The Adventures of DS Guy: The Prophecy of Darkness

By DS Guy

Episode 1: The Shy Guy of Light

A very long time ago, a demon once tried to devour all of Plit in darkness to create a new world in his image. At first, it seemed that nothing could stop him and Plit would be doomed to destruction. But at the last second, a princess described as the Princess of Light came to battle the Dark Demon. After a long and difficult battle, she used the eight Orbs of Light to counter his Orb of Darkness that was causing the destruction, and sealed him inside, but at a cost. The Princess of Light and one of the orbs disappeared into the unknown. After that, the darkness that was devouring Plit was gone and everyone celebrated. But legend has it the one day, “The Villian of Darkness” will free the monstrosity and resume its evil deed. It was described as the Prophecy of Darkness. But another legend has it that the “Hero of Light”, with the help of the Princess of Light, will use the Orbs of Light to banish this evil once more. This was described as the Prophecy of Light. But both of the legends say that “The One Who Chooses Fate” will decide which prophecy is true. Many years have past, and the legend has been forgotten. It seems that the event won’t happen at all, until one day, the story begins with a Shy Guy that has no clue about his early past. But before we get to that part, we will hear about a magical Koopa Troopa who has been treated as an outcast and wants to destroy Plit for revenge…

At the cave outside of Koopa Castle…

????: They all laughed at me, they treated me like garbage. They will pay!

It reveals that he is a Koopa wearing a purple robe along with a purple cape and a purple hat, and that his left eye severely scarred.

Dark Magikoopa: Master Shellcaster, look what I found during my morning stroll!

He holds up the Orb of Darkness. Shellcaster picks it up.

The Orb: You have awakened me, “Villain of Darkness”.

Shellcastor: Who are you? And what do you want?

The Orb: I am the Dark Demon. You are chosen to be the “Villain of Darkness” who will help me be free. I will help you get your revenge, for I can sense your misery and you want everything destroyed and replaced. I can help you do that only on one condition.

Shellcastor: Get rid of everyone! Sweet! Just name the requirement you want and it’s yours.

Dark Demon: Free me from this prison by finding the Key to Destruction, aka the “One Who Chooses Fate”.

At DS Guy’s house…

DS Guy: I cant believe it, how can you eat 10,000 cakes at one cake-eating contest and still be alive?

Gourmet Guy: It’s a gift.

DS Guy: That freaks me out. Anyway, I should get to the Toybox to see the Shy Guy Monument be unveiled. Since you’re banished and all, I suggest that you stay here.

Gourmet Guy: Whatever.

At Shy Guy’s Toybox, DS Guy meets up with Electro Guy.

DS Guy: Hey, E-Guy! How’s it going?

E-Guy: Pretty good, except that we need a Fly Guy to hold this light. Would you mind if you…

DS Guy: Sure thing pal.

He transforms into a Fly Guy. He picks up the light and shines it at the covered statue. General Guy and Shy Gal walk to the statue.

General Guy: My fellow Shy Guys, I like to dedicate this marble statue named Shy Guy Monument, which will be unveiled by my lovely daughter, Shy Gal. Now you know what to do.

Shy Gal: Sure thing, Dad.

She uncovers the statue as everyone is cheering.

General Guy: And now for the Shy Guy party to begin.

DS Guy lands on the ground and changes back to his Anti Guy form. He walks to the statue.

DS Guy: Wow!

He touches it.

DS Guy: This is one fine statue.

The Statue (reacting to his touch): You have awoken me, “Hero of Light”.

DS Guy: What the?

The statue has started to glow, drawing everyone’s attention.

General Guy: DS Guy! What did you just do?!

DS Guy: I don’t know.

The glowing stops to reveal the Golden Shy Guy.

Golden Shy Guy: I am Princess Lite, the Princess of Light. Your touch has only restored me to a form of a Shy Guy. But the reason I’ve awoken is more serious.

DS Guy turns into a Laser Snifit.

DS Guy: You’ve got ten seconds to zap me or my Laser Strike will make you regret messing with me.

Lite: Now, now, I want you to calm down. The reason I was awaken is because the Dark Demon is awake.

DS Guy turns back into his Anti Guy form.

DS Guy: Wait, what do you mean the Dark Demon has awaken?

