Lemmy and Iggy in The Book of Mysteries

By Jukilum

Prologue: The Book

It was a dark and stormy night. Lemmy and Iggy were alone in Koopa Kastle. The rest of the family had gone out for dinner, but Lemmy and Iggy had been framed by Larry of breaking some family heirlooms. Unknown to the rest of the family aside from Lemmy and Iggy, Roy had broken them while trying to steal a bag full of heirlooms. The family seemed to have a lot of heirlooms.

"Since we are already in trouble, how about we see what else is in that bag?" Lemmy suggested.

"Why not?" Iggy said in agreement.

Lemmy rolled and Iggy walked to the bag. Iggy reached in and pulled out the first thing he felt. It was a small knick-knack portraying Bowser playing catch with his first son, Ludwig.

"He's never played with us," Iggy complained.

Lemmy pulled out the next object. It was a picture of the very first time that Roy had beaten up Iggy. Iggy rubbed a bruise on his forehead. Lemmy pulled out another object, this time a quilt filled with pictures of Lemmy falling down when trying to walk and Iggy bumping into things before he got his glasses.

"Great heirlooms," they both moaned.

Then they pulled out an old book. The words on the cover had faded away, and some of the pages were ripped and torn. It was very light for how thick it was.

Lemmy opened it up to the first page and read, "The book you hold is a danger and a treasure. What you find is up to you, the maps inside should give you a clue. Some lead to traps, some lead to gold, be sure to stop looking when you thing you could die."

"Well, our family doesn't seem to care about us much, so how about we go and be treasure hunters! We can face any old dangers!" Iggy said with excitement.

"With you all the way!"

The two set foot outside the castle and examined the first map.

Lemmy and Iggy in The Book of Mysteries

Chapter 1: Danger?

"Let's try the first map first," Iggy suggested.

"Might as well start at the beginning!" Lemmy replied.

They looked at the first map.

"This one should be easy, it starts right here!" Iggy said excitedly.

"It leads to... ants... Ack. I can't read this text, it is faded out!"

"I've got an idea," Iggy said. "I'll go get Larry's super microscope."

Iggy ran back into the castle and came back out with a large microscope. They placed the book under it and the microscope filled in the blanks by identifying the remains of the ink.

"Servant's Shack?" Lemmy read out loud. "The servants live in the castle Now; I guess we will just have to follow the map to get to the previous location of the shack."

They followed the map into a brick wall.

"Ow!" Lemmy said as he fell off of the ball, having hit the wall. "There's nothing here!"

"Wait!" said Iggy. "Right there, a wooden board!"

Barely visible beneath the dirt was a small, wooden board right where the map had the location of the shack marked.

"Let's dig!"

They dug into the ground and found more boards, until finally they found a small box.

"The treasure!" Lemmy exclaimed.

As he said it, a warp pipe appeared where the hole had been dug. Out of it came an ancient Shy Guy tribe, ready to attack.

"Run!" shouted Iggy.

The Shy Guys were running at them, but Lemmy and Iggy were much faster. They found a hollow tree to hide in. Lemmy opened up the book again.

"Beware the treasure, trouble awaits. Why didn't we see that before?!" Lemmy asked.

"It wasn't there before!"

"Anyhow, let's open the box."

They found that the box was locked shut.

"Great. What now?" Iggy complained.

"Let's check the book. Hey! Now it says that the key is found on the next map! This wasn't here before, was it?"

"I don't think so. What's on the next page?"

The brothers turned the page to see the next map.

Chapter 2: Volcano

Still hiding inside a hollow tree, Lemmy and Iggy turned the page to the second map. The book started to flash red!

"Your enemies have found you, you fell into the trap, the mystic tree was hollowed out for Shy Guys all to see," Lemmy read.

They looked out the hole, and sure enough, they were surrounded.

"First things first," Iggy said, "let's check the map. If we escape, we want to know where to go."

They looked back at the book. In big print across the map was the word "RUN".

"What?" they said simultaneously.

A spear suddenly stuck right through the hollow tree, missing the brothers by inches.

"RUN!" they both yelled together.

They climbed out of the tree as more spears were missing them by inches. Just as they were hopping out, one of the spears stuck into Iggy's foot. He screamed in pain as he fell out of the tree. Lemmy had already jumped out and was running, assuming that Iggy was right behind him.

He turned his head to see if the Shy Guys were still chasing. To his horror, Iggy was tied up and was being carried by the Shy Guys who
hopped into a warp pipe that had appeared out of thin air, and it disappeared the instant they were in.

Lemmy hurried toward the spot the warp pipe and appeared and began to dig as fast as he could. With all of the strength he had, Lemmy
collapsed next to his five-foot-deep hole.


Lemmy woke up. He had no idea how long he had been unconscious. Still desperate, he looked at the book again.

"Your brother has gone, you are alive, if you do not save him he will surely die."

The text faded away to show the map again. This one led to a nearby volcano. Lemmy hopped onto his ball and rolled toward his destination as fast as possible.

Soon he was at the base of the volcano, and his ball popped on a sharp rock. Quickly recovering, he began to crawl up the volcano, unable to walk very well. About an hour later, he reached the top and hid behind a rock, seeing the Shy Guys. They were still holding Iggy and were about to throw him in!

Lemmy dashed out from behind the rock, but fell down as he tripped. The Shy Guys spotted him but strangely they didn't do anything but throw Iggy.

With the last of his strength, Lemmy launched himself towards Iggy. Iggy grabbed Lemmy's leg, pulling him in as well. Lemmy managed to grab the edge of the hole, and the two brothers were just dangling there, unable to climb up. The Shy Guys seemed to be satisfied, since they were walking away.

"Help!" cried Iggy.

"I can't hold on!" Lemmy said in dispair.

Lemmy's grip loosened, and the two started to fall into the depths of the volcano...

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