Cacti and Feathers

By doopliss' twin

Life is but a dream, as is reality.
Reality fades as life begins anew.
Dreams return to life.
But life remains a dream.

~ Poet. T., Toad Philosapher~

The Koopalings were enjoying their one vacation a year, relaxing at Soda Lake. Lemmy was trying to balance on his ball floating on the water. Roy was building sandcastles and knocking them down. Larry was studying Hermit Crabs.

Their vacation soon ended and they were forced to go home. On the way Wendy saw a flower and tried to pick it, but the flower turned out to be a Pokey that then shot poisonous thorns at all of them... They lost consciousness immediately.

"... Are... ou... ay... Lem... Ig... Mort..." The Koopalings slowly regained Consciousness, hearing their parents’ voices.

"Lemmy, Iggy, Morton, are you okay? Med Koopas, are they going to be okay?" said Clawdia, extremely concerned.

"Yes they should be-"


3 hours later in his hospital bed, Larry is dreaming. In it he is walking down a very long walkway.

Larry: Where am I? Where is this? What is that?

Larry sees an idol lying in the middle of the floor.

Larry: What on Plit is that? And why am I talking to myself?

Two Koopas are walking down the corridor. They are holding spears, wearing shawls, and dressed like they came from Dry Dry Desert.

Larry: Hey! Who are you?

The Koopas continue their walk without paying any mind to Larry.

Koopa: Tutankoopa is such a jerk. He treats us like his Chomp minions, and worst of all, he has a son. *shudder* I swear, I'm gonna get out of here before that kid becomes pharaoh.

Other Koopa: I know, one of Morton Koopa’s Magikoopas, I think his name was Kamek, foretold that Tutankoopa's son would have to fight an epic battle for some spirit. Here's hoping Tutankoopa II fails.

Koopa: You got that right. Hey, what’s this? ACK!!! Someone left the sacred idol on the floor? If this doesn't get back pronto then the Chompydra will escape!

Other Koopa: For all we know he might have already escaped! OH NO!!! Let’s put it Back NOW!!!

Koopa: I'm right behind you!!!

Larry: (in a scared tone) What was th-that abo-about?


Larry: Uh oh.

Larry looks behind him.


A HUGE Chomp with at least 8 heads looks at him... rears back it’ head... AND LUNGES AT LARRY!!!

Larry: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! *pant, pant, pant* It was only a dream? Or was it?

Bowser comes crashing into the room.

Bowser: Larry!!! What happened?!

Larry: *gulp* I don't know, I had a nightmare. I saw Dry Dry Desert, a weird idol, a-a-a huge Chomp called the Chompydra, and-and-and-

Bowser: That’s enough. Now I'm going to go de-shell a Koopa, have a bowl of cereal, and then come back to tell you an interesting story.

10 minutes and 1 de-shelling later…

Bowser: Okay, I know you didn't take Koopa history in school, you took paleontology-

Larry: It sounded like plant-ology.

Bowser: You also took gardening and you took science. If you did take history you would know that there was more than 1 Tutankoopa. The first Tutankoopa had many Koopa minions. They were eventually... wiped out by a Chomp with many heads, the one you described, apparently it was called the Chompydra. My father, your grandfather, Morton Koopa Senior, foretold this would happen, and it did. It was known as the Dry Dry Massacre. Three were killed by the chomp, five were killed by dehydration, and one died because of the Bandits. This was the second biggest loss for our kind, and it only got worse from there. Tutankoopa's minions threw him to his own Chomps and he was devoured. Before he died, Tutankoopa had his last Magikoopa cast a spell on all Pokeys, which would cause anyone stung to be haunted by visions of everything that happened to him. This is a syndrome called TutankoopasRevenge, This leads me to believe you got stung. Did you?

Larry: Zzz... Zzz... Zzz…

Bowser: I really hope I won’t be explaining this again, or the possible side effect of extreme swelling in the face.

Back in Larry's dream…

Larry: Back again, only this time I'm outside of the temple.


6 Koopas run out of the ruins.

Larry: What in DAD’s name is happening?


Larry: That sounds very familiar…

Larry starts running. He runs and runs, getting more and more tired with each passing second, but with the Chompydra on Larry's tail, he cant stop. Until, that is, Larry finds the oasis and jumps into the water.

Larry: That was close.

A Koopa is seen lounging by a lime tree.

Larry: Who are you?

Koopa: Huh? Me? I'm Selltun, you are?

Larry: Larry.

Shelltun: That’s a funny name, hahahahah!!! Well I'm here waiting for the resistance to defeat Tutankoopa. After that I can live in style.

Larry: ... I'm just trying to get out of this dream.

Shelltun: Dream?! You mean you got stung too? When you’re here you live as usual, but nobody can notice you, except people who are from the same dimension!

Larry: It's nice to have someone else here, but... Where did you get stung?

Shelltun: Near Soda Lake after some Koopas got hauled off on a stretcher... You were one of them?!

Larry: Yeah, I was!

Shelltun: Wow... Well either way, we've got to get out of here! Let’s try to find-

Shelltun disappears.

Larry: I guess you can only leave here naturally or by extreme shock... Or death maybe... *shudder* That’s a chilling thought.

???: Hey!!! You!!! Hold it right there!!!

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