Brotherly Love: Brought to the Edge

By Blaze Koopa

June 14, 2008

A note from the author: I recommend that you read Quest for Vengeance and Does Bowser Care? before reading this story, or else it may not make much sense. If you do read them (and you’d better!), make sure to pay attention to Lemmy’s actions.


“Okay Iggy,” said Lemmy, pointing at blueprints for a prank, “here’s what we do. First, we put the bag of flour at point A, then we tie the wire at point B. Junior must be standing at point C. You got all that?”

“Yeah!” said Iggy. “Let’s do it!”

Ten minutes later, Lemmy and Iggy had a bag of flour suspended on wires tied to Bowser Junior’s bedroom door… Well, they almost did…

“No no no, Iggy!” Lemmy yelled. “That wire doesn’t go there!!!”

“What do you mean?” Iggy said. “That’s exactly where it’s supposed to go! YOU put that OTHER wire in the wrong place!”

“No I didn’t!”

“Yes you did!”

“NO I DIDN’T!!!”


The door suddenly opened. Bowser Junior came in, causing the wires to break and a bag of flour to fall on Iggy’s head. The bag broke upon impact.

“Um… What’re you doing in my room?” said Junior.

Lemmy and Iggy were not listening, as they were too busy arguing.

“Why were we using a flour bag anyway?!” Iggy yelled, sneezing. “You know I’m *ah-CHOO* allergic to flour!!!”

“The flour bag was YOUR idea!”

“No it wasn’t! *ah-CHOO* It was YOURS!!! How could you forget about my allergies?! You know me better than that!!!”

“It was YOUR fault! You were so excited about this prank that you forgot about your—”

“How could I forget about my own allergies?! That doesn’t make any sense!!!”

“YOU don’t have any sense!!!”


“YOU shut up… Ignatius!”


“Ignatius! Ignatius! Ignatius!”

“RRRRRRRRR!!! I’m outta here!!! *ah-CHOO*”

Iggy stomped away angrily. If there was anything he hated (besides being beaten up by Roy), it was being called Ignatius by anyone besides Kamek.

Meanwhile, Lemmy just stood there, fuming, his arms crossed. Junior was dumbfounded.

“What just happened?” Junior asked innocently.

“None of your business!”


By the next day, Lemmy and Iggy had somewhat gotten over their little disagreement, but things were about to get even uglier…

The two had gone down to the kitchen to get some chocolate bars. Unfortunately—

“Aww great! There’s only one left!” said Lemmy.

“Oh well. Better luck next time, Bro,” said Iggy. He took the chocolate bar. Lemmy’s anger sparked.

“HEY!!! WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING?!” Lemmy screamed. He grabbed one end of the chocolate bar.

“HEY!!! LET GO!!!” Iggy yelled.

“NO!!! YOU LET GO!!!” Lemmy yelled back.



Suddenly, they both heard loud footsteps. “Uh oh!” they said together. The footsteps became louder. Seconds later, Ludwig barged into the kitchen.

“MY chocolate!!! Mine MINE!!! MIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNE!!!” Ludwig yelled. He dove between Lemmy and Iggy’s struggling arms, snatching the chocolate. Lemmy and Iggy watched as the chocolate quickly disappeared into Ludwig’s mouth. Lemmy glared at Iggy with a very angry look.

“THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!!!” Lemmy yelled.


“NO!!! Actually, YOU should be the one doing the wishing… THAT YOU HAVE LIFE INSURANCE WHEN I’M FINISHED WITH YOU!!!”

Lemmy punched Iggy in the cheek.

“Is THAT all you got?!” Iggy yelled. “C’mon! Try me… Lemuel!”

Upon hearing this, Lemmy became so angry that smoke blew from his ears (if he has ears). He got up in Iggy’s face, their snouts touching.

“THAT’S IT!!!” Lemmy bellowed. “I… I… I HOPE YOU CHOKE!!!”









And with that, Lemmy furiously stomped away. Ludwig had already finished eating the chocolate and had seen the whole thing. Iggy looked at him.

“You saw nothing!” Iggy said to him. He walked away. Ludwig wiped the chocolate from his lips and got up.

“That vas… one of the strangest things I’ve ever seen…” Ludwig said to himself.


