The Amazing Race MK

By Giga Bowser NS

EPISODE 2: Destination: Rogueport
Title: Let’s get off this old tub!

Phil, Narrating: Previously on the Amazing Race MK…

Mario and Luigi got a beautiful lead in the beginning that was soon thwarted by Peach and Daisy. Toadette injured her wrist, slightly handicapping that team, but not for long. Bowser and DK furiously fought for the lead, leaving Diddy and Bowser Jr. in the snow. In the end, King Boo and Boo, Goombella and Prof. Frankly, and Wario and Waluigi made it to the Pitstop, leaving Grodus and Lord Crump lost in wacky places. They never recovered, and reached the Pitstop when teams were already departing for this leg. As a result, they were eliminated. Now, only 10 teams remain, awaiting what will happen to them, and who will be eliminated next.

The title theme plays, showing a Red X over Grodus and Lord Crump’s section.

Phil: This is Shiver City, a wondrous Winter Wonderland. As snow falls, tourists look around at the marvelous buildings and eventually come to this one, The Mayor’s House. This house was the first Pitstop in a race around the MK. Teams arrived here for a 12-hour mandatory rest period. Peach and Daisy, who were the first to arrive at 7:42 PM, will depart at 7:42 AM.

Peach: Let’s go!

Daisy: Is that Grodus arriving just now?

Both: Hahahahahahahaha!!!

Peach: Make your way west of the village and down to the waterfront, you will find your next clue there. You will be given some coins for this leg of the race.

Phil: Teams must now walk over this snowy hill to the west of Shiver City. What teams don’t know is there’s actually a warm beach on the other side. Teams will find their next clue here.

Mario/Luigi -- Brother Superheroes (7:45)
Mario: Down to the waterfront…

Luigi: Ok, Mr. Adventurer, guide me there!

Mario: Luigi, I only ever went there once!

Luigi And you don’t remember much about it? Darn!

Mario: There’s Peach and Daisy

Peach: We’re gonna beat you fellas a second time!

Yoshi/Pink Yoshi -- Dating (7:50)
Pink: To the waterfront we go! Yoshi, I have full confidence in you, let’s go!

***Yoshi: I would never do anything that puts Pink in danger.

Pink: Let’s go! Let’s Go!

Toad/Toadette -- Married (7:52)
Toad: Over the hill…? This shouldn’t be too hard. How’s your wrist?

Toadette: It’s almost healed. Human healers aren’t as good as the Toads at Toad Houses.

***Toadette: It’s only a fact!!!

Toad: So we’re gone go trekkin’ somewhere else… I wonder where.

Peach/Daisy -- Sister Princesses
Daisy: Finally, no more snow! It gets inside my high heels.

Mario: We haven’t been beaten yet

Peach: There’s the waterfront.

Daisy: Wow! It’s like a beach!

Peach/Daisy -- Sister Princesses 1st at the waterfront
Mario/Luigi -- Brother Superheroes 2nd
Peach: You will see in front of you 10 Koopas. Each one will give you his shell once you jump on him. Inside each shell is a departure time on the Mushroom Boat: three 8:30’s, three 9:00’s, and four 9:30’s. The boat will take you to a mystery destination.

Mario: Luigi…

Luigi: Mario…

Both: You thinking what I’m thinking?

Mario: Here We Go!!!

Yoshi/Pink Yoshi -- Dating
Yoshi: There’s a hill down to the waterfront! Let’s do the penguin!

Both Yoshis slide down the slope on their bellies

Pink: Woo! That was fun!

Yoshi: Ouch… You got the long trail of snow… I hit grass…

Pink: *suppressed snicker* Are… *snicker* Are you okay…?

Yoshi: It’s NOT funny!

Toad/Toadette -- Married
Toad: Toadette, can you handle that?

Toadette: It’s ok! Let’s go!

Toad: C’mere you little…

Yoshi/Pink Yoshi -- Dating 3rd at the waterfront
Toad/Toadette -- Married 4th
Toad: I’ll handle this, I’ve been practicing.

Yoshi/Pink Yoshi -- Dating
***Yoshi: It was too bad I couldn’t use my tongue.

