Brotherly Love: Brought to the Edge

By Blaze Koopa

ACT 1:

Four Mushroom-like monsters were looking at a huge wall with a 3x4 grid of twelve screens inside a fortress…  Well, actually two of them were chatting while the other two were watching the screens.

“So why do you think he kidnapped the turtle guy with the crazy hairdo?” one said.

“I don’t really know…” said the other. “I asked him but he only said it’s none of your concern, now get back to work!!!

“I don’t really like that guy. He’s almost as ill-tempered as you-know-who…”


One of the Mushroom monsters looking at the screen turned to them.

“Holobe berotee lakamabootie!!!” he said.

“… I wish you’d stop speaking gibberish…” said the first one. “What did he say?”

The fourth monster turned to them.

“He said ‘stop your blabbing already!’” said the fourth. “And he’s right, by the way! We have to keep watch for any threats!”

“Threats my foot!” said the second one. “The center of this planet’s operations is this fortress, which is currently occupied by us! Nobody would stand a chance even if they really tried! We have nothing to worry about!”

“That’s… true… considering we cleaned out the leaders of this fortress with ease…”

“Freegity freegity freegity freegity,” said the gibberish one.


“He said there’s something approaching the planet… There’s something approaching the planet?!”

The gibberish one pointed at the second screen on the second row. The others looked at the screen, noticing an object falling towards the surface.

“What in the world is that thing… and where did it come from?!”

“I don’t know… Zoom in for a closer look…”

The gibberish one pressed the zoom-in button for the screen. They could now see the object clearly.

“Hey! He looks almost identical to like the other one who was brought in!”

“You think we should tell what-his-face?”

“YOU tell him! It’s YOUR turn to report to him!”

“But I… Oh fine!”

The Mushroom monster left.


A purple-colored figure with pointed ears was gazing sinisterly at his captive, Lemmy, who sat in a cage suspended from the ceiling.

“Are you comfy up there?” the figure mused.

“Not likely!” said Lemmy.

“Well get used to it! You’ll be in there until I decide to kill you!”

The door opened. The Mushroom monster came in. “Sir!” he said. “I think we may have a little problem!”

“What is it?”

“Someone has just landed on the planet. Whoever it is, it looks almost exactly like your captive! He even has the same crazy hairdo!”

Lemmy’s eyes widened. “IGGY!!!” he cried.

The pointy-eared one looked at Lemmy. “You seem to know the unwanted visitor!”

Lemmy stared. He then slapped his forehead. “Idiot!” he said to (and about) himself.

“It seems your family received the threat note I sent them…” said the pointy-eared one. “This is going to be fun! MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!”


“Hello…? Are you okay…? Come on, wake up!”

Iggy opened his eyes, his vision blurry, to see two eyes staring down into his own. Behind them was something dark purple in color. Iggy vision cleared up, and he could see a dark purple Yoshi.

“A Yoshi?!” Iggy said, a bit confused. “Great! I didn’t make it!!!”

“Make it where?” asked the Yoshi.

“The purple planet… if you must know…”

“Well THIS is a purple planet, if you didn’t notice…”

Iggy sat up and looked around. The landscape was entirely purple.

“… Okay, I DID make it. Now where could he be?!”

“Where could who be?”

“Must you be nosey?”

“Hey! I’m only curious!”

Iggy sighed. “Okay… I need to find my brother… Have you seen him?”

“What does he look like?”

“He looks a bit like me. He and I have the same hair, but he’s shorter and has no fangs.”

“Sorry, but you’re the only the first person I’ve ever seen with hair as strange as yours… In fact, you’re the first person I’ve ever seen who has no hint of purple or indigo… or just dark blue.”

“… Huh?!”

“Yeah. Pretty much everybody on this planet is any of those three colors… C’mon, let me take you to my place.”

“Okay… I guess, but give me a second. That landing knocked me around pretty hard…”

“You can ride on my back if you want?”

“Oh… Thanks…”

Iggy climbed onto the Yoshi’s back. The Yoshi took off running.

“Oh, by the way,” said the Yoshi, “I’m Whammy… Whammy Yoshi.”

“I’m Iggy… Iggy Koopa.”

“Where are you from?”



