The Amazing Race MK

By Giga Bowser NS

EPISODE 4: Destination: Delfino Plaza
Title: So we were all running around like headless chickens, thinking we were all the last teams

Phil: Previously, on the Amazing Race MK:

Teams, one by one, took the blimp up to beautiful Glitzville. Except for Wario and Waluigi, who lost their ticket, everyone went in the same order they arrived. At the Glitz Pit, 7 Teams took on an opponent from the pit, and 2 Teams sold hot dogs. At the Roadblock, teams took a wonderful flight into the skies. Bowser and Jr. thought they were in second, but DK and Diddy pulled a sneaky move…

Replay: BOOM!

Phil: -and snuck ahead. Last place teams Wario and Waluigi, and Toad and Toadette furiously fought to avoid elimination. The Warios won, but Toad and Toadette found this leg to be one of many pre-determined non-elimination legs. They are still in the race. Now, 9 teams remain. Who will be eliminated… next?

The title theme plays with no new red X’s

Phil: This… is Glitzville! A floating island and home to the famous Glitz Pit. Here, people from all around the world come to watch strong fighters duke it out for the Garnet Belt, a symbol of a champion. After winning this belt, the fighter gets to stay here: The Champion’s Room. This was the third pit stop in a race around the MK. Teams arrived here for a mandatory rest period. Will Toad and Toadette, being stripped of all possessions and cash, be able to pull out of last place? Mario and Luigi, who were the first to arrive at 6:29 PM… will depart at 6:29 AM.

Mario: (reading) Take the blimp back to Rogueport and hire a private, 100-coin boat trip to the Mushroom Kingdom Airport. There you will find your next clue. You have 100 coins for this leg of the Race.

Luigi: Just enough for the boat! But how do we pay for the flight?

Mario: We don’t! Remember? They gave us these passports! Free flights!

***Luigi: We’re doing pretty well! We’ve never fallen below third place. I aim to keep it that way! Mario’s the big adventurer, so I have no need to worry about getting lost.

Luigi: Hey Steward! Wake up!

Steward: Mhemhe? Wha? Oh! Racers! Blimp!

Mario: Yeah! To Rogueport, please!

Luigi: Wow! Look Mario! It’s so much different up here at night!

Luigi: Here we are!

Mario: Okay, be careful around these streets at night!

Luigi: Eh… It’ll be dawn soon!

6:40 AM
Yoshi/Pink Yoshi -- Dating
Yoshi: (Reads) Cool! 100 Coins!

Pink: I’m so glad we came here! Those fights were awesome! Especially that one between Chomp Country and the Armored Harriers! Sweet!

Yoshi: Wow! Look at the night!

Pink: Too bad! We’re just missing the sunrise!

6:45 AM
King Boo/Boo -- Ghosts
Boo: (after reading) 100 Coins?! That must be worth about as much as your crown!

King Boo: … *sob*

Boo: What?

King Boo: This crown is only worth 1 coin! I got it at the flea market!

6:46 AM
Peach/Daisy -- Sister Princesses
Daisy: (after reading) Okay, let’s get going!

Mario/Luigi -- Brother Superheroes
Mario: Hello? I’m trying to hire a private boat to the airport?

Kooptain: Okay… The Mushroom Kingdom Airport? That’ll be 100 coins, please!

Mario: Right here!

Kooptain: You’ll be sailing with Goombor! Welcome aboard!

Mario/Luigi -- Brother Superheroes - Departing at 6:48

Yoshi/Pink Yoshi -- Dating
Yoshi: Hey! Did we miss the boat?

Kooptain: Yeah… but you can hire a private one for 100 coins.

Pink: Yeah, that’s what we mean!

Kooptain: Oh sure! We have hundreds! To MKA? 100 coins! You’ll be sailing with Koopor!

Yoshi/Pink Yoshi -- Dating - Departing at 6:50

6:50 AM
DK/Diddy -- Best Friends
Diddy: (reading) You will have 100 coins for this leg of the race. 1 2 teams have none!

DK: Eh! Oh well!

6:51 AM
Bowser/Bowser Jr. -- Father + Son
Jr: (after reading) Come on! Let’s beat the monkeys to the blimp!

Completely unaware, DK and Diddy are passed by the Bowsers.

Diddy: Hey! Where’s the blimp?

Bowser: So long, suckers!