Bowser/Bowser Jr. -- Father + Son (8:03)
Bowser Jr: I see a hill near the end, just put on a burst of speed ‘til we get there.

Bowser: You just go ahead, I’ll be coming.

***Bowser: I’m not the fastest competitor… but whatever…

DK/Diddy -- Best Friends (8:05)
DK: Come on, Diddy, we can beat these Koopas.

Mario/Luigi -- Brother Superheroes
Mario: I have a feeling the faster ones hold the faster time.

Luigi: I see a fast one on its back

Mario: OH! GO! GO! GO!

Peach/Daisy -- Sister Princesses
Peach: Come on! We can get the flipped one!

Mario: I got it!

Peach: Aww man!

Mario: Yeah!

Mario/Luigi -- Brother Superheroes (Departing at 8:30)

Geno/Mallow -- Famous Video Game Partners (8:09)
Mallow: Geno! Do that cool trick again with the Geno Beam.

Geno: I didn’t bring very many Flower Points with me, so I can only do it a couple more times. I think I’ll save it.

Mallow: Er…

Geno: Yeah…Where do we go?

Mallow: Hey! There’s a hill at the end.

DK/Diddy -- Best Friends 5th at the waterfront
Bowser/Bowser Jr. -- Father + Son 6th
Bowser gets a sneaky look

Bowser: Attention!

All the Koopas line up before Bowser

Bowser: Quickster, stay here; everyone else, RUN LIKE CRAZY!

Quickster: Found a loophole, eh Sire?

Bowser jumps on the Koopa

Quickster: Ouch! Good form, Sire.

Bowser/Bowser Jr. -- Father + Son (Departing at 8:30)

Yoshi/Pink Yoshi -- Dating
Yoshi: Come here, you little bugger! Gotcha!

Yoshi reaches in and pulls out a 9:00 card.

Pink: Oh no!

Yoshi/Pink Yoshi -- Dating (Departing at 9:00)
Yoshi: Hey! It’s all right, at least it wasn’t 9:30

Pink: Yeah…We’ll be okay…

Peach/Daisy -- Sister Princesses
Peach: I got one! Huff… Huff…

Daisy: Good job! You got the last early card!

Peach/Daisy -- Sister Princesses (Departing at 8:30)

King Boo/Boo -- Ghosts (8:13)
Wario/Waluigi -- Brothers (8: 13)
Goombella/Prof. Frankly -- Teacher + Star Student (8:13)
Goombella: Hmmm… Down to the waterfront

Boo: That’s where we’ll get the next clue.

Waluigi: Come on! We can beat them!

King Boo/Boo -- Ghosts
Boo and King Boo fly ahead of the pack

Geno/Mallow -- Famous Video Game Partners 7th at the waterfront
Mallow: I’ll get them! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

Geno: (rolling eyes) Coming, Mallow…

Everyone is having significant troubles getting their hands on a Koopa.

King Boo/Boo -- Ghosts 8th at the waterfront
Boo: Ehehehehe! I gotcha! I got… nothing…

Toad/Toadette -- Married
Toad: I got it! I got it! I… don’t got it!

Wario/Waluigi -- Brothers 9th at the waterfront
Goombella/Prof. Frankly -- Teacher + Star Student 10th
Waluigi: Wario, I’ve got an idea! Sshhhhhh…

Waluigi creeps up behind a Koopa and silently jumps him!

Wario: Good choice of methods!

Waluigi: Er… What? Can you repeat that?

Wario: I said you did a good stinkin’ job!

Wario/Waluigi -- Brothers (Departing at 9:00)

Everyone spies the last regular Koopa that is holding the 9:00 note.

DK/Diddy -- Best Friends
***DK: This was all ours!

The Koopa notices everyone and freaks out!


DK: Diddy! You’re faster, go get him!!!

Diddy puts on a burst of speed and jumps the Koopa with one final leap.

Diddy: Gotcha!!!

DK/Diddy -- Best Friends (Departing at 9:00)

Everyone else finally finds a Koopa.

King Boo/Boo -- Ghosts (Departing at 9:30)
Goombella/Prof. Frankly -- Teacher + Star Student (Departing at 9:30)
Geno/Mallow -- Famous Video Game Partners (Departing at 9:30)
Toad/Toadette -- Married (Departing at 9:30)

All the teams lay out on the sand to bask in the sun.

