Koopa Coin

By Adamo Koopa

“Hm… Well, I do collect coins... Tell you Koopas what,” started Mario as he made a deal. “If you tell me about this ‘coin’ then I’ll let you go unharmed.”

“Well there’s a powerful coin that has special powers at the Koopa Castle- *CHOKE*” Black gripped his hand around Yellow’s neck.

“Man, I’m totally going to grind your bones!”

“Well… Um, thanks for sharing, I’m off to Koopa’s Castle now,” said Mario as he left.

“YELLOW!!!” they screamed.

“What? Bros, I hate Mario’s beatings!” replied Yellow.

“Oh, so I guess you hate invincibility to! Huh?!” shouted Red. “Let’s get going before Mario gets it!”

Meanwhile back at the castle…..

“It appears that the monster has been terminated. Hold back our troops!” spoke the general on his walkie talkie.

“Roger that!” replied the walkie talkie.

“Larry! King Koopa!” shouted some military officers.

“We’re fine, men! Stand down,” spoke the Koopa lord. He and Larry both got out of the airplane-like vehicle.

“Sir! Where have you been?”

“That is none of your beeswax, Officer!” shouted Bowser. “But um, as for you,” Bowser said as he turned around and faced the old man, “you’re going to need to give me that coin!” Bowser grinned.

“What?!” shouted the man.

“You see, as I have noticed, that coin creates large amounts of power. And as lord of the Koopas, I do enjoy power!” said Bower as he double-crossed the man.

“But, this coin has powers that even you can’t control!” screamed the old man.

“Dad! What in the world are you doing?!” Larry shouted, tugging on his hand.

“Back off, Larry! This is our chance!” The Koopa King made eye contact with the man. “I suggest you hand over that coin, if you value your worthless life!

”“You double-crosser! You don’t even understand what you’re doing!” The old man shoved his big, bushy mustache in Bowser’s face. The military officers surrounding them all loaded there weapons.

“Well then… Let’s brawl!” shouted Bowser. Bowser threw his fist into the man’s face. In sonic speed the man stopped his hand and kicked him at least 5 or 6 feet through the air.

“Troops! Get the coin!” Bowser shouted as he got back up. All of the soldiers started shooting.

Meanwhile, back on the first floor…

*Knock, knock* Someone banged on the castle door. A Koopa went over to answer it. He was in front of the door when it shot open, launching the poor Koopa away.

“Let’s-a do this!” Mario said as he entered. A bunch of Koopatrols run over and started to hit Mario. No match. Mario could beat them with one hand tied behind his back. The Koopatrols went flying on the floor dizzy, half knocked out. One of them called for backup.

“Lets-a party!” Mario ran in the castle, attacking anyone in his sight.

Meanwhile on the 3rd floor, one of the biggest battles had broken out. Nobody could stop the old man. He was using a super force field to block enemy bullets. Bowser had been using a rocket launcher to shoot the shield. Although nothing hurt the man, he only defensws. The old man would have attacked, but he truly didn’t have anything against the Koopas. Even though they betrayed him, he was a peaceful man and wasn’t evil.

“DIE!” screamed Bowser as he launched a series of exploding Bullet Bills.

A Koopatrol ran up to Bowser. “SIR!” shouted the Koopatrol over the bullets.

“If you haven’t noticed, I’M KIND OF BUSY, YOU WORTHLESS BUCKET OF NAILS!!!” shouted Bowser as he reloaded.

“BUT SIR, MARIO’S HERE!” he alerted. Bowser’s red eyes widened.

“… Slow him down for now. I’ll handle this!” Bowser replied while loading the weapon.

Larry wasn’t sure what to do. He didn’t want Bowser to get the coin. Who knows what he could do with it, Larry thought. He wasn’t going to risk everything now.

Larry ran in front of the man, causing all the Koopa’s to stop shooting for Larry’s sake. “Give me the coin! I’ll hide it!” whispered Larry to the man.

“Make sure you hide it good!” the man whispered back, giving Larry the coin in trust. Larry now had position of the coin, and put a force field around the man.

“Boy! You’d better hand over that coin if you know what’s good for you!” Bowser approached Larry.

“This coin isn’t meant to be used for evil!” Larry gulped in courage. Larry ran away at high speed.

“Get him!” Bowser yelled at the army. The army chased after Larry, who was running all over the castle.

Back on the first floor, the Koopa Bros. entered the building.

“Woah, dudes! Look at those totally owning knockouts Mario lay on these poor guys!” announced Red as he looked at all of the beat up Koopas on the floor.

“Gotta stink to be them!” joked Green.

“Come on, dudes! Let’s get that coin before anyone else does!” Black interrupted.

“I saw a broken window on the third floor! Let’s check that rad place out, man!”  Yellow exclaimed.

