The Adventures of DS Guy: The Prophecy of Darkness

By DS Guy

Episode 4: The Rocky Road Ahead

We see an intro similar to the one before every sub-chapter of Super Paper Mario.

After a long battle with Pow R, our heroes walked away with the Red Orb of Light and the Prophecy of Light. "That was too easy,” said E-Guy. "True,” responded Lite, "but we still have a long road ahead.”

We now see the name of the episode surrounded by a purple mountain-shaped silhouette just like in Super Paper Mario.

We are now at the cave near Koopa Castle.

Shellcaster: They may have got the first Orb of Light, but now I know exactly how long we have to wait until the package arrives. Dark Demon, start the countdown.

Dark Demon: Sure thing.

A countdown clock appears on the front of the Orb of Darkness. Time: 5 weeks.

Shellcaster: Let's see if you can get the next 7 orbs before the clock strikes zero.

We find our heroes back in Toad Town. Princess Lite is reading the Prophecy of Light.

Lite (reading along): ”..and after trusting the Koopa King with the Red Orb, the Orange Orb was hidden beneath the sands of the Dryest Desert.” *closes the book* What does it mean by "the Dryest Desert"?

E-Guy: I think it means that it might be in the Dry Dry Desert. First we need to take the train to Mt. Rugged. Then, we find the Orange Orb of Light, which is underneath the sands of the desert.

Gourmet Guy: Let's get on the train so we can get to the desert.

We skip ahead to see our heroes on the train to Mt. Rugged.

DS Guy: (holding the orb) I can't believe Bowser just handed the orb to us just like that.

????: Don't expect the same thing to happen over and over again.

DS Guy puts the orb away and morphs into his Laser Snifit from and aims at none other than Lie Guy.

DS Guy: Lie Guy?

Hey, I just said his name. Don't repeat the words I say!

Lie Guy: As I was saying, some guardians will give you an orb, while others will fight you to defend it. Anyway, I heard that you are crossing through Mt. Rugged. I can get you there, for I know a path.

E-Guy: You know, everyone on Plit ignores you for one good reason: YOU ARE A LIAR!

Lie Guy: Have I ever lied to you?

Shy Gal: Oh, let's see. Well there is one time, oh… consistently!

DS Guy: I agree with her, you lie. It is half of your name, for crying out loud!

Lie Guy: Okay, fine, don't believe me. But taking that shortcut might help us get that Orb of Light before anyone else does.

Lite: He's right, we must do whatever it takes to make sure we have a good chance of getting all the Orbs of Light, even if it means listening to what you call a "liar".

Lie Guy: See, she believes me.

Gourmet Guy: Sure, I get banned from a Toy Box all because of one piece of cake, but he lies 24/7/365...

Random Toad: 366 on leap years!

Gourmet Guy: ...and Lie Guy still gets to be in the Toy Box. I don't understand the world anymore.

DS Guy's Group Location: Mt. Rugged Time Remaining: 4 weeks, 6 days

At the cave near Koopa Castle, Shellcaster is looking at them by using the Orb of Darkness.

Dark Demon: I don't understand, Shellcaster, should we get a hold on E-Guy until the package arrives?

Shellcaster: I am an evil wizard, not a babysitter. Besides, the sands of time are running out for them anyway. I am going to pay my little friends a visit to slow them down a bit. Teleportus Magicus!

Dark Demon: If I wasn't trapped in this orb, I would party while he was gone.

He ends up in the Dry Dry Desert.

Shellcaster: I will slow them down as soon as they arrive. Hehee, and now I'll play the waiting game.

Minutes later…

Shellcaster: I'M BORED! There's nothing to do here except get robbed by Bandits.

He just notices a Bandit stealing his coins from his shell and running off.

Shellcaster: Hey!

Bandit: So long, loser!

Shellcaster: Grrrrrrrrrrr!

Back at Mt. Rugged, we see our heroes climbing the mountain.

Lie Guy: Ahhh! How high is this mountian?

E-Guy: (reading an encyclopedia) About 3,496 ft. high. The orb is in the desert, but we have to climb this mountain first. So you have to get used to it.

