The Amazing Race MK

By Giga Bowser NS

???: ... This has got to be the oddest job Iíve ever taken. Is this even possible? Thatís the last time I agree to host The Amazing Race, or anything for that matter, in


Phil finally lands in the Mushroom Kingdom. He looks around and sighs

Phil: This is... ridiculous!

He hires some Koopas who are walking by to put up posters all around the MK. In Toad Town at the vicinity of Princess Peachís Castle, the posters catch many an eye. Most simply go ďCool! I gotta watch that!Ē but some are even more interested.

Mario: Hey Luigi! Come look at this!

Luigi: What?

Mario: This poster says that thereís a contest going on called The Amazing Race...

Luigi: Oh, sure... You and your poster jokes!

Mario: No! Seriously, no joke!

Luigi: Fine! Iíll play along. (sarcastically) Wooow! A poster about... (serious) THE AMAZING RACE IS IN THE MUSHROOM KINGDOM?!

Mario: Youíve heard of this?

Luigi: Of course! I watch it on TV all the time. Itís the coolest thing ever!

Peach: Whatís all this ruckus? Ooh, whatís this? ďThe Amazing RaceĒ... Hmmm... What is this?

Daisy, Yoshi, Pink Yoshi, Wario, Waluigi, Toad and Toadette see the crowd and come over. After reading it over they all sound interested. Meanwhile in the jungles far away, DK and Diddy stumble upon a poster that had blown in the wind all the way there.

DK: HmmÖ Hey Diddy! Think we could win a race?

Diddy: Weird question but, yeah, I think so.

DK: Well come look at this.

They look over the poster and decide to join. Meanwhile over in Rogueport, Goombella and Prof. Frankly are walking through town when they notice a poster. It is not all ripped like the other junky posters, so they decide to take a look

Frankly: Amazing Race... Race though Mushroom Kingdom... 1,000,000 coins...

Goombella: Wow! Thatís some cash! It sounds totally interesting! Letís join up!

Frankly: Uh... Hm... A million coins... Ok, sure. Why not?

Also, an X-Naut spy is sneaking around when he notices the poster. He promptly takes it back to Grodus. Grodus states he can use the cash and decides to put aside evil for a while to race. Meanwhile at the RPG Hall of fame, Geno and Mallow also stumble upon a poster. They think maybe they can win it, so they join. One poster blows all the way to Bowserís Castle and is picked up by Bowser Jr. He takes it to Bowser.

Jr: Daddy! Papa! Look what I found!

Bowser: Jr! Iím glad I found you, Iíve been spying on Mario and heís entering some kind of race.

Jr: Yes! Look at-

Bowser: This could be the perfect time to humiliate him! Iíll win all that cash, and then Iíll BUY THE MUSHROOM KINGDOM!!!

Jr: Papa! Look what I-

Bowser: Now I just need the phone number...

Jr: (annoyed) 555-5639.

Bowser: Be quiet, I... Howíd you know that?

Jr. I found a poster about the Amazing Race outside!


Jr: Grrr...

* * *

The next day, everyone meets in the center of Toad town. They have paired themselves up into groups:

Mario/Luigi -- Brother Superheroes
Peach/Daisy -- Sister Princesses
Bowser/Bowser Jr. -- Father + Son
Grodus/Lord Crump -- Evil Doers
Toad/Toadette -- Married
Wario/Waluigi -- Brothers
Yoshi/Pink Yoshi -- Dating
DK/Diddy -- Best Friends
Geno/Mallow -- Famous Video Game Partners
Goombella/Prof. Frankly -- Teacher + Star Student

Phil counts up the teams and sighs.

Phil: What have I gotten into? ... AHEM! We need 11 teams to compete! There are only 10 teams so far. Weíll have to wait for someone else to arrive

Everyone chatters and waits for someone else to arrive. Just then King Boo and Boo show up, ready to terrorize everyone.

Phil: Ah, good! Another team has shown up

King Boo: Huh... What? Whatís going on?

Mario: Didnít you show up to compete in the Amazing Race for one million coins?

Boo: No, you idiots! We-

King Boo: Did you say one million coins?

Luigi: Yep! Itís true!

Phil: Are you going to join or not?

Boo: Uhh... We-

King Boo: SURE!!!

King Boo/Boo -- Ghosts

Phil: All right, here are the rules.

Mario: Does it involve spaghetti?

Phil: No... Ok, to begin with you will all get a clue. If you follow the clue, it will lead you to a box with yellow and red flags on it. This is a route marker; inside will be another clue. Keep following clues and they will lead you to the Pitstop, or the finish line for this leg of the race, where you can sleep and eat. Not all boxes simply contain clues. If you pull out a red envelope, this is a Roadblock. You will need to pick one member from your team to do a difficult challenge. If you pull out a yellow envelope, this is a Detour. This is like a choice between two Roadblocks, but for two players. If you pull out a green envelope, this is a Fast Forward. If you complete this challenge first, you get to skip straight to the finish line. Finally if you come to a sign that says ďYieldĒ, you can choose to temporarily delay another team. If your picture is up there, turn the hourglass over and wait until the sand runs out. Everyone get it?

All: Uhh... Yeah... Umm... I guessÖ

Phil: Ugg! Just read the rulebooks.


The televised episode begins.

Phil is walking on the roof of Peachís Castle.

