Waluigi: A New Hope

By Jukilum

Chapter 4

Waluigi had been appointed captain of the ship since boarding, and he commanded that they continue to Isle Delfino. However, Luke protested.

"If the Mario Bros. don't show up back at the hotel they'll send a search party, and we're going to have enough trouble when they report that we have become traitors."

"That's right, you... traitors!" Mario yelled in reply.

"There is a lifeboat here, we could untie them and throw them in. They would paddle back to the enemy, but it's better than our alternative."

The Toads agreed to this plan, and they lowered the lifeboat into the water. Then they led the tied up Bros. to the edge of the ship and untied them as they pushed them off of the ship. The Mario Bros. did what was expected, and paddled in the direction they came from.

Waluigi found the Boo that was making the soup and asked how it was going.

"I nearly lost it in all that commotion, but it is still safe. Excuse me for being rude earlier, it can be very frustrating to make this soup."

"I'll just trust you with it for now. I'll be checking up on you every once in a while."


Waluigi left to check up on Boo. "How is he doing?" Waluigi asked.

"He should be up again in a few hours now, no serious damage."

"That's good."

The next morning Boo had recovered.

"I'll excuse you for your behavior," Boo said. "It was the right thing to do to try to save those Boos, and I am ashamed to have tried to go on without them. This is why you are so important. You know how to make the right decisions after you have seen your brother do so much wrong. You are a natural leader, though you didn't know it before. Boos can tell things like that."

"Thanks," Waluigi said.

"If you don't mind, I would like you to continue as our leader, as you are obviously a better leader than me."

"I'm not sure about that," Waluigi argued. "I've never led anyone before. You led the Boos through a war!"

"And that war resulted in disaster! Almost every Boo on the planet was wiped out in that war. You saved all of the Boos in your first battle."

Waluigi couldn't think of anything to say, so he left the room and went up on the deck.

Another night passed away, this time not dark and stormy. Well it was dark, just not stormy; you get the picture. The next morning Waluigi did his routine hourly check on the soup and found that it was almost done.

"It should be done tomorrow, if I did it right, that is. If I did it wrong I would have to start over, but the fading Boos wouldn't make it over that length of time. They might not even make it 'til tomorrow."

At hearing this, Waluigi rushed towards the makeshift hospital. "How are they doing?" Waluigi asked worriedly.

"They should barely make it to tomorrow night if we're lucky. Let's hope for the best."

The injured Boos seemed even worse. They were invisible and flickering into sight now, while before the were visible and flickering out of sight.

There was another dark and stormyless night. Nothing eventful happened that morning, but they could now see Isle Delfino off in the distance.

Later, Waluigi went to go check on the soup.

"It is nearly done," said the Boo. "Stay here, and you can watch the completion."

Waluigi looked into the pot. The white cloud was no longer there, and in its place there was a colorful tie-dye-like liquid. Soon after, smoke started to come from it, and in the air the smoke formed into the shapes of Boos dancing around joyfully. When the smoke had faded away, the Boo announced that it was done. He and Waluigi left to the hospital area with the large bowl of soup.

To each fading Boo the soup maker fed four spoonfuls of the soup. Instantly they all started to stop flickering and faded back to their natural forms, except for one Boo, who continued to flicker, and faded out of existence.

Waluigi ran to the bed where the Boo had been. The doctors were all hovering around the bed.

"We were too late," one of them said.

They all went up to the deck.

"Attention everyone!" Waluigi cried."One of our friends has passed away in order to save my life. I am in debt to any family members of this Boo."

A female Boo floated forwards.

"Let us all have a moment of silence in memory of my dearly beloved husband," she said with a tear.

For a few minutes, all that could be heard were the waves of the ocean.

"Sadly," Waluigi said mournfully, "we must continue on our mission immediately due to the current circumstances."

All returned to their work. Isle Delfino could be seen in plain sight now.

"We should reach the island by morning," reported one of the Boos.

It was a dark and stormy night, adding to the sorrow of the day. Waluigi felt guilty for the death of one of his rescuers. Could it even be called dieing when it was a ghost? What did happen to ghosts when they faded away?

As was predicted, in the morning they reached Isle Delfino. They docked the ship and started to unboard.

They started into town and saw what they most feared: the Koopalings, several Toads, and Mario and Luigi.

Mario stated with a tone of satisfaction, "We're-a back."

Some of the Boos (which had lost their robes quite some time ago) rushed at Iggy, their first target. They surrounded him and quickly picked him up and threw him into the water.

The group attacking Lemmy was attempting to knock him off of his ball. They did so, but Lemmy quickly jumped onto a Boo and used him as a ball instead! The Boos pulled at his hair while another Boo pulled his friend out from under Lemmy. Lemmy screamed in pain from being hung by his hair, and he was thrown on top of Iggy, who was just about to come out of the water when Lemmy landed on him.

Another group of Boos were fighting Roy, grabbing his two fangs and flipping him over while another Boo broke his glasses. In rage, Roy punched the Boos all over the place, but they came back at him. Morton joined the fight, and back to back they were both able to punch away any oncoming Boos, all while Morton was making a long speech about how the fight was going. The fight continued on until Waluigi came in, surprising the two Koopalings and clonking their heads together. They both passed out, allowing the Boos and Waluigi to move on.

All the while Waluigi had been leading this battle, giving commands and helping where he could. At the moment he could see all of the female Boos fighting Wendy, trying to trip her and knock her out. As the Boos were about to accomplish this task, the Toads came in and joined the fight. Waluigi ran in to help as well, and managed to get her bow and tie her hands up with it. The Toads tried to stop Waluigi, but the other Boos were knocking them away as they rushed at him. One of the Boos picked up an abandoned melon and smashed it over Wendy head, knocking her out.

One of the Toads got thrown at Ludwig, who was using his own portable machine that was turning ghosts into portraits! The Toads all went to defend him, and Waluigi started to pick each Toad up and feed them into the machine. Toad paintings started to appear, and Ludwig was distracted while trying to turn the Toads back. With the element of surprise on his side, Waluigi smacked Ludwig in the face with one of the Toad portraits, knocking him out. The Boos starting feeding the Boo paintings back into the machine, followed by turning the remaining Toads into paintings.

After the task was complete, Waluigi noticed that Iggy and Lemmy were coming back. One of the Boos quickly grabbed Iggy's glasses and crushed them before he could do anything. Helpless, Iggy was put through the portrait machine.

Lemmy was now juggling some Boos while he stood on another Boo, so Waluigi sneaked up behind him and pulled the Boo out from under him, once again causing him to fall.

Waluigi fed all of the unconscious Koopalings into the portrait machine and smashed it when he was done.

"Wait a minute," Waluigi said, "what happened to Larry?"

The Boos searched the area, but there was no sign of them. Waluigi looked through all of the paintings to make sure Larry wasn't there. He wasn't, but he didn't like what he saw either.

The Toad Bros. had been fed through the machine!

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