DS Guy: Can we continue climbing this mountain? I don't know how much time we have until the end of the world. So every second counts and we don't want to waste any time.

Lie Guy: You *mumble, mumble*…

DS Guy: Enough of that, you're lucky that you even get to come along at all.

By the time they get to the mountain's top, the sun is starting to set.

Lite: We are at the top of this mountain. Looks like it's getting late. Should we rest?

DS Guy: No, we cannot. We can rest later. In the meantime we must keep going.

We go up in the sky to see Buzzar.

Buzzar: Why won't they "get to sleep" so I can dine? Wait a minute!

*In this part we flip from Buzzar to Shellcaster and vice versa*

Shellcaster: My annoying Koopa henchman keeps talking about some female white Shy Guy that travels with the Hero of Light and his other friends.

Buzzar: That White Shy Guy looks familiar. Yes! I heard about her.

Shellcaster: That Princess Brite that Pow R. keeps mentioning, Dark Demon says that she hides one of the orbs inside her.

Buzzar: I was flying over Toad Town that day! The light was very bright so I went down to check it out. When I got down for a closer look, I saw her. And she also said that she has a valuable orb or something.

Shellcaster: From Toad Town to Koopa Castle and now here. She travels with them. And she is important to the team...

Buzzar: I could get a lot of meat with that much money from selling that orb. Hehehe...

Shellcaster: For without her, they can't get the eighth orb. I must do away with her first before I can attack the rest of the group.

*At this point there is a split screen of both evildoers.*

Shellcaster and Buzzar: They won't know what hit them!

We find our heroes right in the front of a mountain pass that has a lot of skulls and bones and is covered in an eerie fog.

Lie Guy: This is it, Klepto's Pass. This is the shortcut to Dry Dry Desert, and most of all, it is completely safe.

Everyone Else: You sure?!

Lie Guy: Sure.

E-Guy: We are not going through there! Has it ever occurred to you that every time we listen to Lie Guy, things go wrong? Like three weeks ago…

We see E-Guy and Lie Guy with a radio-like bomb.

Lie Guy: ...and press this button to turn it on.

E-Guy presses it and there is a huge explosion that knocks E-Guy out of a window on the 36th floor but does not hurt E-Guy at all.

E-Guy: Or eight days ago…

We see Lie Guy giving a TV to Shy Gal.

Shy Gal: Is this safe?

Lie Guy: Yes it is.

Shy Gal turns it on but it actually releases a tiger at her.

Shy Gal: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

E-Guy: Or 30 minutes ago…

Lie Guy is giving a snake to Gourmet Guy.

Lie Guy: Take it. It's not poisonous.

Gourmet Guy is about to grab it until the snake bites him.

Gourmet Guy: OUCH!

We now see our heroes at the present time.

Gourmet Guy: It was a good thing that I was wearing an Antidote Pin or who knows what would have happened.

DS Guy: He's right! Come on, we are finding another-

A gust of strong wind blows them into the pass, and the entrance caves in all of a sudden.

Shy Gal: Look's like we're going through Klepto's Pass.

We see Buzzar flying above them.

Buzzar: Now that my wings have flapped them into the pass and blown the rocks down to block the entrance, they have no choice but to deal with me and some of my friends. Hehehe...

Our heroes are now in the middle of the pass. Unfortunately...

E-Guy: *yawn* We have to rest, because if we find the orb but someone is guarding it, we won't be in any condition to fight that guardian.

DS Guy: Let's set up camp. We'll continue on tomorrow.

We go to some area in the desert to see Mario and Luigi waking up.

Luigi: Wake up, Mario, we're lost in the desert.

Mario: Uhhh... I dreamt that we were going into Koopa Castle to get some orb until several Shy Guys knocked us into the sky and we headed straight for the desert.

Luigi: ...

Mario: What?

Luigi: This is going to be a long night.

Mario: Why do I feel pain on my back?

We now see Mario lying on a Pokey.

Pokey: Get off of me!


We go back to the gang, who are sleeping. Then we see Buzzar and 2 Kleptos. Klepto 1 has a scar underneath his left eye while Klepto 2 has a mohawk.

