Waluigi: A New Hope

By Jukilum

Chapter 5

While mourning the loss of the Toad Bros, Waluigi had set aside the other Toad and Koopaling portraits.

Larry sneaked in at this time, and took advantage of the moment. He grabbed the painting of his brothers and ran off, laughing at the Boos and Waluigi.

Waluigi ran after him, but he was too late. Larry had boarded the pink ship and was sailing away.

Then he noticed a speedboat at the dock. He hopped in and sped towards Larry. Larry was ready for him, though, and started to push barrels and other supplies off of the ship to get in his way.

As much as Waluigi tried, Larry finally disappeared over the horizon. Waluigi stopped his boat. Technically it wasn't his boat, since he pretty much stole it, but he was desperate.

Suddenly a Cheep Cheep jumped out of the water and grabbed onto his head! He managed to pull it off, and was about to throw him off when he remembered something. Cheep Cheeps were one of the species that the enemy was going to wipe out.

"Where is your leader?" Waluigi demanded.

"Why should I tell you?" the Cheep Cheep said, trying to bite Waluigi's hand.

"Because your entire race is going to be wiped out if you don't help the Boos in stopping them!"

"Who's 'them'?"

The Mushroom Kingdom and the Koopas."

"The Mushrooms again?! Ok, I'll go get the chief."

Waluigi waited while the Cheep Cheep swam down to get their chief. After waiting for about half an hour, Waluigi was starting to doubt that that Cheep Cheep had any plans of coming back. He looked around for something to do. Under the seat he found a book. The title read "How to Skin and Cook Cheep Cheeps".

"That must be why he tried to bite my head off. He's seen this boat before."

Waluigi hid the book back down under the seat. After waiting for an estimated one hour, he could finally see some Cheep Cheeps coming up to the surface. In fact, there were hundreds of them! The chief came forward. He was obviously the chief because of his slightly different color and size.

"We believe your report to be true. Tell us more."

"All of you are in danger. The whole Mushroom Kingdom is planning to wipe out your species, along with the Boos, Chomps, Shy Guys, and Goombas. The Boos have already been reduced to a population of 75... 74. We ask that you help us in battle when the time comes."

"We accept your request. We will follow you wherever you go, as far as the water will take us. We will be hiding far below, however, so I'll give you this whistle. Blow it three times and we will come to your aid at the surface."

"Thank you. I've got to go back to the Boos now. They are waiting on Isle Delfino, and wow we are far away from there." Waluigi noticed that he had come out a lot farther than he thought.

"Well, just follow behind."

Waluigi sped off towards the island. He was amazed at how fast the Cheep Cheeps were able to follow him. The speedometer showed 50 MPH, and he was quickly approaching the island.

Suddenly the speedometer showed zero, with the boat coming to a complete stop.


"No worries, one of us can carry you easily!"

Waluigi hopped onto one of the Cheep Cheeps, and they continued to Isle Delfino.

"What's your name?" Waluigi asked his Cheep Cheep.

"I'm Cheester. Your name?"


Soon they arrived at the island and Waluigi hopped off of his Cheep Cheep.

"Thanks Cheester!" he shouted as he ran towards the Boos.

"Boo," he said when he got to him, "I've warned the Cheep Cheeps and they have agreed to come with us!"

"Not surprised they came; they are very trusting, though not the most intelligent of creatures. They're fish after all!"

"So where should we go next? Why did we come to this island, anyways?"

"To warn the Chomps. They are very abundant here. But they're man's best friend, not Boo's best friend, so you'll have to take care of them, too."

"I'll get to it then!" Waluigi said, walking away.

"Wait!" The Police Piantas had caught sight of him.

"Why would they want me?" Waluigi shouted as he ran away.

"What do you think the Koopalings were here for?"

Waluigi ran as fast as he could, and found that his long legs gave him a large advantage over the Piantas. Very soon he had escaped, and he sat down under a tree to rest for a bit. A small Chain Chomp was next to him, and it barked in a friendly manner. Waluigi looked around and found no sign of any owner, the nearest building being half a mile away.

