Koopa Coin

By Adamo Koopa

Long ago, before the Mushroom or Koopa Kingdoms were created, the Ancients walked the land. The Ancients' brains were 5 times bigger than a professional scientist's. One of the Ancients made a mystical coin. That golden coin was blessed with unknown powers that can create amazing abilities. Soon the Ancients built replicas, but the replicas did not withstand the power like the original coin. Soon people did not know what coin was which. They started battling each other over coins that they did not even know were mystical, all except for the original creator. The Creator hid the true sacred coin so no more troubles would come. The battle still continued for years and years. Eventually people stopped looking, and went back to their normal day lives. The coin became lost forever.

No one even knew about the coin anymore. It was like it never even happened. One day a young little Koopa kid, about 6, was walking his pet Chain Chomp. The Chain Chomp was well trained, but did not know many tricks.

“Hey Chompy, calm down,” spoke the little kid, in a squeaky voice.

“BARK, BARK!” yelled the Chain Chomp. The little kid looked down at the baby Chomp, with its tongue out and eyes sparkling. The kid laughed in joy.

“Come on, Chompy, let's race!” said the kid, running already. The Chain Chomp flew. The kid kept running towards a rock with the Chain Chomp.  The kid slid over to the rock, gripping the ground, only to see that Chompy was already there. The kid laughed as he tackled the Chain Chomp. All of a sudden Chompy started sniffing.

“What is it, Chompy?” wondered the kid. The Chain Chomp kept sniffing over past a red line. “Chompy, no, Mama said no going past the red line. Who knows what could be there?” warned the kid. But the Chomp was determined. He kept on sniffing. The kid followed him, afraid. The Chain Chomp started digging in the dirt. A huge puff of dirt flew into the air. The kid had never seen a Chain Chomp dig so deep. “Chompy, NO!” yelled the kid, giving out his last warning. The young boy ran up and pulled on the Chain Chomp's chain. Chompy hated that, but that’s what happened when Chompy didn’t listen.

“BARK!” screeched the Chomp. The kid let go. The Chain Chomp dug underneath the ground until the kid couldn’t see him anymore.

“Chompy?” he whispered, looking in the hole. Chompy blasted out of the hole, just skinning the kid's face. The Chain Chomp flew up about 10 feet in the air, landing perfectly undamaged. The kid was amazed. He saw a golden coin in the Chain Chomp's mouth. He pulled it out. “Wow!” shouted the kid, running back to the house. Chompy followed. The kid ran inside.

“Hey there,” said the kid's mother.

“Mom! Me and Chompy, we were like, and then he, and Boom, and then I...” Being interrupted, the kid stopped.

“What happened?” asked the mother.

“Look what Chompy found!” The kid pulled out the coin. The mother looked at the dragon design, knowing that all other gold Koopa coins had a Koopa shell on them.

“Where did you find that?” asked the mom, slowly taking it out of his hands.

“Chompy dug it up,” said the kid.

“Well honey, this coin is very, very old and dirty. We couldn’t possibly use this at a store. I don’t think it’s a Koopa coin anyway,” the mom pointed out.

“What can we do with it then?” asked the kid.

“Hey, I’ll tell you what. We could donate it to one of our future leaders,” replied the mom.

“All right!” shouted the kid. They decided that they would donate it to Lemmy Koopa, because the kid liked Lemmy the most. So that gave it to the mailman.

A couple days later, the mailman gave the package to Lemmy’s assistant. The assistant came back to Lemmy with the letter.

“Your Highness, there appears to be a letter for you,” said the assistant.

“Is there any money in it?” asked Lemmy, playing his Nintendo DS. The man wobbled the letter up and down.

“It sounds like there’s a coin in here,” said the man.

“*hmph* All right, let me se it,” spoke Lemmy, hopping off his throne and onto his ball. Lemmy rolled over. “So thanks, man, that’ll be all,” said Lemmy, taking the letter out of his hands.

The assistant left. But the second Lemmy took the letter, a cold chill went throughout his whole body. It felt good, it felt powerful. Anyway, Lemmy opened the letter and read,

Dear Lemmy Koopa,

My son and I found a wonderful coin. We decided you should have it. You’re welcome.


A loving villager

Lemmy took the coin out of the envelope. He then brought it close to his face, looking at the incredible design on it. The coin showed a dragon.

“Well I don’t have any use for this,” said Lemmy. All of a sudden Lemmy started balancing on the ball way better then he ever had. "What the...?"

