The Mystic Journey

By Double G Goomba and koopa 13

G.G. awakens the next morning and goes outside.

G.G: Another day, another chance to destroy some monsters so that we can... ummÖ Darn it, I canít remember that place we work at.

Goombette: Oh G.G, youíre up?

Goombette suddenly appears behind G.G.

G.G: What are you doing up this early in the morning?

Goombette: I always get up this early to go to the forest and pick some apples, and also to keep Swiper from swiping.

Swiper is seen about to grab a bag of gold.

Goombette: Swiper no swiping.

swiper: Ha, thatís not gonna work on me anymore, sucker. Ah ha ha ha-

G.G. knocks him out with a bat.

G.G: The cameos just keep on coming.

Goombete: Say G.G, since the two of us are up this early, you want to go for a walk along the beach?

G.G: Woah. Did you just ask me to take a walk with you?

Goombette: Yep.

G.G: And youíre not kidding around, right?

She nods her head.

G.G: (I donít believe it! This is the first time a girl has actually talked to me with words that donít start with "I hate you" or "I'm a man in disguise".) Umm, sure.

The scene changes to the two Goombas walking along the beach.

Goombette: The sunrise looks really pretty from here.

G.G: Yeah, it does.

Goombeete: You know, G.G, for all of my life I have lived on this island looking out on the shore, wondering whatís out there, what is there for me to see. I always wanted to leave this island and see the world outside. When you first came and washed up on the beach with your friends, I was shocked. I thought this was the day when I could finally learn about the world outside.

G.G: Well let me tell you, it's one crazy world out there. There are flying Goombas, flowery fields, and plumbers who save the world.

Goombette: It sounds like a lovely place. Where is it that you come from, G.G?

G.G: Me? I come from... uhhÖ ummÖ a place.

Goombette: Tee hee hee.

Goombette suddenly runs in front of G.G. and starts to sing an odd song. After listening to it, G.G. pulls out his ocarina and joins her in song. Eventually the two of them play the whole song together.

Goombette: Did you like that song? Itís called the Song of Awakening. It is said that this song can awaken anything. Whenever I sing this song I feel like my entire body is spreading throughout the entire Island.

G.G: We should get back, the crew is probably up by now.

Goombette: YeahÖ..

And so they head back to the village. Later..

G.G: All right, guys, you all set to go?

Koopa 13: I guess so.

Chompy: Bark bark.

G.G: All right then, letís get going.

Goombette: Good luck.

And with that, the G.G. Crew head out.

Chapter 3: The Temple Hidden in the Lake

Our heroes arrive at a running stream full of Cheep Cheeps.

Koopa 13: Man-eating fish!

Cheep Cheep 5: You rang?

G.G: Weíre looking for the water temple. Since you spend a majority of your time in the waterÖ

Cheep 3: Youíre just in time.

A big old stand suddenly pops out of the water.

Cheep Cheep: Welcome friends, we just opened up our new raving rapids ride. In this ride you can ride down the rapids to the famous water temple, and since youíre our first costumers, you can enjoy it for free.

G.G: Sweet! A water ride down a rapid stream! Awesome!

Koopa 13: Thisis gonna be intense.

Chompy: Bark bark bark.

Cheep 2: Just jump on the log and have fun.

And so the threesome jump on the log and head on down the stream.




After a fun ride down the rapids, the three heroes arrive at a lake.

G.G: Well hereís the lake, but no temple.

Koopa 13: It must be under the lake.

Chompy: WHAT?!

G.G: Thereís no way that can be right. Have you forgotten I have no arms? So I canít swim. And since Chompyís heavy, he would sink and drown.

Owl: Then you must raise it to the top.

The owl lands on another conveniently-placed branch.

Koopa 13: Now what, Mr. Owl?

G.G: What do you mean by raise?

He turns his head backwards.

G.G: If you keep on doing that, Iím gonna beat you up and then you will never walk ever again.

Owl: The temple sleeps at the bottom of the ocean. If you want to bring it to the surface, you must awaken it.

Koopa 13: But how?

G.G: Wait!

G.G. suddenly remembers the Song of Awakening he learned and plays it. As he does the temple rises to the surface.

Koopa 13: Now we can enter without having to swim under.

Owl: That song you learned, that song is very important to awakening the Mystic Yoshi god. You should remember it well

G.G: Right. Ok then, letís head on in.

They do so.

G.G: Itís way too wet in here.

Koopa 13: I heard just about everything in here is wet.

Chompy: Bark bark.

G.G: Yeah, this is the water temple, after all, so we should have expected it.

Chompy: Bark bark.

The three heroes head into the temple, dodging the monsters that keep coming at them.

Koopa 13: Those were sure some wicked beasts, but this just gets harder.

G.G: Youíre telling me.

G.G. somehow somehow over at the whirlpools that block their way.

G.G: We need to block up those whirlpools somehow.

Koopa 13: I wonder if a heavy object can petrify them.

The two of them glare at Chompy.

Chompy: gulp

They jump on Chompyís back and have him jump over each of the holes. Eventually they reach the other side.

Chompy: So much waterÖ So much waterÖ

They continue onward and arrive at a room filled with geysers.

G.G: What are these things?