8:30 A.M.
Mario and Luigi, Peach and Daisy and Bowser and Bowser Jr. all see the boat arriving at the beach.

Mario/Luigi -- Brother Superheroes
Mario: Now where have I seen that boat before?

Peach/Daisy -- Sister Princesses
Peach: It does look vaguely familiar…

Teams board the boat as dramatic music plays…

Phil: All teams have boarded the Mushroom boat. They have no idea where they are going, or that it will take six hours to get there. They are actually going to Rogueport. When they get there, the captain will hand them a clue.

9:00 A.M.
Yoshi and Pink, Wario and Waluigi and DK and Diddy all board the second boat.

Wario/Waluigi -- Brothers
Wario: Ahhh! Finally! A chance to sit back and relax!

9:30 A.M.
Toad and Toadette, Geno and Mallow, Goombella and Prof. Frankly, and Boo and King Boo all depart the final boat and set sail.

Toad/Toadette -- Married
***Toad: I can’t believe we went from fourth to last all in one go. What went wrong?

***Toadette: We’ve got some serious catching up to do…

1:30 P.M. (Arrival of the first boat)
Mario: Oh! I knew this boat looked familiar!

Peach: Oh no! Not here again!

Captain: Here is your next clue!

Everyone rips it open.

Mario: A Roadblock!

Phil: A Roadblock is a task that only one person may perform. No person may do more than six Roadblocks on the entire race! In this Roadblock, one person must go to Don Pianta and ask him for a favor. He will tell the team member to go down to the dock and load 20 boxes onto his boat, which is waiting at port. Once done, the team member must go back to Don Pianta and he will hand them the next clue, as well as a reward. If teams lose this reward, they will have to do a small errand to get it back when it is needed.

Mario, Peach. and Bowser Jr. have chosen to do the Roadblock.

Mario -- Luigi's Partner
Mario: Lucky I know where this is!

Peach -- Daisy's Partner
Peach: Where is Don Pianta’s office?

Goomther: The west side of town inside Peeka’s Flower Power shop.

Bowser Jr. -- Bowser's Partner
Jr: Hehehehe! I’ll just follow her.

Mario -- Luigi's Partner
Peeka: Hi Mario! What color is Peach’s hair?

Mario: Yellow!

Peeka: Welcome to Don Pianta’s Office!

Don: Go to them Docks and pile up those boxes on my ship.

Mario goes down to the docks

Peach -- Daisy's Partner
Peeka: Hi! What color is Peach’s hair… Oh! You are Peach!

Peach: Hmm… I think it’s yellow?

Peeka: Hahahah! Good one! Welcome to Don’s office

Bowser Jr. -- Bowser's Partner
Peeka: What co-

Jr: Yellow!

Peeka: Welcome to Don’s-

Don: Yous two go down to tha docks and pile them boxes on my ship.

Both go to the docks and start piling

Mario -- Luigi's Partner: 10 Boxes
Peach -- Daisy's Partner: 5 Boxes
Bowser Jr. -- Bowser's Partner: 8 Boxes

2:00 P.M. (Arrival of the second boat)
Yoshi: Pink! Let’s hurry and get to the front of the boat!

Everyone gets off the boat in a huddled fashion.


Yoshi, Wario, and DK have decided to do the Roadblock.

Yoshi -- Pink Yoshi's Partner
Yoshi: Aha! Yoshi Jr. told me where this was.

Mario -- Luigi's Partner
Mario: I’m almost done, but this is the biggest box there is.

DK -- Diddy's Partner
DK: I hate cities like this! Where is this place? Hey, do you-

Goomther: Get out of my face, ya monkey!

Wario - Waluigi's Partner
Wario: I see it! Grr, that Dino is there already.

Don: Yous two get down to them docks and pile those crates on my ship!

Peach -- Daisy's Partner
Peach: Oh boy! This is hard work!

Mario -- Luigi's Partner
Mario: I’m done! Yeah!

He heads back to Don.

Don: Here’s your next clue, and here’s a gift from myself.