Diddy: Aw man! Now we have to wait for the next one!

Stewart: Next one’s here!

DK: ?

King Boo/Boo -- Ghosts
Boo: Hey! We need a private boat! Ya got one?

Kooptain: Sure! I’ll need 100 coins! You’ll be sailing with Bob-Or! Happy seas!

King Boo/Boo -- Ghosts - Departing at 6:52

Peach/Daisy -- Sister Princesses
Peach: Hey! Can we get a boat just like that?

Kooptain: ._. Sure! Wow, you’re the fourth person to ask me!

Peach and Daisy: We know!

Kooptain: Okay! That’s 100 coins, you’ll be with Boor!

Peach/Daisy -- Sister Princesses - Departing at 6:54

Bowser/Bowser Jr. -- Father + Son
Bowser: Hey! Lackey! Give us a private boat! We’ve got cash!

Kooptain: Ulp…Yes sir! You’ll be with Sparkor!

Bowser/Bowser Jr. -- Father + Son - Departing at 6:58

DK/Diddy -- Best Friends
Diddy: Hey! We need to make some cash for the boat ride!

DK: We’ve already saved up 50 coins… Let’s go to that help center thing!

???: Welcome to the help center! Looking for something specific?

DK: We need 50 coins… Fast!

???: Brawny guys like you? Take McGoom’s problem.

DK: (reading) I’ve been robbed! AGAIN! I need you to find the red Bandit that stole my Gameboy! I’ll give you 50 coins for ‘im!

Diddy: Go get him, partner!

Geno/Mallow -- Famous Video Game Partners
Mallow: (after reading) Whee! We get to go on the blimp again!

DK/Diddy -- Best Friends
DK: Holy! I see him! Down by the Bay!

Diddy: Where the watermelons grow?


Bandit: Eep! I’m trapped behind these barrels! I see an opening! *ZOOM!*

DK: Not so fast! Diddy! Throw that “coin” to me!

Diddy: Okay!

He throws a red object to DK.

DK: Hey buddy! I’ll give you this for the Gameboy!

Bandit: A red coin?! DEAL!


McGoom: Thank you, Monkeys! Here’s 50 coins! Thank you again! How’d you do it?

Diddy: Let’s just say it’s a good thing I brought my fake red coin! I made it myself! ^_^

Geno/Mallow -- Famous Video Game Partners
Geno: Excuse me! We need a boat to The Airport!

Kooptain: More customers! Wow! Of course! You’ll be with Cheep Chor!

Geno/Mallow -- Famous Video Game Partners - Departing at 7:05

DK/Diddy -- Best Friends
Diddy: Okay, we’ve got 100 coins! Give us a boat!

Kooptain: Definitely! You’ll be with (Oops! Running out of captains!) Lakitor!

DK/Diddy -- Best Friends - Departing at 7:09

Wario/Waluigi -- Brothers
Wario: (after reading) Okay! We need to get on the blimp!

Waluigi: Okay, I’m afraid of heights, but blimps make me feel safe… as long as we don’t go on any planes!

Toad/Toadette -- Married
After reading their clue, Toad and Toadette get on the blimp.

Toad: Wow! What a wonderful sunrise!

Toadette: It’s beautiful! It must be a sign that we’re gonna strike back!

Wario/Waluigi -- Brothers
Waluigi: Hey, stinker! Give us a boat!

Kooptain: Right away…*grumble* You’ll be with Yoshor

Wario/Waluigi -- Brothers - Departing at 7:15

Toad/Toadette -- Married
Toadette: Okay, we need 100 coins!

Toad: The help center could help us with that

Toadette: Haha! Yeah!

Toad: Hey! Could you help us? We need 100 coins for a boat!

???: No one’s that desperate! The biggest I’ve got is a 75! From a… Don Pianta!

Toad: I guess I’ll take that one, and you can do… Podley’s trouble for 25 coins! We’ll meet at the docks!

Don Pianta: Hey! I remember yous! You’re in dat race! Well, you need some cash, eh? I’ll give ya 75 coins ta sort out da moichandise in da shop! Jus’ put eberything in da right boxes!

Toadette: Podley? I need 25 coins! Can I help you with a problem or something?

Podley: Oh! Someone’s come! I just need someone to wash the windows!

Toad: 10 Dizzy Dials… 2 Volt Shrooms… Lotsa Super Mushrooms! Phew! I’m almost done!

