed into the moldy Walls, where he lost all consciousness.


The smoke cleared and one figure stood up. He stood up, shocked that he had actually won. This person was... Morton?

Morton: HA HA! I have actually won and now I feel so good that I could celebrate and I probably should celebrate even though I am mighty tired and very tired! So tired that I should probably rest and maybe celebrate later but...

As Morton rambled on, one more figure stood up and gave Morton a hard kick to the head!

Luigi: Actually, I think I won!

Mario also stood up.

Mario: Well, Bro, let’s continue!

They continued on the desert road towards Morton's Castle, where Mario hoped that the next key was hidden. However, more than a key awaited them there.

Somewhere else…

The stormy seas raged and the angry sky split with thunder and lightning. The waves were enormous and the current was strong. The Island of Gwarthia was in the middle of the storm and was not doing well. The salty waters had flooded the beach and the lightning had started a great many fires. That was not their worst problem, though. A dark type of smog had covered the island, and the three main civilizations there were at war against the dark forces trying to overtake the island. So as the storms raged on, so did the war; and the way it was going, the three cities were sure to win. Something struck them as odd though. It seemed as though the dark forces weren't even trying. Unbeknownst to the cities, the dark forces were just toying with them. They were waiting until their master arrived with an army of some of his other followers, and were going to take the good side (as we'll call them for now) by surprise and then darkness would rain over this island until the master's plan was complete. Right now he was somewhere on Mushroom Island gathering some helpers in the desert region. The focus for this portion of the story is not on the war, but instead on the waters surrounding the island. A circle of flame appeared and Amos, Doopliss, and Peach appeared in the water.

Doopliss: What are we doing here? I thought we were going to Konata Isle.

Author’s Note: For those of you who are wondering what the deal with all these islands Is, the answer is that all of these islands are part of a group of islands off the coast of the Mushroom Kingdom. Included are some well known islands such as Isle Delfino, Yoshi's Island, Lavalava Island, the Rogueport region, and many more such as Mushroom Island, Gwarthia, and Konata.

Amos: I don't know, I should have uttered the spell right!


Amos: All right, all right, don't have a cow!

Amos started to search his pockets. When he found nothing he searched ever more frantically.

Doopliss: Don't tell me you lost your wand!

Amos: I didn't lose it… Okay, I lost it.

Peach: WHAT?!

Amos: Wait a minute, it's right over there.

Amos pointed to a wand floating in the water.


Amos swam over towards the wand, but once he reached it it disappeared under the water.

Amos: Hmm?

A large, dark shadow was seen under the surface.

Peach: This can't be good.

Doopliss: Wha-wha-what is th-th-th-that?!


They began swimming, but to no avail. The shadow appeared in front of them.

Doopliss: H-H-HELP!

The creature's head broke the surface to reveal it to be a large, dragon-like creature!



The Mario Bros. finally reached Morton's castle with the sun fully overhead and the sweat poured down on their shoulders, leaving no mercy from the blazing sun. The castle was golden and had various murals of Pokeys painted on it. Mario and Luigi took refuge in the shade of the towering castle and had a Tasty Tonic each.

Luigi: We must continue!

Mario: Hopefully the second key is inside!

???: Don't count on getting to it, though! Mwahaha!

The golden doors opened and out came the Koopa Bros.

Red: First you have to fight us!

Black: Prepare for a lifetime of hurt!

The Marios jumped to their feet.

Luigi: What are you doing here?

Yellow: Morton hired us as guards, but since you disposed of him that makes us the level boss!

Green held up his hand.

Green: To Koopa stadium!

There was a great blue flash and they all disappeared. Mario and Luigi appeared in a dark tunnel with light flashing at the end. They walked towards the light, and in what seemed like an hour but was really a few minutes, they reached the end and came out in a shell-shaped stadium with tons of Koopas spectating in the stands. Then the Koopa Bros. appeared.

Green: Engage Mecha Koopa.

Another blue flash happened nda the Koopa Bros. disappeared and reappeared in a giant Koopa that looked like a Koopa Bro but blue. The eyes, however, were see-through glass and served as the windshield for the robot.

Blue Koopa Bro: (robotically) PREPARE TO BE TERMINATED!

Luigi: Not on my watch!

The blue menace spat out blue fire in raging streams, nearly singing the Italian plumbers as they swiftly dodged. Then it roared and its arms became blue cannons and started to fire winged blue Koopa shells, which targeted Mario or Luigi, then came crashing towards their target, exploding menacingly. The Mario Brothers tried to dodge their best, but to no avail. The Koopa shells kept coming as the plumbers grew weary.