????: So you must be the “Hero of Light”! I’ve been searching for you!

Everyone turns around to see that it is Shellcaster.

General Guy: Who are you? And why are you in my Toybox?

Shellcaster: My name is Shellcaster. And I’m here because the Dark Demon had told me about you, “Hero of Light”, and especially about your knowledge of the whereabouts of the “One Who Chooses Fate”.

DS Guy: I don’t know what you are talking about-

He changes into a Pyro Guy.

DS Guy: -but if you came here for a beating, then you got it, courtesy of DS Guy. Pyro Blast!

Shellcaster: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Oh, you’re in for it now! Aquus Magicus!

Shellcaster shoots out a stream of water.

DS Guy: Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggg!

(He changes into a Boom Guy.

DS Guy: Bullet Strike!

Shellcaster: Shieldus Blockadus!

A barrier forms to block the attack, then disappears.

Shellcaster: I should’ve told you that I learned magic at an early age, DS Guy. But I must’ve left that part out!

DS Guy: (I don’t know why he and Lite call me the “Hero of Light”, or why this Shellcaster is looking for a guy who chooses fate. But the one thing I know is that he is hard to beat.)

E-Guy: Electroshock!

Shellcaster: Huh? Uh oh! BLGBLGBLGBLGBLGBLGBLGBLGBLGBLGBLG! End Transmission!

DS Guy: Thanks, E-Guy.

E-Guy: Don’t mention it, DS Guy.


DS Guy changes back into an Anti Guy.

DS Guy: Now, Lite, before I was interrupted by this crybaby, I wanted you to tell me about this Light and Dark thing you’re talking about.

Lite: Sure thing, let’s go.


Shy Gal: (to herself and twitching): DS Guy and Princess Lite, together? (angrily) SHE’D BETTER NOT LAY A FINGER ON HIM!

Back at DS Guy’s house…

DS Guy: So, you’re telling me that you banished an evil long ago, got sealed inside a marble block that was about to become a statue of a Shy Guy and in which you later were awoken, and before that, Shellcaster awoke the Dark Demon, who needs the “One Who Chooses Fate” to free him and destroy Plit with darkness and recreate a new world in his image?

Lite: That’s right. And the only way to stop this is to collect eight Orbs of Light to stop the darkness once again. I have one of them, but unfortunately, it’s sealed inside me, and only the power of the other seven orbs can free it.

Gourmet Guy: Wow, sounds serious. But since it doesn’t involve cake, I don’t care.

Morton (arriving): WEDDING CAKE!

He leaves as quickly as he arrived.

E-Guy: Oooookaaay! All right, try to understand, Gourmet Guy. If Plit is destroyed, there will be no more cake ever again!


DS Guy: We will, but until we know the location of the first Orb of Light, we have to stay here for now. Maybe I can find out more about my forgotten past along the way.

E-Guy: Yay, that’s great! Although there is one thing that bothers me, why would Shellcaster aid the Dark Demon in the destruction of Plit?

Back at the cave near Koopa Castle…

Shellcaster: I have failed you, Master. It seems that the “Hero of Light”, aka DS Guy, has no clue about the legend. Guess I’ll never make those jerks pay for disrespecting me.

Dark Demon: Patience, Shellcaster. At least they got some information about the legend. Soon, I will be free, and the world you seek to create will be ours.

Where is the first Orb of Light? What happened in DS Guy’s past? Will our heroes get all eight of the Orbs of Light before they are destroyed? Why am I asking you all these questions? Find out next time on, the “Adventures of DS Guy: The Prophecy of Darkness”.

Shy Gal (reviewing): Previously on The Adventures of DS Guy, an outcast Koopa named Shellcaster, who has magical abilities, found the Orb of Darkness.  It offered to destroy Plit and replace it if he was freed from his spherical prison.  During that, DS Guy and Electro Guy were at the unvealing of the “Shy Guy Monument”.  But when DS Guy touched it, some spirit of a princess named Lite assumed the form of a Shy Guy.  She refered to DS Guy as the “Hero of Light”.  Just then, that crazy Koopa Shellcaster burst in and attempted to defeat DS Guy to find the “One Who Chooses Fate”.  Luckily, he was beaten by Electro Guy at the last second.  Later, DS Guy and Lite had a talk about the Dark Demon and, Lite revealed that the only thing that could stop it is the eight Orbs of Lite.  Besides her stealing DS Guy from me, this demon’s nasty plans could be the worst thing that might happen.

