The Amazing Race MK

By Giga Bowser NS

Episode 5: Destination: Pianta Village
Title: Wait?! This is a race!

Phil: Previously… on the Amazing Race MK:

9 teams set off from picturesque Glitzville, and boarded a boat bound for the tropical Delfino Island. The airport proved to be frustrating to all teams, as many flights were delayed or didn’t have enough seats.

Replay: I’m sorry… You’ve missed it.

Phil: The teams were spread out by their flights, but still fought those that were on the same flight for better positions. Donkey Kong tripped and fell, spraining his ankle. This severely slowed down the team, but they pulled through. Already behind, Toad and Toadette took and succeeded in the Fast Forward, placing them in first. However, due to a very late flight, Wario and Waluigi could not catch up, and they were eliminated. Now: 8 teams remain. Who will be eliminated… next?

The theme song plays with a new red X over Wario and Waluigi.

Phil: This, is beautiful Delfino Plaza, the main city on the tropical Delfino Island. With its constantly sunny days, cool sparkling waters, delicious fruit, and many sightseeing attractions, this place is always swamped with tourists. And over here in the cool ocean, is one of many small islands that were the result of Corona Mountain erupting. This one is known as Melon Island, as the ripest melons grow on the tree here. This was the fourth pitstop in a race around the MK. Teams arrived here for a mandatory rest period. Can DK and Diddy overcome their physical injury and pull ahead? And will Toad and Toadette maintain their lead gained from the Fast Forward? Toad and Toadette, who were the first to arrive at 1:30 PM, will depart… at 1:30 AM.

Toad: *riiiiiip* Make your way to Ricco Harbor…

Phil: Teams are headed to Pianta Village, away from the coastline. However, because of the volcano and the tropical jungle that is in the way, teams must travel by helicopter to reach there, and the only heliport on this island, is at Ricco Harbor. Teams must search the Plaza for a boat which will take them to Ricco Harbor. However, the helicopters only leave twice every hour, at a quarter past, and quarter to.

Toad: …then ride the helicopter to Pianta Village.

Toadette: Ooh! A helicopter! That sounds fun.

***Toad: We intend to stay up here, no one’s gonna pass us.

Toad: Oh! Here it is!

They see 8 boats lined up neatly, all different colors, with the names of the teams on them. Toad and Toadette hop in the red and pink boat.

Toadette: Hey, how long is the boat ride?

Pianta: It’s only five minutes, Ricco Harbour’s just over there. You can even see it.

Toad: Sweet! We’re gonna be the only ones on the first helicopter!

They are both looking out across the moonlit waters.

Toad: I’ve actually been to Pianta Village! There’s a nice hot spring there.

***Toadette: (brushing her hair) … Oh! Am I on?

***Both laugh really hard.

The camera pans from the heli-pad down to the harbor, as Toad and Toadette step out.

Toad: I’m pretty sure it’s up there.

Toadette: We’ve got ten minutes.

They run over and head to the fish market.

Toad: Yuck! Let’s keep moving.

Toadette: I think this one just winked at me…

Both: Ugggh….

They walk across the suspension bridge, which is very shaky.

Toad: Woah! This is so cool!

Toadette: Moog… We’re high up…

Toad: I hear this wasn’t here when Mario came to visit.

Toadette: Lucky him…

Toad: Hey! We’re here!

Pilot: Welcome aboard! We’ll be leaving in five minutes.

The camera fades out, and then we see Toad and Toadette in the air.

Toad: Wow! The island is so beautiful!

The camera then shows the helicopter landing.

Toad: Oh! There’s the clue.

He runs over and reads it.

Toad: Aha! Detour!

Phil (rappelling down the side of the tree under the city): A Detour is a choice between two tasks, each with its own pros and cons. This Detour is a choice between something relating to the town’s ancient history, and something they all enjoy today. The choice: Explore Under, or Carry Over. In Explore Under, teams will join an expert and traverse the treacherous Mushroom platforms under the city to find their next clue. This task does not require any physical activity, but the sight of the large pit underneath them could frighten some teams. In Carry Over, teams go to the popular hot spring, and grab some buckets. Then they must fill them up with hot spring water and carry them back to the hot tub. Once they have filled six buckets, they will receive their next clue. The buckets are quite large, and get heavy when carried, but there is nothing frightening about this task. Due to the hot spring’s opening hours and the danger of traversing the underside at night, both tasks have been delayed until 8:00 AM. However, due to the obvious unfairness of having such a large bottleneck, teams will participate in the order in which they arrived, with the appropriate time gaps in between.

Toad: Oh wow! We have to wait until 8:00. Which one are we picking?