Toadette: I’m done!

Podley: Wow! That was fast! You must be in a hurry! Okay, here’s 25 coins! Come back sometime!

Peeka: Are you done?

Toad: Yep! I need money fast! I’m in a race!

Peeka: Okay! Here’s your 75 coins!

Toad: Toadette? I’ve got the money!

Toadette: I’ve already ordered the boat, we just need your money!

Kooptain: Thanks, buddy! You’ll be with Squeekor!

Toad/Toadette -- Married - Departing at 7:32

9:48 AM
Mario/Luigi -- Brother Superheroes
Luigi: Woah! The Airport! I’ve never been here before!

The camera pans to the building. It is four stories high, with planes flying back and forth under a clear sky.

Mario: There’s the clue at the front door!


Mario: Make your way to Delfino Plaza…

Phil: Teams must now navigate through the confusing airport and get tickets for a plane to Delfino Plaza on wondrous Delfino Island. Attempting to get tickets in the busiest airport in the Mushroom Kingdom will definitely prove to be a challenge! Flights are often delayed or cancelled, and teams could get stranded on a connecting flight. There is only one direct flight to Delfino Island… and it leaves at 9:55.

Mario: Excuse me… I’m trying to get to Delfino Island… Is there a direct flight?

Cyan Yoshi: Hmm… There’s one leaving at 9:55.

Luigi: !

Cyan: I could get you tickets… but you might not make it.

Mario: We have to try! Give us four tickets for economy class, and hurry! Please!

Yoshi/Pink Yoshi -- Dating
Yoshi: Amazing!

Pink: (after reading) Excuse me, sir… Do you know where we can purchase tickets for the fastest flight to Delfino Island?

Koopa: Well… Koopa Air has one leaving soon, but you might not make it.

Mario/Luigi -- Brother Superheroes
Mario: Luigi! Take the buttons off your overalls so we can get through security faster!

Luigi: But that’ll wreck ‘em!

Mario: *evil eye*

Luigi: Fine!

Yoshi/Pink Yoshi -- Dating
Yoshi: Tickets on economy class! Please!

Cyan: Okay! Hurry, and you might catch it!

Mario/Luigi -- Brother Superheroes
Flight Attendant: Tickets please? Thank you! Welcome aboard!

Mario: Whew! We made it!

Yoshi/Pink Yoshi -- Dating
Pink: Come on! Run!

Yoshi: Check us in! Hurry!

FA: I’m sorry… You’ve missed it!

First Flight: Mario/Luigi

King Boo/Boo -- Ghosts
Boo: (reading) Hey! There’s a Fast Forward here!

Phil: This is the first of only two Fast Forwards in the entire Race! Should a team complete it, they will be able to skip all tasks and proceed directly to the pit stop. They will also be able to ride in a private jet, free of confusion and cost. In this Fast Forward, teams must search the many screens showing information around the entire airport, looking for one with a typo on it. (Camera shows “Boshi’s Island”) If they point this out to the airport worker below the screen, they will receive the Fast Forward pass.

King Boo: No way, you fool! We’re third! Save our privilege until we need it!

Peach/Daisy -- Sister Princesses
Peach: Hi… I’m trying to get to Delfino Island

Daisy: As fast as we can!

Blue Shy: Ummm… We have a flight departing at 10:30 and connecting at Poshley Heights. According to my computer, that is the fastest flight, and seats are going!

Daisy: Great! Tickets please!

King Boo/Boo -- Ghosts
King Boo: Hello? Is anyone here?

Boo: I don’t think they allow Boos on this flight!

King Boo: Why not?!

Boo: Oh never mind! ... It’s closed…

Yoshi/Pink Yoshi -- Dating
Pink: Well… this officially stinks! We missed the flight!

Yoshi: Let’s just get on the next fastest one!

Pink: Hi! What’s the fastest flight to Delfino Plaza?

Bob-omb: Well BOMB we do have the one BOMB connecting in BOMB… the fastest one leaving at BOMB 10:30…

Yoshi: I’m sorry… Connecting at what?

Bob-omb: BOMB I said connecting at BOMB!

Pink: … What?!

Bowser/Bowser Jr. -- Father + Son
Jr: This place is huge! Look at all the people cower!

Bowser: RAWR! This is more like it! Hey! Give us two tickets on the fastest flight to Delfino Island!