Chompy: Bark bark.

G.G: Burning water? No way, Iíll pass on being burned by h2o, thanks.

Koopa 13: That water is like soup with tons of hot sauce.

G.G: Oh, I know.

G.G. and Chompy jump inside Koopa 13ís shell.

Koopa 13: Omphhhh! How am I supposed to fit you people in?

G.G: A Koopaís shell is almost indestructible, so cross the geyser to the other side.

Koopa 13: Oh fine, just take your head off my ear.

And so the three cross inside Koopa 13ís shell over to the other side and arrive at a giant door.

G.G: The fruit must be beyond the door.

They enter the room through the door and find a room filled with Nintendo-related posters, wallpaper, and dolls.

G.G: Oh no. I know only one guy with this many things Nintendo-related things in his room.

??: Ner her her her.

We suddenly see Francis sitting on a throne.

G.G: Itís thatís nerd Francis.

Koopa 13: Just what we needed.sigh

Francis: Ner, what do you freaks think youíre doing in our totally shcweet fortress.

G.G: What ever happen to the fortress back in Lego Land?

Francis: What are you talking about? I have lived here almost all my life.

G.G: What are you talking about? You lived in a giant fortress filled with kitty robots.

Francis: I donít have a clue what you are talking about. I never lived in such a place and the only ones that have lived here are me the freeloading monsters and my new servant kitty. Isnít that right, Kitty?

A Lakitu girl dressed in a maid outfit enters.

Kitty: Yes, Lord Francis.

Koopa 13: What the?

G.G: Look, never mind. We are looking for a mystical fruit, and we think itís here.

Francis and the kitty look at each other.

Francis: I see. If itís fruit that you are looking for then follow us.

Francis and Kitty take the three of them to a platform surrounded by water. In the middle is a counter with a golden bunch of grapes on it.

G.G: There is the fruit.

Koopa 13: That fruit is as good as ours.

Chompy: Bark bark.

As they approach the counter, a bunch of lasers, drills, and other mechanical weapons suddenly surround them.

Francis: I have you now!

G.G: What are you doing, you nerd?

Koopa 13: That was not cool, nerd!

Chompy: Bark bark nerd!

Francis: Ner, I know why youíre here, youíre here to take my totally awesome high technicaaaaaaaaaaaal fruit from me and destroy my schweet temple, arenít you? Kitty told me all about you and your evil scheme, but I was two steps ahead of you, so now I have the upper hand.

G.G: What are you talking about? We wouldnít waste our time doing something that stupid

Koopa 13: This is the most annoying conversation ever.

Francis: Iíll make you into conversation.

As he prepares to use his weapons, G.G. holds up the Ocarina of Time.

Francis: Neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrr, itís the Ocarina of Time from the Legend of Zelda! It has the power to control anything: the weather, time, almost anything. You must give it to me!

Francis gets on his knees and begs G.G.

G.G: Dude, get a life.

Kitty: Well that didnít work as I planned.

Kitty blasts Francis with a blast of water.

Koopa 13: This Ocarina is starting to be more useful than ever.

G.G: You moron, the Ocarina isnít what did it, that Lakitu did!

Chompy: Bark bark?

Kitty: Fool, you think I serve that nerd? Preposterous!

Kitty removes her outfit and reveals herself to be Lakeitu.

Lakeitu: My name is Lakeitu, the mistress of water of the Holy Nightmare.

G.G: You guys again?

Koopa 13: This can be harder or easier.

Chompy: Bark bark.

Lakeitu: I only pretended to serve Francis to use his weapons to destroy you, but that was no good so now I will show you the true power of water.

Lakeitu blasts the three of them with a blast of water, but they jump over it and knock her into the air. Then with a rapid charge, Koopa 13 rams into the cloud of hers. As she falls she lands on her hands and her cloud shoots out blades of water that send G.G. and Koopa 13 backwards, but Chompy catches one in his mouth and knocks her backwards. She starts to blast them with pillars of water, but our heroes stylishly dodge and G.G. and Koopa 13 get in Chompyís mouth and he spits them at her. They start to pinball her back and forth, and finally slam her into the ground.

G.G: You lose.

Lakeitu: Heh heh heh, HA HA HA HA!

Koopa 13: Hey! Whatís so funny?

Lakeitu: You fools donít know anything about this Island, do you?

Chompy: Bark bark?

Lakeitu: Do you even know what will happen if you awaken the Mystic God Yoshi?

G.G: Whatís that supposed to mean?!

Before she can respond, she faints and her body turns into a puddle of water.

Koopa 13: I wonder what that was about?

G.G: Itís best not to worry about it. Letís take the fruit and get out of here.

As G.G. picks up the fruit, the same flash as before covers the room.

???: Forest, in a forest you will find someone you know.

The three of them reappear outside the water temple.

Koopa 13: Boy, that sure was a hard temple.

G.G: I wonder what that chick meant.

Chompy: Bark bark.

G.G: Yeah, best not to worry about it. For now we should head for the temple of lightning in the forest southeast of here. Wait a minute, how do I know that?

Chompy: Bark bark.

G.G: Yeah, youíre right, we should make use of that information and head out for the next temple. Letís move.

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