They all ran over to the elevator. Back on the 3rd floor…

“COME BACK HERE, LARRY!” shouted Bowser as he hopped in a go-cart, which for some reason was in the building. The Koopa Lord slammed his foot onto the gas, immediately causing the cart to zip up to around 60 miles per hour. Even with the cart going as fast as it could, Larry was still top speed. But up ahead the Koopa Bros. came out of the elevator to see Larry going top speed straight toward them.

“Bros! Let’s slam this loser!” shouted Red. “Super Karate Foot-Stopping Paper Action Spin Kick!”

All of the Bros. put their feet out, thus causing Larry to trip. The Bros. ran over to where Larry tripped, to see the coin in his hand.

“Well, dudes, guess it’s our lucky day!” said Black.

Red grabbed the coin out of Larry’s hands. “Thanks for givin’ us the coin, Bro. We’ll cut you some slack when we rule the galaxy!” shouted Red.

“This is it, Bros! We’re top of the shot now!” shouted Green.

“Woah, man! There’s, like, a cart coming after us!” Yellow looked at Bowser’s cart.

“Well, dudes, I guess this is the perfect practice!” Red shouted. “We’ll pass the coin back and forth for now!” Red screamed. “LETS DO THIS, BROS!!!”

All of the Koopa Bros. hopped forward. “SUPER MACHO ULTIMATE SPINNING BACKFLIP ULTRA KNOCKOUT!!!” acreamed Red as he jumped up, kicking Bowser’s go-cart through the ceiling. Luckily Bowser hopped off before it was kicked.

Red threw the coin over to Black, who punched Bowser’s face into a wall. “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” Bowser screamed in pain.

Black threw the coin over to Green, who kicked Bowser over and over again about 100 times in about 2 seconds. Then Green threw the coin over to Yellow, who missed. The coin landed on the ground next to Bowser. All of Bowser’s blood and pain healed.

“Oh, you four are in so much trouble now!” Bowser screamed as he picked up the coin. “Bwa-ha-ha-ha-HA-HA-HA-HA!!!” Bowser roared as his muscles grew.

“You’re doomed now!” shouted Bowser as he blasted a large wave of fire in the Koopa Bros’ faces.

“DUDES!!!” ahouted Red as he got seriously burnt, then fell unconscious along with the rest.

“Now to handle that worthless plumber!” Bowser laughed, as he ran sonic speed to the first floor.

Back on the first floor Mario was still kicking but. That’s when Bowser arrived.

“Bowser!” Mario screamed.

“Ha-ha-ha! My old nemesis! Mario, you worthless fool! You will soon witness the ultimate power!” Bowser mocked.

“Bowser! Don’t you-a know that you could never-a beat me?” Mario replied.

“Mario… Prepare to die…”

Meanwhile back in some dark, creepy place…

“My lord,” said the minion.

“Approach me, my son…” responded that evil voice again.

“It appears that the old man has killed our third greatest monster, the Shadow Killer,” quaked the minion.

“Does he hold possession of the coin?” asked the man.

“From what I know, we think he still has the coin. The new race that claims to be called “Koopas” has been helping the man.”

“Koopas, you say? My power indicates that they are nothing,but worthless turtles! You’re letting the man get away because a bunch of turtles are in front of him?!” yelled the man. “You worthless fools! Kill them!!! Once I get the coin I shall wipe out their species. Until then, kill the man! AND GET ME THAT COIN!!!” demanded the evil force as he picked up the minion by its neck. “Or so help me, I will delete you from existence!”

“*CHOKE* Veery *cough* wellll, siir…”

“Good! So far you are failing me!” he shouted, throwing the minion on the floor. “The old man is stronger than we expected. Send out… the Bloody Spider-Beast! Have it kill him, and any ‘turtles’ that stand in its way!”

Back at Koopa Castle in Dark Land, Mario was being kicked around.

“Mamamia!!!” Mario shouted as Bowser threw his spiked fist in his stomach. Mario once again went flying straight toward a wall, banging his head on the concrete.

“BWA-HA-HA-HA!!! Mario, you fool. Normally I’d make a death quick and painless. But for you, I’m going to have to make it long and painful! HA-HA-HA-HA!!!”

Bowser laughed, picking him up and throwing him through the castle walls. “This is better than that time I stole the Star Rod!”

“You’ll-a never get away with this, Koopa!” Mario boosted his courage.

“You stupid Italian plumber! I already have!” Bowser picked up Mario again, flaming his face with 3rd degree burns.

“Wa-wa-wa-wa-wa!!!” Mario yelled, now shivering and in serious pain.

“And to think, all these years I’ve been wasting my life, trying to kill you. You’re nothing put a harmless bug!” Bowser stabbed his claws into Mario and through him on the floor. “Guards, let him rot in the dungeon!”

