The Mystic Journey

By Double G Goomba and koopa 13

Prologue: The Dream Island

The story begins on a boat as our heroes ride off to distant lands.

G.G: Ah, the deep blue sea. It always looks nice when youíre traveling by boat.

Koopa 13: Ugh, it makes me seasick.cough

Chompy: Bark bark?

G.G: Donít you remember? We have to go to a distant land to do an exclusive Interview with a source that won't come to the Interview show.

Koopa 13: Well I hope he doesnít cramp our style.

G.G: Hey boatman, are we there yet?

Boatman: We will be there in two hours. Just wait a little while and watch the waves go back and forth back and forth.

Koopa 13: Oh, I think Iím going to be sick.

Koopa 13 goes over to the side, where odd sounds can be heard.

Koopa 13: Ogggg.

As the boat continues, the sky turns gray and thunder and lightning can be heard and seen in the sky.

G.G: Oh man, if that lightning strikes we're, finished.

Koopa 13: Boatman, get us out of here.

Boatman: Donít worry, the chances of the lightning hitting us is a million to one.

The lightning hits the boat and sets the top on fire.

Chompy: Uh oh.

Another lightning bolt strikes. As it does it covers the boat in a flash of light. When it clears the scene transfers to a bedroom, where our three heroes are sleeping in separate beds.

G.G: Zzzzzzzz- Huh? Ugh, what the?

G.G. looks around the room.

G.G: Hey guys, wake up.

Koopa 13: *yawn* Where are we?

Chompy: WhatÖ what, whoís there?! Guards!

Suddenly a Goomba girl with long, blond hair enters the room.

???: Oh good, you're awake.

G.G: Who are you?

Goombette: I'm Goombette, nice to meet you.

Chompy: Bark bark.

Goombette: Where are you? Why, youíre on Mystic Island.

G.G: Mystic Island?

Goombette: Yeah, I found you guys washed up on the beach.

Koopa 13: ...

G.G: Oh, thatís right, the lightning struck our boat and thatís all I remember. Wait did you carry us all the way from the beach to here?

Goombette: No, my big brother Koopey helped carry you. Right, Big Bro?

A big, buff Koopa walks in.

Koopey: Ya.

Goombette: It wasnít hard, right?

Koopely: Ya.

Koopa 13: Is it that all you say?

Koopley: Ya.

G.G: So where are we right now?

Goombette: This is Mystic Village, a nice, peaceful village.

Our three heroes go outside and see the peaceful town full of happy Goombas, Koopas, and Bob-ombs.

Chompy: Bark bark.

G.G: Yeah, this place IS peaceful.

Koopa 13: In fact, it is paradise.

Goombette: This town, as well as this island, has always been peaceful. At least it was until a week ago when a bunch of monsters and ghoulies started to show up somehow.

Koopa 13: Monsters and ghoulies? Sounds like we have another adventure on our hands.

G.G: Forget that, we have to get off this island and- OH NO!

Chompy: Bark bark.

G.G: My bat! I lost my baseball bat! I can't find it on my person!

Koopa 13: Calm down. Iíll let you use the stick.

Koopa 13 gives him an old stick, which G.G. breaks into two over Koopa 13ís head.

G.G: You donít understand, that bat is my arms and legs! I need it in order to fight.

Goombette: Well if you washed up on the beach then itís probably there.

G.G: Well then let's go to the beach then.

At the beach...

G.G: Ah, there it is, my good old bat.

G.G. picks up the bat.

???: Ah, so youíre the one who owns that bat.

Suddenly an owl appears on a tree behind them.

Koopa 13: Is that him? Is that Kaebora Gaebora from the Ocarina of Time? What are you doing here?

Owl: I happened to notice you when you washed up on the beach, plus I couldnít miss that item that the Goomba was holding.

G.G: Oh, you mean this?

He pulls out a blue ocarina.

Koopa 13: What good is an ocarina? This isnít Zelda.

G.G: I took it from the guy in the green dress when we were in Hyrule.

Owl: As I thought, you three are the chosen ones bound to save this island.

Chompy: Bark bark.