Goomba: Y-y-yes sir! Here you are! Four first class tickets!

Yoshi/Pink Yoshi -- Dating
Yoshi: Okay… Say Yoshi before saying where it connects!

Bob-omb: Ugh! BOMB It connects at BOMB Poshley Heights!

Yoshi: I knew it would work! Four tickets please!

Peach/Daisy -- Sister Princesses
Peach: Oh! Hello Yoshis! Are you on our flight?

Yoshi: Yes! I heard the Bowsers bought first class tickets! That’s against the rules! Haha!

Bowser/Bowser Jr. -- Father + Son
Jr: Ahh! Papa, wait!

Bowser: Shaddup! Let’s just get on the flight before we miss it!

Jr: No No! We can’t use these tickets! We’re only allowed to buy economy class!

Bowser: Aww shoot!

Bowser: Weakling! We need economy class tickets instead!

Goomba: Yes! Here you are! Hurry! You don’t wanna miss it!

King Boo/Boo -- Ghosts
Boo: Well that was annoying! Here! I found the right ticket booth!

Cyan: Yes… The fastest flight is the 10:30 flight…

Boo: … Tickets please! Hurry! It’s 10:25!

Cyan: Oh! I’m sorry, Boos… The flight is full!

Second Flight: Peach/Daisy, Yoshi/Pink Yoshi, Bowser/Bowser Jr

King Boo: What else is there?

Cyan: Hm… That would be the one connecting at Water Land… I’ll get you some tickets!

Geno/Mallow -- Famous Video Game Partners
Geno: Now we need tickets… We go to Water Air.

Mallow: Okay… You’ve gotta tell me how to do that.

Geno: I’m using Geno-nosis! I can scan things and find objects easily. I just read King Boo’s ticket, and they’re on the Water Air flight!

Bloopa: Arite! You want four tickets to Delfino Island? Here you are!

DK/Diddy -- Best Friends
Diddy: Woah! This place is crazy!

DK: We need to get some tickets… I wonder where we go…

Diddy: We could try Koopa Air.

DK: Hey! We need to get to Delfino Isle, got any tickets?

Cyan: Sorry… Our flight left earlier, the next one is on Water Air.

Diddy: Thanks!

Geno/Mallow -- Famous Video Game Partners
Mallow: Ah! It’s nice that we get to relax before we get on our flight!

Geno: Hm…

Wario/Waluigi -- Brothers
Wario: All right! We gotta get a plane! Hey! Loser! Give us a fast plane to Delfino Island!

Green Shy: Hmm… Water Air just filled up… Koopa Air just left… and Tropics Air is also full. I’m sorry, sirs, there’s no more flights until tomorrow!

Wario: WHAT?!

Third Flight: King Boo/Boo, DK/Diddy, Geno/Mallow

Yoshi/Pink Yoshi -- Dating
Yoshi: Ah! Poshley Heights! This is the good life!

Pink: Come on! Our connecting flight leaves soon!

Bowser/Bowser Jr. -- Father + Son
Bowser: Wait! Where are we supposed to go? I’m lost!

Jr: Where did the other teams go?

Peach/Daisy -- Sister Princesses
Daisy: Peach! Over here! It’s leaving in two minutes!

Peach: I’m coming!

Bowser/Bowser Jr. -- Father + Son
Bowser: Over there? YES! That’s it! Hurry!

Koowa: Hey dudes! You missed your flight!

Second Flight: Yoshi/Pink Yoshi, Peach/Daisy

Bowser: We missed our flight to Delfino Island. What else can we get on?

Orange Yoshi: I can arrange business class for Sunshine Air.

Jr: No! Economy!

Orange: Oh… Well, the best I can get you is the 7:30 flight on Dolphic Air.

Third Flight: Bowser/Bowser Jr.

Wario/Waluigi -- Brothers
Wario: Listen, buddy! We need to get on that flight! It’s essential!

Green Shy: Well, the Tropics Air flight leaves soon, but one family hasn’t boarded the flight yet. I can give you tickets for this flight, but you will have to catch it!

Waluigi: That’s good enough!

Mario/Luigi -- Brother Superheroes
Phil: This: Is Delfino Airstrip, on beautiful Delfino Island. Racers must now take the boat to Delfino Plaza to find their next clue.

Mario: It’s great to be back!