Phil: Iím standing on the top of the renowned Castle of Princess Peach. It is situated in the center of Toad Town, in the vast Mushroom Kingdom. This is where 11 teams of two will begin a vast journey across this kingdom, for 1 Million coins. We see the teams all walking through the castle, double file, towards the front door.

Phil: The 11 teams are:

Mario & Luigi step out and punch the air gleefully.

Phil: Mario & Luigi. Brothers from the nearby area, who are renowned superheroes around these lands.

Luigi: Heís the hero.

Both laugh. Then we see them running through a grassy field doing stunts.

Mario: Iíve traveled across the lands many times on adventures. I know this kingdom like the back of my hand.

Theyíre sitting in their house shovelling spaghetti into their mouths.

Luigi: We love to eat, but we love adventuring better.

Mario: Everyone knows weíre a force to be reckoned with.

Luigi: This is just one more adventure in the old log book!

Mario: No biggie!

We see Peach & Daisy walk out the doors, laughing and having a good time.

Phil: Peach & Daisy: Peach is the ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom, and Daisy rules the nearby Sarasaland. Theyíre sisters, and popular rulers.

Peach: I went through an evolution while ruling.

We see stock footage of Bowserís invasion in 1990, in Sepia.

Peach: I was a helpless little damsel in distress. I always had to be rescued by Mario. Iíve grown to learn how to defend myself.

Daisy: Youíre slow, I was always like that.

Peach: Yeah! Indeed!

We see them both in the castle drinking tea.

Daisy: We know each other. Weíre strong, because weíre rulers.

Peach: No one should underestimate us.

Bowser and Jr. walk out the door, looking confident.

Phil: Bowser... and Bowser Jr. Both renowned for their villainous behaviour, theyíve called a powerful truce for the race.

Bowser: Smash Smash Smash! Bowserís here!

Jr: BJ too!

We see Bowser lounging in his throne.

Bowser: I lead the Koopa Troop. We live over in Dark Land, which is basically nothing. I have a dream to rule the Mushroom Kingdom. Unfortunately, Peach holds that title. Sheís a roadblock.

Jr: Yeah...

We see them ordering troops around.

Jr: Iím fast and smart. I mean, like nimble! Heís super strong. Itís not even funny.

Bowser: Marioís always triumphing over us. But those are battles. This isnít a battle, this is a race. A challenge. Because, anyway, I HAVE beaten Mario once!

Jr: Papa... That was rock, paper, scissors...

Grodus and Crump walk out, showing no emotion.

Phil: Grodus & Lord Crump. Leaders of the notorious X-Nauts, they are the self-proclaimed future leaders of the world.

Grodus: Hereís a fact of life. Everyone makes mistakes.

We see them sitting around the sort of destroyed moon base.

Grodus: World domination is hard to achieve. We almost succeeded, but certain complications hindered us. Now money is required for our new plan.

We see them walking around the sewers near the now-sealed Thousand-Year Door.

Crump: Grodus is a powerful man. Nothing can stop him, except perhaps the Crystal Stars.

Grodus: Thatís not an issue anymore! Heh heh heh...

Toad and Toadette walk out, holding hands, smiling.

Phil: Toad and Toadette. They dated for three years, then got married.

Toad: Weíre the perfect team. We have great chemistry.

We see them sitting in their house.

Toadette: Toad and I met at the fourth Mario Kart Grand Prix. I was the newbie

Both laugh.

Toad: She was sweet, kind, funny, and most important, without a partner.

Toadette: ďSign me up!Ē he said!

Both laugh. We then see them walking hand in hand in the park.

Toadette: Toad is a brave man. Heís the love of my life.

Toad: And now we wanna win!

Toadette: Itís on!

Wario and Waluigi walk out laughing almost manically and striding confidently.

Phil: Wario & Waluigi. Brothers... with a greed for anything.

Wario: Ahahahaha! This show isnít gonna stink now!

Waluigi: Yeah! Weíre in it!

We see Wario sitting and laughing on the throne in his castle.

Wario: Waluigi and I were born to succeed. We were gifted with great money-making skills.

Waluigi: There is no competition here. Weíre racing against a whole bunch of losers!

Wario: Weíre gonna completely crush the competition.

Theyíre both lounging in their vast riches, but something about the picture looks fake.

Waluigi: We know what to invest in.

Wario: Treasure hunts all the time. Money money money!

Waluigi: Warioís making thousands in the video gaming industry.

Both: Weíre winners!

The riches behind Wario suddenly transform into blue emptiness.

Wario: (very quietly) Dang blue screen...

Yoshi and Pink Yoshi walk out the door. Theyíre gleeful and anxious to begin.

Phil: Yoshi & Pink Yoshi. They met on Yoshiís Island, then began dating for three and a half years.

Yoshi: This is gonna be fun.

Pink: We love the Amazing Race. And now weíre finally on it.

We see Pink laying in Yoshiís lap near a lake.

Yoshi: Pinkís my sweetheart. When we met, I knew I had found the one.

Pink: Yoshiís a sweet guy. Heís very nice and sympathetic.

Yoshi: I love her. Sheís my soulmate.

Theyíre running around the Island.

Yoshi: We complement, encourage, and support each other.

Pink: We work well together, even under stress.

Yoshi: We know each otherís strengths and weaknesses.

Pink: Weíre awesome! Weíre surefire winners.

DK and Diddy walk out and grin in anticipation.

