Luigi and Mario: Mushroom Island Battles

By Amos Magikoopa

The Long-Awaited Chapter 3: King Boo, Cackletta, and Writing in the Air, Oh My!

The rain poured down, leaving everything cold and wet as Toadsworth and some other Toads ventured through what was left of Toad Town. The rain had extingushed most of the fires that had been burning, but not all of them.

Toadsworth: Oh my, this is horrible!

Toadsworth and the others had been trapped in the Mario Brothers' hidden basement for quite a while now. They all had been captured by a blue Yoshi, and after waking up in the closet they had heard him searching through the whole house muttering something about stars of crystal. What this was, Toadsworth did not know, although it sounded vaguely familiar and triggered a memory of a treasure map and Rogueport. He thought it was what Mario had been searching for when he was there, but he wasn't sure. After a while the crazy Yoshi had left and they had broken the secret entry panel after getting a large piece of stone from the floor loose and using it as a ram.

???: So you pesties have escaped from your prison of prisons? Well then you will be dealt with by my mistress. FIRE THE CANNON, MISTRESS!

They looked up to see a large cannon with a tower on top pointing at them. A weird creature with some kind of headgear swooped up into the castle. The cannon charged. Then it fired.... BOOM!

In the tower...

Toad resumed to consciousness to see himself, Scarvy, and Toadette tied up over a pit of a weird, bubbling, green essence. On the other side of the pit stood Cackletta.

Cackletta: Well this place is a large tower, don't you think? Eyhaa haha! Now I think you'll tell me the location of the Crystal Stars.

Toad: Fine... They're in the Mario Brothers' house.

Cackletta: It's best not to lie to me, Toad! Fawful has searched the house twice. Lies only get you punished!

She flung lightning at Scarvy's rope and he fell into the green essence and sank down until Toad could no longer see him.

Toad: You ugly, evil witch! How dare you do this?!

Cackletta: Now now now, Toad, I believe that smart remarks get you another punishment! One that might be more dear to you... like let's say Toadsworth and some others walking through Toad Town!

Toad froze with fear.

Cackletta: Eyhaa ha ha! Fawful, go distract the victims while I power the cannon. Use your blue Yoshi costume.

Fawful: My costume is damaged due to my Albatoss eating it. Shall I go as me?

Cackletta: Why not? Stinking pet Albatosses! I guess I shouldn't buy used animals from some stupid frog off the street. What did he do with them? He said that he tried to conquer Sub-con or some place like that. I'll never believe that!

Fawful flew out the open window and Cackletta left the room.

Toadette: Poor, poor Scarvy!

Toad and Toadette mourned the loss of their friend. A clunk was heard from below as Cackletta loaded the cannon.

Toad: And now more innocent people! All because of stupid me!

Toadette: Toad, it's not your fault! Listen, if Cackletta gets those Stars, more people will get hurt! She told me and Scarvy her plan while you were unconscious.

Toadette whispered the plan to Toad and Toad gasped as Cackletta fired the cannon.


The sea raged on as two dragons fought in the ocean near the beaches of Gwarthia. One of these dragons was Doopliss, and the other was a real one. Amos and King Boo also were fighting.

Amos was dodging blasts from his wand, which was currently in the possession of King Boo, while figuring out his plan. He had thought through what he was going to do, but he wasn't sure if he had enough time to reach into his shell, which was located under his cloak. He was mighty tired from dodging and such, but hopefully he had enough time. Just then Sogtail, the dragon King Boo was on, reared back his red, scaly neck after the attack from Doopliss. Doopliss took the chance and fired a beam of blazing fire down Sogtail's neck as he roared. Sogtail wilted and fell into the water, defeated. As he did this, King Boo fired a blast from the wand at Doopliss and whispered a spell as he waved the wand in a circular motion. It hit Doopliss and Doopliss lost his dragon form power. So they all fell into the water to battle it out. Amos took this as the perfect opportunity and took a potion from his shell. He swam over to a dazed King Boo and threw the vial of yellow liquid into his mouth, where it exploded, setting King Boo's tongue on fire. King Boo flinched back and suffered the burn. When he did he dropped Amos's wand by mistake. Amos picked it up and teleported himself and Doopliss away.

On the Island of Gwarthia...