Lemmy put the coin in his shell and started playing on the ball. He was going so fast. Soon Lemmy started feeling stronger, more powerful, and smarter. Lemmy was doing backflips on his ball. Soon he was spinning and jumping high in the air. Stronger! Smarter! Power kept coming to Lemmy. Soon he was moving at sonic speed. He was out of control. "What’s going on?!" A super blast shocked Lemmy full speed into a large wall. He dropped the coin out of his shell.

Hearing the loud noise, 2 bodyguards ran in with their weapons loaded. Seeing Lemmy knocked out on the floor, they called for backup. Lemmy was sent to a professional hospital with a cracked shell, broken legs, a broken arm, and a serious head bump. People wondered what happened. A detective found the coin and said it had nothing to do with the case, thus giving it to Lemmy’s dad. The detectives couldn’t find out what happened. Even the video cameras in the area could not help, as they had been knocked out by a sonic boom caused by the coin. Lemmy’s castle and room were put on extra watch. None of the Koopalings were allowed to go anywhere without a bodyguard.

Bowser called a family meeting, in the living room.

“All right, kids. Due to what happened to Lemmy, I’m going to have to cut your allowance for a little while,” moped Bowser.

“WHAT?!” shouted the Koopalings.

“Why? Me and Molly were going shopping tomorrow!” argued Wendy.

“Oh boohoo!  The princess’ life isn’t perfect, we should do something,” mocked Roy. “Get in line, pipsqueak! Dad, I was going wrestling with Rocky tomorrow, and I need to pay the fine!”

“Oh, that stinks! I was going to buy that new three-petaled Piranha Plant I always wanted!” spoke Larry.

“I wanted to buy that casino!” shouted Iggy.

“And Ludwig’s birthday is next week! I mean, how are we supposed to pay for that? You know eBay isn’t that fast. And we still need to tip our waiters and get us nee-” Roy shoved a pillow in Mortan’s mouth.

“Good man, Roy. Good man,” said Bowser. “Hey, and anyway, where in the world is Ludwig!?”

Meanwhile, somewhere in a lab...

“Oh boy! This has got to be the chemical reaction to the fluid gas that I’ve been quadrillating!” said Ludwig as he poured a white chemical into a green tube.

“Whatever then!” said Bowser, back at the meeting. “But anyway, the detectives found this coin in Lemmy’s room. It’s not part of the case, but if anyone wants it, take it! It’s been making this weird sparkle anyway!”

“I have a coin collection. Could I have it?” asked Larry as he raised his hand.

“Whatever! Just take it.” Bowser handed Larry the coin, and felt a little weaker all of a sudden.

Well, the family meeting ended. Larry ran up to his room, only to see that one of his favorite plants was almost black. That plant was rare and needed watering every 2 hours. Larry had forgotten because of the family conference.

“AHH!!!” screamed Larry. Larry threw the coin on the table and ran to get some water. The coin spread some magic on the plant. By the time Larry got back (8 seconds), the plant was already perfect.

“Phew!” puffed Larry, hopping on his bed to spy on his siblings. Little did Larry know that he was the one being spied on. A small camera disguised as a pin slowly watched Larry’s every move. Or should I say, the coin's every move.

Somewhere in a dark, creepy place, an evil minion approached a scary force.

“My lord,” started the minion, “I have found what we have been seeking all these years.”

“Good,” screeched back a scary voice. “Retrieve the coin, and kill whoever you have to in the process,” said the voice. “I’ll be waiting…”

Well Larry put the coin in his coin collection, then watched his video setup for the whole castle. Larry watched while Roy mugged Iggy, as if it was a simple TV show. “Poor Iggy,” cried Larry, as he finished popping some popcorn.

He took the popcorn out of the microwave and started eating it, changing the screen to Ludwig’s room. He saw nothing put some huge thing of gadgets and Ludwig fiddling around. Ludwig knew that Larry had spied on him. Larry didn’t know, but Ludwig didn’t care. It’s not like there was anything Ludwig was doing that was so important.

Larry once again changed the channel in boredom. Now he was viewing Lemmy’s room. Nothing, but at least the camera was still working. Wait a second! That’s it, Larry thought.

Larry went back in his video to where he saw Lemmy on his ball. Larry saw Lemmy going so fast on the camera. Too fast. Larry picked up the video screen and started shaking it, thinking that it was going in fast forward. Larry couldn’t fix it. 10 minutes later. Larry called an electrician over. This video screen had cost Larry thousands of Koopa coins, and he wasn’t going to lose it now!