Phil: Donkey Kong & Diddy. Best friends from Kongo Island. Theyíre both minor heroes around there.

DK: DK! Donkey Kong!

Diddy: Heís the leader of the bunch, you know him well!

DK: Heís finally back...

Diddy: To kick some tail!

Both: YEAH!

We see them walking around the island.

DK: Weíre best buddies. Weíve been that way since who knows when.

Diddy: Heís got to be the strongest dude ever. Heís awesome.

DK: Heh! Youíve got your strengths too.

We see them swinging around the jungle.

DK: Iíve saved our island from destruction a couple of times.

Diddy: That K. Rool guy.

DK: Heís evil.

Diddy: But this dude has proved himself time and time again. Heís crazy powerful.

DK: Youíre looking at a winner.

We see Geno and Mallow walk out. Geno is a statue, and Mallow is leaping for joy.

Phil: Geno & Mallow. Both have starred in the famous ďSuper Mario RPGĒ video game, and have since been admitted to the video game hall of fame.

Geno: An unusual pair to be sure.

Mallow: But a winning one.

We see footage of their game.

Geno: I am from Star Road. In order to manoeuvre around this world, I needed to take the form of this doll. Itís actually quite powerful.

Mallow: And Iím an adopted tadpole from Tadpole Pond. I actually came from Nimbus Land, where Iím the prince!

Theyíre hanging out at the video game hall of fame.

Geno: Iím powerful and strong, even in doll form. Iím also smart.

Mallow: Heh! Showoff! Iím quite the fighter. Iíve proved myself.

Geno: He needs to control his enthusiasm, but with our combined strengths, we can win.

Mallow: Totally!!!

Goombella and Prof. Frankly walk out with their heads held high.

Phil: Goombella & Professor Frankly. Heís a teacher at U Goom, and sheís his star student.

Prof: Iím an experienced professor, Iíve got my knowledge of the world.

Goombella: Weíre tough competitors! Iíve even traveled with Mario!

We see her listening intently to the Prof.

Goombella: Heís really smart! Most of that intelligence has rubbed off on me!

Prof: I may be an old geezer to most people, but inside Iím a strong competitor.

Goombella: We know our stuff!

Theyíre both exploring the sewers.

Goombella: Iím a bit of a spelunker on the side. Iím an avid explorer.

Prof: I have total confidence in her.

Goombella: Weíre out to prove that Goombas are not underlings of underlings.

Boo and King Boo fly out, happily doing flips in the air.

Phil: King Boo... & Boo. Both ghosts, oneís the leader of them all.

Boo: All hail King Boo!

King Boo: Ehehehehehe!

We see them hanging out at Luigiís Mansion.

Boo: Boos are powerful beings. We can fly, we can teleport, we can disappear.

King Boo: I have strong power as the leader.

Boo: All the Boos look up to him.

*We see them flying around a ghost house.

King Boo: Iíve had my share of battles with many of the other competitors; itís nothing I canít handle.

Boo: Iím the only Boo thatís actually called ďBooĒ. Iím the kingís right-hand man.

King Boo: Weíre spectres. We have no friends. Weíre simply winners!

We fade to them all walking through the courtyard.

Phil: Can these teams stand up to the stress of traveling together across nearly 30,000 miles? And who will musterÖ the right combination of brains, brawn, and teamwork, to win... the one million coins?

Fade back to Phil on the roof.

Phil: These are the questions waiting to be answered... as we begin... the Amazing Race: MK.

He walks off and we fade to the teams standing at the starting line.

Phil: Youíre about to embark on a race around the Mushroom Kingdom.

As he talks, we see the determined faces of the competitors.

Phil: The race is divided into many legs. At the end of each leg is a Pitstop. Eight of these Pitstops are elimination points. And if youíre the last to arrive... you will be eliminated.

We see worried glances all around.

Phil: When I give the word, you may run over to your bags, read the clue, and run through the gates. What you do after that is completely up to you. The first team to cross the finish line... will win... one million coins!

All cheer wildly.

Phil: Are you all ready?

All: YEAH!

Phil: The world is waiting for you.

Phil raises his hand; all the teams get ready to run.

Phil: Good luck... Travel safe... *raises eyebrow* Ö GO!

All the teams sprint off...

EPISODE 1: Destination: Shiver City
Title: It was Left. That was Right

There is Chaos at the Castle as all 11 teams scramble for their bags.

While theyíre doing that, Iím going to tell you something. When a team is talking to the camera (like a confession) it will look like this.

***Phil: Hello

And when we switch from one team to another it will look like this

Bowser/Bowser Jr. - Father + Son

Bowser: Argh, this is frustrating

Mario/Luigi - Brother Superheroes

Mario: Weíre sooo far ahead.

Ok, get it? Good.

Yoshi/Pink Yoshi -- Dating

Yoshi: Ok! Weíre off! Weíve got a bit of a head start

Pink: Allís well that ends well, I guess!

Mario: Ok, whatís the clue say?

Toad: ďMake your way -

Goombella: -to the south end of town-

Wario: -and find the green-hatted conductor.

Grodus: He will give you your next clue.

King Boo: You will receive some coins for this leg of the race.Ē

Yoshi: Letís go

Mario/Luigi -- Brother Superheroes

Mario: Ok, letís go. Weíve been there before, we know how to get there.

Luigi: That is YOU know.

