Four Days ‘til Death

By Blaze Koopa

DAY 2:

When we last left Jack Hammer and Craw-Daddy, they were on the Excess Express, on their way to Poshley Heights to save Gonzales Junior from the Boom Booms and someone else. They both still had suspicions about that Boomerang Bro. Let’s join them again.


Jack is waking up. He gets out of bed.

Jack: *yawn* I wonder what that Boomerang Bro’s up to…

Craw-Daddy rolls off the top bunk and falls on the floor.

Craw-Daddy: Owie!!!

Jack: What’s the matter? Top bunk not comfortable for ya?

Craw-Daddy: …  Hardy har har!

Jack: C’mon. Let’s get to the dining car and get breakfast.

They go to the dining car. They find a table and sit down. A waitress comes up.

Waitress: How may I help you?

Jack and Craw-Daddy look at their menu.

Jack: I’ll have the scrambled eggs and sausage…and orange juice for a drink…and no pulp.

Craw-Daddy: … Hmm… I’ll have the same thing, only I want a biscuit too and pulp in the orange juice.

Waitress: Right away!

The waitress takes the menus and walks away. The Boomerang Bro. walks into the dining car. Jack sees him.

Jack: Hey. There he is…

Craw-Daddy turns and sees him. The Boomerang Bro. takes no notice and takes a seat at the table across from Jack and Craw-Daddy.

Craw-Daddy: I really wish I new what that fool’s up to…

Jack: Well… just in case something weird happens between him and us, I think we should try to get your spear fixed…

Craw-Daddy: But how? We don’t have any tape or glue…

Jack: (scratching beak) Hmm…


Waitress: Here’s your meal, sirs. Have a nice day!

The waitress walks away. Jack and Craw-Daddy start eating.

Craw-Daddy: You know? Apart from the Boomerang Bro, I also want to know why those Boom Booms wanted to kidnap Junior in the first place.

Jack: Yeah. I was thinking about that too, but we’ll find out once we get to Poshley Heights…

Jack takes a sip of his orange juice, but spits it out.

Jack: Pppp! Pppp! PPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!! I thought I told her no pulp…

Later, Jack and Craw-Daddy have finished eating but are still in the dining car, waiting for the Boomerang Bro’s next move.

Craw-Daddy: Are you sure we shouldn’t go now before he finds out we’re on to him?

Jack: I’m not so sure if we should leave or not… but for some reason something tells me he knows already…

The Boomerang Bro has finished eating. He gets up and walks away.

Jack: Now’s our chance. Let’s follow ‘im.


Jack and Craw-Daddy are just outside the Boomerang Bro’s room, their ears to the door (if they have ears). Meanwhile, the Boomerang Bro. is talking on his cellphone.

Boomerang Bro: I’m telling you, Boss, they just won’t get off my back!

Guy the Boomerang Bro is talking to: Well… don’t worry about it. Everything is set up at Riverside. Remember what to do once there.

Boomerang Bro: Got it, Boss.

The Boomerang Bro hangs up.

Jack: Oh boy… I really don’t like this.

Craw-Daddy: Well, whatever kind of trap he has planned for us, we have to foil it.

Jack: Right! But for now, let’s try to stay away from him until we get there.


Jack and Craw-Daddy enter their room. They spot a note on the floor.

Jack: Hey! There’s a note!

Craw-Daddy: Duh!

Jack: …

Jack picks it up and reads it.

Jack: (reading note) I want you off this train now, or else!

Craw-Daddy: Um… That looks like a skull and crossbones… Someone doesn’t want us here, and I think it may be that Boomerang Bro.

Jack: You’re darn right it is! Hmm…

Meanwhile, a large, black Yoshi with a red Mo-hawk and wearing wristbands is outside their door.

Black Yoshi: Or is it? Hehehe!!!

Meanwhile, in the Poshley Heights Museum…

Bling Bling: So… exactly what’s your plan here?

Someone Else: You’ll see! I have very BIG plans.

Bling Bling: Like what?

Someone Else: Are you deaf?! I said you’ll see!

Bling Bling: …

Gonzales Junior: Untie me this instant!!!

Someone Else: SHUT UP!!! … WHAT?! Why aren’t you gagged?!

Someone Else and Bling Bling look over and see Bomb Bomb holding the gag with something disgusting on it.

Bomb Bomb: … What? I had ta use SOMETHIN’ ta wipe my nose wit!

Someone else and Bling Bling: Eww…


It’s now sunset. Jack and Craw-Daddy are in their room. Craw-Daddy is looking at his broken spear.

Craw-Daddy: C’mon! How am I gonna get this fixed before that Boomerang Bro makes a move?!

