Koopa Coin

By Adamo Koopa

“We’re never going to get out of here!” Larry complained while he tugged on the dungeon bars. “Can’t you use any magic?” Larry asked while he turned around to the old man.

“I have told you before. I have put all of my magic into the coin,” replied the man. Mario sat beside the wall, silent.

“What about you?” Larry wondered. “Can’t you get out of here? You’ve done it before!” he shouted while Mario tipped his dirty head up.

“It’s not that easy,” he puffed, as if he had given up hope. Larry let out a puff also as he banged his head on the concrete walls.

“Well we’ve got to do something!” Larry exclaimed. The old man moved his bushy mustache up and down as he spoke.

“Well all we can do now is praise the stars…”

“I’m a Koopa! I don’t pray to those star things!” Larry whined.

“This is our last hope, my friend. We must try, or your father shall bring chaos among us within hours. Or worse, the forces of evil could bring more chaos…”

Back in the castle…


Luigi flew back from the power of an explosive blast of blue flames. “AHHHHHH!!!!!!” Luigi screamed as he hit his forehead on the ceiling, falling 10 feet down on his head. Luigi got up and tightened his white hat.

“Show him who’s boss, Luigi!” Toad shouted. Luigi held his hands out and shot 4 flaming balls of fire straight at Bowser’s head. Bowser laughed as the tiny flames flicked off of his head.

“Ha! You have to see how a pro does it!” Bowser screamed while he let out a blue flame straight from his mouth.

“Luigi! Look out!!!” the princess cried as Luigi’s pupils widened. He ran while a magnificent blast shot across the floor.

“YEOWCH!!!” Luigi flew in the air, burning.

“Wow… That was even more pathetic than I thought it would be!” Bowser mocked.

“Get away from me!” Peach shouted while Toad ran to Luigi, gasping.

“BWA-HA-HA-HA!!!” Bowser shouted while he shoved Peach in a bag. “Goodbye, you worthless Mushrooms!” Bowser broke through the ceiling.

“AHHHHHHH!!!” A cry lifted to the skies.

“WE’RE DOOMED!!!” shouted one of the Toad guards, as all of them dropped their guns and ran around panicking.

“Luigi, wake up!” Toad worried while he dribbled Luigi’s head back and forth.

Luigi didn’t move an inch. Toad shoved his hands in his eyes and burst out in tears.


Back at Bowser’s castle, cries broke out too.

“WHERE ARE ALL OF THESE THINGS COMING FROM?!” shouted the Koopa general, while he shot at a giant, black spider. The spider had over 100 deadly orange eyes, and had fangs about the size of 4 Koopas put together… each! It shot black webs from all directions, causing the Koopas to get stuck on their electrically painful chords.

“Somebody, please help!” one of the Koopas screamed while he was turned to mere dust.

A large shadow covered the sun while Bowser hopped out of his Clown Copter.

“My Lord, please help us!” someone begged at Bowser's feet.

“You worthless fools! I can’t leave for ten minutes without you causing chaos!” Bowser mugged. The Koopa was kicked away, while Bowser walked forward. “If you want something done right, you've got to do it yourself!” Bowser's muscles strengthened.

The spider's eyes wiped open. A chaotic screech let out as it grabbed Bowser and through him in the sky. Bowser flew up, looking at the gigantic killer. 'Big mistake!' Bowser thought while he let out a large ground pound.

“EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAACHHHHHHHCCHCHCHC!!!” the creature screamed, looking up as its back was slammed by spikes.

“Yeah!” Bowser cheered. The eyes immediately looked straight at Bowser and locked on. The spider shot two webs and flickered, thus causing Bowser to fly straight threw a wall.

“EEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!” it screamed, letting havoc go through the soldiers' ears. Bowser got up, laughing.

“That all you got?!” he asked, without a single mark on him. The red eyes stared into Bowser's face. “Let's end this!” Bowser screamed, letting out a gigantic blast of flames. The flames slowly made their way to the spider's face and-


The beast let out an endless shriek of horror, and began shooting webs like crazy.