An older Toad with a resemblence to Toadsworth named Old Man Fungus ran into his mansion from the rain outside. Old Man Fungus hurriedly ran through his mansion, draggled by the rain. He was very late for fate! He needed to be there when the first part of the prophecy started or else terrible things might happen. Little did he know terrible things had already been set in place. He rushed into his study, panting and his heart beating. He flicked on a switch in the room that didn't turn on a light but instead a white force field of sorts around his mansion.

Old Man Fungus: Perfect, now I shall sit down and drink my tea!

He walked over to his desk in front of the bookcaseses lined with tattered books that had seen better days, and picked up a goblet that held his premade tea. He toasted to the prophecy and the coming of the hero. Then he took a swig and as he did he noticed a note underneath the goblet. With his mouth still full, he read the note. It read:

Dear Old Man Fungi,

Enjoy your tea! It may burn a little for poison has been added to it, but then again you are probably drinking it right now and the burn has begun. Don't worry, it won't last for long, since death should come soon!

With hatred,
Demon of the Flames

Old Man Fungus spat out the poison onto the floor and started coughing hurriedly, and luckily got it out of his system. The poison hit the floor and let off a puff of smoke that formed into writing in the air. The writing read:

You may have survived, but not for long! Your days of meddling with the prophecy are over! If you don't believe this then look at your tea.

He looked into the gobblet and saw it bubble. The whole color of the tea turned red and the image of a skull appeared in the center. Then the surface bubbled more and a white skull appeared on the surface. Its mouth turned into an evil grin and it laughed a bone-chilling shriek that made Old Man Fungus's spine quiver. Then a bony hand reached out of the red tea and grasped the old Toad's neck and began to choke him. Then vim, the juices in a Toad as mentioned in Mario and Luigi: Parteners in Time, ran down the skeletal arm and into the tea. Along with it came Old Man Fungi's strength, which flowed down his arm, appearing as a thread of electricity. Old Man Fungi fought for his life, but failed miserably. The arm dropped him and his limp body fell to the floor dead. The evil skull shook the goblet and it fell onto the floor, spilling onto the dead Toad. His body absorbed the juiecs (the skull too!) and then awoke with an evil, red light in his eye. His days of wandering as a spirit of flames were over, for now he was in control of this body. He would still be the Demon of the Flames, but he would change his name and begin to counter the prophecy that spoke of a new enemy rising to power. After his work on the prophecy was done, he would find this evil leader and serve him. For now there was one thing he needed to do before he left this mansion and changed his appearance: he would need to awaken the spirits of this mansion so the prophecy and treasures in this mansion would be lost to the spirts of the undead.

Demon of Flames: Awaken, spirits, and begin your haunt.

He flicked the switch on the wall and deactivated the force field. Then he left the mansion as numerous ghosts flooded in. Now he had a mission.

Chapter 4: Off to the Bottom of the Lake!

Mario and Luigi ventured through Morton's castle until they reached the throne room at the top of the castle. They reached it and opened its golden doors. They walked into the cathedral-like room and saw the key in the center. They walked towards it but before they reached it a screeching figure darted out of the shadows and knocked them over, though it missed the key with the star handle.

Luigi: What was that?

Mario: I'm not sure-a!

The creature darted out of the shadows again, and it was seen to be Doopliss.

Doopliss: That's my key, Slick!

Luigi grabed the key.

Luigi: No, it's ours.

A stream of flame came from the rafters up top and hit Luigi. Then from the rafters Amos floated down on a cloud of fire, waving his wand in a circle to keep the cloud there.

Amos: No! We shall fight over it and winner keeps it!

Doopliss: Yeah! Slick! Prepare for the beating of a lifetime!

Doopliss ran over to Amos and Amos let the cloud disappear. Then they rushed towards Mario and Luigi.

RPG Battle!


Mario: Lucky I upgraded my health!

Doopliss floats up in the air and dives at Mario, hits him, and then hits Luigi. 4 damage each.

Amos waves his wand and powers up.

Mario attacks with Splash Bros. 8 damage to Doopliss.

Luigi powers up.

Doopliss floats up in the air, but does nothing and stays there.

Amos waves his wand and lighting rains on Mario and Luigi, doing 8 damage each.

Mario attacks with Chopper Bros. and does 12 damage to Amos.

Luigi powers up.

Doopliss, who is floating in the air, spins around and dives towards Mario and Luigi. Before he hits he disappears and reappears behind Mario and knocks into him. He also knocks into Luigi. 8 damage each.