Mario: I know what? Everything

***Mario: Iíve found that Luigi doesnít really mind the jokes as long as I donít use them repeatedly.

Luigi: Letís go! A million coins, baby!

Toad/Toadette -- Married

Toad: Come on, sweetie, letís go

Toadette: Iím right behind you!

Yoshi/Pink Yoshi -- Dating

Yoshi: Wait, where are we going? Wasnít it down here?

Pink: Marioís passing us!

Yoshi: Ack! Follow him!

Bowser/Bowser Jr. -- Father + Son

Bowser: Excuse me, do you-

Resident: Ahh!

Jr: Hey, do you-

Resident: Ahh!

Bowser: Do-

Resident: AHH!

Jr: Ugg...

***Bowser: Itís annoying that everyone fears us. It was a definite downfall.

DK/Diddy -- Best Friends

DK: Where is it?

Diddy: There!!! I see it!!!

DK: Everybodyís there already!

Mario/Luigi -- Brother Superheroes: 1st to find the Toad Town Station clue

Mario: Yehaw!

Yoshi/Pink Yoshi -- Dating: 2nd
Toad/Toadette -- Married: 3rd
Bowser/Bowser Jr. -- Father + Son: 4th

Jr: Woo! Heh...

Peach/Daisy -- Sister Princesses: 5th

Luigi: ďLook to your side to find some explorers.

Pink: Pick one of them to lead you-

Toadette: -tThrough the sewers.

Jr: Tell him the directions while using this map-

Daisy: -to find your next clueĒ

Phil: Teams must now choose one of these experienced guides, who will take out all the enemies in this place, the Toad Town Sewers. These famous pipelines run in a constricting maze under Toad Town. Teams must use a map to find their way through. It is here they will find their next clue.

Wario: Hey, wait for us!

Wario/Waluigi -- Brothers: 6th
DK/Diddy -- Best Friends: 7th
King Boo/Boo -- Ghosts: 8th

Wario: Through the sewers...

Boo: ... Pick an explorer...

Mario/Luigi -- Brother Superheroes

Mario: Címon. Letís go with this guy. We pick you.

Luigi: Here we go! Down the pipe.

Mario: Iíve been here before!

Luigi: When? Your last vacation?

***Mario: Ooh! A joke from Mr. Green...

Goombella/Prof. Frankly -- Teacher + Star Student

Goombella: I am soo lost.

Frankly: Excuse me, sir, where is the train station?

Smar T: Look behind you, doofus.

Frankly: Ohh.

Goombella/Prof. Frankly -- Teacher + Star Student: 9th at the Toad Town Station Clue
Geno/Mallow -- Famous Video Game Partners: 10th

Goombella: Into the Sewers... I wonder if theirs is like ours?

Frankly: I donít recall reading about any sunken cities here in Toad Town...

Geno: Hmm... Iíll lead us through...

Mallow: Sure. Sounds good

Yoshi/Pink Yoshi -- Dating

Pink: Itís scary down here...

Yoshi: Hey, itís for a million coins!

Pink: Easy for you to say, youíre the big adventurer.

Yoshi: Meh, this isnít much of a challenge.

Pink: Eeeewwwww... Look at that gross water! Uck! How can you stand it?

Mario/Luigi -- Brother Superheroes

Mario: Go this way

Luigi: Now this way

Mario: Climb up here

Explorer: You guys are a natural at this.

Mario: Left!

Luigi: Right!

Mario: No, left!

Luigi: Right!

Mario: Luigi! Itís left!!!

Luigi: I know, Mario!

Mario: Huh?

Luigi: I know itís left! Thatís right!

Mario: Say wha...?

Grodus/Lord Crump -- Evil Doers

Crump: Uggg! Where on Plit are we?!

Grodus: This is harder that we thought it was going to be.

Grodus and Crump finally find the train station

Grodus: You fool! It was right here!

Crump: Huh? I though I read somewhere that trains are always to the north...

Grodus: ...

Grodus/Lord Crump -- Evil Doers: 11th at the Toad Town Station Clue
DK/Diddy -- Best Friends

Diddy: Man, the sewers are complicated

DK: Youíre not kidding!

Diddy: This map makes no sense!

DK: Hold on... What map?

Diddy: Uhh... We were given a map...

DK: WHAT?! Iíve been guessing this whole time...

Diddy: o.0... Well... I guess your guessing was guessed right...

Mario/Luigi -- Brother Superheroes

Luigi: I see the clue box!

Mario: I told you it was left.

Luigi: I know! You were right!

Mario: No! I said LEFT! You said RIGHT!

Luigi: It was left. That was right.

Mario: Bu... Left is... We didnít...o.0o.0o.0o.o0.o0o.0o.0o0.o0

Mario/Luigi -- Brother Superheroes: 1st at sewers clue

Mario: Use the map once again to find the frozen pipe to the frozen Shiver City. You will then find your next clue.

Phil: Teams must now use their maps to find a pipe hidden in the sewers that leads to the first destination on the race, Shiver City. This frozen little town at the base of Shiver Mountain is where the next clue is located.


Luigi: Whoopee... Another one.

Mario: Uh huh! Uh huh! Uh huh!

Luigi: Dude... Did you leave ANY territory uncharted on your adventures?

Mario: Weíll just have to wait Ďn see, eh?

