The Mystic Journey

By Double G Goomba and koopa 13

Chapter 6: Necko Mimi Mode

Our heroes arrive at a dark, spooky castle.

G.G: What a spooky castle.

Koopa 13: I wonder who built this.

Chompy: Bark bark.

G.G: Yeah, we're better off not knowing now. Chompy, you go in first.

Chompy: Nuh uh.

Koopa 13: Come on, Chompy, you're scarier than anything. If they try to scare you, you will just scare them back.

The front door forms a scary face.


Koopa 13 jumps up into the air and hides in his shell.

G.G: All right, we'll go in together.

They bunch together and enter the castle. The door closes behind them.


G.G: Looks like we're not going back that way. Let's keep going.

They continue onward into a room full of candles, not noticing an evil figure lurking in the shadows.

G.G: Hmm. I wonder what this is?

G.G. looks at a picture of a little girl wearing cat ears and a white dress with long, blue hair.

G.G:I wonder who this is.

Suddenly the same girl appears behind them, but when the three of them turns around she disappears.

G.G: HUH?!

Suddenly blood drips on top of G.Gís head. When he looks up he spots the little girl on the ceiling.




???: Hi.

G.G: Who in the world are you?

Hazuki: I'm Hazuki.

Koopa 13: Made lots of spaghetti.

Hazuki: What?

G.G: Youtube, heís addicted to it.

Hazuki: Welcome to my lovely castle.

G.G: LOVELY?! That door tried to kill us.

Hazuki: No, heís just happy to see you.

G.G: Riiiiiiiight. Anyway, we need to find the-

Hazuki: The holy fruit?

Chompy: Bark bark?

Hazuki: I have my ways of knowing. Anyway, I have the fruit up in my room just for you, but first I want to play a little game.

Koopa 13: Little game?

Hazuki: I have been in this castle for almost all my life, waiting for someone to play with me. Yhe game is called getting to the top of the castle.

G.G: Nice title.

Hazuki: I'm gonna go on ahead, you guys see if you can get through my castle ALIVE!

She disappears

G.G: What the?

Koopa 13: That was weird.

Chompy:Bark bark?

G.G: Well I guess all we can do is follow her.

And so they climb the stairs, trying to get to the top of the castle.

Hazuki: Now for the first part, I'm gonna hide one of my little friends inside of these jars, and you will have to find him. Ready, go.

She disappears.

G.G: Oh crud, I stink at puzzles.

Koopa 13: Hey, come on. My eyes are smaller and I can still try to solve it.

G.G: What, are you saying all Goombas are stupid and inferior, huh?!

Koopa 13: And I thought you were smarter than the rest.

G.G: Oh  thatís it!

G.G. tackles Koopa 13 to the ground and they get caught in a little fighting dustball. As they fight they knock over a jar and a cat falls out.

Chompy: Bark bark.

G.G: Huh? Oh, looks like we solved the puzzle.

Koopa 13: I guess rage really does pay.

A staircase comes out from the wall.

G.G: Letís keep going.

They go up the stairs and into the next room.

Hazuki: Wow, nice job. Now for the next one.

She makes two cats appear.

Hazuki: Now these two cats look exactly the same, but one of them is actually a Duplighst. Which one is lying?

G.G: All right, I saw this in an episode of the Powerpuff Girls.

Chompy: HUH?!

G.G: I mean, in an episode of a manly TV show.

Cat 1: I'm the real one!!!

Cat 2: No, I AM the REAL cat! Donít YOU believe ME?

Koopa 13: G.G. if you know, mind showing which one is the real?

G.G: As they say, kill two birds with one stone.

G.G. pulls out his bat and knocks them both over the head. The second one transforms into a Duplighost.

Duplighost: Hey! Thatís cheating!

G.G: No one said anything about using violence to solve the problem.

Cat 1: Good job, you can pass.

Another staircase reveals itself.

G.G: All right, letís hurry on ahead.

They head into the next room, which happens to be the top room.

G.G: Hey look.

A golden pineapple is there.

Hazuki: Wow. Nice job, you managed to come really far.

G.G: Heh, no problem.

Hazuki: But now I think itís time for you to go to bed. Say good night!

Suddenly she grows fangs and her eyes grow red.


Koopa 13: No! You may not have our blood! Well, except Chompy.

Chompy: HEY!!!

Hazuki: HA HA HA HA! Now I think itís time for you to become my slaves. Come on out, Necko Mimi.

Suddenly a little kitten comes out from underneath Hazuki.

Necko: Mew.

G.G: AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! You've gotta be kidding me! We've gotta fight that?!

Koopa 13 tries to hold his breath but lets loose a burst of loud laughter

Chompy: Bwhahahahahaha!

The kitten suddenly transforms into a giant monster cat.

Necko: MEOW!

G.G: Oh crud.

Koopa 13: ... Okay, we leave.

They try to exit, but the door slams shut.

Hazuki: NOW DIE!