Owl: There is a legend that when monsters start to appear on this island, three heroes will appear to awaken the mystic Yoshi god who created this island, in order to bring about peace.

G.G: I donít care, we have to get off this island. Letís get going, guys.

Owl: Unfortunately, you canít leave this island.

G.G: Says who?

Owl: Just try throwing this rock across the ocean as far as you can.

G.G. picks up a rock and throws, only to have it hit him from behind.

G.G: What the?

He throws another rock and it hits him in the back of the head. Then he tries throwings a bigger rock, which also hits him in the back of the head.

Owl: The only way for you to leave is to awaken the mystic Yoshi god. Nothing else will work.

Chompy: Bark bark?

Owl: The reason for this will come clear to you later. For now you must head for the wind temple west of here, and you shall find that which will help you.

The owl flies off.

Koopa 13: The wind temple, huh? Letís get going, then. Waddayou say?

G.G: Well I guess we have no choice.

Chompy: Bark bark.

G.G: Right, time for another adventure.

As our heroes heads to the wind temple, an evil figure lurks in the hills.

???: So these are the heroes, huh?

An evil man with purple skin and wearing a sombrero and a black cape is standing in the tree.

???: Master Mysterious, did you call us?

A white Bob-omb suddenly appears.

Mysterious: Yes, call all the other members here, Lob-omb.

Lob-omb blows on a whistle.

Lob-omb: Holy Nightmare, form up!

Suddenly each and every member appears in a stylish way. In a burst of flames, a Goomba with fire for hair appears. In a gust of wind appears a Koopa with a tornado for legs. In a strike of lightning appears a purple Clubba with electricity for hair. Emerging from the ground comes a Hammer Bro made out of rock. From a little puddle of water emerges a blue Lakitu with red hair; and then in a smoke of darkness appears a Dark Boo.

Mysterious: State your names.

Blazing Goomba: I am Blazing Goomba, master of the flames.

Cyclos: I am Cylos Koopa, the summoner of winds.

Kracko: Kracko Clubba, user of lightning.

Lakeitu: Lakeitu, mistress of water.

Rocky: Rocky, Hammer Bro of earth.

Dark Boo: Dark Boo, on void of the darkness.

Lob-omb: The evil light, Lob-omb.

All: And together we are, the Holy Nightmare crew.

Mysterious: Very good everyone, now listen up. It would seem that the heroes have finally arrived to destroy our plans of making this island into our perfect nightmare world. We must destroy these heroes at all costs in order to prevent the mystic god Yoshi from awakening. Understand?

Holy Nightmare: Yes sir!

Mysterious: Good, now return to you positions. Be on the look out for a Goomba with spikey red hair wearing sunglasses, a Koopa with a blue shell, and a Chain Chomp with shiny, razor teeth.

And with that, they all leave except for Kracko.

Mysterious: Is something wrong, Kracko?

Kracko: No, nothing.

Mysterious: Good, you have your orders.

Mysterious leaves.

Kracko: (So G.G, we finally get to meet again. I have long awaited the day when I can finally take my revenge on you.)

Chapter 1: The Ghost of the Wind Temple

Our three heroes are standing on a hill looking down at another village.

G.G: It looks like the wind temple is somewhere in that village.

Koopa 13: When we get there we have to ask if any of these folks know about the Yoshi god.

Chompy: Bark bark bark.

Owl: So you made it in one piece.

The owl flies onto a branch near the threesome.

G.G: Oh, itís you again.

Owl: In this town you will find an odd bunch of Toads. They are peaceful but are also very cautious as well.

He turns his head sideways.

G.G: How did you do that?!

Koopa 13: That could have broken your neck.

Owl: Although you may be entering in the name of peace, they may try to attack you since you are not a Toad like them.

Chompy: Bark bark?

He turns his head upside down.


Koopa 13: I think its distracting us.

Owl: This town only lets Toads enter. Anything else that enters is considered a monster, so you will have to negotiate with them.

His head falls off.


Koopa 13 UH...

Chompy: EEEEK.

Owl Head: Now go, and find that temple.

He puts his head back on and flies away. Our three heroes enter the town.

G.G: Hey, where is everyone?