Wario/Waluigi -- Brothers

Waluigi: I hate this place. It reminds me of home.

Wario: What was that?

Waluigi: Nothing...

Wario: I TOLD you a thousand times, the rats are dead!

Waluigi: Oh be quiet, you know Iím scared of them.

Wario: Heh, youíre a wimp. Just like these other losers.

***Wario: We donít intend to lose this race to a bunch of wimps. I mean, címon! Iím WARIO! A HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!

Peach/Daisy -- Sister Princesses

Peach: This place is disgusting.

Daisy: I know! Eeeewwwww... I canít stand it down here!

Peach: Do you see it?

Daisy: No... Mario probably already found it...

Peach: Too bad we lost them...

Daisy: There it is!

Peach: Oh! Great!

Peach/Daisy -- Sister Princesses: 2nd at the sewers clue

Peach: Hmmm... Shiver City...

Daisy: Sounds chilliní.

Peach: Hahaha! Thatís cool!

Daisy: Hahaha!

Both: Hahahahaha!

Mario/Luigi -- Brother Superheroes

Luigi: So, whereís this pipe? Thereís a thousand pipes down here!

Mario: Oh, itís just to the left!

Luigi: Oh, right!


Luigi: RIGHT!!!

Mario: LEFT!

Luigi: Right! Left is right!

Mario: No! Left is left! Right is right!

Luigi: ???

Mario: ???

Both: Youíre strange!

***Mario: The first obstacle of the race... A few teams probably passed us.

***Luigi: We couldnít really tell, we were in a maze...

Toad/Toadette -- Married

***Toadette: Toad just guides me through all this. Heís being very helpful to me.

Toad: There it is!

Toadette: Excellent job, honey!

Toad: Weíre blaziní through this!

Toadette: People are behind us!

Toad: Eh?

Toad/Toadette -- Married: 3rd at the Sewers Clue
Bowser/Bowser Jr. -- Father + Son: 4th
Yoshi/Pink Yoshi -- Dating: 5th

Pink: Oy! Are we outta this place yet?

DK/Diddy -- Best Friends: 6th

Toad: Shiver City...

Pink: Shiver City... Ooh! That sounds awesome!

Jr. smirks.

Bowser: Yeah...Heh... Shiver City... Crystal Palace...

DK: Wonder what weíre doiní there...

Peach/Daisy -- Sister Princesses:

Peach: Hey, I think I see the pipe!

Daisy: What?! Already? I donít believe it!

Peach: Yeah! I think I found this shortcut here.

Daisy: Cool.

Peach: We beat the Mario Bros!

Daisy: No way!!! How?!

Peach: Look! Thereís ten more envelopes!

Daisy: How is that... like... possible?

Peach/Daisy -- Sister Princesses: 1st at Shiver City clue

Daisy: Detour!

Phil: A detour is a choice between two tasks, each with its own pros and cons. In this Detour, teams must choose between two snowy tasks of Shiver City. Shovel, or Sled. In Shovel, Teams must shovel a driveway for someoneís house. Once the owner of the house approves, teams will receive their next clue. This task has the potential to be done quickly, but teams will have to walk to their next clue. In Sled, Teams must sled along a twisting and turning track of snow all the way to their next clue in Starborn Valley. This task would take some time, for crashes will probably be many, but they will not have to walk to their clue. If Teams crash, they must get themselves out of very thick snow, and start sledding again. If their sled breaks, a new one will take quite some time to get to them.

Daisy: Shovel or Sled?

Peach: Wanna go sledding?

Daisy: Sure, thatís fine

Peach: This is gonna be fun!

Mario/Luigi -- Brother Superheroes

Mario: Hey! Wait-a for us!

***Mario: We arrived in the nick of time

Luigi: Howíd you beat us here?!

Peach: I found this shortcut down there.

Luigi: What? We found the shortcut too!

Mario: Howíd we lose time?

Luigi: ... Mario... RIGHT! LEFT! RIGHT! LEFT!

Mario: ... Oh, right...

***Mario: It took a while before I realised he meant right as in correct...

Mario/Luigi -- Brother Superheroes: 2nd at the Shiver City clue

Luigi: Letís go shovelling

Mario: Shovelling?! Iím a superhero! I donít shovel!

Luigi: Címon! Itíll be faster!

Mario: Faster than sledding?!

Luigi: Címon! Trust me!

Geno/Mallow -- Famous Video Game Partners

Geno: AHHHH!!!

Mallow: This place is soo stupid!

***Mallow: We were starting to get lost and fall behind. Just then...

Grodus/Lord Crump -- Evil Doers: 7th (Sewers)

***Geno: We were toast.

King Boo/Boo -- Ghosts: 8th (sewers)

***Geno: ... Burnt toast...

Crump: We now have to get to Shiver City, Master...

Grodus: Okay! Hurry up! Letís go!

Boo: A chilly scene over in Shiver City!

Geno/Mallow -- Famous Video Game Partners

Mallow: THERE IT IS!!!

Geno: Youíre joking!

Explorer: Watch out! A Dark Koopa, Iíll get it.

Mallow: Woah! Itís gonna eat me! AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

Geno: ... Mallow, calm down! Can you hurry up and beat it? Weíre losing time...

Explorer: Uhhh... Dizzy...

Geno: Oh no...

Goombella/Prof. Frankly -- Teacher + Star Student: 9th (sewers)

Mallow: Hurry up!