Jack: Um… Maybe someone has duck tape around here… Why don’t you borrow some?

Craw-Daddy: Oh… Now why didn’t I think of that?

Craw-Daddy leaves the room. He goes to every room to ask for duck tape, but has no luck until he finally gets some from a black Yoshi with red hair.

Craw-Daddy: Hey, thanks!

Black Yoshi: Ah, forget it.

Craw-Daddy walks out of the Yoshi’s room.

Craw-Daddy: Now to fix my spear…

Suddenly, he hears a voice from the other room. He walks to that door and peers inside. He sees the Boomerang Bro talking on the phone.

Boomerang Bro: Hey Boss. I got more help now.

Guy the Boomerang Bro is talking to: From who?

Boomerang Bro: From Voshi. He’s a black Yoshi with red hair that I met earlier. He’s bad! And he’s wants to help out.

GTBBITT: Oh… Well good. Maybe you’ll stop worrying now!

Boomerang Bro: …Riiiiiiiiiiiight… I’m hangin’ up now…

The Boomerang Bro hangs up.

Outside the door…

Craw-Daddy: Black Yoshi…? That can’t be good…

Craw-Daddy runs off. The Boomerang Bro hears footsteps.

Boomerang Bro: Who’s there?!

The Boomerang Bro. opens the door and sees no one. He shrugs.


Craw-Daddy runs into his and Jack’s room and quickly reassembles his spear with the duck tape.

Craw-Daddy: Jack! I think we have more trouble.

Jack: What do you mean?

Suddenly, the train stops. The sudden stop throws Jack and Craw-Daddy into a wall.

Jack and Craw-Daddy: Ow!

They rub their heads.

Jack: What happened?! Who pulled the E-brake?!

Craw-Daddy: I don’t know… but, we’ve stopped. But why?

They look out the window and see that they are at-

Jack and Craw-Daddy: Riverside Station!

Jack: Okay… That Boomerang Bro’s probably gonna make his move soon. Let’s just pretend that we’re getting lured into his trap and then we’ll lure HIM into a trap. Now let’s go see why we stopped…

They leave the room and get off the train. They see that the engineer and conductor (both Mushroomers) have also gotten off the train. Jack and Craw-Daddy go to them.

Jack: Hey. Why’d we stop?

Engineer: Someone let the dang bridge up!

He points to the bridge, which is up.

Conductor: Someone needs to go in the station and hit the switch that operates the bridge… Why don’t you two do it? The train is stuck where it is unless you do…

Jack and Craw-Daddy look at each other and whisper.

Jack: Something tells me that this is what that Boomerang Bro intended all along… Someone he’s working with must be posted in the station…

Craw-Daddy: Well, I just learned that he’s also working with a black Yoshi… I think his name is Voshi. I got duck tape from him, but then I heard the Boomerang Bro talking on his phone and he said that the Yoshi is working with him.

Jack: … Hmm… Well if the Boomerang Bro and this Voshi guy are trying to mess us up, then… let’s not disappoint them…*wink*

Craw-Daddy: *wink*

They turn back to the engineer and conductor.

Craw-Daddy: Okay. We’ll do it!

Conductor: Great!

Engineer: Be careful. There are strange things in there…

Jack and Craw-Daddy look at each other.

Craw-Daddy: No pressure…

Jack and Craw-Daddy go up to the station.

Craw-Daddy: What kinds of strange things do you think he meant?

Jack: I dunno…

They go into the station.


The Boomerang Bro and Voshi get off the train.

Boomerang Bro: All right! They’re in the station. Let’s follow ‘em.

Voshi: Right, Boomer!

They somehow sneak past the engineer and conductor and go into the station.


Inside the station…

Jack and Craw-Daddy are just getting of the elevator to the basement. They suddenly see a whole bunch of little, black creatures!

Creatures: Smooorg!!!

Jack and Craw-Daddy: WHAT THE?!

????????: Well well well! I see you’ve met my little friends!

Jack and Craw-Daddy look over and see a white sheet with a face, shoes, and a pointed hat.

Craw-Daddy: Who are you… WHAT are you?!

????????: I’m Doopliss, and I’m a Duplighost! Does that answer your questions?!

Craw-Daddy: Um… yeah… Anyway, what are you doing here?!

Doopliss: I let the bridge down! DUH!!! Oh, and I’m also in on this whole “where is Gonzales Junior” thing…

Jack: Oh… Well, you’re goin’ down!!! It’s two against one!

Doopliss: You mean one THOUSAND and one, if you count the Smorgs.

Jack: … Oh.

Boomer and Voshi come off the elevator.

Doopliss: Make that one thousand and three!

Craw-Daddy: Let’s not disappoint them… HUH?!

