Lemmy and Iggy in The Book of Mysteries

By Jukilum

Chapter 3:

Lemmy and Iggy both retreated into their shells. They could withstand the lava for a few seconds that way. But instead of sinking into the lava, they felt themselves landing on a hard surface. They peeked out and found that they were floating on the book, which the Shy Guys had thrown in with them. For some strange reason, the book wasn't burning up! Coming out of their shells, they held tightly onto the book as they went over a lavafall. The book flew open in the air, allowing the two brothers to see the map.

Studying the map carefully, they found that they were headed for an exit to the volcano where the treasure was also buried! They reached a ledge and climbed on, pulling the book up behind them.

"The Book led us to the key!" Iggy exclaimed, forgetting the traumatic events that occurred only moments ago. "Oh, and thanks for saving me," he said with a smile.

"What's the use of having a brother if he doesn't care about you?" Lemmy responded.

They both fell silent and remembered the rest of their family. What about their other brothers? They didn't seem to care at all.

Lemmy broke the silence. "Well, let's find that key!"

The two found their way to a wall that wasn't on the map, yet the treasure appeared to be behind it.

"Seems solid to me," Iggy observed. "Any ideas?"

As he said it, the ground shook and the two barely dove away in time for a Thwomp to come crashing down. It was a very strange Thwomp; it had Christmas lights strung all about it.

"If you can solve my riddle I shall let you pass and open the wall," said the Thwomp. "Should you fail, I will attack."

"We're game," Lemmy said. Iggy looked like he would have preferred escaping, but didn't interrupt.

"Somewhere you might spend your money, or maybe keep you trapped, and something you would do with treasure that your map has mapped," the Thwomp said casually, as if he had repeated this a hundred times.

"That doesn't sound too hard!" Iggy perked up.

"Oh, don't worry, it will be," the Thwomp said nastily as he slowly but surely started to fall on them.

"Uh, um, what to do with treasure," Lemmy said quickly.

"But... But... BbbbbbARGH!" Iggy said, panicking as the Thwomp got closer.

"Gain!" exclaimed Lemmy. "Bargain!" As soon as Lemmy said this the Thwomp and the wall suddenly exploded, sending rock shards in every direction. Iggy had already retreated into his shell, but Lemmy wasn't so quick; a flying rock cut a deep gash in his face. Lemmy screamed in pain. Iggy got up and ran to where the wall had been, having spotted a bottle of some sort in there along with the key. He pocketed the key, then read the label on the bottle: "For use on deep cuts."

Without a second thought Iggy splashed some of the liquid in the bottle on Lemmy's face. The wound healed instantly, though left a noticeable scar. Temporarily forgetting about the treasure, Iggy suggested that they stop and rest there for the night and that Lemmy get some good sleep. Iggy looked around a bit more, but not finding anything, he went to lie down next to Lemmy and quickly fell asleep too.

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