Goombella/Prof. Frankly -- Teacher + Star Student

Goombella: Lucky guess, eh?

Frankly: Letís get out of here.

Goombella: I agree! This place is rank!

Frankly: Compared, our sewers are like road tunnels!


Toad/Toadette -- Married: 3rd (Shiver City)
Yoshi/Pink Yoshi -- Dating: 4th

Toad: I think itís time to go sledding

Yoshi: Weíre going sledding too

Toadette: You guys sure are nice, wanna form an alliance?

Pink: Ok.

***Pink: I think Toadette was intimidated about the race. She wanted someone to help her out. Thatís why she asked me to form an alliance with her...

***Toadette: Yeah... The request was given in haste... The alliance was soon forgotten.

***Toad: Weíre still good friends with them...

Toadette: This is gonna be fun!

Yoshi: Iíve never been sledding before!

Toad: No way!

Yoshi: I live on a tropical island!

Toad: Well then, Iíll show you the ropes.

Wario/Waluigi -- Brothers: 10th (Sewers)

Waluigi: Finally, letís get out of here.

Wario: Shiver City, eh? Iíve always wanted to go there.

Waluigi: Really? Why?

Wario: *shrug* Havenít looted it yet...

Waluigi: Oh you!

Peach/Daisy -- Sister Princesses

Both: WHEEE!!!

Daisy: Watch out!

Peach: Woah! I almost hit that!

Daisy: Stay focused, we donít wanna crash!

Peach: Weíre soo far ahead.

Daisy: Doesnít matter. One crash could send us to the back of the pack.

Toad/Toadette -- Married

Toad: Incoming!

Toadette: Yee-haw!

Peach/Daisy -- Sister Princesses

Daisy: Peach! Theyíre catching up!

Peach: I know! I know!

Daisy: Just GO!

Peach: What happened to ďfocusĒ?

Daisy: GOOOOOO!!!

Yoshi/Pink Yoshi -- Dating

Yoshi: Lean down, Pink! Itíll make us go fast

Pink: But what about Toad and Toadette?

Yoshi: What about them?

Pink: ... Aíight! Youíre right!

Yoshi and Pink lean forword on their sled and go streaking past the other two teams, leaving them crashed!

Toad/Toadette -- Married

Toad: Waaaaahhhh!

Toadette: Woaaah!

Peach/Daisy -- Sister Princesses

Peach: Oh man!

Daisy: Ouch...

Mario/Luigi -- Brother Superheroes

Penguy: That was fast! Now go to Starborn Valley for your next clue.

Mario: Er... Donít we get a clue?

Penguy: Hmm... I donít think so... Just go to Starborn Valley...

Luigi: Stop detailing! Letís just gooooo!

Mario: Okay! Bye!

Mario and Luigi run to Starborn Valley as fast as they can.

Mario: Yes, Luigi! Iíve been there.

Luigi: ... Read my mind...

Peach/Daisy -- Sister Princesses

Peach and Daisy have got back up on their sled and continued going.

Peach: That was a bit of a mishap...

Daisy: Yeah... Letís hurry!

Peach: Brr... The snow was cold...

Daisy: I TOLD you to bring waterproof clothes!

Toad/Toadette -- Married

Toadette: Toad, I hurt my wrist.

Toad: Get in the back and Iíll get us there!

Toadette: Ouch.

Toad: You gonna be okay... ?


***Toad: *blink* It was like... POOF!

They keep going.

Bowser/Bowser Jr. -- Father + Son: 5th (Shiver City)

Bowser: Hmm... Detour...

Jr: Letís do the sled! Letís do the sled!

Bowser: All right... Sled it is!

Jr: YAAAAAAAYYYY! Sledding! Sledding! Sledding!

DK/Diddy -- Best Friends: 6th (Shiver City)

Diddy: Címon! We can beat them at sledding!

DK: Yeah! Letís hurry!

Yoshi/Pink Yoshi -- Dating

Pink: That was some nice sledding, Yoshi!

Yoshi: You mean coooooool sledding!

Pink: Eh heh heh heh heh...

Yoshi: Whooo! What a rush!

Pink: I know! We really need to do that more often!

Yoshi: Totally!

Yoshi/Pink Yoshi -- Dating: 1st (Starborn Valley)

Yoshi: Make your way back to Shiver City and the Pitstop by following the blue arrows around Shiver Mountain. Warning: The last team to check in will be eliminated.

Pink: Oh my gosh!

Phil: Teams must now traverse this path around, through, and beside Shiver Mountain. There are blue arrows to guide them. When they exit this path, they will be back in Shiver City, where they must get to here, The Mayorís House. The last team to check in here... will be eliminated.

Peach/Daisy -- Sister Princesses

As Yoshi and Pink run off, Peach and Daisy arrive on the scene

Peach: *riiiiip* Itís the Pitstop!

Daisy: Címon! We can make it!

Peach: Where are they goiní anyway... ?

Daisy: Come ON, Peach! Number 1!

Geno/Mallow -- Famous Video Game Partners

Explorer: Finally beat him!

Geno: The key is to avoid the tornado shells, then you DONíT get dizzy...

Explorer: Eh... Sorry, folks...

Mallow: Letís go go go!!!

Geno: Mallow has the right idea... We need to hurry.

