Furyís Revenge

By Fawful the Waffle

Part 1: Planet of the Shroobs

The Shroobs had just been defeated by Mario and Co. What do we usually do when Mario has a huge victory? Party, of course!

Peach had a huge party in her castle, with everyone who wanted to come invited! She, Mario and Luigi, Princess Éclair, and the star kid Twink were there. It took a long time to set things up, but they sure had a whole lot of fun setting up. As you probably have guessed because I am telling a story about it, though, something at the party will go drastically wrong.

The day of the party...

The party was a huge success at the beginning. So many people showed up, and they all had a lot of fun.

Then there was a great shake. The castle floor shook and shook, but nothing fell or collapsed.

Peach: Mario and Luigi, please go down to the sewers to investigate the shaking.

They did. They went down and down until they reached a network of pipes, but they found nothing. They were just about to leave when they noticed a hole in a pipe. They went in and looked at either side. The Brothers saw a time hole on one side. The other side was an entrance to the pipe. They ran upstairs, yelling a bit too much.

Mario: A time hole!

Luigi: In the sewer!

They ran up to Princess Peach and kept on yelling.

Mario: Pipes being used by-

Luigi: Time holes!

Peach: Oh no! In my castle!

Éclair: How?

Twink: I need to get that book!

Luigi: Book?

Twink: I used to make time holes to help Mario defeat Prince Shoib.

Peach: Where is the book?

Twink: In a castle of some sort. Not this one, however.

Éclair: My castle!

Twink: I bet so. We should go to your castle and get that book!

Éclair: Ok, Star Kid, let's go to my castle.

Before they could do so, there was a bright flash, and the Brothers were gone.

An unknown place...

Mario and Luigi were in a jail cell. They looked around and saw a window. They looked out the window, and couldnít believe what they saw.

Mushroom Castle...

That isnít what they saw. They saw something else. I will tell you later.

Peach: Mario! Luigi!

Éclair: TheyíreÖ

Twink: Gone.

Thatís when something burst out of the Mushroom Castle floor. He stopped in midair. He was also carrying two babies.


He then pointed at the hole he made and a time hole appeared where the hole was. He rushed into it, and disappeared.

Back in the unknown place...

The Mario Bros. saw a purple planet with Shroobs all around. They were walking, some big, some small, some fat, some skinny, some strong, and some weak. Hundreds of them. Thousands! The Brothers looked away from the window, shaking. They were on the Planet of the Shroobs.

But how?

The Mushroom Castle...

Peach: Éclair, you and Twink still go to the castle and get that book. Iím going into that time hole.

She took a deep breath, and jumped into the time hole.

Éclair: Letís go, Twink.

And they ran off. The guests were left confused.

The other side of Peachís time hole...

It was dark and cold. She walked forward and all of a sudden she could see. She saw Baby Mario and Baby Luigi sitting and crying. How did she not see or hear them before? She ran to them.

Peach: Oh, Babies, itís ok.

And they stopped crying. Then the new threat came in. He had fury.

His name was Fawful.

Fawful: I HAVE FURY!!! You of red and you of green, you give me fury, finkrats!

He ran over and took the Babies.

Fawful: I will take you, finkrats, to a jail cell where you will spend the remainder of your life, while doing slave labor as well. Your life will not be a good one.

He looked at Peach.

Fawful: You bring me fury, pink one! But I will leave you alone. Leave, or stay here on the Shroobs' planet, filled with plentiful of Shroobs.

Chestnut Kingdom...

Twink: I found the book!

While picking it up, he dropped it and it opened to a new page. The new page said, ďHow to become a Shroob and backĒ. Éclair glanced at it.

Éclair: Why would anyone do that?

Twink: Iím not sure, but we still need that book. Letís take it and look at it later.

They did just that.

Mushroom Castle...

Peach decided to go back into the time hole once the Babies were taken. She needed help, and she couldnít do it by herself. Éclair and Twink burst into the castle just as Peach returned from the time hole.

Éclair: Peach! We got the book!

Twink: And we found a spell that you can turn you into a Shroob!

Peach stared at him.

Peach: I think I need that spellÖ

Éclair: Why?

Peach: I am going to become a Shroob, go to their planet, and save the Babies.

Part 2: The Next Princess Shroob

Twink hesitated, then sighed and handed Peach the book.

Peach: Iím sorry, but I canít read thisÖ

Twink took it back and read it.

Twink: It says to say ďShroob take me and behold me and I will beÖĒ I donít want to say the rest, or else Iíll turn into a Shroob. The final word I left out is the word you.

Peach took a deep breath.

Peach: Shroob take me and behold me and I will be you.

Nothing happened immediately. Then she started turning purple, with light blue spots appearing too. Then her head turned into a Mushroom, her hands changed into claws, her eyes got big and red, and her mouth became an oval.

And so became the next Princess Shroob.

Peach: Iím not a normal Shroob, I look like the princess!

Éclair: Itís frightening!