Luigi: I should’ve come on this vacation! This place looks awesome!

Wario/Waluigi -- Brothers
Waluigi: One more minute! Run!

FA: Hi! Welcome aboard!

Fourth Flight: Wario/Waluigi

Toad/Toadette -- Married
Toad: It looks like everyone has left already!

Toadette: (reading) Toad! A Fast Forward!!

Toad: Really? (after reading) We’d better take it. It’s our only chance!

Toadette: So we have to look for a typo on these screens? Hmm… How do you spell Koophari Desert?

Toad: K-O-O-P-H-A-R-I.

Toad: Grr... There’s so many screens! We’ll never find one little typo!

Toadette: Don’t worry, honey… We’ll be eliminated… Then maybe we can take a nice vacation to Boshi’s Island…

Toad: Yeah… Wait… What?

Toadette: Boshi’s Island! It says it up there!

Toad: Toadette! You found it! There’s no such place! Let’s go!

Toadette: Miss! There’s a typo on your screen!

Koopette: Congratulations! This is for you!

Toad: (reading) Congratulations on finding the Fast Forward. Use this map and go to Terminal 5, find the Race official, and board your private plane to Delfino Plaza!

Toadette: Come on! Let’s go!

Special Flight: Toad/Toadette

Phil: All teams except Mario and Luigi, and Toad and Toadette are now on planes to Delfino Airstrip. Mario and Luigi have already arrived and are awaiting their next clue, and Toad and Toadette are on the private plane, which goes faster than other planes.

Mario/Luigi -- Brother Superheroes
Mario: Oh! A Detour!

Phil: A Detour is a choice between two tasks, each with its own pros and cons. In this Detour, teams must choose between two common Delfino activities: Shine Gate, or House of Crates. In Shine Gate, teams must don powerful waterpaks called FLUDDs, and spray the large Shine monument at Shine Gate, which has been covered in sludge. Once all the sludge is washed off, teams will receive their next clue. If one team is washing Shine Gate already, two other teams can clean the bells on the towers instead, but any others will have to wait, or play House of Crates. In House of Crates, both team members receive hammers, and must break 10 crates inside this building. This task requires more physical strength, but is easier to do. Once ten crates have been destroyed, teams will receive their next clue.

Mario: We should do Shine Gate; I’ve handled a FLUDD before, and you’ve handled your Poultergust 3000, which is almost the same.

Luigi: Fine with me!

King Boo/Boo -- Ghosts
Boo: Ah! This is a cool place! We should stop by here some time!

DK/Diddy -- Best Friends
Diddy: This would be an awesome vacation spot!

Fourth Flight: King Boo/Boo, DK/Diddy, Geno/Mallow

Mario/Luigi -- Brother Superheroes
Luigi: Woah! This is harder than the Poltergust!

Mario: Just keep those handles steady! Look! It’s already starting to shine!

Luigi: Just a little more…

Mario: We’re done!

Noki: Here’s your next clue!

Mario: Head over to Shipwreck Island by swimming. You will find your next clue there.

Luigi: Where’s that?

Mario: It must be over by where that guy was once shipwrecked!

Wario/Waluigi -- Brothers
Wario: Grr… Last place stinks! Let’s just get on the stupid plane.

Fifth Flight: Wario/Waluigi

Mario: Here we are! Care for a dip?

Yoshi/Pink Yoshi -- Dating
Yoshi: Wow! Delfino Island!

Pink: That sun is great! And this is only the airstrip!

Peach/Daisy -- Sister Princesses
Peach: It’s good to be back! Maybe this time, I won’t get kidnapped!

Daisy: Come on! Let’s get on the boat!

Mario/Luigi -- Brother Superheroes
Luigi: *shakes head to dry hair* Yep! Here’s the clue… Roadblock!

Phil: A Roadblock is a task that only one person may perform. In this Roadblock, teams must buy a charter boat to Melon Island, the pit stop for this leg of the race. However, boats cost 10 blue coins. The chosen team member must search the entire plaza to find 10 of 90 hidden blue coins, then take the boat to the island. The last team to do this… may be eliminated.

Mario: I’ve done this sort of thing before. I’ll do it.

Toad/Toadette -- Married
Toad: Wow! I didn’t notice this was a ski plane!

Toadette: We’re touching down in the water! Cool!

Toad: There’s Phil!