That night, Iggy was walking to his and Lemmy’s room. As he opened the door, he was shocked to see Lemmy on the top bunk. Lemmy saw him and spoke rudely to him. “Sorry! This room is taken!” Lemmy said.

“That’s okay!” Iggy snorted. “I wouldn’t sleep HERE for all the tea in Chai!”

“Just get out!”

“Whatever! Bad dreams, Lemmy!”

“Same to you, fella!”

Lemmy blanketed himself in his covers while Iggy walked away to sleep in the media room, thinking he’d get a better sleep.


It turned out, however, that Iggy wasn’t getting any sleep. Though the couch he was on was comfy, his heart was feeling all sorts of discomfort. He had begun to think that all this really did not need to happen. Why, out of all his siblings, did he have to get angry at Lemmy? He and Lemmy were inseparable. Nothing could break them apart. Then it had all fallen apart just because of a failed prank and a chocolate bar that couldn’t stand up to Ludwig’s mouth. A small tear came out of his eye.

Meanwhile, Lemmy feelings weren’t all the same. Iggy really shouldn’t have tried to take the chocolate for himself, and it was his fault the bag of flour fell on his head because he didn’t tie the wire where he was supposed to… On the other hand, he should’ve been more patient with Iggy… But no… it was his fault… Or was it?


The next day, Iggy was standing by the door to the airship dock. He hoped Lemmy would come up. He wanted to apologize to him, and he hoped Lemmy would apologize, too. Lemmy finally walked up.

“Um… hi, Bro…” Iggy said.

“Oh… Hey…” Lemmy said, looking away.

“So… I see you’re about to do your attack…”

“Uh-huh… And don’t count on Mario burning me to a crisp.”

Iggy stared at him with a blank face. Lemmy walked to the airship dock to meet his crew. Iggy sighed, supposing that Lemmy wasn’t quite ready to apologize just yet… In fact, he himself found it hard to apologize. He sat against the wall, burying his face in his arms. How could this have happened between the two of them… the most inseparable of all the Koopalings? Iggy began to cry. He was angry with Lemmy, but also angry with himself.

“Um… Ignatius?” said a voice. Iggy looked up at the source of the voice, a Magikoopa, and probably one of the oldest Magikoopas around… next to Kammy.

“Hi Kamek…” Iggy said sadly.

“Is something the matter? Kamek asked.

Iggy grunted slightly.

“Come now, Ignatius. It’s me. What’s wrong?”

Iggy sighed and turned to Kamek.

“Okay…” said Iggy. “Lemmy and I got into a couple of… disagreements… and since then, it’s been hard for Lemmy to apologize, but then… it’s hard for me too.”

Kamek sat down next to Iggy. “Look,” he said. “Just tell Lemmy how you feel. I’m sure he’ll understand, and before you know it, you two will have made up.”

Iggy thought for a second. “You know?” he said. “You’re right. I’ll speak to him as soon as he gets back… and I hope NOT to see him all burned up…”


“Uh… Never mind…”


Iggy waited and waited for Lemmy to come back. The day seemed to last forever. At the end of the day, Iggy was again sitting by the door to the airship dock. He was asleep. Around the corner, Roy was peeping on Iggy.

“Sheesh!” said Roy to himself. “How long has he been sittin’ dere? Oh well, it’s time for his poundin’ anyway.” Roy casually walked up to Iggy. As he raised his fists—

“Don’t even think about it, dude!”

Roy slowly turned to see Blaze.

“Oh… Hehe… Blaze. Didn’t see you come up.”

“Oh shut up and back away from him!”

“Okay okay!” Roy said. He looked at Iggy again. “I still wanna know why he’s been sittin’ here for the whole day… except for dinner.”

“Probably something to do with Lemmy,” said Blaze. “Ludwig was telling me about them getting in a fight…”

“What was dey fightin’ about?”

“… I forget… but let’s just leave him alone about it…” Blaze walked away. Roy was about to follow when he looked back at Iggy. He thought… maybe it was okay to hit him at least once. Roy raised a fist above Iggy. Suddenly—


“Okay! Sorry, Blaze…”


Bowser was pacing back and forth in the throne room. “Come on! Come on!” he said to himself. “Lemmy should’ve been back already… Where could he be?”

A Koopa Troopa burst in. Bowser quickly turned to him.