Twink: It looks so familiar, even though Iíve never seen a Shroob princess!

Peach: I donít feel very different. Let me see that book.

Twink handed Peach the book.

Peach: Hey! I can read it now! Here, keep it, Iím going back through the time hole. When I come back with the Babies, I want to see that book and look for a spell that changes me back.

She handed the book back to Twink and jumped into the Time Hole.

Planet of the Shroobs...

When Peach jumped out of the time hole, it was all dark again. She took a step forward and she could see, and hear the busy sounds of, this Shroob city. The building seemed a little older, though. She looked for a door, found one, and went through.

It was just like Toad Town on a scale multiplied by 1,000. It was huge. Tall buildings climbed towards the pitch black sky and there were so many Shroobs walking around the town, all different sizes, just like humans.

And she was going into it.

She took a deep breath and stepped out into the city.

Immediately she was noticed.

Shroob: The other Princess Shroob! You live! You live!

Other Shroobs: The princess lives! We still have royalty!

This was something she hadnít thought of. She had realized she looked like the Princess Shroob, but she completely forgot that that princess was dead and she looked just like her. This was bad.

Shroobs: The princess lives! We still have royalty!

So they all marched along the street, with Peach being dragged along.

Planet of the Shroobs, Past...

Fawful: I shall keep you Babies of doom in a jail cell for the rest of your lives! You shall stay there, getting a jar of mustard of doom for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! I HAVE FURY!!!

He threw the Babies into a jail and locked it up. He started to walk away and then turned around.

Fawful: FINKRATS!!!

The Babies started to cry. But no one was there to hear or help them.

Fawful was walking down the hall away from the Babies. He then took out a book, followed the instructions on a certain page, which involved purple Shroob powder, and once he was finished, he sent it to the heroes' enemy. The plan was going fine.

Planet of the Shroobs, Future...

Luigi: Mario, I felt like we have been here a long time, but I donít remember any of it. All I remember is a bright light during the partyÖ

Then the door to their cell opened. Somone stepped in, took out a little machine, and pushed a button on the side, causing gas to come out. The Brothers were asleep in seconds.

Planet of the Shroobs, Present...

Everything was fit for luxury. It was all high-class, for a princess, so it almost suited her perfectly. The almost being, of course, that she really wasnít Princess Shroob.

She was sitting on the king-sized bed in her third Master Bedroom. She was thinking. She was certainly in a tight spot, and it wouldnít be an easy one to get out of. She needed to stay here, save the Babies (wherever they were), and go back to the Mushroom Kingdom and turn back into Peach.

Mushroom Kingdom...

Twink: I bet when Peach gets back, she wonít need to be a Shroob any longer, so I'd better start looking through this book for a spell to change her back.

Éclair wasnít paying attention. She was distracted by Mario Party, because it was her turn.

Twink: Right?

Éclair: Sure.

*A Quick Note by the Author*

This is probably very confusing right now, so Iíll tell you where everyone is in place and time in the story:

Twink and Princess Éclair are in the Mushroom Kingdom

Baby Mario and Baby Luigi are on the Planet of the Shroobs, past.

Peach, disguised as Princess Shroob, is on the Planet of the Shroob, present.

Mario and Luigi are on the Planet of the Shroobs, future.

I hope that makes everything a bit more clear. But very soon some of that will change, so just a headís up. Now back to the story.

Planet of the Shroobs, Present

Fawful decided to go back to the present time so that he wasnít in the wrong place in time. He had just stepped out of the building when he heard the news.

Shroob: Princess Shroob lives! She lives!

Fawful immediately got an idea. He decided to rush back to the past, grab the Babies, and take them to the present. He did it so fast, I donít have time to say it in scene breaks.

So, with the Babies hidden, he went up to the princess castle and asked to speak to Princess Shroob.

Shroob Guard: Why might you require to see the princess?

Fawful: I have brought her a gift she most surely will enjoy. I am, actually, her assistant. Iím Fawful, you finkrat. Now let me in.

Shroob Guard: Go right on ahead.

Peach was just heading down to the foyer while getting a look around the whole castle. And of course Fawful chose that minute to come in.

Fawful: Oh, your blessed majesty, I've brought you part of your supposed downfall.

Peach: Well, let me see them.

Fawful handed her the Babies.

Peach was astounded. Her mission was complete, simple as that. She had got the Babies, and that might also save Mario and Luigi.

Fawful: I am glad to give the gift of red and green, which bring fury. I will leave you.

Fawful left.

Peach immediately ran out the door, holding the Babies, to the building where the time hole was. She jumped in.

Mushroom Kingdom...

Peach jumped put of the time hole.

Peach: Éclair! Twink! Iíve got the babies!

They both looked at each other and got up and walked over.

Peach: Is something wrong? Well, now that Iíve got the Babies, can you change me back?

Éclair: Thatís the problemÖ

They looked at each other.

Twink: I looked through this book many times. There is no spell that can change you back to your normal self.

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