The Toads step out of the plane, and onto the sandy beaches of Melon Island.

Phil: Toad and Toadette… You’re team number 1!!


Toadette: Ow… Wow! Last to first!

Phil: And, the good news for this leg of the race: Free air travel around the Mushroom Kingdom for a full year! Complements of MKA!

Mario/Luigi -- Brother Superheroes
Mario: Ooh… Maybe there’s one on those islands… I only need five more… Heh…

Peach/Daisy -- Sister Princesses
Peach: Detour! Shine Gate or House of Crates? I think we should handle the crates…

Daisy: No way! We’d be better on the gate!

Yoshi/Pink Yoshi -- Dating
Pink: Detour… Let’s break some crates! You’re good at that!

Yoshi: I guess… Heh!

Peach/Daisy -- Sister Princesses
Daisy: I’m just saying we’re not that strong… We should wash the gate.

Yoshi/Pink Yoshi -- Dating
Yoshi: WAM! Hah! This is fun!

Pink: Oof… I guess… This hammer’s kinda heavy…

Mario/Luigi -- Brother Superheroes
Luigi: Hmm… Where is he? Oh, there he is! On the roofs…? MARIO! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?

Peach/Daisy -- Sister Princesses
Peach: Whoo! I’m sorry, Daisy, this is definitely the better task!

Daisy: Yeah! We’re done! Hmm… We have to swim… to that island over there…

Yoshi/Pink Yoshi -- Dating
Pink: I’ve… got my… last one!

Yoshi: Me too! (after reading) We get to swim! Awesome!

Mario - Luigi's Partner
Mario: Hmm… I can’t find one… Maybe they’re not up on the roofs, considering I’m probably the only one that’s able to do this.

Yoshi/Pink Yoshi -- Dating
Peach/Daisy -- Sister Princesses
Yoshi and Daisy are furiously racing towards the island, leaving Pink and Peach in the… um… bubbles!

Yoshi: I’m gonna beat you!

Daisy: No you aren’t

Yoshi: Well, you ain’t gonna beat me!

Daisy: No ‘m not!

Yoshi: …

Daisy: See? We tied!

Yoshi: Shuddap!

Mario - Luigi's Partner
Mario: Oh! On that ship! I’ve got enough! LUIGI!

Luigi: WHAT?!

Mario: Oh no… Not again!

Daisy - Peach's Partner
Daisy: Lookin’ for blue coins… Oh! There’s one buried in this sand!

Pink Yoshi - Yoshi's Partner
Pink: I’ve already got six! Thank god I looked at the market!

Mario/Luigi -- Brother Superheroes
Female Pianta: Welcome to Delfino Plaza! Wanna get me some melons?

Mario: Oi! Not you!

Phil: Um… Mario and Luigi… You’re team number 2!

Mario: Third time, baby!

Bowser/Bowser Jr. -- Father + Son
Bowser: Grr… Stupid delayed flight!

Jr: Welcome back!

Bowser: Yeah! One of my best attempts so far!

Pink Yoshi - Yoshi's Partner
Pink: Oh! Behind the jail! I’m done!

Yoshi: Over here! We need to buy this boat!

Daisy - Peach's Partner

Pianta Captain: Welcome aboard, racers!

Yoshi/Pink Yoshi -- Dating
Phil: Yoshi and Pink, you’re team number 3

Yoshi: Yay!

Daisy - Peach's Partner
Daisy: Grr… I only have nine! I’ll never find them!

Peach: Daisy, come on!

Daisy: I still need one!

Peach: Cut it out! Come ON!

Daisy: Huh?

Peach: I can see you have ten in your hand! COME ON!

Daisy: Oops…

Phil: Peach and Daisy, yu’re team number 4.

King Boo/Boo -- Ghosts
Boo: Whoo… What a flight… I must’ve thrown-

King Boo: Boo! Let’s just get on the boat!

Bowser/Bowser Jr. -- Father + Son
Bowser: Detour, eh? Let’s break the crates!

Jr: Okay… Boy… This hammer is really heavy!

Bowser: Done!

Crate Guy: … Your clue… 0_0

Bowser: (after reading) Oh great… We have to swim…

Bowser: Huff… It’s getting pretty windy!

Jr: Oh come on! This is easy! It’s like walking on water! *Hallelujah sound effect* Oh shut up!

King Boo/Boo -- Ghosts
Boo: Here! Your second assignment from Bowser!