Koopa 13: Hello, is anyone present at the moment?!

Chompy: bark bark.

G.G: Whatís up, Chompy?

He points to a bag of coins.

G.G: Dude, jackpot.

Koopa 13: Now we can buy every house in Poshley Heights.

As our heroes go over to the bag, G.G. stops.

G.G: Wait, this is too easy. Not even a Toad will leave a bag of coins out just like that.

G.G. throws a stick onto one of the bags and reveals a net to trap the bag.

G.G: I knew it, itís a trap.

Koopa 13: Phew. That was too close for comfort.

???: Hold it.

Suddenly, a bunch off Toads start to come from all sides of the heroes, surrounding them with spears.

G.G: Uh oh.

Koopa 13: I think it's safe to say they are not happy with us being here.

G.G: So, anyone got any bright ideas?

Koopa 13: Maybe one of us should try communicating with them, like the owl said.

Chompy: Bark bark.

Toads: Shut up, monsters. We won't let you kidnap anyone anymore.

G.G: What are you talking about? Do we look like monsters?

Koopa 13: Take a look at us. What do we look like to you?

As the villager look at the three heroes, Chompy gives them a smile with his sharp, shiny teeth.


G.G: Well that doesnít seem to have worked. I guess there is but one thing to do, SIC 'EM, CHOMPY!

Chompy tackles a Toad to the ground and rams him into a house.

Koopa 13: What are you guys doing?!

Toad Villager 5: ATTACK!!!

G.G: Here they come.

Koopa 13: Mamamia.

As the Toads come at the heroes, G.G. ducks as one of them slashes at him with a spear. G.G. uppercuts the Toad and slams him into another one, taking an attack position. Meanwhile Chompy puts Koopa 13 into his mouth and spits him into a bunch of Toads that come at them. He then charges up and super spits him into a bunch of Toads and knocks them over domino-style. As he lands back he charges up and rams into the Toads. G.G. does a backflip as a Toad slashes at him, kicking him as he does so, and as he lands he knocks a Toad off his feet and slams him into another and knocks the two Toads onto the floor.

G.G: Ugh, there are too many of them.

Koopa 13: We're cornered, what do we do now?

Chompy: Whine whine.

The Toads pick up their spears and prepare to attack, when suddenlyÖ

???: Thatís enough!

A fat Toad wearing a turban on his head approaches.

Chief: I am Chief Toad, the leader of this tribe of Toads. Evil intruders, I ask you, why do come to attack us?

G.G: For the last time, we're not monsters!

Koopa 13: Yeah, we only came to ask for help when you had your Toads attack us.

Chompy: Bark bark.

Chief: So you're not here to attack us?

G.G. Crew: NO!

Chief: Oh dear me. My apologies, friends. We have been having some problems with the monsters lately. Tell me, what brings you here to our village?

G.G: Give 'im the rundown, Chompy.

Chompy: Bark bark.

A few minutes later...

Chief: I see. So youíre the legendary heroes who are here to awaken the mystic god Yoshi. Well, my friends, I should tell you, he isnít in the wind temple.


G.G: He isnít in there?

Chief: No, he lives up there.

The chief points to a giant Yoshi egg sitting on top of a mountain off in the distance.

G.G: Woah. That Yoshi egg is huge.

Koopa 13: How are we going to get up there?

Chompy: Hmmmmm.

Chief: That, my friends, is where the Mystic God Yoshi sleeps.

G.G: Man, I'm totally lost right now.

Chief: You guys just arrived on the Island, didnít you?

They nod their heads.

Chief: Then I guess I should tell you all the story of Mystic Island and the Mystic God Yoshi. Gather around, everyone, we're going to tell the story.

The Toad villagers gather around the chief and sit down for a story.

Chief: AhemÖ

Long ago, when the world was still being created, the gods of the heavens - the Goomba god, the Koopa god, the Boo god, and the Yoshi god - brought life to the world. After all life was created the mystic god Yoshi decided to descend upon the realm they had created. There he created an Island of his dreams. The Island he made was a peaceful Island made from the realm of his dreams, his perfect land, Mystic Island. After Mystic Island was made the Mystic God Yoshi put himself into a long slumber so that he could watch the Island in his dreams. He left behind several scrolls that would tell the inhabitants what they would need to know. One of the scrolls read ďIf this Island would be inhabited by darkness three heroes will rise to awaken me and bring back peace to this Island.Ē So reads the ancient scroll of the Yoshi god...