Necko comes at them and slams his claws, but the three heroes jump backwards. G.G. runs at Necko and attempts to hit him with his bat, but he jumps into the air and kicks G.G, knocking him backwards. Then Neck attempts to claw his foe, but Koopa 13 grabs him by the tail.

Koopa 13: I've got you now, whiskers.

The giant, enraged cat swings his tail from side to side. Koopa 13 tries to keep his grip but ends up slipping into the wall. As he falls, Chompy catches him in his mouth and spits him into Necko, but he blocks it only to send Koopa 13 back at Chompy, sending him backwards.

G.G: Looks like this isnít gonna be easy. All right, guys, itís time to use our triple combo attack.

Koopa 13: Okay, heaviest to lightest. First up is Chompy.

Chompy: BARK!

Chompy rams his head into Neckoís stomach, sending him backwards. Then he jumps to the other side and rams Necko into the air. Koopa 13 air shells him into the ceiling and then down, where he falls on top of G.Gís head and he knocks him forward. The three of them jump on top of each otherís heads, forming a tower.


Koopa 13: POWER-


The three of them start to spin around as G.G. holds out his bat. The tower spins into Necko back and forth until they knock him into the air. Then each of them kick him upward and they start to pass him back and forth with kicks until the three of them give him a power kick and send Necko crashing into the floor, creating a big crater.


G.G: A little advice, little girl: next time you fight, think about who you are fighting.

Koopa 13: Yeah, because WE ARE-



Hzuki: You guys are a bunch of meanies! I'm leaving! Take your stupid fruit and GET OUT OF HERE!

As she leaves, clapping can be heard behind them. They turn around and see Dark Boo.

Dark Boo: Well done, my fellow heroes.

Koopa 13: Dark Boo? What are you doing here? Have you been spying on us?

G.G: Yeah. I had this feeling like we were being followed. Were you sent by Mysterious to destroy us?

Dark Boo: No. On the contrary, I'm here to help you.

G.G: What?

Dark Boo: You see, I also wish to awaken the Mystic God Yoshi, but instead I want to harness his power to change the world.

G.G: So you wanna betray the Holy Nightmare?

Koopa 13: And you've been using us as your guide?

Dark Boo: It would seem you're a lot smarter then I thought. Yes, I guess you can say I have been ďusingĒ you, but only to help you awaken the God Yoshi.

G.G: And what do you mean by change the world?

Dark Boo: I want to use the Mystic God Yoshiís power to conquer the real world, escape from the realm of dreams, and become the supreme ruler of both the world of dreams and reality. So heroes, take the fruit before you, and I can help you get the last one with out you having to go through another chapter; and together we can rule the world.

G.G: ... No.

Dark Boo: What?

Koopa 13: You think you can help, but we will never join you in world domination.


Dark Boo: Heh heh heh! Well said, heroes, but I'm afraid that refusing is not an option. If you will not join me then-

He flies into the air and slams at our heroes, who jump out of the way.

Dark Boo: I will have to destroy you and take the fruit by force.

Koopa 13: You want it? Letís see you try.

Dark Boo suddenly makes a scary face and paralyses our three heroes.



Chompy: BARK... BARK!

Dark Boo: You fools forget Dark Boos are the scariest thing youíll find in this world. You should have thought better, but now I will be taking that fruit of yours.

As Dark Boo approaches, the ground starts glowing and energy stats flowing through our heroes' bodyies.

G.G: Woah! Whatís happening to us?

Suddenly a beam of light comes out of G.G. and strikes down Dark Boo.


Dark Boo falls to the ground.

G.G: Woah! What just happened?

Koopa 13: Did you do that, G.G?

G.G: No, Chompy?

Chompy: Nuh uh.

Owl: That was your true hidden skills.

The owl appears on the windowsill.

Owl: This Island was made from the light in the God Yoshi's heart, and you are the heroes who were chosen to save this island using the light in your hearts. By fighting for what you know is right, you have learned how to control the power of light that made this island.

G.G: Wow! Sweet!

Owl: Now only one more fruit remains. Take the fruit before you and get the remaining fruit.

G.G: Right.

G.G. takes the fruit from its pedestal and the flash returns once more.

???: Wasteland, in the wasteland is the bridge to the realm of light.

When the flash clears, the heroes have disappeared, leaving Dark Boo by himself.

Dark Boo: I can't believe this.

??: Well well. Dark Boo, donít you look pathetic.

Mysterious and Lob-omb appear in front of Dark Boo.

Dark Boo: Mysterious, you tricked me. You said they were bound by the islandís power and would not be able to harness their true power here.

Mysterious: Yes, I told you that, but I was lying. I knew about your treason against me so I told you that in order to dispose of you once and for all. I mean, after all, Dark Boos can't handle the light, can they?


When Dark Boo tries to take out Mysterious, his leader blasts him with an energy blast and disintegrates him.

Mysterious: Lob-omb, I'm leaving you to dispose of the heroes once and for all.

Lob omb: Yes sir.

Lob-omb disappears in a flash of light.

Mysterious: These heroes are a lot stronger than I thought. Perhaps now I can finally use my full power at last.

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