Well, apparently he was. The electrician couldn’t find out the problem either. Larry became depressed. With nothing to do, Larry took out the coin that Bowser had given him and looked at it. He then put it in his pocket and went in the hallway, lurking around. Larry was going to get something to eat. Too bad the kitchen in this castle was about 2,000 feet away. Larry kept walking. Within seconds, Larry was there.

“What the?!” shouted Larry, looking back. He had walked 2,000 feet and didn’t even notice?

“Whatever. I guess my mind is just playing tricks on me again,” thought Larry. Larry went up to the kitchen waiter.

“Hello there, Mr. Koopa. May I take your order?” asked the fine waiter.

“Um, yeah, I guess,” started Larry as he began to sit down in the chair. “I’ll have um, the deep fried Cheep Cheep, with 3 sprinkled fireballs on the side. Oh, and um, don’t forget the French fries!” demanded Larry.

“As you command,” submitted the waiter, as he went to the cooks. As Larry waited, he took the coin out of his pocket. What is this thing? Larry took the coin and put it next to the candle that sat lit on the table. The fire burst up a little.

“Ok, what in the world is going on?!” shouted Larry. Larry was now clueless, not understanding anything that had happened.

Within a couple more minutes the food was at Larry’s table. Larry ate and then was going back to his room. Roy walked up to Larry in the hall.

“Hey twerp!” Roy spoke as his knuckles cracked. “So, what do I do today?!”

Roy slowly walked up to Larry. Larry swallowed his tongue and slowly backed up. Roy ended up throwing his fist into Larry’s stomach. But oddly, nothing happened. Usually Larry would fall to the ground quaking in pain. But now Larry didn’t feel a thing. Roy tilted down his sunglasses, seeing if what he just saw was true. Larry punched Roy back in the stomach, causing him to fly into the wall. Roy was unconscious.

“No way,” whispered Larry, opening his fist with the coin in it. Roy’s spiked shell had cracked half the wall, which apparently was part of Wendy’s room. Wendy came running out to see what happened.

“What happened?!” shouted Wendy.

“Um.... I um...” Larry couldn’t answer the question himself.

“Is Roy ok?! Who hit him? It’s not like you could hit him like that, Larry,” jumped Wendy.

“Yeah, ha-ha, right,” whispered Larry. “Hm, maybe someone should go get help,” said Larry as he walked away.

“Where are you going?!” shouted Wendy. By then Larry was once again at his room.

“What is going on?” Larry spoke. Right when he was thinking, his huge window broke open, splattering glass everywhere. Some glass cut Larry, leaving bloody marks. Right when Larry was about to shriek in pain, the cuts healed shut.

Larry looked at the oddly-shaped figure standing there staring at him. It was a black, shadow-like creature. It was completely pitch black, like a shadow. It had 2 arms and feet, and 2 bloody red eyes that scared Larry to no end.

“Give me the coin!” shouted the creature in a dragon-like voice. Larry looked at the coin in his hand, shoved it in his shell, and ran out of the room as fast as Clark Kent. Larry ran to Bowser, thinking maybe he could help.

“What do you want?!” shouted Bowser, who had just got badly beaten by some Italian plumber.

“Dad!!! THERE’S THIS WEIRD SHADOW TRYING TO KILL ME!!!” screamed Larry. trying to catch his breath.

“Do you think I care?” responded Bowser, thinking Larry had made one of the worst lies in his life. Then Bowser’s wall crumbled as the black creature shot it with some electrical force.

“Oh come on! I just paid for that!” shouted Bowser, looking at the broken wall.

Larry picked up Bowser and ran through a different wall at hyper speed, both of them screaming. The coin slowly fell onto the ground, causing Larry to trip straight into a wall. Larry was unconscious.

In no time the black figure was in the same room. Security ran in faster then a bullet in midair. The guards shot at the shadow, but didn't do anything to it. Within a blink of an eye, the guards were down. Bowser was still sitting on the floor screaming like a little girl. Right when the shadow was about to pick up the coin, some mysterious old guy shined a sparkling light on it, causing the shadow to scream and run away. The old man picked up the coin and drew some sort of car in the air with it. Out of nowhere a small airplane was there.

“Get on if you want to live.”

The mystical old man had brought Bowser and Larry to an old river that nobody in the entire kingdom had ever seen before. Larry and Bowser were totally confused. All Larry knew was that the coin he held in his hands had unknown powers.

“Who are you?!” shouted Bowser, demanding an answer.

