Brotherly Love: Brought to the Edge

By Blaze Koopa


At the bridge of the Death Shroob, Princess Shroob sat in her chair as her minions piloted the enormous spacecraft.

“We are halfway to Violet, Your Mercilessness,” said a Shroob.

“Excellent!” laughed Princess Shroob. “Those pathetic Violetonians will never stand a chance! We shall crush the puny fools like bugs. The planet will be ours! It’ll be like taking candy from a baby! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!”


“Whammy…? Whammy? Wake up!”

“C’mon, man! Wake up already!”

“Don’t die in front of us!”

Whammy opened his eyes. As his vision cleared, he could see Crush and several others (not Shroobs) leaning over him.

“Remember us?” someone said.

Whammy quickly sat up. Besides Crush, there were three Koopas, four Shy Guys, two Mushroomers, another Yoshi, and a Boo. Whammy recognized them all. They were a few of the soldiers he used to work with at the Violet base.

“Hey!” Whammy said, surprised. “I haven’t seen you guys in over a year!”

One of them walked up to Whammy. He was a Shy Guy with an indigo-colored uniform and colonel’s hat.

“Well, son!” the Shyster said to the Yoshi. “Long time no see!”

Whammy stood up. “Colonel Shyler,” he said. He saluted. “Where are all the other soldiers…?”

“Well,” explained Shyler, “the aliens attacked the base, and… well… let me put it this way… We’re the only ones who survived…” The others all dropped their heads.

“Oh…” said Whammy. “I… I see…”

“I hate to interrupt your reunion,” interrupted Crush, “but we have a very large problem at hand, and if something isn’t done, your planet will fall to the Shroobs.”

Whammy’s former comrades all gasped.

“I’m afraid there’s nothing we can do at this point,” said Shyler, “as long as we’re trapped in this room…”

“Well,” said Whammy, “in the meantime, I have a few questions.”

“Yes?” said Crush.

“Where are we, how do we get out of here, and where are Iggy and Lemmy?”

“The Death Shroob, secret code, and I do not know…” Crush answered all three questions.

“I hope they’re all right…”


On top of the Death Shroob, Tatanga looked on from his Pagosu, laughing loudly, as the Shroobified Lemmy tried to slash Iggy with his claws.

“MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!” Tatanga laughed. “This turned out to be far more amusing than blowing you away myself!”

Iggy ducked as Lemmy (or is it Shremmy) lunged at him, claws first.




Lemmy wasn’t listening. He charged at Iggy again, and again, and again.

“Scream all you want!” Tatanga said coldly. “He won’t listen to you! He doesn’t even know who you are anymore!”

Iggy had mixed emotions of sadness and fury: sadness for his relationship with Lemmy, and fury for Tatanga and the Shroobs.

Lemmy tackled Iggy, roaring loudly.

“Lemmy…” Iggy said tearfully. “I hate to do this, but I have no other choice…” He kicked Lemmy off, sending Lemmy sprawling onto his shell. Lemmy recovered. He looked at Iggy.


Lemmy charged at Iggy again, wildly flailing his arms. Iggy jumped out of the way. Lemmy curled into his shell and darted at Iggy, who jumped again to dodge. Iggy also curled up. The two shells collided, bouncing back upon impact. They both popped back out. Lemmy charged at Iggy and stuck his claws out, aiming for the head. Iggy ducked and kicked Lemmy in the stomach, holding back a little so as to not hurt him.
Lemmy shook it off and snapped his jaws at Iggy, who backed off a bit. Lemmy jumped at him and slashed Iggy’s shoulder. Iggy cried in pain.

“That’s it, Shremmy!” Tatanga shouted. “Squash him! Crush him! Tear him limb from limb, and overall, DESTROY HIM!!!”

Iggy clutched his shoulder, wincing. Lemmy lunged at him again. Iggy curled into his shell and slid into Lemmy, tripping him. Iggy popped back out. Upon popping out, he noticed Violet in the distance, coming slowly closer. There wasn’t much time, so why was he wasting it fighting his brother? Why was he fighting his brother period?



Iggy clutched his side, where Lemmy had slashed him again.

“Very good, Shremmy!” Tatanga shouted. “Finish him off!”

Lemmy charged at Iggy again, and he ducked.  Iggy was still wincing from his gashes. He panted heavily. Lemmy jumped on Iggy’s shell and wrapped his arms around Iggy’s neck, attempting to choke him. Iggy desperately tried to force Lemmy off. He began spinning, but not at his normal speed. It was enough to throw Lemmy off. Lemmy got back up and growled at Iggy.