Toadette: Hoo… Those buckets seem kinda heavy…

Toad: So we’re doing the Mushrooms?

Toadette: It’s scary, but we’ll try. Let’s go write down our times.

Toad looks at the clock near the sign-in sheet.

Toad: Hey! Mario and Luigi are departing… now! Hahaha!

Mario/Luigi -- Brother Superheroes - 1:59 AM
Mario: (after reading) Awesome, more locations I’ve been to!

***Mario: We definitely have an advantage because of my adventures in the past. It’s just our little advantage, everybody has one.

Luigi: Ah! They’re down here on the beach!

They jump into the red and green boat.

Luigi: Ricco Harbor? Is that it over there?

Mario: Yep! See that big yellow tower there?

Luigi: Whoo! That’s pretty high!

Mario smiles.

Luigi: No way! You actually had to climb that thing?! No way!!!

Mario: You know it! I also had to climb that tower with the scaffolding around it.

They land at the harbor.

Yoshi/Pink Yoshi -- Dating - 2:08 AM
Pink: Yay! Pianta Village! The hot springs!

***Yoshi: We’re a close-knit team. We know about our own strengths and weaknesses.

Pink: This boat here?

They both hop in the green and pink boat.

Yoshi: C’mon! Let’s go! The helicopter’s leaving soon!

Peach/Daisy -- Sister Princesses
Peach: Pianta Village!

Daisy: Ooohh!

***Daisy: We’re strong. We feel capable of winning the Amazing Race.

They both hop in the pink and yellow boat.

Daisy: Will we make it?

Peach: I sure hope so!

Mario/Luigi -- Brother Superheroes
Mario: Hello, Mr. Helicopter! When does your craft take flight, pray tell?

Pilot: Pretty soon. 2:15.

Luigi: Are you sure you can’t leave right now?

Pilot: Sorry, can’t break the rules.

Mario: Yoshi…

Yoshi/Pink Yoshi -- Dating
Yoshi: Go! Go! Go! We can’t miss our flight!

They get off and make a mad dash for the helipad.

Yoshi: Sunny told me about his adventures with Mario. He told me where the helipad is!

Mario and Luigi are sitting, comfortably strapped in.

Pink: Waaaiiit! We’re here!

Yoshi: Don’t leave!

The blades are spinning, but Yoshi runs up to the door.

Pilot: Well, I guess you made it.

Yoshi smiles.

Yoshi: Sure.

The helicopter takes off.

Peach/Daisy -- Sister Princesses
Daisy: Dang. I see it in the sky already.

Peach: We’re too late.

Daisy: Yeah. Now we’re stuck with Bowser!

***Peach: Bowser and his son don’t really agree with us.

***Daisy: Bad chemistry.

***Peach: Yeah. We want to see them eliminated.

Mario/Luigi -- Brother Superheroes
The helicopter lands and the Bros. dash out to the clue box.

Yoshi/Pink Yoshi -- Dating
Yoshi: Gah! Wait for us!

Pink: Hey. What are Toad and Toadette doing there?

Mario/Luigi -- Brother Superheroes
Mario: *riiip* Detour! Hm… 8:00?

Yoshi/Pink Yoshi -- Dating
Pink: Detour. Explore Under…

Mario/Luigi -- Brother Superheroes
Luigi: Well, we’re gonna wait, I guess.

Mario: Let’s-a do Explore Under. I could be our guide. Heheh.

Yoshi/Pink Yoshi -- Dating
Pink: I don’t wanna carry water. Yuck. I came into this race to experience new things. Explore under it is.

They both sign down the same time, and go converse with the Toads.

Bowser/Bowser Jr. -- Father + Son - 2:30 AM
Bowser: Aha! Still on the island. Awesome

Jr: Let’s go, Dad! We wanna make sure we catch that helicopter.

The orange and gray boat is boarded by the Bowsers

Peach/Daisy -- Sister Princesses
Peach: Shoot, they didn’t get lost.

Bowser/Bowser Jr. -- Father + Son
Bowser: Well, well. Hello ladies.

Jr: When’s the ‘copter leave?

Peach: It should leave in 15 minutes.

Bowser: Gwa ha ha! Hopefully no other teams will catch up!

King Boo/Boo -- Ghosts - 2:40 AM
King Boo: A helicopter? Another pointless form of flight for us.

Boo: Well if we dawdle, we’ll never make it! Let’s go!

They fly onto the yellow and gray boat.

Geno/Mallow -- Famous Video Game Partners - 2:43 AM
Mallow: 15 and 45? Oh no! We’ve got to hurry! Let’s GOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Geno: >.<  Coming, Mallow.