Geno/Mallow -- Famous Video Game Partners: 11th (Sewers)

Geno: Shouldnít be too hard. Címon! We gotta move quickly!

Mallow: Shiver City! I hope I donít freeze to death!

Geno: Letís go!

Explorer: The coast seems to be clear.

Geno: Letís keep it that way.

Grodus/Lord Crump -- Evil Doers

Crump: How did we ever get here?!

Grodus: You just HAD to takeover, the directions didnít you?!

Crump: Well... I thought I knew the way...


King Boo/Boo -- Ghosts: 7th (Shiver City)
Goombella/Prof. Frankly -- Teacher + Star Student: 8th
Wario/Waluigi -- Brothers: 9th
Geno/Mallow -- Famous Video Game Partners: 10th

King Boo: Detour!

Goombella: Shovel or Sled?

Wario: Sledding? Much better, less BORING choice!

Mallow: Shovelling? That looks harder. Letís do the sledding!

Boo: Sledding sounds like a better option.

King Boo: I agree...

Goombella: Weíll have to go sledding. We have no arms to lift the shovel...

Mallow: Look! Thereís one more envelope in here! Thereís still one more team behind us!

Mario/Luigi -- Brother Superheroes

Luigi: So how close are we?

Mario: Weíre here!

Luigi: Oh... Okay then...

Mario/Luigi -- Brother Superheroes: 2nd (Starborn Valley)

Mario: Come, Luigi! I found a shortcut during my adventures here.

Luigi: Well hooray for your adventures... Donít suppose youíve climbed the mountain too... eh?

Mario: Uh huh! You got that right!

Luigi: Somehow, Iím not surprised...

Yoshi/Pink Yoshi -- Dating

Pink: Hey wait! Isnít Shiver Mountain this way?

Yoshi: *looks up* Díoh!

Pink: I knew it!

Yoshi: Well... that was stupid...

Pink: There goes our lead...

Peach/Daisy -- Sister Princesses

Daisy: We can make it! Weíre gonna be first!

Peach: I know! I can hear Phil warming up the prizes!

Mario/Luigi -- Brother Superheroes

Luigi: Nice shortcut, man!

Mario: Did you expect something less?

Luigi: Of course not!


Phil is standing outside the Mayorís house with the Mayor, waiting for the first team to show up...

Peach/Daisy -- Sister Princesses

Both: *huff... huff...* Here!

Peach: We... are... here...

Daisy: Tell us some good news...

Mayor Penguin: Welcome to Shiver City!

Peach: Thank you!

Phil: Peach and Daisy... Youíre team number 1!!!

Daisy: Yaaaaaay!!!

Peach: Oh my gosh! We won it!

Daisy: We did it!

Phil: Now I have some good news for you two. As winners of this leg of the race, you each win a 500-coin gift certificate to your favorite Flower Power Item Shop.

Peach: Thank you very much!

Daisy: That sounds awesome!

Peach: Shopping! My favorite sport!

Mario/Luigi -- Brother Superheroes

Mario: Yeah! Weíre here!

Phil: Mario and Luigi. Youíre team number 2!!!

Luigi: All right!!!

Mario: Cool! Who beat us?

Peach: Hello boys!

Luigi: Right... The Sledders

Mario: Oh well, Luigi! At least weíre not 11th!

Yoshi/Pink Yoshi -- Dating

Pink: Wait up, Yoshi!

Yoshi: Címon Pink! You can make it!

Phil: Yoshi and Pink. Youíre team number 3!

Yoshi: Wow! If only we hadnít gotten lost.

Pink: You lunatic!

Yoshi: Haha! Hey! Honest mistake!

Pink: You didnít even think about the fact that we were leaving the mountain behind! Hahahahahahaha!

Toad/Toadette -- Married

Toad: Are you gonna be all right?

Toadette: Just get that clue!

Toad: Roger!

Toad/Toadette -- Married: 4th (Starborn Valley)

Toad: Ok, just keep running!

Toadette: I think youíll have to catch up! *ZOOOOOM*

Toad: *blink, blink* Er... Coming!

Bowser/Bowser Jr. -- Father + Son

Bowser eyes DK with a competitive look. They have always wondered whoís the stronger of the two.

***Bowser: DK and I took up any chance we saw to have a competition in strength.

Both Bowser and DK start pawing the ground furiously, trying to propel their sleds. Bowser Jr. cheers his dad and Diddy just holds on. Bowser comes to a screeching stop as DK and Diddy crash into a house!

Bowser: Heh! The monkey windows!

Bowser/Bowser Jr. -- Father + Son: 5th (Starborn Valley)
DK/Diddy -- Best Friends: 6th

***Jr: Papa canít run very fast, which makes DK and Diddy formidable foes.

***DK: I find I have an advantage as I have both speed and power!

Toadette: Toad! I canít keep up!

Toad: Okay, okay... Iíll slow down...

Toadette: Gotcha! HA! Did you really think I was that pathetic?

Toad: Er... Of Course not!

Phil: Toad and Toadette. Youíre team number 4!

Toadette: Yippeee!!! Weíve done Ok.

Phil: Iíll get some medics to look at your, wrist Toadette.

Toadette: Thank you... I guess...

Toad: Toadette really surprised me! Sheís really strong! Sheís amazing!

Suddenly everyone feels the ground shake.

Phil: Whoís that?

DK/Diddy -- Best Friends
Bowser/Bowser Jr. -- Father + Son

Bowser and DK come pushing and shoving their way to the Pitstop.