“My name is Archiecs. There is much I must explain,” said the man that claimed to be “Archiecs”.

“Start then!” screamed Larry, finally getting an answer.

“You see that coin in your hands, boy?” said the man.


“Well I created it. You see, it all started a long time ago. A very, very long time ago... The year was 5,000 BC. I had powers gifted from a mystical angel I saw when I was about 5. That angel gave me unknown powers. One day I created an ordinary coin. I blessed the coin with all my powers, creating an ultimate item. Soon I realized that I had made one of the biggest mistakes in history. I could not take the power back. Whoever held the coin would soon become the most powerful being that ever walked the galaxy. People found out about the coin. They tried to steal it. So many people tried to steal my coin, that they would build replicas trying to trick others. War then broke out. I used the coin to teleport underground. That is where I stayed for over 7,000 years. The coin's power kept me alive. People forgot about the coin. Not too long ago, I was mugged by a Chain Chomp and the coin was gone. I have tracked you down with the aid of a nice family. They own the Chain Chomp that caused this, but now I have found the coin again,” spoke the man.

“...” Larry and Bowser were speechless.

“Wait, then what was that evil shadow thing that tried to kill us?!” Bowser asked.

“Ah. I was hoping that after all these years the force had died. You see, when the angel gave me powers, it gave evil powers too. The powers tried to turn me evil, too. I then put the dark powers that I had into a glass jar. Somehow the jar must have broken open during the war. Now the evil force is after the coin. We must use the coin to kill it, before it brings chaos to your world. If the coin falls into the wrong hands, who knows what could happen ?” gobbled the man.

“Wow...” Once again, they were both speechless. But meanwhile, back in Bowser’s Dark Land castle, worse troubles were coming.

“DIE!!!” screamed half the military soldiers as they shot at the black shadow. Nothing could kill it. All of the Koopalings were under extremely secure guard. Still the Koopalings were panicking; the monster was after them now. Soldiers were being thrown against walls and murdered. No one could do something about it. Flames burst out, as if they were living in an R-rated movie.

Soon by the sounds of it, the monster was getting closer. The guards took out there guns and aimed at the door. One of the guards took the Koopalings out of the room through an emergency exit tunnel. “Gross!” whispered Wendy as she crawled through the green goop.

They all heard screams and kept on crawling. Only a miracle could save them now... But  little did they know that a miracle had risen within there world, and was coming. ..

“So, my fellow descendents, you see, we must stop the force before it brings chaos into your world with the coin. Or before the coin brings chaos like it did for my world,” said the man.

“Let's do this!” Bowser and Larry spoke, though still confused by what they'd just heard. The man made the airplane again with the coin and headed back to the castle. But little did they know. in the bushes 4 spies had been sneaking… The four peaked their heads out.

“Woah man! You hear that?” said the Koopa Bro. The Koopa Bros had been listening to that whole thing all along?

“Man, we need to get our gloves on them coins, dudes!” said Black.

“Oh yeah, homie! You know what would happen if we got that coin?” spoke Red. "We’d be the all-time rulers of the galaxy. man!”

“So what are we waiting for around here? Lets go get ourselves that coin!” Yellow shouted as they headed off to the Koopa Castle.

Back at the castle, things weren’t looking to good… The monster was still fighting off guards, destroying the whole castle in the process.

“Oh great. We’re all going to die now. And where in the world is Larry?” said Iggy.

Another guard slowly accessed the impenetrable room with a keycard. “What’s the news?” asked the Koopa that was guarding them.

“Apparently nobody could find Bowser or Larry anywhere,” said the other guard. “They must be out of the castle.”

“Darn, this is not good”

“Oh yeah…”

A large window broke open on the 3rd floor. The Ancient man was there with Bowser and Larry. The Ancient took the coin and went to the monster. The monster looked at the Ancient with its red eyes. Noticing the coin, he jumped after the man, who held out the coin. Using the coin's power, the Ancient disincarnated the monster into the air.

Meanwhile, the Koopa Bros. were still on the path to the castle…

“We’re on our way, to history, just any day,” they sang before being interrupted.

“Koopas!” shouted Mario, who for some reason was going to Bowser’s castle too.

The ninjas turned around to see Mario tightening his knuckles.

“Oh shoot,” they all said as they then started being beaten up by Mario.





Everyone looked at Yellow, who had spoken the last sentence.

“What coin?” shouted Mario. Yellow became silent.

“Oh, um, nothing,” he lied.

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