"Hi boy!" Waluigi said to the Chain Chomp. "Do you have an owner?"

The Chain Chomp shook its head- or body, you might say.

"I'll untie you if you promise not to run away."

The Chain Chomp barked in an affirmative manner. Waluigi took off the chain.

"Can you find some more Chomps and tell them to group together? Then come back here to me."

The Chomp was a lot quicker than the Cheep Cheep, and came back very soon.

"Do you have a name?" Waluigi asked.

The Chomp shook its head.

"I'll call you Waluigi Jr!"

Waluigi Jr. barked in excitement. He was only a small Chomp, and could fit in Waluigi's palm.

Waluigi explained what was happening and asked the Chomp to warn the other Chomps, and have them join the Boos. Once again Waluigi Jr. came back quickly. He hopped into Waluigi's pocket.

Waluigi and his new found friend headed back to camp. It was a fairly long walk when he wasn't running for his life, but he finally got back.

"I think I did it, Boo!" Waluigi said excitedly.

"Great! I see you've found a new friend."

Waluigi Jr. barked happily. He jumped out of Waluigi's pocket and started chasing Boos.

"Jr! Stop! They're our friends."

Waluigi Jr. sadly hopped back into Waluigi's pocket.

"Unfortunately," Boo said, "we found a Goomba on the island and tried to warn them, but he tried to attack, and he was saying things about having alligned with the Mushroom Kingdom."

"I thought they were on the endangered species list!"

"We can't be sure what happened there, but I'm guessing it has something to do with the Koopas. They often work together, after all."

"They do?"

"You haven't been around as long as me. They are Bowser's minions, remember?"

"But why would Mario work with Bowser?"

"I don't know about that either, but Mario is working under the influence of the princess, and we have never known her motives. What if she likes getting kidnapped and just tries to hide it? For reasons such as these, we can't be sure about anything that is going on with the enemy."

Waluigi thought for a moment.

"I think that we should rest for the night and figure out our next move tomorrow, including how to get off the island."

It was a conveniently dark and calm night, and they all slept well. Waluigi Jr. had got out of Waluigi's pocket and was sleeping calmly, nuzzled up in Waluigi's hair.

In the morning Waluigi and Boo were the first to awake. They started to talk while Waluigi put the still soundly sleeping Waluigi Jr. safely back in his pocket.

"The Shy Guys are the last target, and we need to warn them next. Where should we go?" Waluigi asked.

"From my knowledge, I would say that a place called Yoshi's Island is where they primarily live, so that would be the most logical destination.

"Sounds good, but how do we get there? Our boat is gone!"

They both paused as they saw a shocking sight. A blue Boo was with them, listening, and he transformed into Bowser Jr!

"You forgot me!" he laughed, painting all of the Boos with sludge!

Waluigi tried to run over and stop him, but he tripped and landed in the goo, followed by being blinded by a thick coating of paint that Bowser Jr. was applying to everyone.

"I got them down,! Hurry up before they're up again!" he could hear Bowser Junior saying. "I was questioning your clone idea, Ludwig, but Larry pulled off an astounding performance to finish it off. I'm glad he was the only one to have to take the pink ship."

"We even get free paintings of ourselves!" laughed the real Lemmy.

"I'll go get the amazingly great, wonderfully fantastic, undeniably super Pianta Police," Morton said.

Waluigi was being held down by one of the Koopalings, though he couldn't tell which, until he heard some sirens and could feel himself being carried.

Everyone was thrown in a jail cell, and Ludwig warned them that it had the same devices as the other jail had. Things started to come back into sight as Roy sprayed them with a fire hose. And he kept spraying.

"Stop it already, Roy!" demanded Wendy.

The spraying stopped, and Waluigi was stuck in jail for the third time.

Waluigi quickly thought up a plan.

"Go get help, Jr!"

Waluigi knew that he had just called upon the help of almost 50 Chomps.

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