Larry was watching the whole thing from behind a poll. Larry hated Mario also, but knew that what Bowser was doing to Mario was just the beginning. “What have I done?” Larry thought.

“I’ve got to get that coin back!” Larry whispered to himself.

Two guards came over, carrying burgers, probably a bunch of slackers. They ended up seeing Larry. “Hey! Didn’t King Koopa say he was looking for you?” asked one of the guards, while hiding the burger behind his back.

“Um, no… That was my brother Ludwig,” Larry lied.

“Are you sure?!” demanded the other guard.

“Um... Yes.” Larry sweated.

“Ok then!” They both just left. Larry wiped a load of sweat off of his forehead.

“I’ve got to get that coin back!” Larry thought. But on the other side of the pole, Bowser had been basking in his success.

“BWA-HA-HA-HA!!!” Bowser shouted. “I finally beat that worthless plumber! If I could beat that dope, I can beat pretty much anyone that stands in my way!” he talked to himself. “Now I will be treated as a GOD!”

Bowser gripped the coin tighter. He grew bigger and stronger. His red pupils widened. Every spike on his shell was sharper then a needle. He was now becoming, INVINCIBLE!

“Oh no!” Larry shouted, accidentally revealing his position to a Hammer Bro.

“HEY! You’re Larry! King Koopa’s lookin’ for you, punk!” said the massive Hammer Bro as he picked Larry up.

“NO! LEMME GO!” Larry shouted. The Hammer Bro walked over to Bowser, who was now giant.

“King Koopa! Here’s your son!” shouted the Hammer Bro as he threw him on the floor.

“LARRY!!! You dare call yourself a Koopaling? Throw him in the dungeon!” Bowser snapped at the guards.

“NO!!!” Larry cried.

“Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a princess to capture!” Bowser said.

Back in the Mushroom Kingdom…

“Hey Toad!” Luigi ran over. “Have you seen Mario? He said he was going to Bowser’s place for some reason, but he never came back!” Luigi worried.

“I don’t know, Luigi. I mean, Bowser’s really no match for someone like Mario, you know. I’m sure he’s fine. Probably just got bruised by a block or something,” Toad responded.

“I don’t know, Toad. I think he might be in danger.”

“Come on, Luigi. He’s Mario. He can’t be in any real danger… Right?” Toad went on.

“Well... I don’t know. Maybe you’re right…”

“I am right. Trust me, Luigi, you’re overreacting.” Toad tried to calm him down.

“Well... I guess you’re right… I’m going to go over to Peach’s place,” Luigi exclaimed.

“I guess I’ll come with you,” Toad said.


Over the Mushroom Castle hovered the Koopa Lord in his new and improved Clown Copter. The Copter had spikes and a much angrier clown face on it, and was bigger to accommodate Bowser’s new size. Bowser broke into the window to Peach’s room. Peach turned around from her conversation with Toadsworth and jumped.

“BOWSER!” Peach shouted.

“My princess! It’s that fiend again” Toadsworth shouted.

“Yes, thanks for pointing out the obvious, old man. But right now, I have a mission!” Bowser teased.

“AHHHH!!! What happened to you?!” Peach screamed, looking at the gigantic Bowser.

“You like it? The new and improved, BOWSER!!! You won’t have to worry about that worthless plumber anymore, anyway. I took care of him!” Bowser explained.

“Bowser! Won’t you learn that you can’t beat Mario?” Peach said.

“Too bad! You still believe in that worthless fool?! How pathetic! Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a kingdom to conquer!” Bowser said as he pulled out a  bag.

Just at that very last moment, Luigi walked into the room with Toad.

“FLIPPEN YOSHI EGGS!!!” Luigi screamed, shivering.

“AHHHHHHHH!!!” Toad screamed, causing 3 Mushroom guards to run in.

“HOLY DAD!” ahouted one as he loaded his weapon.

“CALL IN BACKUP!” shouted another on a walkie-talkie.

“BWA-HA-HA-HA-HA!!!” Bowser laughed as he kicked away all of the Toads.

“You’ll-a never get away with this, Bowser!” Luigi screamed as he got ready to battle.

“Show him what you’re made of, Luigi!” Toadsworth yelled.

“BWA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA!!! You puny, little worm!”

“Stop it!” Luigi shouted back.

“... Wow… How stupid!” Bowser kept mocking.

“I’ll teach you a lesson!” Luigi tilted his hat down.

“Bring it on!” Bowser jumped out of the Clown Copter.

“Luigi! Take this Fire Flower I found!” Toad handed Luigi a Fire Flower.

“Thanks, Toad!” Luigi said, as his clothing instantly morphed.

“BWA-HA-HA!!! It’s going to take a lot more than a puny flower to stop me!” Bowser laughed as he cracked his knuckles. “Well then, I guess it’s brawling time!”

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