“King Koopa needs our help! Send in all workers!” shouted the general as he began to worry. He released the button on his walkie-talkie and continued firing.

Meanwhile, down in the dungeon…

“I repeat, send in all workers!” continued the guard's walkie-talkie. The Hammer Bro gave a good look at the three and slowly left. About 10 seconds later the man began to speak.

“Our prayers have been answered,” spoke the man without even opening his eyes.

“How? All that happened is the guard left,” Larry wondered.

“The keys!” Mario gasped, while he sat up and leaned toward the keys on the other side of the bars.

“Yes!” Larry cheered. 'How could I have missed that?' his side thoughts went on. Mario crawled, reaching his arm out.

“Got 'um!” he slashed, pulling in a chain of gold keys.

“Sweet!” Larry shouted.

“Which key is it?” asked Mario while he flipped his hands through the keys.

“If I remember correctly, it should be the fourth one,” Larry responded. Mario took the fourth key and put it in the lock.

“Bingo!” he grinned, opening the cage.

“We must get the coin back!” said the old man. But he was interrupted by the sounds of a Hammer Bro coming back into the room.

“Where did I drop those keys?” he asked, looking around. 'GASP!' he thought, looking at the open cage. He reached for his hammer, but was pushed into the dungeon jail before he could make a move. Mario closed the door, locking him in.

“All right! Let’s go get that coin back!” Larry jumped while they ran out of the room.

“DIE!!!” Bowser screamed, back upstairs, letting out his fourth blast. The monster cried for forgiveness. The general ran over to Bowser.

“We could take it from here, sir!” he announced.

“Good. I’ve got something I need to do anyway!” Bowser mugged.

“As you wish, sir!” Bowser left the room.

Meantime in the top Koopa hospital…

“What?! He can’t die! King Koopa would kill us if he did!" the nurse shouted.

“I’m sorry, but we need to tell King Koopa that there’s nothing we can do!” the doctor replied. “His blood pressure is failing.”

“Well I’m not telling him!” the nurse spoke.

“Bowser’s on his way, ok?! You just pick someone to tell him, I don’t care who!” the doctor gave up.

“As you wish, Your Majesty!” she complained.

“Don’t be a smart-mouth with me, ok? I’ll fire you if I have to-” He was interrupted by the automatic doors shoving open.

“Hello, Doctor!” Bowser said happily. “I’m sure I’ll be seeing my child walking better then ever, right?”

“Um, well about that… I’m sorry, My Lord, but there’s nothing we can do-“

The doctor was grabbed by the neck.

“Are you telling me that he is dead?!” Bowser loudly whispered.

“Um, well sir-“ He was thrown against a large tray of metal.

“You worthless doctors! Must I do everything by myself?!” he screamed, throwing the door leading to Lemmy away. He walked over, and saw Lemmy full of bruises and casts, laying unconscious. Bowser let out a small grin and sat next  to him.

“Well, my Son, let’s hope this works…” he said to himself while he lay the coin on his stomach. Lemmy’s bruises faded. His bones started moving. He slowly opened his eyes. Lemmy sat up and panicked.

“AHHH!!!” Lemmy screamed, jumping. “The coin!!!” He stood up, hardly balancing, and backed up to the wall. The coin flipped on the ground, as if it had just been spun.

“Calm down, Lemmy!” Bowser tried to convince him.

“It’s that coin!” Lemmy cried, pointing at the gold coin, and also looking at his father, who had grown size. Bowser stuck his hand out and levitated the coin  straight into his hand, and shoved it back in his shell.

“Lemmy, calm down!” Bowser continued. Lemmy took the casts off of his legs and arms.

“Get that thing away from me!” He ran to the door, while Bowser walked over. He ran through the door and left the hospital. The nurse walked into the room and turned her head to Bowser.

“What are you looking at?!” he responded.

Meanwhile at the castle…

“Ok, here’s the plan...” They all gathered around Mario, in the giant, empty closet.

“All right, so how do we get the coin back?” Larry asked.

“We’re going to need everyone,” Mario began. “All right. Now Larry is going to get the keys to Bowser’s room so we can get it,” Mario explained before being interrupted.