Whammy and Iggy entered a village. As Iggy looked around, he could see that everyone was only colored purple, indigo, or dark blue. Iggy was surprised, both at this and the fact that there were several familiar species living on a planet other than Plit. There were Goombas, Mushroomers, Yoshis, Koopas, Shy Guys, Lakitus (with dark gray clouds) and more. The villagers all stared back at Iggy, surprised by his bright color. This made Iggy a little nervous.

“Here we are,” said Whammy, stopping in front of a house. Whammy opened the door and walked in.


Whammy filled two glasses with a strange purple drink and gave one to Iggy.

“What is this?” Iggy asked. “It looks like prune juice…”

“What’s a prune?!”

“… Ah… Neve mind…”

“Anyway, it’s moon juice.”

Iggy stared at the juice, unsure if his body would take in this extremely foreign drink.

“C’mon. Try it.”

Iggy slowly took a sip, expecting to hurl in a few seconds. Surprisingly, he didn’t, and the moon juice tasted good.

“Woah… This is not bad,” said Iggy.

“So,” said Whammy, “what brings you to Violet?”

“Violet?” Iggy asked.

“Yeah. That’s the name of the planet.”

How creative…  Iggy thought. “Well,” he began, “it all started when my family and I got this threat note. It said that my brother had been kidnapped, though the kidnapper didn’t reveal his name.”

“They never do…” said Whammy.

“Anyway,” continued Iggy, “he mentioned that he had taken my brother to this planet, and… well… so I came here…”

“Wow…” said Whammy. “Well, I’d be happy to help you if you want.”

“That would make a huge difference to me going by myself… And I mean HUGE, because I’m not exactly the best fighter…”

“Well what CAN you do?”

“Run fast, jump high, slide in my shell, and spin. That’s it…”

“Hmm… Well… I think I know someone who can help you with that… C’mon. I’ll take you to him.”

“Let’s make this quick. The kidnapper has a mind to execute my brother.”

“Oh! Well, let’s hurry then!”

But as soon as they walked outside…

“GET HIM!!!” someone yelled.

Seconds later, Iggy was tackled hard, throwing him off Whammy’s back. Several people tried to beat on him, but Iggy retreated into his shell. People were still hitting Iggy’s shell, trying to get him to come out.

“STOP!!!” Whammy yelled. Everyone stopped and looked at Whammy.

“Stop?!” said a Shy Guy. “What do you mean?! We don’t know where this guy came from! For all we know, he could be working with the invaders!”

“I’m pretty sure he’s not,” said Whammy. “Look. I don’t know where he came from, but I’ll look after him if it makes you all feel better.”

Everyone looked at each other.

“Okay… But if he causes one hint of trouble, then… well… he’ll be in bigger trouble!”

Everyone backed away from the shell.

“You can come out now, Iggy,” said Whammy. Iggy popped back out and wiped his forehead.

“Phew!” he said. “Thanks.”

“No problem,” said Whammy.

“Hey. I heard something about invaders. Who were they talking about?”

“Well, it’s pretty much why the villagers have all been a bit jumpy over newcomers. Recently some strange, monstrous Mushroom people were seen. A few of them tried to attack the village. The good thing is they haven’t been attacking in very large numbers, so we could drive them away from the village. But these monsters took control of the main fortress of the planet, which isn’t TOO far from here because this planet is not very big.”

“Hmm… You know, I’m wondering if the leader of these… monstrous Mushroom people is my brother’s kidnapper…”

“Could be—”

“HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELP!!!” someone yelled.

Iggy and Whammy looked over to see several people running and screaming. They were shouting things like “RUN AWAY!!!” and “THEY’RE BACK!!!”

“What’s going on?!” Iggy cried. “What’s everybody running from?!”

“Oh… Not again!” said Whammy.

“What are they talking about?! Who’s back?!”

“Them!” Whammy pointed. Iggy looked in that direction to see six purple Mushroom monsters with red eyes and pincher-like hands floating in single-seater flying saucers and holding lasers! Iggy recognized them.

“SHROOBS!!!” Iggy cried.

Indeed they WERE Shroobs! They blasted at the villagers with their lasers. Two of them turned to Iggy and Whammy! They jumped out of their saucers and charged at them.

“Oh boy…” said Whammy.

