Furyís Revenge

By Fawful the Waffle

Part 3: The Prophesy

Planet of the Shroobs, Future

???: Mario! Luigi! Wake up!

Mario and Luigi woke with a start. They were in a cave with a controlled fire as the only source of light. But it lit up the entire room.

???: Good thing Iíve found you! I knew the time would soon come when you could not be saved...

Luigi: Who are you?

???: Iím sorry, my name is Profasy. I am an inhabitant of this planet.

Mario: But you are not a Shroob! Youíre a human!

Profasy: Are there not more inhabitants on your planet than just humans? Itís the same for every planet. And no, I am not a human, but very close. I am known as a hurg. Our only difference is how we grow. I, for instance, became full grown in two years. You humans take maybe 20 years to be full grown.

Luigi: Where are there more hurgs?

Profasy sighed.

Profasy: There are none, besides me. Well, none still thinking for themselves. Theyíve all been brainwashed.

Mario: By the Shroobs.

Profasy: No, Mario. The Shroobs arenít evil, except the royalty; just ruthless. The ones that came to your world were the army. The army is Shroobs that are a little crazy and violent. The hurgs have been controlled by something much worse...

Mushroom Kingdom

Peach: Are you sure?

Twink: Iím sorry, Peach. I looked again and again, and I couldnít find anything. Iím sorry.

Eclair: You will have to go back to the Shroob world.

Peach: Oh, well keep the Babies here...

Then Twink started groaning in pain and fell to the floor.

Eclair: Twink! Are you all right?

The Babies picked up the book of spells and started playing with it.

Peach: Twink? Can you speak?

Twink: I feel it... Itís all coming... back... The prophesy... Look for that name... Profasy...

Twink got up and breathed hard.

Twink: Something happened to me. Remember before when I found Mario?

Peach: And you were hurt...

Twink: I couldnít remember why I was hurt... Now Iím starting to remember. Go back to Lewfuts. Thatís the name of the Shroob planet. Lewfuts. Look for Profasy. Sheís a hurg... Itís like a human.

So Peach nodded and jumped into the time hole.

Lewfuts Present

Fawful looked at the scroll of paper one more time. The words on it were starting to make sense. It was all coming together.

As it should.

Fawful stepped out of the small, battered building and walked away back to the kingdom.

* * *

Peach jumped out of the time hole and walked towards her castle. When she went in, she ran up to the guard.

Peach: Where is the place that a hurg might reside?

Shroob Guard: Why would you want to put yourself in danger?

Peach: I need to talk to one of them.

Shroob Guard: Itís directly behind the castle.

So Peach walked there and came to a cave.

Profasy: I will read you the prophesy now...

Thrice you have attacked and have been beaten
The time has come to follow this list
Fury go to 2nd place meetiní
Of color red and green, their memories in mist

Take the youth and give to Princess,
Now reborn, or so it seemed,
This princess is an enemy.

Her name a fruit and she bravely changed,
Into her most demised and loathed,
To save youth and go into city of deranged.
Her journey of this ends when given youth, both.

Little does she know,
Youth given by her foe,
Is one who will power into grow.

The princess is shocked to hear:
She is stuck as princess anew.
But then that teller faints, as if struck from the rear.
Groan he will and tell to sometime to find, and who.

The who is with the brothers old.
The who has saved them from their place of mold,
Her thoughts as pure as gold.

The teller of bad news is regaining conscious,
Of he was hurt and in pain.
And how a demised is being launched,
His memories, driving him insane.

He was once beauty split into many parts
Then trapped in conditions he had to swelter
Then collected, by pure hearts,
Was used as a time welder.

Fury has switched the spells.
That is how the ending is done
Find the other spell.
Before fury brings back who has been undone

Mario: Who made that prophesy?

Profasy: No one made the prophesy; it was told, and it was told by me. Hurgs are magical creatures. Someone is named for something he or she is destined to do. My name is Profasy, which sounds strikingly similar to what I tell, prophesies. I was chosen for this when I was born, and have had the special gift of predicting the future. But I cannot change the course of the future; I am just able to see it. I have trances where I ramble off a prophesy, and every one has been true.

Luigi: What do we do?

Profasy smiled.

Peach: Mario? Luigi?

Mario: MAMAMIA! Itís... Itís...

Profasy: Princess Peach. She has been changed, by her own choice.

Luigi: Princess?

Peach: Luigi! Mario!

Mario: Princess!

Profasy: Well, now that we are all together, it is time to plan. We need to bring down the greater enemy. But that enemy is not on this planet, as one might think, but in a neighboring kingdom, one that all of you have visited before.

Peach: You donít mean...

Profasy: The Beanbean Kingdom.

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