Jack: Okay, so I didn’t plan the plan right! We can still beat these guys… I hope…

Doopliss: You wanna bet?! Okay, Smorgs! You know what to do!

The Smorgs all merge together to form the Smorg Miasma!


Jack and Craw-Daddy: O_O

Voshi: … Sweet!

Boomer: Hey, that’s pretty cool, but weird… Anyway, let’s GET ‘em!

Jack: You handle those two. I’ve got the monster.

Craw-Daddy: Got it…

Voshi: Well, are we gonna do this or what?! Say the phrase that always starts fights!

Jack: What phrase…? Oh yeah… BRING IT!!!

Smorg suddenly swings at Jack and Craw-Daddy. They dodge. Boomer charges toward them and throws two boomerangs at Craw-Daddy, who misses one but is hit in the arm by the other. He charges at them and narrowly avoids a ground pound by Voshi. Meanwhile, Doopliss morphs into a Smorg and merges with the Miasma. Jack throws four hammers, which are all swatted away by Smorg. Jack runs around a bit to miss Smorg’s swipes. He suddenly charges into Smorg’s weak spot, the purple part. Smorg yelps

Craw-Daddy is kicked in the stomach by Voshi. Craw-Daddy stumbles, but recovers and spins his spear to block three boomerangs from Boomer. Voshi charges at Craw-Daddy again, but Craw-Daddy jump-kicks him in the nose. Voshi yells, and Craw-Daddy is hit in the beak by a boomerang. Craw-Daddy recovers and charges at Boomer spear-first. Boomer dodges and throws five boomerangs at Craw-Daddy, who misses them.

Jack throws six hammers at Smorg’s purple spot. Smorg yelps and tries to swat Jack again. Jack dodges and charges at the purple spot, punching it with his metal arm. Smorg yelps again. Smorg quickly picks up Jack and throws him into a wall. Jack is dizzy, but recovers and throws more hammers at Smorg.

Craw-Daddy avoids a boomerang and kicks Boomer in the stomach. Boomer staggers, gasping for breath. Voshi rams his nose into Craw-Daddy’s face. Craw-Daddy flies backwards. He quickly gets back up. Boomer throws seven boomerangs, but they all miss Craw-Daddy and somehow hit Voshi in the head. Voshi is knocked out.

Boomer: … Oops…

Craw-Daddy grins, and charges at Boomer, who throws a boomerang at him. Craw-Daddy dodges it, and it comes back and hits Boomer in the face, knocking him out.

Craw-Daddy: O_o

Craw-Daddy runs over to Jack and Smorg, who is still swinging at Jack. Jack throws eight hammers at Smorg’s purple area. Smorg yelps louder than before. Craw-Daddy charges at Smorg and jabs his spear into Smorg’s purple area. Smorg yelps even louder and falls apart. The little Smorgs run away, while the Doopliss Smorg hides behind something during the scramble.

Jack: (wiping forehead) *pant* Nice move…

Craw-Daddy: Well, you know what they say: the bigger they are, the harder they fall… apart, that is.

Jack: Now… Where’s that switch?

Craw-Daddy points over at a ! Switch near the corner.

Jack: Oh…

Jack runs over to it and jumps on it.

Meanwhile, outside, it’s mid-night, and the bridge lowers.

Conductor: It’s about time!

Jack and Craw-Daddy run out of the station and see the conductor and engineer.

Conductor: What kept you two?! We have a schedule to keep up with, you know!

Craw-Daddy: Err… We had a little difficulty finding the switch…

Conductor: Oh… Well… at least the bridge is down… Let’s go…

They go onto the train. Shortly after, Doopliss runs out of the station with Boomer’s cellphone. He calls someone.

Guy Doopliss is talking to: What is it?

Doopliss: Boomer and that Yoshi he was with are out, the bridge is down, and the train’s about to leave!

GDITT: WHAT?! UGH!!! … Well… just morph into Boomer’s form and get on the train.

Doopliss: Gotcha!

Doopliss hangs up and changes into Boomer. He gets on the train. The train whistles and pulls away.

With Jack and Craw-Daddy…

Craw-Daddy: That was wild… Well, I’m glad that’s over with…

Jack: Yeah… *yawn* Let’s turn in for the night… Say... I wonder what happened to that Doopliss guy…

Outside their door…

Doopliss: You’ll soon see… Hee hee!

Inside the door…

Craw-Daddy: You know, it looks like, despite that little tangle in the station, we’ll still make it to Poshley Heights a day early…

Jack: I just hope we make in time, period…

Well, that’s two days down and two to go. Will they make it in time, period? Or will something else weird happen? If Doopliss tries to mess them up, with will he do? We’ll see in PART 4!!!

Read on!

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