To Iggy, it seemed like this would go on until one of them died, most likely himself.



Crush repeatedly tried to yell the secret password through the door. He breathed heavily.

“It is no good,” Crush panted. “The sensor on the other side of the door will not pick up my shouting.”

“Well, what can we do?” asked a Mushroomer. “For all we know, this load of scrap could be entering Violet’s atmosphere as we speak.” Everyone looked at Colonel Shyler.

“Hey!” Shyler snapped. “Don’t turn to me for every question! Use your heads!”

One of the Koopas charged at the door headfirst. No good. “OW, MY HEAD!” he yelped.

Shyler slapped his mask. “That wasn’t what I meant at all…”

Whammy thought hard. Suddenly, he had an idea.

“Listen up!” he said. Everyone turned to him. “One voice may not activate the sensor, but if all thirteen of us yell at the same time, the sensor should pick up the sound.”

Everyone looked at each other.

“Sounds good to me!”

“That might just work!”

“It’s better than ramming our heads against the door… ugh… ow…”

“See?” said Shyler to his comrades. “That’s using your head!” He glared at the Koopa, who sat on the floor rubbing his head.

“Okay, guys!” Whammy ordered. “On three… One… two… three!”


“Access approved,” said the computer. The door slid open.

“Okay, Crush,” said Whammy. “Where’s the bridge of this hunk of junk?”

“I can direct you there,” Crush answered. “This way!”

“Let’s move!” Shyler ordered. “And stay together! There’s strength in numbers, you know!”

They exited the room and went in the direction Crush pointed out.



Lemmy charged at the scarred-up Iggy, who ducked, only for Lemmy to nip his shoulder with his claws. Iggy winced, panting heavily. Lemmy charged again. Iggy ducked, with Lemmy’s claws going through Iggy’s hair.

“Come on!” Tatanga yelled at Iggy. “Stop moving and just let him kill you! It is not like you will survive!”

Iggy wanted to retort, but was in too much pain. Suddenly the poison began to affect him again. Iggy cried in pain. He began to feel somewhat numb and dizzy. He dropped into his shell. Lemmy stood over him, growling. Tatanga laughed maniacally.

“MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!” Tatanga laughed. “That’s it, Shremmy! You have him! Now finish him!”

Iggy stared up at Lemmy, who had his claws held high, preparing to jab!

“Lemmy! Don’t do this!” Iggy said. “Fight it, Lemmy!”

“Do not listen to him!” Tatanga urged. “Jab him!”

Lemmy stopped, growling at Iggy.

“Lemmy,” said Iggy, “I know you can’t understand me, but I want you to know that… I’m sorry… I’m sorry we got in such an unimportant argument, and I’m sorry you’re… you’re…” Iggy couldn’t bring himself to say it.

“What are you waiting for?!” Tatanga yelled impatiently. “FINISH HIM ALREADY!!!”

“I didn’t want any of this to happen,” Iggy continued, a tear coming out of his eye. “And I know you didn’t either…”


“Lemmy… I know you’re in there, and I want you to know that… that… you’re still my brother… and… and… I… I… love you.” Iggy shut his teary eyes, waiting for it.


Iggy opened his eyes, starring up at his brother. Lemmy was leaning over him, staring right back, moaning sadly, with tears flowing from his eyes.

Iggy sat up. “Lemmy…” he said. The two hugged, both crying. Lemmy may’ve been Shroobified, but there was one part of him that wasn’t… his spirit.

“NO! YOU FOOL!” Tatanga bellowed. “I SAID KILL HIM! NOW!!!”

Lemmy turned back at Tatanga and roared at him.

“I’ll translate that for you!” said Iggy. “NO!”

“THAT’S IT!!!” Tatanga yelled. “I HAVE NO MORE TIME FOR THIS! I’M TOO ANGRY TO EVEN KILL YOU!!! JUST GET OUT OF HERE!!!” Tatanga fired one of his newly equipped fists from his Pagosu. The fist rocketed at Iggy and Lemmy and knocked them clean off the top of the Death Shroob, sending them floating away into space!

“SO LONG, FOOLS!” Tatanga called. “WE HAVE A PLANET TO CONQUER!” He followed the Death Shroob as it began to enter Violet’s atmosphere.