At the cave near Koopa Castle at night...

Dark Demon: It will only be a matter of time until DS Guy finds the eight Orbs of Light and use them to silence me yet again.  Shellcaster, I want you to send your best soldiers to delay their journey long enough for us to find the Key to Destruction.

Shellcaster: Don’t worry, Dark Demon, I will send one of my best men to stall them.  They won’t know what hit them.

At DS’s Guy’s house...

DS Guy (sleeping): Uh… No… Why…

We go into his dream to see DS Guy in a lab with a professor.  The professor is aiming a laser at him.

DS Guy: Why would you do this to me?

Professor: Forgive me for this.

He fires a laser at DS Guy.

DS Guy: Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

DS Guy wakes up.

DS Guy: Nooooooooooooooooo!  Huh?!  Thank DAD it was just a dream.

He turns his head to see a Shy Guy.

DS Guy: Aaaack!  Lie Guy?  What are you here for this time?  It’s *checks alarm clock* three in the morning!

Lie Guy: The thing is that General Guy wants to see you.

DS Guy: Uh uh.  No way!  The last time you told me that General Guy wanted to see me, I interrupted his bathtime.  I’m not going to expierence his rage again.

Lie Guy: But he really-


Lie Guy: Okay!  But I am serious.

DS Guy: Hmph.  He probably doesn’t know what serious means.

Three hours later...

The telephone starts to ring.  DS Guy wakes up and picks it up.

DS Guy: Hello?


DS Guy hangs up the phone.

DS Guy: Maybe Lie Guy does know the meaning of that word.

At Shy Guy’s Toybox...

DS Guy (arriving): I came as soon as you made that loud call.

General Guy: Good.  Now I need to ask you something, why are you not finding the Orbs of Light everyone is jabbering about?

DS Guy: First I need to know where I can find them.

General Guy: You'd better find them, I don’t want Plit to be destroyed by this evil force.  Bowser can’t rule Plit if it is destroyed!

DS Guy: I’ll get get right on it. But first, I need to see someone…

At Dr. Shy’s office...

DS Guy: As you see, Doctor, I have been having these dreams for the past few nights, and I’ve been getting the feeling that it really happened, yet that laser didn’t fry me.  And that’s not all, I am having the feeling that I know this professor that was trying to zap me.

Dr. Shy: Hm-hmm.  It seems I have to think over this.  When I find the answer, I’ll inform you.  Auf weidersein.

DS Guy leaves his office and sees Electro Guy peeking into another doctor’s office.

E-Guy: Yo, DS Guy, you should see this.

Dr. Mask: Unbelievable, you seem to have every disease known to medical science, and there are some new ones we just discovered inside you.

Shy Guy: So Doc, how long do I have to live?

Dr. Mask: I am surprised that you’re alive now!

DS Guy: That is pretty tragic.  Anyway, what else is new?

E-Guy: Well…

There is a crash, and a there is a shadow in the dust.  DS Guy turns into a Zeus Guy and prepares for battle.  The cloud subsides, revealing an Abe Lincoln look-alike.

Evil Lincoln: Four score and seven years ago, I kicked your behind!  The name’s Lincoln, Evil Lincoln.  And I serve Master Shellcaster.

DS Guy: Shellcaster?  So you work for him, huh?  Then I’ll take great pleasure in pulverizing you.

Evil Lincoln: Not with my secret weapon, an idiot!

Everyone is shocked to see it is Mario.

Mario: So, are these the guys who assassinated you, Mr. Resident?

Evil Lincoln: Yes, and it’s “President”, get that in your thick skull of yours.

General Guy: Aw DAD!  It’s Mario!  And we’re unprepared!  It’s every Shy Guy for himself!

Every Shy Guy but DS Guy heads for cover.

DS Guy: Bring your worst and– HEY! MARIO’S GONE!

Evil Lincoln: What? Where’d he go?

He turns around to see Mario chasing a pasta truck.

Mario: Wait!  I need my daily dose of Vitamin Pasta!  Wait!