Both racers hurriedly board the gray and blue boat.

Pilot: Welcome aboard, sirs and madams.

Bowser/Bowser Jr. -- Father + Son
Bowser: Gweh heh heh…

Peach/Daisy -- Sister Princesses
Peach: Here we go!

King Boo/Boo -- Ghosts
Boo: Hurry up!

King Boo: We’re here! Get off!!!

The helicopter’s blades spin.

King Boo: I order you to stop!

The helicopter takes off.

Boo: We’re not gonna make it!

The helicopter flies into the distance.

King Boo: Dang!

Geno/Mallow -- Famous Video Game Partners
Mallow: This’ll be fun! I’ve heard about Pianta Village!

Geno: We’ve missed the helicopter.

Mallow: Aww…..

Geno: We never would’ve made it anyway. Hey, look! It’s the Boos!

King Boo/Boo -- Ghosts
Boo: Geno and Mallow are here, Your Highness.

King Boo: Hm…

DK/Diddy -- Best Friends - 2:48 AM
Diddy: When the helicopter lands, you will receive your next clue.

DK: We’re off!

***Diddy: We’re kinda running the race in an unorthodox way.

***DK: We have the power to rise to the top.

***Diddy: So it’s time to make our move.

DK: Hm, is that the boat?

Diddy: Yep!

They climb into the brown and red boat.

Peach/Daisy -- Sister Princesses
The helicopter lands.

Peach: Ah! Such a nice place!

Daisy: Let’s go get the clue!

Bowser/Bowser Jr. -- Father + Son
Jr: C’mon, Dad!

Bowser: Right behind you.

They reach it at the same time.

Daisy: Detour

Jr: 8:00. We have to wait.

Bowser: Wait?! This is a race!

Peach/Daisy -- Sister Princesses
Daisy: Exploring under sounds fun!

Peach: Let’s do it.

Bowser/Bowser Jr. -- Father + Son
Bowser: Hm, we’re gonna have to go with carrying it over.

Jr: Why, Dad?

Bowser: Cuz I think it’s better!

They sign down their times.

The clouds move across the sky.
DK/Diddy -- Best Friends
DK: Woohoo! This is gonna be awesome.

***DK: I’m experiencing things I’ve never done before… Uh… I’ve never flown in a real piece of machinery… I’ve never been on a floating city…

Geno/Mallow -- Famous Video Game Partners
***Geno: Being on this race is enjoyable. Mallow’s my friend; we can last until the end.

King Boo/Boo -- Ghosts
Boo: Ehehehe!

***Boo: We don’t like being at the back of the pack…A problem easily fixed.

The helicopter takes off…

It later lands in Pianta Village, it’s still dark out.

King Boo/Boo -- Ghosts
Boo: Detour!

Geno/Mallow -- Famous Video Game Partners
Mallow: Oooh! Let’s explore under!

Geno: Sounds good.

DK/Diddy -- Best Friends
DK: Hehheh, we lost ground in the last leg. Let’s surge ahead with Carry Over.

King Boo/Boo -- Ghosts
Boo: Again we can’t carry stuff well.

King Boo: Thank you, Captain Obvious…

They walk off…

Fade to sunrise…
7:00 AM
***Boo: So as we were waiting for the task to begin… we were bored.

***King Boo: Very bored…

We see Boo and King Boo sitting beside Geno and Mallow.

***Boo: So we found out that Mallow’s hilarious!

All four are laughing.

Mallow: Yeah, yeah! And this one time, when I was once a mover… I dropped a piano right down a mine!

Boo: Seriously?

Mallow: Yeah! You know what I got?

Boo: Fired?

King Boo: A pay cut?

Geno: … A smack?

Mallow: A Miner B flat!

Everyone stares, letting the joke sink in. All 4 suddenly burst out in uncontrollable laughter.

The sun flies overhead.
Toad/Toadette -- Married
They’re both standing on the first Mushroom, getting geared up.

Toadette: I’m so excited!

Toad: This is gonna be awesome.

Pianta: Okay! You may now embark on your fantastic journey!

Toad: Thank you!

There is a rope above all the Mushrooms, and tightropes between them.

Toad: This is craazy!

Toadette: Honey… What happens if I fall?

Toad (on the third Mushroom): He told me if you fall, the rope suspends you in the air, but you have to climb back up yourself.

Toadette: How many Mushrooms are there?

Toad: 3… 5… 7… There’s 12!

Toadette: Woah…

Toad - 5th Mushroom
Toadette - 4th Mushroom
Toad: C’mon, hon! You won’t fall all the way!

