The Adventures of DS Guy: The Prophecy of Darkness

By DS Guy

Episode 3: Close Encounters of the Dark Kind

Lie Guy: Last time, I was just battling Hooktail, Gloomtail, and Bonetail at once when they-

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Lie Guy: I am! Anyway, I was battling the three fearsome dragons when they fused together to become Supertail. I admit-

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Lie Guy: I want to do it MY way. Anyway, I was almost at defeat when-

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Lie Guy: Aw man!

At the cave near Koopa Castle, Shellcaster is talking to the Dark Demon about something.

Dark Demon: And that is what you must do to get Electro Guy to free me from my spherical prison.

Shellcaster: Sounds complicated, but I think I'll get started on Operation "Destruction of Plit".

Dark Demon: Can you name your operations more cleverly?

Shellcaster: I can't.

Dark Demon: Okay.

At a pipe in the Toad Town Outskirts, DS Guy and his friends are preparing to go Bowser's Castle.

DS Guy: Can you hurry it up? We need to get to Bowser's Castle to get the Red Orb of Light before Shellcaster and his minions get their diabolical hands on it.

Shy Gal: I hope they aren't dirty.

E-Guy: Oh they are, trust me, I know.

Lite: What do you mean?

E-Guy: You don't want to know. We’ve got to get into the pipe to Koopa Castle.

Gourmet Guy: The sooner we get this done, the sooner I get to eat my Choco Cake Supreme.

They go inside the pipe, but on the other side we see a muscular Koopa Troopa with a slightly cracked blue shell who is on a cell phone. He is with 2 Dark Lakitus, 4 Dark Goombas, and 3 Dark Paratroopas.

Dark Lakitu 1: So Pow R, can we snag Electro Guy?

Pow R: Hang on... Hm-hm... Yes... Okay. *hangs up phone* Master Shellcaster said not until they figure out how to make him free the Dark Demon without being shocked by him.

Dark Goomba 1: Shhhh. Someone’s coming. We must hide.

They all hide behind a bush. DS Guy, E-Guy, Shy Gal, and Lite emerge from the pipe.

E-Guy: We made it safely. Hey, where's Gourmet Guy?

Gourmet Guy is stuck in the pipe.

Gourmet Guy: You’ll have to go on without me. When you come back, bring me some cake.

DS Guy: Well, let's go.

They walk down the road. Pow R. and his dark henchmen come out from the bushes.

Pow R: Al lright, I theorize that the first Orb of Light is in Koopa Castle. Dark Goombas, you need to slow down there progress while we get to the Orb. Do you think you can do it?

Dark Goombas: Yes sir!

As they leave to follow DS Guy and Company, Mario and Luigi get behind the bush.

Mario: I cannot believe it, DS Guy gets to go on an adventure that determines the fate of Plit, and we are not involved? You know what I think, Luigi?

Luigi: Not a clue, Bro.

Mario: I say we follow them to the castle and claim whatever they are looking for.

Meanwhile at the cave near Koopa Castle, Shellcaster is ordering something on his cell phone.

Shellcaster: Yes, that's right. At a spooky dark cave near Koopa Castle. Ok, bye.

He hangs up his cell phone.

Dark Demon: What did they say?

Shellcaster: They said it would take 4-6 weeks for the package to arrive. This better work, I had to spend 100,000 coins on it.

Dark Demon: Patience, your long wait will soon be rewarded when I am free from my prison.

Shellcaster: Yet, I have a feeling that DS Guy is close to getting his first Orb soon.

Meanwhile, we see Koopa Castle in the distance (Man, how could Shellcaster's lair be near the castle? Why not a volcanic lair that is far away from here?), and DS Guy and his friends are on a hill.

E-Guy: There it is: Koopa Castle, home of King Bowser himself.

Lite: Do you think we should ask Bowser for the Orb?


A Koopa is thrown out the window andinto a lava moat surrounding the castle.

Koopa: Aaaaaaaaaauuuuuuuuuuuuugggggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! X__X

E-Guy: I don't think that would be a good idea.

????: I think so too.

4 Dark Goombas emerge.

Dark Goomba 1: We are here to put a slow to your progress.

E-Guy: Electro Shock.

Dark Goomba 1 was defeated.

Dark Goomba 2: I'll take care of them.

As Dark Goomba 2 is going to bash E-Guy, DS Guy turns into his Snifit form and blasts Dark Goomba 2 out of the sky.

Dark Goombas 3 and 4: BANZAI!

They knock right into each other.

Shy Gal: Dark or not, Goombas are weak.

Lite: I agree with that.

They walk into the castle. They walk and walk and walk through the halls until they see a door that says "Bowser's Room". DS Guy is about to knock on the door when Bowser opens it.


DS Guy: Can we-


Bowser slams the door shut.

E-Guy: Looks like getting the Red Orb of Light will be harder than we thought.

Lite: I'll take care of this.

????: I wouldn't do that!

They turn around to see a Kammy Koopa.

Kammy: Are you DS Guy by any chance?

DS Guy: Why, yes I am. What is it that you want?

Kammy hands them a very bright book.

Kammy: This is the Prophecy of Light itself. I thought you might need it. This is going to be important for your quest. Anything you would like to say?

????: Where is the Prophecy of Darkness then?

Kammy: Why should I know? It was lost in the Koopa Raid of 1256. I don't know where it is to this-

Pow R. comes in and beats the living daylights out of Kammy Koopa.