Chief: And that is the story.

G.G: Wow, thatís some story.

Koopa 13: Zzzzzzzzzzzzz.


Chief: And the story goes on from there. It says that in order for the heroes to awaken the Yoshi god they must gather the holy fruit and offer it to his egg.

G.G: So that is why the owl wanted us to go to the wind temple.

Chief Toad: Yes, one of the fruit is within the wind temple, although we have some problem concerning it. As of late the monsters have come to the village and have kidnapped the girls of our village. Already ten of them have already been kidnapped. Amongst them was my daughter. We have tried our hardest to rescue them, but the monsters are too strong and we can only do so much.

G.G: Well, then we can go rescue them and get the fruit all in one blow.

Chief: You would really do that?

G.G: Itís not like a bunch of scaredly cat Toads can do it, right guys?

Koopa 13: Yeah, for sure we will succeed where the Toads have failed.

Chompy: Bark bark.

Chief: We thank you for this.

G.G: All right, then letís go, but first...

G.G. grabs the cash from the net.

G.G: Ha HA, suckers.

And so, after going through the woods from the Toad village, the three heroes arrive at last at the wind temple.

G.G: Well, here we are the wind temple.

Koopa 13: That canít be good.

Chompy: Bark bark.

Suddenly a bunch of monsters jump in front of the three of them.

Goblin 1: Well lookee here, boys, it looks like these punks want to come inside our wind temple.

G.G: First of all, this is not your temple, and second of all, you'd better get out of our way before we hurt you.

Koopa 13: Yeah, we are the ultimate fighting squad.

Chompy: Bark bark.

Goul: Ha ha ha, you actually think you can take us? You got guts, but anyway, time to start crying, kiddies.

A few seconds later, we see the monsters beaten and stacked in a pile.

G.G: Stupid monsters.

Koopa 13: Now you know never to mess with us.

As our heroes enter the wind temple, a gust of wind starts to blow at them. They quickly grab onto Chompy as he leads them to giant hole.

G.G: Great, how are we supposed to cross?

Koopa 13: Hmmmmm. Maybe if Chompy were light enough we would have easily crossed.

Chompy: Bark bark.

G.G: Wait a minute.

G.G. pulls out a piece of paper.

G.G: All right everyone, grab on to me. Iím gonna use this paper to float us across.

Chompy: What?!

Koopa 13: I doubt you could fit us into a small paper.

G.G. throws it on the ground and it turns into huge magic carpet.

Koopa 13: How did ya do that?

G.G: I took it from a guy I know.


Aladdin: I can travel the world, see the-

He falls over a cliff.

Aladdin: Ow! Why have you failed me carpet?!

As the G.G. crew go across the gap and dodge all the monsters that come at them, the three heroes arrive in a room full of sleeping Toad girls.

G.G: These must be the missing Toad girls.

Koopa 13: Toad girls?

G.G: Yeah, the oneís that got kidnapped. The fruit should be here too, so-

???: Eh heh heh hehe he.

Suddenly Cacklettaís ghost appears over a Toad girl lying on a stone bed.

Cackletta: Finally I found a perfect body for me.

G.G: Itís Cackletta!

Koopa 13: That soul of yours in that Toad girl makes you look uglier than you usually do.

Cackelleta: So those Toads in the village decided to bring in reinforcements, huh? Fools. You donít seem to realize who youíre messing with. Now that I have this new body, I can conquer the world!

Chompy: Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Cackelleta: Eh Heh heh heh heh. Very well then, see the new power that this body has given me. GET THEM!

Suddenly all the Toad girls wake up and come toward the three heroes with weapons in hand.

G.G: Sheís using her new body to control the Toad girls.

Koopa 13: They should be no match for us.

G.G: After all, women canít fight for anything.

A Toad girl hits G.G. over the head with a shovel.

G.G: Ow! All right, you want to mess with us? Then so be it.