Toadette: It’s a little freaky!

Toad - 9th Mushroom
Toadette - 8th Mushroom

Toad: You okay, hon?

Toadette: Yep!

Toad: I think the other teams are watching us!

Yoshi/Pink Yoshi -- Dating
Yoshi: Wow! That’s crazy!

Mario/Luigi -- Brother Superheroes
Luigi: Oh no!

Toad/Toadette -- Married
Toadette: Woah! Ack!

Toad: Keep your balance!

Toadette: (falling off) AAHH!!!

 Toad: Toadette! Open your eyes! You’re okay!

Toadette: I-I’m scared!

Toad: You have to grab the rope and pull yourself along to this Mushroom!

Toadette: O-okay…

She slowly pulls herself over.

Toadette: It’s hard…

Toad: Okay! You’re here! Let me pull you up!

Toad grabs Toadette’s arms, and pulls very hard. She scrambles up! The other teams cheer wildly.

Toad: Whew… That was scary!

Toadette: Let’s go!

Toad - 11th Mushroom
Toadette - 10th Mushroom
Toad: I think the others are starting…

8:29 AM
Mario/Luigi -- Brother Superheroes
Mario: You ready for this, Luigi?

Yoshi/Pink Yoshi -- Dating
Pink: This is gonna be awesome!!!

We see that more ropes have been set up.

Yoshi: It’s a good thing we don’t have to wait for you guys!

Toad/Toadette -- Married
Toad: C’mon hon, you’re almost done!

Mario/Luigi -- Brother Superheroes
Mario - 3rd Mushroom
Luigi - 2nd Mushroom

Yoshi/Pink Yoshi -- Dating
Yoshi - 2nd Mushroom
Pink - 2nd Mushroom
Pink: This is awesome!!!

Yoshi: Are you scared?

Pink: No way, man!

Toad/Toadette -- Married
Toad - 12th Mushroom
Toadette - 11th Mushroom
Toad: C’mon! You’re almost done!

Toadette: I can do it! I’m gonna make it!

She steps onto the final Mushroom.

Toadette: YEAH!!! WOOO!!!

Toad: You did awesome!

Toadette: Here’s the next clue… (reading) Make your way topside and look for the big tree…

Phil: Teams must now look on the topside of the village for this large tree, located near the hot springs, which is actually a branch of a much larger tree. Teams must climb to the top to receive their next clue.

Toad: Oh my god! “Caution: Yield ahead!”

Phil: This is the first of only three Yields on the entire race. This is where teams can force another team to stop racing for a predetermined amount of time. However, teams may only yield once on the entire race, so they must decide when it is most advantageous to use it. If a team has been yielded, they must turn over this hourglass and wait for the sand to run out before continuing.

Toad: All right! We gotta move!

Toadette: Look! Follow the arrow to get to the tree!

Toad: Up the ladder!

Mario/Luigi -- Brother Superheroes
Mario - 6th Mushroom
Luigi: - 4th Mushroom

Yoshi/Pink Yoshi -- Dating
Yoshi - 5th Mushroom
Pink - 5th Mushroom

Mario/Luigi -- Brother Superheroes
Luigi: Mario! You’re crazy! You do this stuff all the time?

Mario: Nah! This is a cakewalk!

Luigi: 0.0

Yoshi/Pink Yoshi -- Dating
Pink: C’mon! We can catch up to Mario!

Yoshi: Heh! Look at Luigi back there!

Mario/Luigi -- Brother Superheroes
Luigi: Mama…mia…

Toad/Toadette -- Married
Toad: Where’s this big tree thing?

Toadette: It’s over there!

Toad: Woah! We have to climb this thing?

Toadette: At least we don’t have to climb that BIIIG one in the middle…

Mario/Luigi -- Brother Superheroes
Mario - 9th Mushroom
Luigi: - 6th Mushroom

Yoshi/Pink Yoshi -- Dating
Yoshi - 7th Mushroom
Pink - 8th Mushroom
Pink: Hurry up, Yosh!

Yoshi: I’m getting beaten by my girlfriend!

Pink: Uh huh, you know it!

Mario/Luigi -- Brother Superheroes
Mario: HURRY UP, BRO! If the Toads got lost, we might be able to beat them!

Toad/Toadette -- Married
Toad: Just a bit further!

Toadette: Whew! This is a tough climb!

Toad: We’re here!

Toadette: Look at that! Team number 1!

Toad: Anyone?

Toadette: Huh? Oh… Nope…

Toad: We choose not to yield!

Peach/Daisy -- Sister Princesses
Peach: Here we go!