King Boo: Alas, I failed.

DK/Diddy -- Best Friends
DK: Okay, here’s the clue. We gotta hurry! I think we’re fighting elimination here.

This reality sets in with all the competitors here.

Diddy: Shine Gate…

Geno/Mallow -- Famous Video Game Partners
Mallow: …or House of Crates?

King Boo/Boo -- Ghosts
Boo: We can’t handle crates!

King Boo: Obviously, fool! We wash the gate.

Geno/Mallow -- Famous Video Game Partners
Geno: Mallow, I believe the crates are the way to go.

DK/Diddy -- Best Friends
DK: A few puny crates? Peh! No problem!

Bowser/Bowser Jr. -- Father + Son
Jr: Roadblock! “Who knows the price of success?” Coins! It’s all mine! (after reading) Okay! I’ll be back soon!

DK/Diddy -- Best Friends
***Diddy: So we were all running around like headless chickens, thinking we were all the last teams. Mallow was having trouble lifting the big hammer, and the Boos couldn’t control their waterpacks.


DK: Using my fists is much faster! How many you done, Diddy?

Diddy: I’ve done about a quarter.

Bowser/Bowser Jr. -- Father + Son
Jr: Coins! Coins! Beautiful coins! I’ve got eight, now where’s your brothers?

(He takes one out of the fountain.)

Jr: I’ve got nine! I’m comin’ to get ya!

DK/Diddy -- Best Friends
***Diddy: We were sure this thing was in the bag.

Geno/Mallow -- Famous Video Game Partners
Mallow: This thing’s heavy!

Geno: I agree, but we must press on to avoid elimination!

King Boo/Boo -- Ghosts
Boo: Gah! This thing is propelling me around the air! Help!!!

King Boo: Grrrr… Get a grip, you fool! We’re gonna be last and it’s gonna be all your fault!

Boo: I’m… gonna have to grab onto something.

He grabs a pole.

Boo: Ow… This hurts!

King Boo: Have stamina! You’re actually hitting it!

Bowser/Bowser Jr. -- Father + Son
Jr: Dad! I found the last one!

Bowser: Where’s the stupid boat?!

They ride across to the island, and step off clumsily.

Bowser: Gwa ha ha! Tell me good news!

Phil: Bowser and Jr, you’re team… number 5!

Bowser: Hmm…

DK/Diddy -- Best Friends
DK: Just one more! *SMASH* Let’s go!

***Diddy: Nothing could stop us!

DK: Swim out to this island to receive your next clue.

***Diddy: Then Donkey Kong tripped…


***Diddy: -and sprained his ankle

Wario/Waluigi -- Brothers
Pilot (on PA): Hello folks, we’d like to apologize, for there will be a half-hour delay. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Wario covers his face in frustration.

King Boo/Boo -- Ghosts
Boo: This isn’t going very fast!

King Boo: Quit complaining!!! Just do it! This is a task, just like all of the other ones that we have to overcome.

DK/Diddy -- Best Friends
DK: Ooohh… It hurts!

Diddy: Oh no! This is awful! Uh… Can you swim at all?

DK: I can probably swim with my hands, but I’ll be slow.

Diddy: Well you’re gonna have to try.

Geno/Mallow -- Famous Video Game Partners
Geno: There! We’re done.

Mallow: (after reading) Let’s hurry up, so we beat the monkeys!

King Boo/Boo -- Ghosts
Boo: Grr… Stay on target! Just a bit more! There!

King Boo: (after reading) C’mon!

DK/Diddy -- Best Friends
DK: Huff! Huff!

Diddy: You all right, buddy?

DK: I’m okay. Just tired

Diddy: Oh no! Geno and Mallow are here!

Geno/Mallow -- Famous Video Game Partners
Mallow: Hey look! It’s the monkeys! Boy… they seem to be going slow.

DK/Diddy -- Best Friends
Diddy is now on the island, waiting for DK, who is slowly approaching.

Diddy: Come on, big guy! You can make it!

King Boo/Boo -- Ghosts
King Boo: The monkeys are here!

Boo: DK’s so slow! Is something wrong?

A camera on a helicopter flies overhead, viewing all the teams in the water. Four small dots slowly close in on the big brown one.

Boo: Grr, swimming stinks. Stupid rules about flying…

Geno/Mallow -- Famous Video Game Partners
Geno: Ha! We’re going to pass them! We’re safe!