The two Shroobs blasted at them. Iggy and Whammy jumped out of the way. Whammy charged at one of them, ducking to avoid a laser and punching the Shroob in the face hard. The Shroob stumbled back, but regained his footing. Then he looked at Iggy. Another Shroob ran up to him.

“Look!” he said to the other Shroob. “That’s him! That’s the person we’re after!!!”

“Well what are we waiting for?! Let’s finish him!!!”

Iggy almost panicked as the Shroobs charged towards him. They blasted their lasers at him. Iggy retreated into his shell and began bouncing around. Iggy darted at them, hitting one Shroob. Iggy popped back out. As another Shroob charged towards him, he decided to try a move he hadn’t tried in a long time… spinning. Okay Iggy, he thought, let’s see if you still got it! As the Shroob neared him, Iggy began rapidly spinning. He spun all the way around the Shroob. He wasn’t spinning as fast as he used to, but it was enough to make the Shroob dizzy, dizzy enough for Whammy to throw another Shroob at him.

The other three Shroobs approached Iggy from behind! Whammy saw this and ground pounded hard, creating a shockwave. “Iggy! Jump!” Whammy yelled. Iggy did so, and the Shroobs were thrown back by the shockwave.

“I guess that’s why you’re called Whammy,” said Iggy.

Whammy charged over at the Shroobs and ate two of them, making two eggs. He took aim. The Shroobs had had enough.

“RETREAT!!!” a Shroob yelled. The four remaining Shroobs ran away to their saucer as Whammy threw the eggs. Two Shroobs were hit, but frantically got back up, jumped into their saucers, and flew away after the other two. The Shroobs were soon out of sight, taking no notice that they had left behind the two saucers that belonged to their fallen comrades.

The villagers peeked out of their hiding spots. “Are they gone?” someone asked.

“They’re all gone!” Whammy called. “You all can come out now!”

The villagers came out. They looked at Iggy.

“Hmm… Considering that this guy helped to get rid of those… things,” said a Koopa, “maybe he isn’t so bad, don’t you all think?” Everyone else nodded.

“It’s like I said,” said Whammy. “He wasn’t trying to cause any trouble.”

Everyone went back to what they were doing.

“Hm… You seem like a pretty good fighter to me,” said Whammy to Iggy. “I really don’t see what the problem is…”

“Well,” said Iggy, “as far as attacking goes, bouncing in my shell and spinning are the only things I can do. I can’t punch. I can’t kick. I can’t make shockwaves by pounding. I can’t do any of that… Hang on. Who was that guy you wanted to take me to?”

“C’mon. I’ll show you.”


Iggy and Whammy entered a house. Inside was an old Magikoopa in an indigo-colored robe. He looked at Iggy and Whammy.

“Ah! Whammy!” said the Magikoopa. “Hm…? Who’s this… and why isn’t he purple?”

“Hey Kamkeg!” said Whammy. This is Iggy, and he’s not of this planet, that’s why he’s not purple. Anyway, we need your help.”

“What’s the problem?”

“Iggy came here looking for his kidnapped brother. I agreed to help him, but he may need something more…”

The Magikoopa (I guess I should call him Kamkeg now) thought for a moment.

“Aha!” he finally said. “I have just the thing!” He walked over to a shelf with some potions. He took two of them and poured them into his cauldron. He stirred for a few minutes. After stirring, the cauldron glowed.

“Sha-zibby!” said Kamkeg, waving his hands over the mixture. It glowed even more.


I thought it was sha-zooby… Iggy thought.

Out of the cauldron rose a strange, glowing orb. Kamkeg took it and gave it to Iggy.

“Wow…” said Iggy. “What does this do?”

“It will give you great power for a long period of time, but I warn you, use it only when you really need to…”

“Okay… But what sorts of powers will it give me?”

“You will see when the time comes.”

“Um… Thank you.”

“C’mon Iggy,” said Whammy. “Let’s go. We can use the saucers those… Shroobs… left behind.”


Iggy and Whammy were climbing into the saucers as the villagers were bidding goodbye.

“Be careful, you guys.”

“Yeah, and I hope you find your brother.”

“Well, Iggy,” said Whammy, “are you ready?”

“Yeah!” said Iggy. “Let’s do it!”

The two took off (after finally figuring out how to start the saucers). Everyone waved. Iggy and Whammy waved back as they flew away.

Don’t worry, little Big Bro, Iggy thought. We’re coming!

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