Evil Lincoln: I knew I should've gone with Wario.  He’s twice as stupid as Mario on rare occassions.  Anyway, I came here to put a stop to you, DS Guy.  With my hat cannon, destroying you easily in this battle is going to make a Goomba battle look harder.  Cannon Shot!

DS Guy blocks it with his fist.  He uses his Zeus Kamakaze to knock Evil Lincoln’s hat off.  But he uses a Dark Shield to deflect it.  DS Guy turns into Mummy Guy and tries to wrap him in bandages, but E.L. shoots fire out of his hat, inflicting serious damage on him.

DS Guy: Ohhhhh!  He must be Shellcaster’s toughest henchmen I ever fought.  I barely even know him.

DS Guy faints.

Shy Gal: O__O DS Guy!  Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!  Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Electro Guy: Don’t worry, I’m a- WAHHHH!

General Guy: No way!  Ever since I hired him, he's caused me nothing but pain!  It’s best we do nothing at all!

E-Guy: Oh no!  I’ll help him no matter what.

Evil Lincoln:  Wait a minute!

He takes out the “Prophecy of Darkness” and start’s reading.

Evil Lincoln: “The ‘One Who Chooses Fate’ will be willing to help the ‘Hero of Light’ no matter what it takes to win”. You are the “One Who Chooses Fate”.  I can’t believe the Key to Destruction was in Shellcaster’s eyes the whole time, and he didn’t know it!  This mission is going to be easy.

E-Guy: (shocked) Wait!  I’m the “One Who Chooses Fate”?  I decide the fate of Plit?  Listen, Evil Lincoln, I would do no such thing!  I won’t destroy all of Plit for Shellcaster’s hideous reasons!

Evil Lincoln: Listen, I will help Shellcaster, even if it means forcing you  to do so!

(E.L. shoots fire out of his hat.  E-Guy shields it with his Electro Field.  He uses his Zap Whip to fry E.L’s beard off.)

Evil Lincoln: This is ten times worse than the Civil War!

E.L. opens up a portal.

Evil Lincoln: Next time we meet, you will be mine.

He leaves. E-Guy goes to see DS Guy, but DS Guy is stuck Inside a dream, though.  It takes place inside a lab, and he sees the professor about to fire a laser at him again.

DS Guy: What do you want from me, Prof. Corona?  You created me!  Why would you do this to me?

Professer Corona:  Please forgive me for this.

He fires a laser at him.

DS Guy: Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo- *flash* -ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!  Huh?  I’m back at my house!

E-Guy: You had us worried.  I was going to tell you that I made the battery life of my Nintendo DS twice as long, but Evil Lincoln had to interrupt.

DS Guy: Okay, E-Guy.  Anyway, I had this dream.  It was about a guy who I claimed in my dream to have created me.  His name was Professor Corona.  And he fired a laser at me.

Dr. Shy: Actually, Professor Corona was my teacher at Toad Town University.  He told me of his greatest creation.  I should’ve told you of this.

DS Guy: He created me?  At least some light has been shed on my past.  But why would he try to kill me?

Dr. Shy: Actually-

Lite (walking in): Look what Evil Lincoln dropped. *holds up a book*  It’s the “Prophecy of Light”.  It is said that “The red orb was placed in the castle of Koopas for assured protection”.  That means that the first Orb of Light is in Bowser’s Castle.

DS Guy: Good, we go first thing in the morning, and E-Guy, Shy Gal, and Lite are coming along.

Shy Gal: (Yes!  I get to be with DS Guy!  Wait a minute!  I barely got any lines at all in this show! At least I won't be...)

At the cave near Koopa Kastle...

Shellcaster: I can’t believe it!  You didn’t defeat DS Guy or get Electro Guy, and you dropped the “Prophecy of Light”.  You are a failure!  You are dismissed, Evil Lincoln!

Evil Lincoln leaves.

Shellcaster: So the Key to Destruction is harder to obtain now that he refuses to help me with the “Prophecy of Darkness”.  No matter, Electro Guy, you will help me, the prophecy foretells it.

With the location of the first Orb of Light revealed, what challenges await our heroes?  Will the “Prophecy of Darkness” come true?  Or will DS Guy make sure that won’t happen at all?  Find out next time in “The Adventures of DS Guy: The Prophecy of Darkness.

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