Mario: A blimp ticket? Thanks… I wonder what this is for.

Bowser Jr. -- Bowser's Partner
Jr: Hey! I’m done too!

Don: Hey! Your next clue is here. And yous get this gift.

Jr: Papa! I did it!

Bowser: Good job

Both Above: (Reading) Go to the help center and find the one request on the board with the red and yellow color. Ask the clerk about it and he will hand you your next clue.

DK -- Diddy's Partner
Don: Hey! Yous arrived! Go down to the docks and pile dem boxes on da ship.

Peach -- Daisy's Partner: 18 Boxes
Yoshi -- Pink Yoshi's Partner: 15 Boxes
Wario -- Waluigi's Partner: 14 Boxes
DK -- Diddy's Partner: Just Starting
Daisy: Come on! You can do it!

Peach -- Daisy's Partner
Peach: I’m here and I’m done!

Don: The pretty dame gets a clue and a gift.

They read over the clue

Wario -- Waluigi's Partner
Wario: Hey! I’m done too! Don’t forget me!

Don: Yous desoive dese gifts.

Wario: What’s this piece of junk? “Cheep Cheep Blimps”? Bah!

Waluigi: You’re throwing it away?

Wario: Yah! Who needs a ticket for a blimp made for Cheep Cheeps?

Yoshi -- Pink Yoshi's Partner
Yoshi: Hey, Don! I’m done!

Don: Here! Take dis clue and dis gift.

Yoshi: Cheep Cheep Blimps! Oh, Yoshi Jr. yold me about this!

2:30 P.M. (Arrival of the last boat)
Goombella: Well look where we ended up!

***Geno: We’re at the bottom of the pack, we need to streak past.

***Toad: I don’t know what happened really, but here we are.

Toadette: I hoped we wouldn’t have to come here.

They get off and read the clue.


Geno, King Boo, Goombella, and Toad have chosen to do the Roadblock.

Mario/Luigi -- Brother Superheroes
Mario: There’s the help center, I had fun there!

Luigi: What’s with this odd-colored Post-it?

Clerk: Here’s your next clue

Luigi: It’s yellow man!

Phil: A Detour is a choice between two tasks, each with its own pros and cons. Teams must choose between Crook Nabbing and Fish Snaring. In Crook Nabbing, teams take the help request by McGoom, who has recently been robbed. Teams will have to chase the crook around until they catch him. In Fish Snaring, teams go out on a run-down fishing boat and catch fish. There are ten fish in the water with an Amazing Race logo snared on them. Once they catch one, they will get their next clue.

Mario: This crook’s been nabbed by me before, he won’t be lucky this time either! Let’s go!

Bowser/Bowser Jr. -- Father + Son
Bowser: What are we supposed to do here?

Jr: Hey, that one note looks funny, what’s with it?

Clerk: Here’s your next clue.


Bowser: How hard can it be to catch a crook when you’re a Koopa? Let’s go.

King Boo -- Boo's Partner
King Boo: Heh heh! I can just fly ahead of the pack.

Don: What yous need to do is load up dem boxes on my ship!

King rushes off.

Toad, Geno, and Goombella arrive and Don tells them what to do.

DK -- Diddy's Partner: 18 Boxes
King Boo -- Boo's Partner: 4 Boxes
Toad --Toadette's Partner: 2 Boxes
Geno -- Mallow's Partner: 2 Boxes
Goombella - Prof. Frankly's Partner: 0 Boxes
Goombella: Ooh… How am I gonna do this?!

Peach/Daisy -- Sister Princesses
Peach: This sure is an awful place…

Daisy: Yeah. Well here we are.

Peach: Hi Clerk! How are you?

Clerk: I’m fine.

Both: …?

Wario/Waluigi -- Brothers
Waluigi: Where are we?

Wario: Hey buddy? Where in the world is the help center?

Gus: Why you big ignorant git!

They get into a battle. Wario and Waluigi end up getting tied up.

Yoshi/Pink Yoshi -- Dating
Pink: Ooh! This one poster is in lovely red and yellow!

Clerk: (whispering so Peach and Daisy won’t hear) Next clue.

Yoshi: Let’s take a fishing break.