“We are entering Violet’s atmosphere, Your Mercilessness,” said a Shroob.

“MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!” laughed the Princess. “Perfect! We will conquer this planet before you can say ‘crush the weak’, and once we’re in control, I’ll—” She was interrupted by the door opening.

“You’ll do NOTHING!” said a voice. They all turned to see Whammy, Crush, Colonel Shyler, and their comrades!

“WHAT?!” cried Princess Shroob. “HOW DID YOU ESCAPE?!”

“Let’s just say it was nothing to yell over…” said Crush. “Or was it…?”

Whammy just looked at him.

“I know what you’re thinking…” said Crush. “That was lame…”

“Yeah… It was…”

“Ma’am,” said Shyler, “we’re bringing this hodge-podge of steel down, even if we have to blow ourselves up to do so!”

“Don’t worry, Your Mercilessness,” said a Shroob. “We’ll get them!” The Shroobs all jumped up and charged at their opponents.


The Shroobs all stopped. They slowly turned to see that they had left the controls. The Death Shroob was not on autopilot, and it was too late to set it.

“WE’RE CRASHIN’!!!” cried one of the Mushroomers.

The Shroobs all rushed back to the controls, but the Death Shroob continued to plunge. Then there was trouble. The Boo spotted a red button in the corner. He curiously floated to it. “I wonder what this does…” he said to himself.

Everyone else shouted in slow-mo, “N-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O!!!”

It was too late. The Boo pressed the button.

“Self-destruct in sixty seconds,” said the computer.

“… Uh… Oops…” the Boo sputtered.

“NOW YOU’VE DONE IT!!!” cried Princess Shroob. “AND I HAVE ONLY ONE ESCAPE POD!!!”

“Follow me!” Crush yelled. “The escape pod is not far away!”

“You heard ‘im!” said Shyler. “Move! Move! Move! Move!” Shyler and the other soldiers followed Crush. Whammy didn’t move.

“Wait! What about Iggy and Lemmy?”

“There’s nothing we can do in ten seconds, now MOVE!”

Whammy sighed and followed.

“Get them!” ordered Princess Shroob. “They must not make it out alive!” She and the Shroobs pursued them.

“Self-destruct in forty-five seconds.”


Tatanga, following the Death Shroob, noticed that the ship was entering the atmosphere at a fast pace.

“Something must have gone wrong…” he said to himself. “Sadly, I can’t do a thing about it…”


On Violet, all was peaceful in Whammy’s village. People were either buying items or chatting. Suddenly…

“WHAT IS THAT?!” a Shy Guy girl exclaimed, pointing upwards. Nearby, people looked up to see a huge object falling towards the surface. Some people screamed, others shrieked, and still others just stared blankly. The object was a huge, purple, mushroom-shaped spaceship.


“Self-destruct in ten seconds.”

Whammy and Co. had reached the escape pod.

“Quickly!” urged Shyler. “Get in there! Move! On the double!” They all squeezed into the relatively small escape pod. Crush quickly set the pod to launch, which it did. Princess Shroob and the Shroobs that were with her arrived just in time to see the escape pod fly away.

“NNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” cried Princess Shroob.




Tatanga was just nearing the surface when he noticed the Death Shroob on fire ahead of him.



Iggy and Lemmy floated helplessly in space, hanging onto each other. Iggy was in serious pain. His cuts were painful enough, but the poison had spread throughout much of his body. He was practically dead.

“If we couldn’t stop the Shroobs and Tatanga,” Iggy said to Lemmy, wincing hard, “then I hope Whammy pulls through.”

Though Lemmy couldn’t quite speak, he agreed with a deeply pitched “Mm-hm”.

“Well… if we die out here, then I’m at least happy that I’m spending my last few hours with my best brother.”

Lemmy answered with a grunt, in a way that said “likewise”.

The two stared at planet Violet in the distance. The Death Shroob and Pagosu were out of sight. Iggy felt himself slowly beginning to drift away from consciousness.

Suddenly, Iggy remembered something.

A flashback started.

Kamkeg gave the glowing orb to Iggy.

“Wow…” said Iggy. “What does it do?”

“It will give you great power for a long period of time,” Kamkeg explained. “But I warn you, use it only when you really need to.”

“Okay… But what sorts of powers will it give me?”

“You will see when the time comes.”

The flashback ended.

“Bro!” Iggy said excitedly. “I think we CAN do this after all!”

“Mmmm?” Lemmy grunted.