“Please forgive me, your Badness,” the Troopa said. “But there is something in the mail that you might want to see!” The Troopa held up a letter. Bowser swiped it from him and read it. After reading it, he just stared with a blank face.


Bowser had organized a meeting. It was a bit late and a few of the Koopalings were tired, but they tried to stay awake for fear of Bowser yelling at them.

“This meeting is now in session!” said Bowser. “We have received a threat note from an unknown person.” Bowser began reading it. “Dear King Koopa Stoo— uh… I’ll just skip that… As I was reading… I just wanted to let you know that your son, Lemmy I think is name is, has destroyed two of my ships in the past, and he owes me! So I scouted him out and took him. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! But if you want to try to get him back, then just look for the purple planet in the sky! If not, then I’ll just make him pay now… and DEARLY!!!”

This made everyone jump, but Iggy practically jumped out of his seat.

“Who could’ve done this?!” Iggy cried. “WHO?!”

“That is yet to ve found out…” said Ludwig.

Iggy heart pounded. He and Lemmy had separated themselves due to disagreements, but now he and Lemmy were REALLY separated. Not for long! he thought. He shot up off the floor.

“THAT’S IT!!!” Iggy yelled. “I’m getting my bro back!!!” Everyone looked at him.

“Um… Iggy,” said Bowser. “No offense, but you’re not very stro—”

“I DON’T CARE IF I’M NOT THAT STRONG!!!” Iggy interrupted. “I had a few incidents with Lemmy in the past few days, but I’m gonna fix it! I’m gonna get my brother back, EVEN IF IT KILLS ME!!!” Iggy breathed heavily, his eyes tearing. Everyone stared at him. They could all tell he was serious.

Normally, Bowser would’ve gotten angry over someone cutting him off, but he couldn’t believe how emotional Iggy was becoming.

“… Um… Okay, Iggy,” said Bowser. “If that’s what you want… then… okay… I guess…”

“Well, Iggy…” said Wendy, “how exactly ARE you going to find Lemmy?”

“Yeah,” Morton began. “Whoever wrote that letter didn’t clue us in on where Lemmy is and you can’t rescue Lemmy if you don’t know where he is so there’s no way you can get Lemmy back because the guy who wrote the letter didn’t say where he is and—”


Morton got an anime sweatdrop. “Um… Sorry?” Morton squeaked.

“Hold everything!” said Kamek. “The kidnapper wrote ‘look for the purple planet in the sky’!

“Your point?” said Blaze.

“He could mean that Lemmy is on some planet in outer space…”

“Dat’s crazy!” said Roy. “What’s dat supposed to mean… that da kidnapper is an alien?!”

“No it’s not crazy!” said Bowser. “I think Kamek may have something. To the top of the castle!


Everyone was on top of the castle, watching as Ludwig looked upward with his telescope.

“See anything yet?!” Iggy said impatiently.

“I’ll tell you vhen I find it,” Ludwig said. He looked all around, until at last—

“Aha!” said Ludwig. “I see it, now!”

“Okay Iggy,” said Bowser. “Are you ready?”

“Of course I’m ready!” said Iggy.

“Then stand about right there.”

Iggy stood where Bowser told him. The floor suddenly opened under him, and Iggy fell in.

“Ack!” Iggy cried. “What is this?!”

“Um… A cannon?”


The cannon rose from the floor. It had a scope on it. Ludwig looked through the scope to make sure it targeted the purple planet. Bowser peered into the cannon.

“Are you okay in there?” he said to Iggy. Bowser saw Iggy’s eyes in the darkness of the cannon.

“It’s kinda cramped in here,” said Iggy, “but I’m okay…”

“Okay, Iggy,” said Bowser. “Get ready, because when I say fire, you’ll be blasted to the purple planet.”

“Bring it!” said Iggy.

“Ready!” Bowser called. Ludwig checked the scope to see where the planet was and pointed the cannon to the planet.

“Aim!” Ludwig had aim, and clutched the rope to fire the cannon.

“FIRE!!!” Ludwig fired the cannon. Everyone watched as Iggy was blown sky high. They all waved (except Roy, who was bummed that he would not have anyone to beat up for the time being).

“Good luck, Iggy,” said Bowser. “Good luck…”

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