Peach/Daisy -- Sister Princesses
Daisy: How’d they get that?

Peach: I can see why she likes this poster.

Clerk: Here’s your next clue!

Peach: Oh yay! I wanna go fishing too!

Daisy: Ok…

Mario/Luigi -- Brother Superheroes
Mario: Huff… Huff… This Bandit is harder than I remember him!

Bowser/Bowser Jr. -- Father + Son

Bowser: Hufffff! Huf… Jr. I can’t keep on running! I have to rest!

DK -- Diddy's Partner
DK: Hey! I’m done!

Don: Gotcha clue and gift here!

King Boo -- Boo's Partner: 5 Boxes
Geno -- Mallow's Partner:  4 Boxes
Toad --Toadette's Partner: 4 Boxes
Goombella - Prof. Frankly's Partner: 0 Boxes
Goombella: I can’t do this! I don’t have any arms!!! I have no choice...

Prof: Don’t do that, Goombella!

Goombella: I have no other choice! I’m taking a time penalty.

Yoshi/Pink Yoshi -- Dating
Pink: Yoshi! Leak in the hull!

Yoshi: Tear in the net!

Pink: We make a good team!

Wario/Waluigi -- Brothers
Wario: Stupid loser! Let’s go!

Waluigi: Here’s this building. I love all these posters, they’re so bland! Except this red and yellow one.

Clerk: Here’s your next clue.

Wario: Fishing equals more relaxing.

Yoshi/Pink Yoshi -- Dating
Pink: Oh Yoshi! I think we caught one!!!

Yoshi: Yes! All right!

Clue: Make your way to where the Cheep Cheep sets off to find the Pitstop. Warning: The last team to check in here, may be eliminated.

Pink: Let’s get off this old tub!

DK/Diddy -- Best Friends
Diddy: Hey Clerk, can I get some of that red and yellow paper?

Clerk: Here’s your next clue.

DK: Let’s beat up that stupid Bandit.

Geno -- Mallow's Partner: 17 Boxes
King Boo -- Boo's Partner: 15 Boxes
Toad --Toadette's Partner: 17 Boxes
Goombella - Prof. Frankly's Partner: 20 Min. Left

Peach/Daisy -- Sister Princesses
Peach: Hey, look at this odd fish!

Daisy: Peach! That’s the fish we’re looking for!

Peach: Oh good! Hey! Yoshi’s boat is further out! I think…

Geno -- Mallow's Partner
Geno: Excuse me. I have completed the task.

Don: A clue for you!

Geno: Mallow! Let’s go!

Mario/Luigi -- Brother Superheroes
Mario: I’m coming to get ya!

Bandit: You’ll never catch me!

Luigi: No! But I will!!!

Luigi was waiting for the Bandit to just run into him!

Luigi: We got the clue!

Phil stands at Rogueport Station along with Stewart the Blimp Conductor standing next to him.

Peach/Daisy -- Sister Princesses
Peach: What does “Where the Cheep Cheep takes off” mean?

Mario/Luigi -- Brother Superheroes
Mario: This riddle is a cinch!

Yoshi/Pink Yoshi -- Dating
Yoshi: Come on!

Pink: We’re here!

Steward: Welcome to Rogueport!

Phil: Yoshi and Pink… You’re team number… 1!

Pink: YAAAAAAAAAAY! Oh my gosh! That’s wonderful!

Phil: Here’s your good news. After the race you each get to stay at Hotel Delfino with access to the Casino and breakfast, lunch, and dinner to your room, all for FREE!!!

Yoshi: That’s insanely cool!

Mario/Luigi -- Brother Superheroes
Mario: Cheep Cheep Blimps!

Phil: Mario and Luigi! You’re team number… 2.

Mario: Second again? That’s pretty good, Luigi!

Geno/Mallow -- Famous Video Game Partners
Mallow: Hey! This paper has the Amazing Race colors on it.

Clerk: Here’s your next clue.

Mallow: Fishing!

King Boo -- Boo's Partner
King Boo: That last box was heavy!

Don: Here’s ya next clue!

Toad -- Toadette’s Partner: 19 Boxes
Goombella -- Prof. Frankly’s Partner: 12 Minutes remaining.