Pow R: Dark Paratroopas, attack.

The 3 Dark Paratroopas come in, but E-Guy shocks them and they become Dark Koopa Troopas.

Dark Koopa Troopas: Tower of Dark Shell Power!

They stack themselves to become a tower, and start to spin at Shy Gal.

Lite: Light Beam.

A beam of light shines on the 3 Dark Koopa Troopas, and they fall asleep.

DS Guy: (turning back into his Anti Guy form) Anti Charge!

DS Guy is charging up energy for his next attack.

Pow R: Wake up! Can't you see that you're about to be defeated?!

DS Guy: Anti Strike!


The Dark Koopa Troopas are defeated. But Pow R. is absorbing some aura energy emitting from them.

Pow R: You're lucky that Shellcaster won't let us capture you yet, E-Guy. We cannot harm you, for you will be needed one day. I am Pow R. Koopa, and the defeat of the Dark Goombas and Dark Paratroopas and made me stronger. This is because I get stronger whenever a certain ally of mine gets defeated.

Bowser bursts through the door.


Shy Gal: We need to get the Red Orb of Light before next year.

Bowser takes it out of his shell and gives it to Shy Gal.

Bowser: Here, now go away!

Shy Gal: That was easy.

Pow R: Actually, me and my Dark Lakitus have something else to say. ATTACK!

2 Dark Lakitus come in and ram Bowser out the same window that he used to throw out the Koopa Troopa earlier.

Bowser: Auuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! X__X.

DS Guy turns into his Zeus Guy form. He then punches and kicked the Dark Lakitus until they are defeated. Pow R. is surrounded by the same aura energy as soon as they are defeated, though.

Pow R: Thanks to you, I am now stronger than before.

E-Guy: Shy Shocker!

An electrical Shy Guy Mask goes off in Pow R's face.


E-Guy: Let's get out of here!

As they leave, Brite grabs the Prophecy of Light and proceeds to follow them. We see Mario and Luigi outside the castle. As they get to the door, DS Guy and Company get out and knock the Mario Bros. into the sky.

Mario: Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! This is fun!

Luigi: It won't be when we land.

After the Bros. are knocked away, DS Guy accidentally rams into Gourmet Guy.

DS Guy: *oof*

Gourmet Guy: Guess what? I got out of the pipe because some kids shot Banzai Bills at me. Oh, and I found this.

He holds up the Prophecy of Darkness.

Gourmet Guy: What idiot would leave a book in a cave? It looks like it hasn't been read for hundreds of years.

A Dark Magikoopa comes by.

Dark Magikoopa: I'll take that, thank you.

(He takes the book and flies back to Shellcaster's lair.)

Gourmet Guy: That wasn't very nice!

Pow R: Neither is this.

The heroes realize that they are surrounded by Pow R. and an army of Dark Koopatrols, Dark Hammer Bros, and Dark Magikoopas.

Pow R: End of the line, now hand over that orb or it will get messy…

At Shellcaster's lair, the Dark Magikoopa walks to that evil Koopa and hands him the Prophecy of Darkness.

Shellcaster: At last, now the adventure will get exciting.

Back near Koopa Castle…

DS Guy: This is obscene, there are way too many of them to fight.


Brite: Are you crazy? We'll get creamed if we stay and fight. We must run now.

E-Guy: How can we? We are surrounded, we have zero chance of escape.

Gourmet Guy: Eh, I have nothing to say.

Pow R: Attack!

Just then, an army of Koopatrols, Magikoopas, and Hammer Bros. start to fight against the Dark Army. We see a slightly burned Bowser.

Bowser: Ha! I have fallen in lava so many times that I am starting to grow on it. Attack!

Bowser's army eventually defeats Pow R's Dark Army.

E-Guy: That was convenient.

Shy Gal: Oh yeah? Look for yourself.

Pow R, bursting with energy, has lifted Bowser and thrown him into the distance.


DS Guy uses his Zeus Barrage but doesn't bruise him at all.

Hammer Bro: Attack!

Bowser's army attacks Pow R. but he punches all of them down in no time at all.

Pow R: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Pathetic, none of your attacks can hurt me. Now hand over that Orb.

DS Guy: I don't think so! Zeus Wave!

A wave of energy emerges from DS Guy and knocks Pow R. down to the ground. Pow R. somehow loses all of his strength.

Pow R: Oooooooohhhh...

E-Guy: Looks like he loses all of his power if he is defeated.

DS Guy turns back into his Anti Guy form.

DS Guy: This is great, we have the first Orb of Light, the Prophecy of Light, and took down a really tough bad guy. This is really a good day. But I shouldn't do that too often. It took a lot out of me.

Shy Gal: Let's get out of here before Pow R. gets back up on his feet.

Everyone agrees and gets away from Pow R. Meanwhile, Shellcaster is looking at them from his cave.

Shellcaster: Not bad, DS Guy. You seem to be much more stronger than I realized since you took down the "Iron Shell". Hmmph. It doesn't matter now, because darkness will triumph over light before you know it.

After a long and tough battle, DS Guy has found the Red Orb of Light. Where is the next Orb? How is Shellcaster going to use E-Guy to release the Dark Demon?

Lie Guy: (mopping the floor) When am I getting paid?

Never. And the most important question, why does Shellcaster want revenge? Find out in the next exciting episode of "The Adventures of DS Guy: The Dark Prophecy".

Read on!

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