Daisy: This is so awesome!

Peach: Lookit that! There’s still at it!

Mario/Luigi -- Brother Superheroes
Mario - 12th Mushroom
Luigi: - 7th Mushroom

Yoshi/Pink Yoshi -- Dating
Yoshi - 9th Mushroom
Pink - 9th Mushroom

Mario/Luigi -- Brother Superheroes
Mario: Luigi! You’re horribly slow!


Mario: Yes! They’re going to pass us!

Luigi: … Good point…

Bowser/Bowser Jr. -- Father + Son
Bowser: Heh, these buckets will be a cinch!

Toad/Toadette -- Married
Toad: *riiiiip* Roadblock!

Phil: A Roadblock is a task that only one person may perform, and no person may perform more than six Roadblocks on the entire race. In this Roadblock, teams must immerse themselves in the popular fluff festival, an annually held celebration. The chosen team member must take a bow and arrow, and shoot down one of 8 fluff-balloons with their next clue on it. The balloons are 40 feet in the air, so strength is required, along with aim.

Toadette: “The fluff festival’s on, who can shoot for the stars?”

Toad: Look! There’s balloons there! I betcha have to shoot ‘em!

Toadette: Ooh! Me! I love archery!

Mario/Luigi -- Brother Superheroes
Mario - 12th Mushroom
Luigi: - 11th Mushroom

Yoshi/Pink Yoshi -- Dating
Yoshi - 12th Mushroom
Pink - 11th Mushroom

Peach/Daisy -- Sister Princesses
Peach - 3rd Mushroom
Daisy - 3rd Mushroom

Mario/Luigi -- Brother Superheroes
Mario: C’mon Luigi! You can beat them!

Yoshi/Pink Yoshi -- Dating
Yoshi: Pink! You’re better than these guys!

Pink: I’m here! I’m here! I did it!

Mario/Luigi -- Brother Superheroes
Mario: Wow, good job, guys!

Yoshi/Pink Yoshi -- Dating
Yoshi: *riiiip* Caution: Yield Ahead! OH! Let’s go!

Mario/Luigi -- Brother Superheroes
Luigi: What’s that?

Mario: It’s a Yield, dude!

Bowser/Bowser Jr. -- Father + Son - 40% of tub filled
Bowser: Oog! This is tough!

Jr: We’ve gotta go slow, so we don’t spill as much!

Bowser: Yeah… Too bad we can’t take a bath in this after!

Toadette - Toad’s Partner
Pianta: Ready? Aim. Fire!

Toadette shoots an arrow.

Toadette: Aww…

Pianta: Fire!

Toadette: *shoots* Ugh! *shoots*

Toad: Oh! You just grazed it!

Mario/Luigi -- Brother Superheroes
Mario: Caution: Yield Ahead.

They climb up to the top

Mario: Oh! There they are! Let’s go!

Yoshi/Pink Yoshi -- Dating
Yoshi: C’mon, hon, they’re catching up!

Peach/Daisy -- Sister Princesses
Peach - 8th Mushroom
Daisy - 9th Mushroom
Peach: Hey! We’re pretty good at this!

Yoshi/Pink Yoshi -- Dating
Yoshi: Here we are!

Mario/Luigi -- Brother Superheroes
Luigi: Uh oh….

Mario: Shoot!

Yoshi/Pink Yoshi -- Dating
Pink: We choose not to yield!

Mario/Luigi -- Brother Superheroes
Mario: Woah!

Luigi: Phew…

Yoshi/Pink Yoshi -- Dating
***Yoshi: It was a tough decision whether to yield or not. In the end we decided it really wasn’t our style.

Yoshi: *riip* Roadblock!

Pink: Ooh! Let me do it! Sounds cool!

Mario/Luigi -- Brother Superheroes
Mario: Yeah!!! What a climb!

Luigi: Cool. You do everything, don’t you?

Mario: We choose not to yield! *riiiiiip* Roadblock?

Luigi: This sounds like one I could handle!

Mario: Okay, you’ll do it.

Peach/Daisy -- Sister Princesses
Peach - 11th Mushroom
Daisy - 12th Mushroom
Daisy: C’mon, Peach! You’re awesome! You can do it!

Bowser/Bowser Jr. -- Father + Son - 65% of tub filled
Bowser: Graaahhh! Feelin’ the burn, eh Jr?

Jr: You know it!

Bowser: Let’s hurry, the other dudes are starting.

9:30 AM
DK/Diddy -- Best Friends - 0% of tub filled
DK: Heh heh! They’re toast!