Amos waves his wand and releases a stream of green sparkles. The sparkles rush towards Mario and Luigi and explode upon impact, doing 8 damage each.


Mario uses D-Down Block and Amos and Doopliss' defense go down.

Luigi powers up.

Doopliss powers up.

Amos poisons Mario and Luigi with his magic.

Mario uses Attack Up on himself and Luigi.

Luigi powers up.

Doopliss powers up.

Amos powers up Doopliss.

Mario uses Attack Up on himself and Luigi.

Luigi powers up.

Doopliss powers up.

Amos powers up Doopliss.

Mario uses another Attack Up.

Luigi waves his hand in circular motions.
Luigi: Now to use what Merlon has been teaching me.
Luigi unloades a small crystal ball from his pocket and charges up a thunder ball around it. He jumps into the air and tosses the ball out in front of him, and it flashes. The whole battle scene is filled with white light until the crystal ball explodes with raging thunder. It does a whopping 20 dammage!

Mario: Woah! Luigi, why don't you use that-a more often?

Luigi: It uses a lot of strength and power.

During the past few turns Amos's poison attack has damaged Mario and Luigi each turn.


Doopliss' eyes turn red and he releases beams of fire that do 12 damage to Mario and Luigi.

Amos finishes Mario off with a beam of fire from his wand.

Luigi attacks with Monster Fire Flower. (I made this up.) 12 damage each.

End RPG Battle!

Doopliss and Amos droop over on the floor, tuckered out.

Luigi: We won! Oh yeah!

Mario: (tired) Yeah, we... won.

Luigi grabs the key and it glows and flashes. From it emerges a browner verson of that King Sammer dude from Super Paper Mario. (He looks like a crown person with a Japenese-like robe. Remember? No? Yes? Anyway...)

Dude Person Sammer Brown King: I am the Sand King, and you have freed me from the imprisonment of this key that Morton Koopa Jr. put me in. I thank you greatly and give you a gift.

He holds out a copper flute towards Mario and Luigi.

Sand King: Use this in your time of need!

Mario: Thank you! Now Luigi, get the key and let's start wishing!

Sand King: I must tell you grave news, first! The leader of the Koopas or whatever they are has realized the power of the keys he gave his children. He has tapped the power and destroyed it, for it might be to dangerous against him. This key was not meant for wishes anyway. Each key has a different power, but they are gone now. These keys are mainly used for the base of this Koopa, which happens to be the island's ancient temple. Not only this, but to gain acess you must collect all the keys and find the key to the surrounding gates, which I belive is in this evil's main base located in Dark Land. I have foreseen this all while I was imprisoned.

Luigi: If these keys are the only way in, then how did Bowser get in? Also, just out of curiosity, what were the other key powers?

Sand King: Who is Bowser?

Mario: The leader of the Koopas whom you mentioned.

Sand King: So that is his name. Anyways, he found the keys and then once he got in, created an alternate entrance and gave the keys to his children.

Mario: Oh! Can't we use this alternate entrance?

Sand King: No, it's probably blocked. Now to answer Green's question. The other key powers are shields, brief strength, teleportation to anywhere, weather control for a brief period, the ability to turn into a ghost, freeze time, and any lock opened.

Luigi: I see... Wait! That's one key too many! There are too many keys and not enough Koopalings... Mario, who could this other boss be?

Mario: Either Bowser Jr. or the Koopas' cousin Sue or Susan or something like that.

Luigi: Hmmm...

Sand King: Well I best be on my way to gain back my village. Goodbye and good luck!

Luigi: You too!

The Mario Brothers ventured out the back door of the castle and did not see King Boo appear and steal away Doopliss and Amos. Then they ventured through the hot desert until they reached a beach that kind of blended in with Desert Land anyways. They knew that most likely Wendy's castle would be either down there or on that island way out on the lake or bay or whatever this was.

Mario: Let's-a go!

???: Wait up!

Luigi and Mario turned around to see a computer-like screen following them.

Computer: I am E. Gadd's assistant, and the professer is in need of you!

Luigi: What does he need?

Computer: He will meet you at the other side of the lake, for the condition he is in now might severely hurt him in this desert heat. For now he has requested you stay calm and beat the next Koopaling.

Mario: What happened?

Computer: He has told me not to tell you, so you can keep calm, but it is severe. I will follow you in your suitcase, if you don't mind!

Luigi: Hop in! Come on, Mario, let's go beat Wendy, and fast!

Mario: Let's-a go!

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