Peach/Daisy -- Sister Princesses
Phil: Peach and Daisy… You’re team number 3!

Peach: Oh well! That’s ok!

Wario/Waluigi -- Brothers
Wario: I got a freakin’ fish!

Waluigi: Off to the Pitstop!

King Boo/Boo -- Ghosts
Boo: This choice of red and yellow is really bad!

Clerk: Here’s your next clue.

Boo: In an alley? That’s right up our alley! Let’s catch that partner… err… I mean crook.

Wario/Waluigi -- Brothers
Phil: Wario and Waluigi… You’re team number…

Waluigi: Get on with it!!!

Phil: 4!!!

Wario: Yeaahaaaa!

***Waluigi: Told you we’d do better, losers!

King Boo/Boo -- Ghosts
Boo: Boo!!!

King Boo: Gotcha!

Bandit: Ok! Ok! Here’s your clue!

DK/Diddy -- Best Friends
DK: Gotcha!

Bandit: Augh! ... Can’t… breathe… Next… clue…

King Boo/Boo -- Ghosts
Boo: Let’s go! We’ll be like first!

DK/Diddy -- Best Friends
Diddy: We’ll make it!

King Boo/Boo -- Ghosts
King: Haha!

Phil: Boo and King Boo… You’re team number 5!

Boo: Sweeet!

Toad --Toadette's Partner
Toad: That was too tough.

Toadette: It’s ok, sweetie.

Don: Here’s da next clue!

DK/Diddy -- Best Friends
Phil: DK and Diddy… You’re team number 6!

Diddy: Whoop!

Bowser/Bowser Jr. -- Father + Son
Jr: I finally… got… gotcha!

Bandit: Here’s your next clue, bubs!

Geno/Mallow -- Famous Video Game Partners
Geno: I caught one of the fish!

Bowser/Bowser Jr. -- Father + Son
Bowser: I comin!

Geno/Mallow -- Famous Video Game Partners
Mallow: Yaay!

Phil: I see…

Bowser/Bowser Jr. -- Father + Son
Phil: Bowser and Jr. You’re team number 7!

Geno/Mallow -- Famous Video Game Partners
Geno: Mallow! Come back! It’s this way!

Toad/Toadette -- Married
Toadette: These red and yellow colors are nice!

Clerk: Here’s your next clue

Toad: Let’s go fishing!

Geno/Mallow -- Famous Video Game Partners
Phil: Geno and Mallow… You’re team number 8!

Geno: Mallow! We’re still in this!

Goombella -- Prof. Frankly’s Partner
Frankly: I don’t think this was such a good idea.

Goombella: Chill, ok? I couldn’t lift those boxes! There was no way!

Toad/Toadette -- Married
Toadette: Finally! A rest after a long day of challenges!

Goombella/Prof. Frankly -- Teacher + Star Student
Goombella: I’m done!

Toad/Toadette -- Married
Toad: I caught one!

Goombella/Prof. Frankly -- Teacher + Star Student
Goombella: Let’s get to that help center!

Toad/Toadette -- Married
Toad: The Pitstop is “Where the Cheep Cheep takes off”?

Toadette: Cheep Cheep Blimps!!!

Goombella/Prof. Frankly -- Teacher + Star Student
Goombella: I’ll catch that Bandit!

Toad/Toadette -- Married
Toad: We’re here!

Toadette: Oh no! We’re too late!

Phil: Toad and Toadette… You’re… Team number 9!!!

Toadette: We’re still in the race! That’s insane!

Goombella/Prof. Frankly -- Teacher + Star Student
Goombella: Gotcha!

Prof: If we hurry we can make it!

Stewart: Welcome to Rogueport…

Phil: Goombella and Professor…

Goombella: Yes…?

Phil: You’re the last team to arrive…

Goombella: Oh no!

Phil: I’m sorry to tell you you’ve both been eliminated from the race.

Prof.: Awww. That’s horrible…

Goombella: Noo! Nonono! I wanted to win…

***Goombella: No arms… It just was too much of a downfall… We never had a chance…

***Prof: Eh… I knew that winning was too good to be true… Goombas just can’t do that, I guess…

The credits roll…

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