Geno/Mallow -- Famous Video Game Partners
Mallow: Haha! This is gonna be aaa-soooome!

Geno nods.

King Boo/Boo -- Ghosts
King Boo: Heh heh…

Race Official: Now, although you can fly, you are required to hang from the rope and pull yourself along with your hands.

Boo: Dang… There goes our advantage…

Peach/Daisy -- Sister Princesses
Peach rips open the clue.

Peach: Oh my gosh!!!

Daisy: What?

Peach: It’s a Yield! C’mon! Let’s go!

Daisy: I’m readin’ your mind!

Toadette - Toad’s Partner
Toad: Toadette! You gotta shoot higher!

Toadette: It’s tough, you gotta pull back pretty far!

Pink Yoshi - Yoshi’s Partner
Pink: Argh! Missed again! Yoshi shoulda done this one!

Luigi - Mario’s Partner
Mario: Luigi! You’ve gotta be steady! Your arms are too shaky!

Luigi: Ugh…

DK/Diddy -- Best Friends - 50% of tub filled
DK: Hehheh!

DK is holding a humongous barrel above his head as if it were a feather.

Diddy: Good job, buddy! We’ll be done in no time!

Geno/Mallow -- Famous Video Game Partners
Geno - 5th Mushroom
Mallow - 4th Mushroom

King Boo/Boo -- Ghosts
King Boo - 6th Mushroom
Boo - 5th Mushroom

Geno/Mallow -- Famous Video Game Partners
Mallow: Ack! I fell! Help!

Peach/Daisy -- Sister Princesses
Daisy: Al-most… there! Phew! Tough climb! Let’s do it!

Peach: We choose to yield Bowser and Bowser Jr.

She pastes their picture up, along with the “Compliments of Peach and Daisy” picture beside it.

Peach: Take that, ya big bully!

Daisy: *riiiiip* I’ll handle this, Peach!

Geno/Mallow -- Famous Video Game Partners
Geno - 5th Mushroom
Mallow - 4th Mushroom

King Boo/Boo -- Ghosts
King Boo - 10th Mushroom
Boo - 9th Mushroom
King Boo: Hahahaha! They’re still back there!

Geno/Mallow -- Famous Video Game Partners
Geno: Mallow! You have to reach up! You have to try harder!

Mallow: Ugh! I can’t! It’s hard!

Bowser/Bowser Jr. -- Father + Son - 99% of tub filled
Bowser: This should do it!

Cool Pianta: Hey, thanks dudes! Here’s your next clue!

Jr: Caution: Yield Ahead! We’d better get going!

King Boo/Boo -- Ghosts
Boo: Completed! Excellent job, Sire!

King Boo: *riiiiip* Yield Ahead!

Boo: Let’s go climbin’!

Bowser/Bowser Jr. -- Father + Son
Bowser: Ugh! This part’s the steepest! It’s so hard to climb!

Jr: We’re almost there!

DK/Diddy -- Best Friends
Diddy: Wow! We’re done!

Cool Pianta: Excellent job! Record time! Your next clue!

DK: *riiiiip* Ha! Climbing! Right up my alley!

Bowser/Bowser Jr. -- Father + Son
Bowser: We’re here… Oh no!!!

Jr: What?!

Bowser: We’ve been yielded!

Jr: By the princesses!

Bowser: That… is not good!

Toadette - Toad’s Partner
Toadette: Am I still doin’ this? Ugh!

Toad: We’ve been here forever.

***Toadette: We need to get to know each other’s limits, and our own too!

Pink Yoshi - Yoshi’s Partner
Pink: Oooh! They keep moving!

DK/Diddy -- Best Friends
The monkeys fly up the tree in a matter of seconds.

DK: Hey guys! Yielded?

Bowser/Bowser Jr. -- Father + Son
Bowser: Grrr…

DK/Diddy -- Best Friends
Diddy: *riiiiiiip* You wanna take it?

DK: Sure! I’ll take it.

King Boo/Boo -- Ghosts
Boo: Whoooo!

King Boo: Life sure is easy when you can fly.

***King Boo: Most of the time…

Boo: Ooohh… Tough luck, guys.

King Boo: *riiiiip* Eh… I’ll handle this.

Bowser/Bowser Jr. -- Father + Son
Bowser: HURRY UP, TIMER!!!

Jr: Yikes!

Toadette - Toad’s Partner
Toadette: DK’s here!

DK/Diddy -- Best Friends
DK shoots rapidly.

Diddy: DK! Stop wildly shooting into the air! You need to aim!


DK: Yeah! I hit it!

Diddy: …

The clue flutters to the ground.

DK: Excellent! *riiiiip* Make your way to the pitstop!