“Wait, the guards won’t let me have the keys. I’m a criminal!” he stated.

“That’s why you're going to dress up like that one other ‘king’ with the blue, bushy hair,” Mario answered.

“You mean my brother Ludwig?”


“Well it’s not like Bowser just leaves the coin on his dresser,” the old man opened a new problem.

“Well, I figure Bowser wouldn’t give the coin to someone to hold. It’s too risky. At night when he’s sleeping he probably would just keep it in his shell,”  Mario closed the problem.

“So you want me to get the coin from Bowser?” Larry wondered.


“But the guards would probably check me when I leave the room,” Larry kept asking.

“That’s where I come in!” Mario kept going. “I’ll be hiding behind a pole, and after you go in I’ll come out. The guards will come chasing after me, but I could probably hold them off, while you get it to the ancient guy, who will be here in the closet,” Mario finished.

“That is, if the evil forces don’t move in,” the man said.

“Wait, what are the odds?” Larry asked him.

“Well it appears that after sending that shadow, that he sent out a bloody spider beast. In my time that was considered the second most powerful creation. I fear that the dark forces will be sending in one of the greatest creations of my world…” he explained.

“Well then I guess we have to act fast…”

Meanwhile, Lemmy ran through the forest. Lemmy turned around and couldn’t see the hospital for miles.

“I think I lost him.” Lemmy huffed out puffs of oxygen. He pulled out a phone and dialed a number.

“Yeah, it’s me… I’m fine, but could you send me a doomship? I’m in the middle of a forest.” Lemmy looked around and saw a sign. “In the Oakwood Forests,” he answered.

Lemmy hung up the phone and sat beside a tree. He shoved his hand on his forehead and wiped sweat off of himself. A caterpillar crawled  on his hand as he banged the back of his head on the tree and rested. “What am I going to do?” he asked himself.

The evening came along. Bowser didn’t go searching for Lemmy, but instead went back to his castle. He went into a dungeon lab-like room, where he saw a scientist.

“So what is it?” he asked the Koopa, who tilted his glasses toward Bowser.

“Well sir, it appears to be some kind of spider,” he began, but was cut off.

“Yeah, I kind of noticed that it’s a spider!” Bowser impatiently complained.

“Sorry, sir. Well it appears that he is from some sort of opposite time zone. Like thousands of years ago,” he ended.

“So this thing is supposed to be, like, old or something?” Bowser questioned.

“Um, yes sir,” he answered. Bowser rubbed his claws together as he turned around.

“Kill it! We don’t need those kind of things here!” he smoothly said, leaving. The scientist went into another room. The spider was trapped in this room behind high, stabled glass. He pulled down a lever with a mug, and left. The spider screamed as green smoke filled the air.

The moon soared through the sky while it turned black. The three heroes peaked out of the closet, and saw Bowser going into his room.

“So we all know the plan?” Mario looked at them. Larry nodded and the old man stayed silent. “Um, good!” he looked at Larry. “Larry, make sure they don’t get that good of a shot of you,” he said while Larry puffed his hair so it looked like Ludwig’s. “Because Ludwig has the one tooth sticking out, make sure they don’t realize it.”

“Will do!” Larry winked. Larry walked out of the closet, trying to be unseen in case anyone checked it. He walked up to the guards. They twisted their heads toward each other, then looked back at Larry.

“Who are you?” the one on the right asked. Larry tried to disguise his voice.

“V’m Ludwig, Vowzer's son, vave you vo vespect?!” he said, thinking he sounded like a vampire.

“What is your purpose for bothering the Lord Koopa?” the one on the left asked. Larry took out a cup of purple liquid the wizard gave to him.

“I vish to vive Vowzer his medicine!” he answered. Once again they both looked at each other.

“All right,” one said, “but you’ve only got five minutes!”

“Thank you!” he chokeed. “I mean, vank you!” He ran in the doors.

“Do you think there was something weird about that guy?” the one asked.

“Hm… I hope not, or King Koopa will have our heads!” he answered.

Mario creaked open the closet door. “He made it in!” Mario cheered.