Klepto 1: So are we going to steal that orb that you wanted from this white Shy Guy, Boss?

Klepto 2: Yeah, we had to get up early so we could do this heist.

Buzzar: We attack in three, two, one, NOW!

The gang are startled.

DS Guy: What was that?!

Shy Gal: We're under attack!

E-Guy: Oh my DAD!

Gourmet Guy: Breakfast time?

Buzzar: We are the Klepto, Trio and we are here to steal the orb I was hearing about!

DS Guy turns into a Pyro Guy.

DS Guy: You are not getting the Orb of Light from us! Burning Flare!

Klepto Trio: Triple Strike!

They fly through the fire and strike DS Guy.

E-Guy: Supercell!


Buzzar: *rawk* Klepto Trio, perform Triple Whirlwind.

They form three whirlwinds to suck them I,n but Gourmet Guy is blocking their way.

Gourmet Guy: Bodyslam!


Kelpto Trio: *rawk* Feather Rain Assault!

They strike Gourmet Guy with many razor-sharp feathers and knock him down.

Pyro Guy: Fireball!

E-Guy: Electroshock!

Lite: Blinding Light!

Klepto 1 is struck by the fire while Klepto 2 is electrocuted. As for Buzzar, the blinding light knocks him across the pass. It brightens up the night sky.

We check on Mario and Luigi.

Mario: Pretty.

Luigi: Oh please.

Luigi noticedsa Bandit, the same one that robbed Shellcaster earlier, stealing 500 coins, a Mushroom, and a comic book.

Luigi: Hey!

Bandit: (running off) So long , losers!

We check on Shellcaster.

Shellcaster: That bright light. It looks familiar…

He squints his non-bruised eye.

Shellcaster: DS Guy!

Klepto eventually zooms towards Dry Dry Desert and lands on Shellcaster.

Shellcaster: Ow. What's your problem?!

Buzzar: Uhh... Shy Guys, orb, bright light, uhh...

Shellcaster: Hmm... Sounds like you were attacked by DS Guy and his friends. Perhaps you need some help.

We go back to Klepto Pass.

Klepto 1 and 2: BOSS! That is it! You are so going to pay! Aerial Strike!

They climb through air and start to dive towards the gang.

E-Guy: Voltage Blast!


They are knocked out. DS Guy turns back into an Anti Guy.

DS Guy: Let's get out of here before they wake up. And Lie Guy?

Lie Guy (hiding behind a rock): Yes?

DS Guy: I'll deal with you later. This was the worst shortcut you have ever suggested! Ever!

Lie Guy: *gulp*

By the time they exit Klepto's Pass, it is already morning.

Lie Guy: Told you it leads to the desert.

Everyone Else: Don't push it!

Location: Dry Dry Desert Time Remaining: 4 weeks, 5 days.

We go back to Shellcaster and Klepto.

Klepto: Are you sure about this?

Shellcaster: Don't worry, this won't hurt me a bit. Darkium Transformus!

A dark shroud covers Klepto and he becomes "Dark Klepto"

Shellcaster: Now that you are Dark Klepto, you are much more powerful than before.

Dark Buzzar: And soon, we'll be pilfering DS Guy and his friends of their Orb of Light!

We see our heroes walking through the desert.

DS Guy: Where is that orb?

Lite: I don't know.

Shellcaster pops out of nowhere.

DS Guy and Comp: Shellcaster!

Shellcaster: That's right, but I am not alone. Dark Buzzar, attack!

Dark Buzzar dives from the sky and lands on the sandy ground.

Dark Buzzar: Hehehe... Now we'll have some real fun.

DS Guy: That is it! Attack!

Shellcaster and Dark Buzzar: Attack!

Both sides spring into action, but before they collide, the scene comes to a halt.

As our heroes get out of Klepto Pass and into the desert, they have been ambushed by Shellcaster and a recently darkened Buzzar. Will our heroes defeat those villains, or will Shellcaster’s and Dark Buzzar’s attempts to slow them down become costly to them? Find out next time on "The Adventures of DS Guy: The Dark Prophecy".

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