Phil: Teams must now climb up the tree closest to the entrance to find a bridge attached to one of its strong leaves. Teams must cross this swingy bridge to arrive at this cloud. Pianta Village is famous for its fluff clouds that people can actually stand on. This is the pitstop for this leg of the race. The last team to check in here… may be eliminated.

DK/Diddy -- Best Friends
DK: C’mon! Let’s hurry!

Geno/Mallow -- Famous Video Game Partners

Mallow: Phew! Thanks, buddy. I thought I’d never get up.

Geno: Let’s just keep moving.

Geno - 10th Mushroom
Mallow - 9th Mushroom
Geno: Come on Mallow, we need to hurry, but please be careful!

Mallow: Woah! Ah! Ack!

Geno: Oh no… You fell again, didn’t you? Don’t tell me.

Mallow: Okay, I won’t…

Bowser/Bowser Jr. -- Father + Son
Bowser: Those gals are gonna pay, big time!

Yoshi/Pink Yoshi -- Dating
Pink: Aim… aim…. aim… ya!



Yoshi: Good job, hon! *riiiiiip* The pitstop! Let’s go!

DK/Diddy -- Best Friends
They fly up this tree too.

DK: Woah! This bridge is really swingy!

Diddy: This is nuts!

They cross to the cloud.

DK: Holy cow! I’m standing on a cloud!

Diddy: Amazing!

They step on the mat, which is obscured by the cloud.

Pianta Mayor: Welcome to Pianta Village, my friends!

DK: Whew! What an adventure!

Phil: DK and Diddy…

DK: C’mon…

Phil: You… are team number 1!


Diddy: Excellent!

Phil: Congratulations on your amazing comeback. As the winners of this leg of the race, you have won a luxurious cruise around Isle Delfino and the surrounding islands. You’ll enjoy golf, hiking adventures, spelunking, a giant swimming pool, and the amazing beaches, all compliments of Delfino Cruises.

DK: Thanks Phil!

***Diddy: We’re awesome strong!

***DK: We’re taking this all the way!

Toadette - Toad’s Partner
Toadette: C’mon… C’mon… C’mon!


Toadette: Oh! Finally! I hit it, Toad!

Toad: That’s great!

Toadette: *riiip* It’s the pitstop! Let’s go!

Yoshi/Pink Yoshi -- Dating
Pink: Wow! We’re standing on a fluffy little cloud!

Yoshi: Incredible!

Phil: Yoshi and Pink… You’re team number 2!

Yoshi: Great!

Pink: We passed the Toads!

Bowser/Bowser Jr. -- Father + Son
Jr: It’s almost done…

Bowser: I can see ‘em, they’re starting for the pitstop!

Toad/Toadette -- Married
Toadette: I wanna sleep on this!

Toad: You wanna sleep this high off the ground?!

Toadette: Well… Maybe not…

Phil: Toad and Toadette… You’re team number 3!

Toad: That’s great news!

Phil: Do you feel you can win this race?

Toad: Oh! Absolutely!

Toadette: We’re goin’ straight to the end!

Luigi - Mario’s Partner
Luigi: I think I’ve figured it out now! They’re all tied down, so they all move in repeated circles.

Mario: Quit calculating and fire!


Mario: Excellent! You did it!

Luigi: *riiip* Make your way to the pitstop!

King Boo - Boo’s Partner
King Boo: Dang! They got it!

Boo: Bowser and Jr. will be here soon!

Bowser/Bowser Jr. -- Father + Son
Jr: It’s like five seconds or somethin’…

Bowser: There! It’s done! *riiiiip* I’ll take this one. They had trouble shooting the arrows so high, so I’ll shoot ‘em into the stratosphere!

Geno/Mallow -- Famous Video Game Partners
Geno - 10th Mushroom
Mallow - 9th Mushroom
Geno: Mallow, when we’re done this thing, I’m taking you for rock climbing lessons.

Mallow: Sure, let’s just hope we’re not done now.

Geno: Ugh! There, you’re up. Please do not fall again.

Bowser - Bowser Jr’s Partner
Bowser: Howzit hangin’, Boo Bros?

King Boo - Boo’s Partner
King Boo: Hey! Don’t affiliate us with Mario!

They laugh.

Mario/Luigi -- Brother Superheroes
Phil: Mario and Luigi… You’re team number 4!

Mario: Not the best, but still good.

Luigi: We’re gonna win, eh?

Mario: Oh yeah!

Luigi: But for now, let’s focus on getting to SOLID ground.

Mario: Hey Luiiigi…

Luigi: Huh?