Phil: Well, Iím glad to see we have some competitive people in our race.

Bowser: Yeah, yeah! Who won between us?

Phil: I canít tell you yet. Neither of your partners has arrived yet.

Bowser: Say wha...?

DK: Huh?

DK and Bowser notice for the first time that Diddy and Bowser Jr. are gone.

SHIVER MOUNTAIN (or at the bottom of it)
Diddy: Ouch

Bowser Jr: That really hurt.

Diddy: Oy!

***Bowser Jr: Papa and that monkey brain had a bit of a tussle before they ran for the finish line. Me and Mr. Mini Monkey got caught right in the middle of everything.

Diddy: I bet theyíre both at the finish line!

Bowser Jr: That means itís up to us to decide the winner.

Diddy: Oh my gosh! YAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!

Jr: Ack! Hey! Wait up!

Diddy puts on a burst of speed, leaving Bowser Jr. in the dust.

DK/Diddy -- Best Friends

Diddy: Iím here! Iím here! Check us in!

DK: Hey little buddy!

Bowser: Curses!

Phil: DK and Diddy... Youíre team number 5!

Bowser/Bowser Jr. -- Father + Son

Jr: Nooooo!!! Iím here! Wait!!!

Bowser: Aww... Youíre too late...

Phil: Bowser and Bowser Jr... Youíre team number 6!

Bowser: Weíll do better next time.

Jr: Mush better!

***Jr: It was soo close!

***Bowser: The first leg is nuthiní! Weíre gonna win, ya know!

Wario/Waluigi -- Brothers
Geno/Mallow -- Famous Video Game Partners
Goombella/Prof. Frankly -- Teacher + Star Student
King Boo/Boo -- Ghosts

King Boo and Boo, Goombella and Prof. Frankly, Wario and Waluigi, and Geno and Mallow have all finished sledding and taken the clues so quickly, that it is impossible to tell their places.

Boo: Címon! Letís ditch this crowd!

Wario: Waluigi! Hurry up!

Frankly: Just grab one, Goombella!

Mallow: Címon! We have to get to the Pitstop!

King Boo: Fly like the wind!!!

Everyone rushes off past Shiver Mountain.

Geno/Mallow -- Famous Video Game Partners

Geno: Not so fast! We ainít finished yet!

***Mallow: Did-

***Boo: He-

***Goombella: Just-

***Wario: Say-

***All of Above: Ainít?!

Geno: Grab on, Mallow!!!

Mallow: Wha! What are you doing?!


Geno points his Beam backwards and fires it, propelling him forward to the front of the pack. They quickly come to the Pitstop.

Geno: Ha!

Mallow: Woah! That was crazy!

Phil: Geno and Mallow... Youíre team number 7.

Geno: Good job, buddy!

Mallow: That was messed up insane!

Wario/Waluigi -- Brothers
Goombella/Prof. Frankly -- Teacher + Star Student
King Boo/Boo -- Ghosts

All of the other teams later come into the area in quick succession.

Boo: Hey! Weíre here!

Goombella: Well, who was first?

Wario: Shut up! We were first!

Phil: King Boo and Boo, Goombella and Frankly, and Wario and Waluigi... Youíre teams 8, 9, and 10

Waluigi: ... Huh?

Phil: Youíre all tied...

Boo: ...

Goombella: ...

Wario: ...

King Boo: ... Yeah...

***Boo: We just didnít do so well. Our flying prowess should help us in the future.

Wario: Gahh!!!

***Wario: These losers were just lucky, weíll make a comeback!

***Goombella: Yeah... Weíre behind now... But you can bet that weíll make a comeback!!!

Grodus/Lord Crump -- Evil Doers

Crump: We sure have a knack for getting to wacky places.

Grodus: OH SHUT UP!

Crump: Here, we need to get back to the sewers, this map I just picked up shows it to the south.

Grodus: Sure, now we have a map!

Crump: I told you I was sorry!

Grodus and Crump make their way to and through the sewers.

Grodus/Lord Crump -- Evil Doers: 11th (Shiver City)

Grodus: I can use my magic to blast away the snow. HA!

He does just that.

Crump: Woah! Too bad weíre in last or we could surge ahead!

Grodus: Shut up, fool!

Then they make their way to Starborn Valley.

Grodus/Lord Crump -- Evil Doers: 11th (Starborn Valley)

Crump: Maybe if we hurry, weíll be not last or something.

Grodus: Just run, you idiot!

Crump: All right...

They see Phil ahead.

Phil: Peach and Daisy, you may now start.

Peach: Letís go!

Grodus: Whatís going on here?


Mayor Penguin comes out, grumbling under his breath.

Mayor: Welcome to Shiver City.

Phil: Grodus and Lord Crump...Youíre the last team to arrive.


Phil: Iím sorry to tell you that youíve both been eliminated from the race.

Grodus: Crump! This is all your fault!!!

Crump: Argh! Thatís not fair!

***Crump: I really screwed up our chances at this. I guess I just canít find my way around a ďgood guyĒ place.

***Grodus: It pains me that I lost due to a stupid follower. Thereís going to be some changes when I get back!

***Crump: I failed my master. I can never forgive myself...

Crump: So... what now?

Grodus: Itís time for your PUNISHMENT!!!

The credits begin to roll...

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