“Get on my shell!” Lemmy positioned himself on Iggy’s shell, while Iggy dug around in his shell, pulling out the power orb. “Touch the orb,” he said.

Lemmy did so. Then it happened.


The villagers all looked on as the falling ship began to explode. The flaming ship came nearer and nearer to the surface. It hit the ground just outside the village, exploding in a huge ball of flames!


Just above the village, Crush piloted the escape pod, which was very cramped.

“Stop breathing on my neck!”

“Get off my foot!”

“Whoever’s elbowing me in the back, please move over to the right!”

“Ow! Your knee is in my whizzer!”

“Get your hand off my nose!”

“KNOCK IT OFF!!!” Shyler ordered. “Take us down, Crush, before one of us breaks our backs… namely me!”

“Sorry,” said one of the Shy Guys, “but I can’t remove my elbow anywhere!”

Crush flew the escape pod down to the village below. Upon landing, Crush kicked open the door and they all got out. The villagers all walked up.

“Whammy!” someone said.

“Hey!” said someone else. “What happened to the rainbow-headed guy who was with you?”

Whammy gazed at the flaming remains of what was once the Death Shroob off in the distance. He then hung his head. “I wish I knew…” he said sadly.

“HE’S LOST IN SPACE, IF YOU MUST KNOW!!!” yelled a voice.

Everyone looked upward. There was Tatanga, hovering overhead in the Pagosu and speaking to them through a loudspeaker.

“HERE ME NOW!” he shouted through the loudspeaker. “The Shroobs may have fallen, but nevertheless, you shall bow down and pledge your allegiance to your new ruler, ME! All who do not accept me as your undisputed ruler shall suffer the consequences! Permit me to show you a sample of my power!” Tatanga fired his two rocket fists, which both rocketed straight through a house roof, making two large holes in the roof. The fists came back and hovered next to the Pagosu, while Tatanga blasted his laser cannons, finishing off the house! The villagers screamed and shrieked.

“Any ideas, sir?” the other Yoshi asked Shyler.

“I already told you!” answered Shyler. “If I don’t have any ideas, use your head!”

“But how am I supposed to know if you have an idea or not?!”


“Here’s an idea!” said Whammy. “We’re standing our ground! We’re NOT gonna be controlled by this maniac!”

“Have it your way!” Tatanga laughed. “I felt like blowing your village to smithereens anyway!” He prepared to fire another blast. The villagers braced themselves.

“I am going to enjoy this!” Tatanga said to himself. “MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!”

“It’s been nice knowing you guys,” Whammy said.

“Likewise,” said Shyler.

“Yes,” said Crush. “Even if I hardly knew you…”

“HEY!” someone yelled. “LOOK AT THAT!!!” Everyone looked up to see two glowing objects flying in from the sky. As they grew closer, Whammy recognized them.

“It’s Iggy and Lemmy!” he cried.

“It seems that your friend picked the perfect time to use the power orb,” said a voice. Whammy turned to see Kamkeg walking up. “Not only that, but he shared it with his brother.”

Iggy and Lemmy hovered above the village. They were both glowing golden-yellow. The power orb had not only given them power, but it had also healed Iggy of all his injuries and the poison.

“Hold it right there, shorty!” Iggy yelled to Tatanga, who looked over at them. He stared blankly.

“Okay…” he said. “I will not even ask how you got back here and where you got such power…”

“Tatanga,” said Iggy, “you parted me from my brother, tried to turn him against me, and now you’re gonna pay, as Princess Shroob seemingly has…” He looked over at the flaming Death Shroob in the distance.

“Correction!” said Tatanga. “YOU will be the ones to pay! PREPARE TO DIE, FOOLS! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!”

“RAAAAAAAAA!” Lemmy roared.

“What did he say?”

“I think he said ‘BRING IT!’”

“In that case, bring it I shall!”

Tatanga fired both of his fists at the Twins, who flew out of the way. Lemmy flew straight at Tatanga, slamming into the side of his ship, but to no avail. The Pagosu was unscathed. Tatanga blasted at Lemmy, who dodged. Iggy flew towards Tatanga from behind, but Tatanga began firing his rear lasers. Iggy dodged the shots. Tatanga turned around and blasted at Iggy, hitting him once. Iggy was knocked backwards, but recovered. Lemmy created a ball of energy and blasted it at Tatanga, whose whole ship was knocked back. Tatanga recovered, with no scratches on the ship. Iggy slammed into the ship, knocking Tatanga around a bit in the cockpit. Tatanga shook himself off.

