The Mystic Journey

By Double G Goomba and koopa 13

Our three heroes are seen climbing up the side of a mountain.

Koopa 13: (licking his lips) That toast was scrumdelicious.

G.G: Man we're really high up. Whatever you do, don’t look down.

Koopa 13: So high I can see a condor flying below us.

A rock falls off and makes Koopa 13 fall off the side of the mountain, but Chompy catches him with his chain.

Koopa 13: Nice catch, Chompy.

Chompy: Bark bark.

The three of them reach the top and Chompy throws Koopa 13 onto the cliffs. He lands on his face.

Koopa 13: Nice throw Chompy! *gasp*

G.G: What’s up?

G.G. and Chompy climb onto the cliff and see a giant Yoshi egg.

G.G: This must be the egg the Yoshi God is sleeping in.

Koopa 13: What do we do with it?

The Owl lands on top of the egg.

Owl: This is the egg where the Mystic God Yoshi, sleeps but for now you must leave it until you get the remaining fruits.

G.G: So we gotta come all the way back up here?

Owl: You just take the stairs.

He shows them a staircase leading from the egg to the Mystic Village.

G.G: Are you saying we could have just taken the stairs up here?!

Koopa 13: Wowwww. Wat a waste of time, and I almost risked my neck on that climb.

The threesome continue onward up the mountain and spot the temple off in the distance.

G.G: That must be it across the way! But how do we get over there?

??: You need to get over to the temple?

An old Beanbean sitting in a rocking chair appears next to them.

Bean: Just take my minecarts.

Chompy: Bark bark.

Koopa 13: Okay, thanks, old man.

He spits into a pail.

Bean: My pleasure, partner.

Koopa 13: By the way, do they go fast?

Bean: Well if by fast you mean faster than any roller coaster you have ever been on and will make you wet yourself, then yes.

He spits into the pail.

G.G: All right, I'm looking forward to this.

They board the carts and zoom off.

Bean: Wait! I forgot to tell them the track's out! All well, I'm sure they will be fine. *spit*

The threesome ride down the traintracks in the minecarts, going up, down, upside-down, and in all directions.



Chompy: Yahooooooooo- Huh?

Chompy spots a broken track.

Chompy: BARK BARK!


They start to get closer to the track.

G.G: Looks like we're gonna have to jump!

As the cart falls off the track, the three heroes jump to the other side and land on their feet, except for Koopa 13, who lands on his face.

Koopa 13: *groan* Why does this keep happening to me?

G.G: Looks like we made it.

They stand in front of the Earth Temple.

Chompy: Bark bark.

G.G: Yeah, it must be luck to have landed right in front of the Earth Temple just like that one time we… uhhhh… We did something we… DARN IT! MY MEMORIES KEEP SLIPPING MORE AND MORE!!!

Chompy: Bark bark.

G.G: What? You too? What about you, Koopa?

Koopa 13: Ohooooo!

G.G: Dude, what’s wrong with us?!

Chompy: Bark bark.

G.G: You're right, the owl said we will find the answers inside the temple. Let's head on inside.

They head into the Earth Temple and find a platform high up on the ceiling.

G.G: How are we supposed to get up to that platform?!

Chompy: Bark bark.

G.G: Oh, you’re right, there's a switch up there. If we can somehow hit that switch…

G.G. thinks for a moment.


He kicks Koopa 13 while in his shell up into the walls and makes him bounce off the walls up to the top and hit the switch, lowering a ladder.

Koopa 13: Nice thinking, but you almost kicked my FACE!

G.G: Oh whaa whaa whaa whaa. I'm gonna call the whaambulence.

They climb up the ladder and into the next room.

G.G: Wait, do you hear something?

Koopa 13: Hear what? I don’t know what you are talking about.

Suddenly a giant boulder starts to roll toward them.

Chompy: YIPE YIPE!

G.G: Oh crud.

Koopa 13: … RUN FOR IT!

They run away from the boulder, which comes toward them at a rapid pace. As it comes toward them they jump on top of it and try to keep their balance until they finally reach the end and jump off.

G.G: Close one.

Koopa 13: You got that right. And I never knew Chompy’s heavy body could ever jump that.

Chompy spits on Koopa 13.

G.G: Let’s keep going.

They head into the next room

G.G: Hey, look at that.

G.G. spots a giant mural with writing on it.

Koopa 13: Hmmmm. That writing, does it give clues?

G.G: Let's see.

"Long ago before the worlds were made, the grand creator Miyamoto commanded the four ancient gods to create for him a world of his ideal, and at his command the four gods did such. But after the world and all life was made, the Mystic God Yoshi was displeased by the outcome of their creation and saddened by all the destruction and chaos caused by the  dark-heartened people. So to escape from this world he put himself into a deep sleep and created a dream Island where everything was perfect. The people were kind and happy, and life was peaceful. This island was called Mystic Island, but the God Yoshi knew that one day he would have to awaken, so he left behinds scrolls in hopes that the heroes would come one day and awaken him from his dreamland. For those of you who are not getting this, Mystic Island is nothing more than a dream created by the Mystic God Yoshi, and when the heroes awaken the God Yoshi, the island will disappear forever."


Koopa 13: We're in a dream of a Yoshi?!

G.G: That’s impossible!

Chompy: Bark bark.


??: No, it is indeed true.

Rocky emerges from the ground.

Chompy: Bark bark?!

Rocky: My name is Rocky of the Holy Nightmare.

Koopa 13: Rocky? What kind of name is that? Maybe just because you hurl a lot of rocks?