Mallow: Hey Donkey!

DK: Huff! Grr!

King Boo/Boo -- Ghosts
Boo: Hah! They’re gonna be eliminated!

King Boo: See you, fool!

DK: No!

Geno/Mallow -- Famous Video Game Partners
Mallow: Blulululululu! That was a nice swim!

Geno: Hello Diddy Kong. What is the problem with Donkey Kong?

Diddy: *sigh…* He sprained his ankle. It’s all over for us.

Geno: Roadblock! Hmm… ”The price of success”? I think I’ll take it.

King Boo/Boo -- Ghosts
As Geno and Mallow head off, the Boos approach the island.

Boo: Ahh! I hate water!

King Boo: Greetings, Diddy. What’s up with him?

Diddy: Sprained ankle… We’re done for.

Boo: (reading) Roadblock… I’ll do it.

Geno/Mallow -- Famous Video Game Partners
Geno: Hmm, there are three more coins hidden in this place. Where could they be? Aha! There is one coin in this mailbox!

King Boo/Boo -- Ghosts
Boo: Coins? I still need two! Where, oh where? Ooh! There’s one buried in this sand! I’m so close!

DK/Diddy -- Best Friends
DK has finally reached the island.

Diddy: You did good, ol’ buddy. I’m proud of you.

DK: We’re dead.

Diddy: It doesn’t matter. You did your best. (after reading) I’d better do it.

King Boo/Boo -- Ghosts
Boo: Ah, here! I got ‘em! Let’s go!

Geno/Mallow -- Famous Video Game Partners
Mallow: Aw, rats!

Geno: There is one over there by the cannon, but I must cross the river first.

King Boo/Boo -- Ghosts
Boo: Ehehe! We’re here!

Phil: King Boo and Boo… You’re team number 6.

King Boo: 6?! That means Team Monkey isn’t last!

Geno/Mallow -- Famous Video Game Partners
Mallow: (waving) Hey Phil!!!

Phil: Geno and Mallow… You’re… team number 7!

Geno: Unbelievable! They’re safe.

DK/Diddy -- Best Friends
Diddy: Where’s that last one? Hey! You!

Pianta: Me?

Diddy: Yeah you! You’re carrying a blue coin!

Pianta: D’oh! You found me!

Diddy: Let’s go, DK! I got ‘em

Sad music plays. DK limps half-heartedly to the boat. They get on and set sail.

DK: I’m sorry, Diddy.

Diddy: Are you kidding? It was an accident. No worries!

They reach the island and walk slowly to the mat.

Diddy: All right, Phil, we’re here.

Phil: (solemn) DK and Diddy…?

DK: Yep.

Phil: You’re… team… number 8!

Diddy: WHAT?! NO WAY!

DK: OOOOHHHHHHHHH!!! We’re still in it!

Diddy: YEH BABY! We’re goin’ all the way to the end!

***DK: We were certain we were gone.

***Diddy: Yeah. This is only gonna make us stronger. We’re totally takin’ home those million coins!

The camera shows the hotel where the monkeys walk in, and everyone in the room cheers! Indistinct talking erupts as they drink tropical drinks. Then the camera shows the sun setting and the full moon hanging over the night on the island. A plane is shown landing.

Wario/Waluigi -- Brothers
They walk up to a clue box on the airstrip that wasn’t there before.

Wario: (reading) Show this clue to your boat driver and travel to Melon Island.

***Wario: Waluigi and I are tough fighters, but we don’t like to lose. That’s the stuff for losers.

Waluigi: Stupid airplane people…

***Waluigi: Some things in the world just can’t be controlled, and we don’t like that.

***Wario: Random things come along, and poof! You’re dead.

The boat pulls up to Melon Island, which is lit up by a fire post.

Pianta: Welcome to Delfino Island!

Wario: Yeah, whatever…

Phil: (forlorn) Wario and Waluigi… You’re the last team to arrive.

Waluigi: Darn…

Phil: I’m sorry to tell you you’ve both been eliminated from the Race.

***Wario: This is the stinkiest of all things that stink. And believe me; I’ve smelled some things that stink.

***Waluigi: Money is a wonderful thing. We both wanted it so bad. I guess we tried too hard.

***Wario: We walk away from this Race… unhappy.

The credits roll…

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