Mario smiles.

Luigi: On here too?! DO YOU HAVE NO SENSE OF DANGER?!

Geno/Mallow -- Famous Video Game Partners
Geno: *riiip* Climb the tree for your next clue.

Mallow: Let’s hurry!

Daisy - Peach’s partner
Daisy: I think I’m gonna get this one.


Daisy: Awesome!

Peach: *riip* Let’s hurry!

Peach: This is freaking amazing!

Daisy: I can’t believe I’m standing on a cloud! It feels almost like snow!

Phil: Peach and Daisy, you’re team number 5!

Daisy: Excellent!

King Boo - Boo’s Partner
King Boo: Nggg……


King Boo: Snared! We got us a clue!

Boo: Excellent shot, Sire!

King Boo: *riiiip* …on the cloud…

Bowser - Bowser Jr’s Partner
Bowser: Gah! I’ve gotta hurry. I see last place on the tree!

Geno/Mallow -- Famous Video Game Partners
Mallow: See? I can climb this!

Geno: Mallow, if you were nimble enough you could walk up this… like me!

Mallow: >.<

King Boo/Boo -- Ghosts
Boo: Woow! We’re on a cloud!

King Boo: Pretty cool.

Phil: King Boo and Boo… You’re team number 6!

Boo: That’s all right!

King Boo: We’ll be back!

Geno/Mallow -- Famous Video Game Partners
Geno: *riiiiip* Hmm… Sounds like archery!

Mallow: Ooh! Let me do it! I’ve arched before!

Geno: Look. Bowser and Jr. were yielded! We may still be able to catch up!

Bowser - Bowser Jr’s Partner
Bowser: Oh no…

Jr: They’re here.

Mallow - Geno’s partner
Mallow stretches back the bow a little bit, then releases it. The arrow flops to the ground.

Mallow: Ahh!

Geno: Pull harder, Mallow!

Bowser - Bowser Jr’s Partner
Jr: Papa! You need to hurry or they’re gonna pass us!

Bowser: I know! But there’s only two balloons left!

Mallow - Geno’s partner
Mallow keeps shooting.

Geno: *sigh*

Bowser - Bowser Jr’s Partner
Bowser: *shoots* ARGH! YOU STUPID ARROW!

Bowser throws the arrow to the ground.

???: OUCH!

Bowser: o.0  What the?

Jr: Oof… I fell.

Bowser: Oh…

Jr: … Did you think the arrow…

Bowser: NO!

Mallow - Geno’s partner
Mallow: *shoots* AHHHHH! OH MY GOD! Did you see that? It looked like it went right through it!

Geno: I saw it. You just barely missed.

The tension grows in the area.

Bowser - Bowser Jr’s Partner
Bowser: C’mon, arrow! I must stay in this race! *shoots* …

Jr: …

Mallow - Geno’s partner
Mallow: …

Geno: …


Bowser/Bowser Jr. -- Father + Son
Bowser: Yes! Yes! I did it!

Jr: I got the clue! *riiiiip*

Mallow - Geno’s partner
Mallow: NO! Nononononononononono!

Bowser/Bowser Jr. -- Father + Son
Jr: the cloud! LET’S HAUL TAIL!

Bowser: I’m gonna break this thing!

Jr: C’mon, Papa! It’s so cool on the cloud!

Bowser: Hehehe!

Phil: Bowser and Jr! Congratulations, you are team number 7!

Bowser: We’re never out!

Jr: Never! No one beats the Koopas!

***Bowser: So we had one real bad leg. Big whoop! We’re still winners.

***Jr: Yeah! Those coins are ours!

***Bowser: We got yielded today. We are not very happy.

***Jr: Those little girlies better watch their backs!

Geno/Mallow -- Famous Video Game Partners
Geno: Good job, Mallow.

Mallow: *sniff*

Geno: *riiip* Let’s go.

Pianta Mayor: Welcome to Pianta Village…

Geno: Thank you very much, sir.

Phil: Geno and Mallow… You’re the last team to arrive.

Mallow: *sob, sob, sob*

Geno: It’s okay, Mallow.

Phil: I’m sorry to tell you that you have both been eliminated from the race.


Geno: We had fun.

Mallow: *sniff* I really didn’t want it to end. It was the best journey I’ve ever taken.

***Geno: We really wanted to win, but we lost. I accept that. We’ve already won titles in the Video Game Hall of Fame.

***Mallow: This was the greatest experience of my life. And I had lots of fun! Here’s hoping I can go traveling like this again.

***Geno: I’m the hero of Star Haven. Unfortunately, I’m not the winner here…

The credits roll.

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