G.G: YOU! You’re the one who put this mural here, aren’t you?!

Rocky: No, that mural was here long before me. As it stated, this Island is nothing more than a dream created by the Mystic God Yoshi, but we of the Holy Nightmare are just that: nothing more than nightmares. We were created from the darkness of the God Yoshi’s hearts, as were all the monsters, while everything else is made from light side of his heart. Our goal is to create this land and preserve it forever as our land so it will be a land nightmares.

Koopa 13: Well once we get rid of you, all will be back to normal and out of this dream we will come out.

Rocky: Heh, you act as if you are doing a good thing, while in retrospect, you are destroying everyone and everything on this Island.

G.G: Shut up.

Rocky: We are the trues one who are bound to save this Island and keep it alive, while you are only going to destroy it. So in reality, you are the true villains.


Rocky: So either way you look at it, your quest is nothing more than a path to destroy us all.


G.G. whacks Rocky with his bat, but he scatters and turns into a bunch of rocks. He reforms himself and start to shoot at our heroes with giant boulders but they dodge, in style. Chompy grabs one of the boulders and spits it back at him, but Rocky blocks the boulder with his arms. As he does, Koopa 13 cartwheels into his shell and rams into one of his arms, thus knocking it off, but he reforms it into a hammer and knocks Koopa 13's shell into a wall. G.G. comes from behind and knocks him into the air, where Chompy attempts to headbutt his stomach but he grabs him and bodyslams him into the ground. Koopa 13 jumps from boulder to boulder that Rocky throws, then he rams into Rocky's head and knocks him backward into Chompy, who grabs him with his mouth and spits him to G.G, who knocks him into the ground, shattering his body and leaving him nothing more than a head.

Rocky: You can’t escape it. You may destroy me, but in the end you will also be destroying all these people on the Island.


He jumps on Rocky's head and destroys him. As he does, a golden orange falls out.

Koopa 13: This must be the fifth of the seven fruits. We only need two more before we can celebrate our freedom.

G.G. kicks the fruit out the window.

Koopa 13: Hey G.G! What were you thinking?! That was our only chance-

G.G: Shut up, we're leaving this Island for good. Let's go.

Chompy: But-


The scene transfers to a beach, where the three heroes are making a boat.

Owl: What do you think you’re doing?!

G.G: You darn owl! You lied to us! You should have told us about this Island being a dream.

Owl: I see. So you figured it out, have you?

G.G: Yeah, and we're leaving. See ya.

The three heroes attempt to leave on the boat, but it suddenly reappears on the beach.

G.G: Hey!

They attempt to leave over and over, but continue to reappear on the beach.

Koopa 13: What’s wrong? Why do we keep returning to the beach?

Owl: Right now you are in the realm of dreams. You cannot return to the real world that way. The only way you can leave is to awaken the Mystic God Yoshi.

G.G: Is that why were losing our memories?

Owl: Yes. You exist inside a dream world, therefore all your memories of the real world no longer exist here because everything from the real world does not exist in this world.

Koopa 13: I see. So the boatman led us mistakenly onto a dream island that you can't leave until the Mystic God Yoshi is awakened. But what about you?

Owl: Although I may look like the owl from Ocarina of Time and have all of the same memories, I am nothing more than a dream created by the Mystic God Yoshi.

G.G: And that’s also why we know things about this Island that we didn’t know before.

Owl: Yes, your memories are now chained to this Island.

G.G: But what about all the people on this Island and even the cameos?

Owl: The same goes for them; they are nothing more then illusions.

Koopa 13: For a moment I really thought that Solid Snake was real. Will there be more cameos on this Island?

G.G: NO! NO MORE! I refuse to accept that this is the only way! I REFUSE TO DESTROY THIS ISLAND!

G.G. starts to walk off.

Chompy: Bark bark.

G.G: I’m going for a walk, I need to think.

G.G. sits himself on a rock staring at the ocean.

G.G: I can't believe this, I won't believe this.

Goombette: G.G, what’s wrong?

Goombette suddenly appears behind G.G.

G.G: I'm... in a bind.

Goombette: Hmm?

G.G: Well Goombette, after our journey is over... uhh... we may have to leave this Island and never some back.

Goombette: I see.

G.G: But I don't want that. I want to see this Island again, say hello to all the friends we have made and you too.

Goombette: You will.

G.G: What?

Goombette: If you're as good friends with me and all the people here as you say you are, then they will always be with you.

G.G: I'm not quite getting it.

Goombette: You see, when people are close friends with each other then their hearts are always connected. No matter how far they go, no matter where they are, they're always together.

G.G: So you mean as long as we remain good friends, our hearts will always be connected with each other forever?

Goombette: Exactly.

G.G: Yeah. You're right. No mater what happens, no matter where we go, this Island will always be in our hearts forever, no matter what.

Goombette: Exactly.

G.G: Thanks Goombette, I owe you one.

And with that, G.G. returns to his friends.

G.G: Come on, guys, we have an Island to save.

Chompy: Bark bark?

G.G: Yeah, I’m fine. I realized that even after we awaken the Mystic God Yoshi, the Island will still be with us. It will remain in our hearts forever no matter where we go.

Owl: Yes, that is indeed true. You have grown strong, you have discovered your destiny and have found out there are other ways. Now that you have, you can take on the remaining challenges that await you.

The Owl holds out the golden orange.


Owl: I have my ways. Now take this and fulfill your destiny.

G.G. takes the fruit and the flash appears again.

??: A castle, in a dark castle is a friend or foe you decided.

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