Suddenly, one of the fists came back and slammed into Lemmy, knocking him to the ground. Lemmy quickly shook himself shook and flew back up. Iggy blasted an energy ball at Tatanga, knocking Tatanga around again. Tatanga recovered, but was hit from the underside by Lemmy, knocking Tatanga upward a bit. Tatanga recovered again and blasted at Iggy, who was so busy avoiding Tatanga’s shots that he failed to notice the other fist coming at him from behind. The fist slammed into Iggy, knocking him to the ground, where he crushed a mailbox. Iggy rubbed his head and flew back up at Tatanga, making another energy ball and shooting it at Tatanga. The shot knocked Tatanga upwards. Tatanga recovered, only for Lemmy to come flying straight at him. Tatanga braced himself. Suddenly, Lemmy veered left, and the fist that had been following him banged into the Pagosu. Iggy and Lemmy both flew upward with the two fists following them. The Twins then flew towards each other. When they were just feet away from each other, they quickly changed direction, sending the two fists crashing into each other and exploding.

“AAAAH!” Tatanga yelled in frustration. “Oh well, I have other tricks!”

“Do your worst!” Iggy retorted.

Tatanga grinned sinisterly. As Lemmy and Iggy flew at him, the Pagosu disappeared! The twins looked around.

“Where’d he go?!” Iggy asked. Lemmy shrugged. The Pagosu suddenly appeared behind them!

“I am right here!” he laughed. He blasted at them, but they dodged. The twins flew at Tatanga from opposite directions. Tatanga flew upward, and Lemmy and Iggy slammed into each other. Tatanga laughed. Lemmy made another energy ball and shot it at Tatanga, hitting him right on the dot. The Pagosu shook slightly, but Tatanga recovered. He hovered above them and dropped seven mines! The Twins dodged, but noticed that they were falling towards the village! They flew down to catch them. Lemmy caught three, while Iggy caught the other four. They threw the mines far away, for fear that if they threw them back at Tatanga, the mines would fall back down into the village if they missed. Lemmy, however, threw away only two of his three mines. Judging his aim, he hurled the mine at the Pagosu. The mine exploded, blowing off Tatanga’s rear lasers.

“THAT DOES IT!!!” Tatanga bellowed. “ALL SYSTEMS, FULL POWER!!!”

Tatanga swooped at Lemmy and Iggy, rapidly firing his laser cannons. The twins dodged. Tatanga was so furious he became careless. While attempting to blast Lemmy and Iggy, he unintentionally blasted two houses.

“HEY!” Whammy cried. “THAT WAS MY HOUSE!!!”

Iggy flew straight into Tatanga’s “windshield”. Tatanga was thrown off slightly.

“YOU SHALL REGRET THAT!” Tatanga yelled. He gathered a huge amount of energy in both cannons. He let out a devastating blast. It hit Iggy dead on! Iggy plummeted to the ground. The villagers gasped. Iggy wasn’t moving.

Lemmy had seen everything. He quickly rushed down to his brother. Lemmy landed and stood over him. Iggy coughed. He looked up at Lemmy.

“Lemmy… You’re on… your own…” Iggy whispered, drifting away from consciousness.

“CONFOUND IT!” Tatanga yelled. “I almost killed him! No matter, I can still do just that!” He hovered closer and closer. The villagers gasped. Lemmy’s back was turned. He didn’t notice Tatanga approaching.

“This will fix them all!” Tatanga said to himself. He gathered an even larger amount of energy in his cannons. It was enough energy to destroy the entire village with a single blast! Tatanga aimed at the center of the village, where Lemmy and the unconscious Iggy were!

“Farewell, fools!” Tatanga said coldly. He was just about to fire, when…


Lemmy suddenly turned around and blasted two energy balls from his hands. One energy ball went flying into Tatanga’s right cannon, the other into the left cannon. The Pagosu began to shake violently. The controls began to malfunction. Tatanga frantically punched the eject button. The “windshield” opened, and Tatanga rocketed upward in his seat. Seconds later…


The Pagosu exploded! Tatanga tried to pilot his seat, but another energy shot from Lemmy caused the seat to plummet into the village.

A dizzy Tatanga unstrapped himself from the seat, only to see the villagers all standing around him, eyeing him angrily.

“Uh… Cannot you all take a joke…?” Tatanga squeaked.

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