Mario: We need to take out those cannons!

Luigi: I have an idea! Mario, toss me the suitcase!

Mario: Okay!

Luigi caught the suitcase with ease and quickly took out a jug of Red Essence. He ran over to Mario and they both swigged the Red Essence quickly. The Koopa shells did no damage now, but Mario knew Red Essence didn't last forever. Luigi then took out an item that they had bought at the shop back on the pier. It was something the both of them had never seen. It was a rainbow-colored Bob-omb with wings.

Luigi: I don't know what this does, but I hope it helps!

Mario then lit the fuse with Firehand and tossed it in the air. The Bob-omb’s eyes opened and lit up. Then it spoke.

Bob-omb: Target, please!

Luigi pointed towards the blue Koopa Bro machine. The Bob-omb flew towards it and landed on its chest. Then it shot out an explosion of rainbow-colored lightning and shocked the Koopa Bros’ machine with it. It stopped immediately and then the Bob-omb exploded in an array of colorful fireworks and exploded again. Then the smoke and flames shone in a bright light. A great boom was heard but not seen due to the flash of light. Then once the explosion cleared, only the wreckage of the Koopa Bros’ robot remained. The Koopa Bros. cowered together inside it.

Red: Hmm?

Yellow: That was some explosion... and the Marios are to blame. GET 'EM!

They charged out of the wreckage and then saw that the Mario Bros. were both holding Fire Flowers.

Mario: Ready to roast?


The dragon shot out a beam of fire towards the group floating in the water.


A shrill voice laughed.

???: FOOLS!

They all looked up to see a figure standing- no, floating on the dragon’s head. This figure was white and had menacing red eyes and a ruby crown to top it all off He also held Amos's wand in one fin-like hand. He was none other than King Boo.

King Boo: You have no way to leave! Your only exit is in my hands!

He laughed in his cackle-like ghost laugh.

King Boo: Now embrace the power of my friend, Sogtail the dragon.

The dragon began shooting flames at Peach, Doopliss, and Amos.

Doopliss: What to do? What to do?

Peach: (sarcastically) Oh, I'm out of ideas too. It's not like any of us can shapeshift!

Doopliss: Oh yeah!

Doopliss scanned the dragon and became a second dragon. He then lifted Peach and Amos onto his head, and the two dragons battled it out.

Amos: Hey King Boo, just out of curiosity, why did we teleport here?

King Boo: My master put up a teleportation spell on this island, allowing only him and his followers to teleport through or to this island. It blocked you since you were teleporting through this island, and I got out here just in time to destroy you!

Peach: Where were you taking me anyway? It was so nice of you to rescue me from Bowser's Castle!

Amos: I wasn't rescuing you. We were kidnapping you for a short while to ask you about King Koopa's plan. Asking in his own castle would not be a good idea because there are spies everywhere. Also we thought our accomplice would be able to determine whether or not you were lying.

Peach froze as she remembered the horrible info she’d discovered about the plan.

Peach: Oh yeah, uh, the plan...

Peach fainted and fell off the dragon.

Amos: Wait a minute. If there are spies everywhere then someone might have followed us here.

Then he noticed Peach.

Amos: Doopliss! Hurry and get Peach!

Doopliss: A little busy here!

Then a flash of blue appeared in the ocean below, and Kamek and Kammy (the unknown, purple-cloaked creature from the last chapter) appeared next to Peach.

Kamek: That was easy. But weren't we supposed to appear at the place that Amos and Doopliss went to?

Kammy: I don't know, but the princess is here so they must be somewhere around here also.

Kamek: Uhh, Kammy!

Kammy: What?

Kamek: Dra-Dra-Dra DRAGONS!

Kammy turned around and spotted the beasts.

Kammy: OH MY!

Kamek: And there on top of one is Amos, and on the other is that traitor King Boo!

King Boo: Oh Kamek! Well don't you look as old as ever! BWA HA HA!

Kamek: And you look... as ghastly as ever!

Kammy: Where's Doopliss?

Kamek: Probably the dragon with Amos on top.

Kammy: I see!

Kamek: Let's take the princess and scram!

They do so! Except with magic!

Amos: Wait! What? They do so? Can't you come up with anything better?


Amos: We really need a new narrator!

Read on!

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