Chompy: Bark bark.

G.G: What do you mean we canít hurt them because they're being controlled? Itís easy.

G.G. tries to attack one of them, but he stops.

G.G: Darn it, why canít I hit her?

They are suddenly backed into a corner.

G.G: We're trapped.

Koopa 13: What do we do, call an ambulance?

In an act of desperation, G.G. blows on the Ocarina of Time and makes a loud, annoying noise that makes the Toad girls fall to the floor in pain.

Chompy: Yipe yipe yipe!!!

Koopa 13: Smart thinking, G.G.


Suddenly Cackletta's soul comes out from the body and disappears.

Toad Girl 4: Huh? Where am I?

G.G: Well it looks like this ocarina turned them all back to normal.

Koopa 13: But how did it do that?

Chompy: Bark bark.

G.G: Yeah, youíre right, for now we should get that fruit thing and get out of here.

Toad Girl 2: LOOK OUT!

Suddenly a beam of wind flies over their heads.

???: So you managed to defeated Cackletta, did you? You are indeed heroes.

Suddenly Cyclos appears behind them.

G.G: Who in the world are you?

Cyclos: My name is Cyclos, I am one of the memberís of the Holy Nightmare that controls the monsters of this island.

Chompy: Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Cyclos: I was hoping that I could have Cackletta use the new body that I gave her to defeat you and get me the sacred fruit, but it would seem that this task was beyond her.

G.G: So youíre the one who kidnapped all the Toad girls from the village.

Cyclos: Yes, but now that Cackletta has failed to defeat you, I will have to take care of you myself.

Koopa 13: Iíve been looking forward to this day to defeat you, Koopa nemesis.

G.G: You say that to all the Koopas.

Cyclos: Now then, let it begin.

Cyclos comes at our three heroes and shoots a gust of wind at them, but they jump into the air. G.G. rams his head into him, then Koopa 13 circles around him at blazing speed and prepares to ram, but only manages to fail and fall down with his legs twisted. Cyclos then blasts him with a gust of wind, but Chompy grabs him in his mouth and spits him into Cyclos, knocking him backwards. Cyclose does a backflip as G.G. tries to hit him. He catches G.G. in a cyclone and makes him fly backwards. Then Koopa 13 rolls with his shell as he charges, bounces up and down on Cyclos, and then elbows him into G.G, who kicks him to the ground.

Cyclos: *cough...* So you managed to best me, did you? It doesnít matter, six other members like me are still out there. They are going to get you and will destroy you with-

Cyclos faints and his body disappears in a gust of wind. As he does, a bright light shines down from the other room.

G.G: What is that?

Koopa 13: Is that the fruit that we heard about earlier?

Chompy: Bark bark.

Our heroes enter the room and see a shiny, golden apple sitting on a pedestal.

G.G: Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooah!!!

Koopa 13: If we collect the other ones, we will awaken him.

Chompy: Bark bark.

G.G: Right.

G.G. picks up the golden apple and the room fills with a white light.

Voice: Valley, in a flaming valley you will find those who need your aid.

As the white light clears, the three heroes and the Toad girls reappear in the Toad village.

Chief Toad: Oh my lovely daughter, you have returned to me. Thank you, heroes, we're grateful to you for your help.

Koopa 13: So that was your daughter?

G.G: That must be why Cackletta was able to control all the other Toads when she possessed her body.

Chief Toad: In order to thank you, I propose that you marry my daughter.

She smiles with her yellow, rotten teeth.

G.G: Uh, actually weÖ WHAT'S THAT OVER THERE?!

The three run out of the village.

G.G: Phew, that was close. So anyway, this fruit must be one of the seven we need to collect in order to wake the mystic thingamajiger.

Koopa 13: I wonder where we go next?

The owl appears on a branch next to them.

Owl: Well done. You seem to have successfully been able to get the fruit. The next one should be in Flame Nalley, north of here. Go there and find the next fruit.

He turns his head backwards.

G.G: Stop doing that!!!

Koopa 13: Owl dude, I think you can stop now.

Chompy: Bark bark.

Owl: Now, go to the next area and find the fruit.

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