Waluigi: A New Hope

By Jukilum

Chapter 6

Soon after he had sent Waluigi Jr. out to get some help, Waluigi could feel the ground shaking. 46 Chomps were headed towards the jail.

"Stand back!" Waluigi cried to the Boos.

The Chomps broke through the jail easily, and there was soon nothing left of it. Jr hopped back into Waluigi's pocket. Soon the police were after them. Waluigi thought quick.

"We can escape on the backs of the Cheep Cheeps!"

"What about the Chomps?" Boo asked.

"I don't know, let's figure it out when we get there!"

All, including the Chomps, quickly ran towards the dock where the Cheep Cheeps were waiting. Waluigi blew on the whistle three times, and the Cheep Cheeps instantly rose to the surface.

"Everybody grab one!"

"But what about the Chomps?"

Waluigi Jr. jumped into the water. As he sank, Waluigi was about to jump in after him, but he floated back up to the top in a few seconds.

"You can float!" Waluigi said excitedly.

Jr. once again hopped into Waluigi's pocket, and Waluigi hopped onto Cheester. Every Boo chose a Cheep Cheep, and they started swimming away at the speed of a motorboat with the Chomps Chomp paddling behind.

"Slow down a bit!" Waluigi yelled, seeing that the Chomps were losing ground.

The Cheep Cheeps slowed down, but the Chomps were still losing distance.

"Not you, Chomps!"

The whole group was soon swimming side to side, long out of reach of the Piantas.

"Change course for Yoshi's Island!" Waluigi yelled to the chief Cheep Cheep.

They made a sharp turn to the right. almost causing Waluigi to fall off.

By nightfall they arrived at Yoshi's Island and set up camp at the beach to get a good night's sleep before the next day, when they would try to find the Shy Guys. The Cheep Cheeps returned to the deep, and the Chomps were enjoying themselves, playing in the water. It was, of course, a dark night, and it wasn't stormy that night either.

When morning came, Waluigi and the Boos went towards the Yoshis' village to see if they could get help finding the Shy Guys. It was only a short distance to the village, so it didn't take long to get there. Waluigi found a Yoshi.

"Can you tell me-"

"Boos!" the Yoshi screamed. "Bad Boos, bad Boos, EAT BOOS!"

The whole village heard, and they immediately started to stretch out their tongues in attempts to eat all of the Boos.

"I can't exactly say we've been real good to them before, but we didn't destroy them!" cried out Boo as he barely slipped away from an orange Yoshi. Luckily the Yoshis were laying eggs with the Boos inside, and they could be broken open to rescue them. The Yoshis soon realized that this was a pointless attempt, so they all backed away in fear. The Boos cornered them, but Waluigi broke through the crowd.

"Stop trying to scare them already!" Waluigi said to the Boos.

The Boos backed off. One of the Yoshis opened its eyes. "Boos gone?" the Yoshi said, whimpering.

"No," Waluigi said,"but they won't hurt you. Could you please tell us where the Shy Guys can be found?"

"But Shy Guys bad too!" the Yoshi protested.

"The Shy Guys aren't going to hurt you either. Just calm down. Me and my friends are in trouble, and the Shy Guys are too. Maybe you guys could help us!"

"Who you fight?"

"Mario, and-"

"We don't fight Mario. GO AWAY!" The Yoshi threw an egg at Waluigi's head.


Waluigi and the Boos retreated. "Great, another enemy!" Boo sighed.

"I suppose we will just have to go out alone looking for the Shy Guys then," Waluigi said.

Waluigi and Boo were the whole scouting party. They wandered for hours, sometimes seeing a glimpse of what might be a Shy Guy, but they always disappeared before they could talk to them. Then they saw a Shy Guy singing while collecting berries on the path ahead.

"Quick, hide!" Waluigi whispered.

The two jumped into a bush. The Shy Guy stopped his singing and looked around. He looked frightened, but he nervously continued his song and picked some more berries, looking over his shoulder frequently.

"On the count of three, we grab him," Waluigi whispered to Boo. "One, two, THREE!"

They successfully grabbed onto the Shy Guy, who desperately tried to escape.

"Now I know why they're called Shy Guys," Waluigi said.

They struggled with the Shy Guy until he gave up and calmed down. Waluigi explained the situation they were in and told the Shy Guy to warn the others. The Shy Guy ran as fast as he could after he was released, and returned with the chief Shy Guy.

"We thank you for the warning, but we will not be assisting you. Good day." The Shy Guys walked off again.

"That's one ally down." stated Boo.

"What do we do now?" Waluigi asked.

"You're the leader. You tell me!"

"But I-"

"I don't know what to do any better than you do, and you've proven yourself to be a worthy leader."

"I'm afraid that this will have to end in war. You ready?"

"With you all the way!"

"If we leave this island by tomorrow, we should be able to get back to the Mushroom Kingdom in a couple of days. Then we will send a messenger to proclaim war."

"I'm sad it has to end this way, but we have no other choice.

They returned to camp and told everyone of the bad news. It was a Dark and stormy night, and Waluigi Jr. was terrified. Waluigi held him in his arms as they went to sleep.

In the morning, as planned, Waluigi signaled to the Cheep Cheeps. They arose from the waters and the group got on and started to speed away.

"Wait!" Waluigi cried. "We forgot Jr!"

Waluigi had Cheester turned around to retrieve him. Waluigi found him alone and afraid on the beach, having just awoken.

"It's okay, boy, you'll be all right. We'll be sure to stick together from now on."

Waluigi returned to the rest of the group, with Jr. in his pocket.

"I've noticed that your pet has a disease," Cheester remarked." He will always remain a puppy, and never grow any bigger."

"That's okay, I love him how he is," Waluigi replied cheerfully.

In fact, he liked it better this way. Now he could have him in his pocket as a little friend that would always be with him.

Waluigi noticed that Boo was talking to what appeared to be his wife. Why hadn't he noticed her before? Probably coincidental.

After a couple days of dark and stormy nights, the Cheep Cheeps arrived at the Mushroom Kingdom during the daytime.

Waluigi heard a strange noise. He looked up. Coming towards them was a humongous doomship. A latch opened up on it and at least twenty regular-sized doomships came out of it.

"I don't think we'll need to send a messenger."

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