In the room Larry saw a giant bed, with Bowser sleeping on it. The lights were off, so he was trying to be real careful where he walked. Larry kept going until he reached the side of Bowser’s bed. Where’s the coin? he thought. A golden sparkle shot out from Bowser’s hand. Larry grinned. But the bed was still too high to reach. He looked around, and found a desk. He pulled the chair out from under it, and pushed it aside his bed.

He hoped on the chair and leaned over. Bowser held the coin tightly in his fist. Larry struggled. He reached his hand out, and slowly released the grip of his hand. Bowser grumbled something, but was still fast asleep. Larry reached for the coin. The chair started wiggling. Sweat dripped down Larry’s forehead. He took the coin out of his hand and hopped off the chair.

“Yes!” he whispered. Now it was time to enable part B. Mario had just hopped out from behind the pole, and started dancing around.

“Hey you stupid Koopas!” he shouted, while the guards' eyes widened. “Come and get me!” he screamed while he ran. Hundreds of guards ran after Mario, including the room guards. Larry waited a couple of seconds until he thought it  was safe. And go-

Ding Ding Ding!!!

Larry panicked at the sound of his phone going off. Bowser started moving. Larry answered the phone to stop the ringing, but Bowser saw him while he ran for the exit.

“GUARDS!!!!” he yelled while he ran after Larry.

“Hey Larry, it’s me, Lemmy! I’ve got a couple of questions about Dad and all, about the fact that he’s GIANT!!!” Lemmy spoke through his phone. Larry ran out of the room as fast as he could.

“Now’s not really a good time!!!” he screamed.

“No! I figured if I want to know something, you would know, now tell me what’s going on!” Lemmy demanded. Larry hung up as he shaked his head out of the disguise. He was almost at the closet. Almost!!!

Bowser started shrinking as he ran after Larry. “LARRY!!!!” Bowser shouted while guards ran backup.

The two guards tilted their sunglasses down while they watched. "Oh boy...”

Larry ran and ran. He made it and opened the closet door, to see… nothing. The man wasn’t there. Was he kidnapped? Or found? Larry was frightened, but if he wanted to get away from Bowser, he had to use the coin. Larry shivered in fear. He thought about losing the coin again, the consequences. But right now Larry had to.

“See ya!” he shouted, running sonic speed out the door.

“NO!!!” Bowser endlessly screamed. Now they were all in trouble…

But meanwhile, somewhere chaotic…

“You mindless imbecile!!!” shouted the dark force while he sat up out of his throne.

“We’re sorry, My Lord!!! These Koopa creatures are stronger than you think!” said the top minion, as he backed away.

“Do you dare question my powers?!” he screamed.

“I’m sorry, My Lord. Should we send out our top monster?” He quaked, shivering.

“No!!! Not yet! You have made enough trouble already.” He looked him in the eyes. “Until you learn to obey your leader, you shall forever remain in the underworlds!!!”

“No, please!!! Sirrrr…” he finished while being disintegrated into the air. The evil force tapped his spiked claws into one another, over and over again.

“If these stupid minions say that these turtles are strong, then let us fight fire with fire,” he said to himself while pulling out 4 ninjas from a vortex.

“Dude, where are we?!” Black shouted.

“We we’re killed, then appeared in some place, but now we’re in this, like, creepy room!” Green said.

“Who is that guy?!” Yellow looked at the dark lord.

“Hello, my new soldiers!” he laughed. Red, the leader of the group, walked forward.

“Dude, you'd better back off and tell us where we are, unless you want a piece of us!” Red announced. The evil looked Red in the eyes while he slowly backed up with his brothers.

“Wait, dudes, did he say… soldiers?!” Black panicked.

“You four are now my slaves!” The evil force laughed while he shot out a black burst of lightning. The lightning stuck all four of them while they cried  in torture.

“SOMEONE HELP!!!” they screamed, while they turned darker. Their muscles grew. Their minds twisted. By now they were completely black Koopas. The evil force grinned.

“Come, my minions. We have evil to spread.” He laughed.

“Yes, Father…”

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