Super Mario RPG 2: Three Villains, Two Heroes

By Chase

Chapter 2:

Bowser: K, let's go!

Mario, Luigi, and Bowser set off to rescue Peach. Meanwhile, at Count Bleck's Castle...

Daisy: EEK! You freak! Why'd you take me?

Nastasia: NEVER, and I mean NEVER, yell at the Count!!

Count Bleck: It... is okay, Nastasia.

Nastasia: ... Fine.

Count Bleck: Now, be a dear and take Daisy here to the dungeon. Take good care of her.

Nastasia: Yessir.

Back with the Marios and Bowser...

Bowser: Where is Peach anyway?

Luigi: Well, we thought YOU had her, but it seems not...

Bowser: OH! Maybe my brother, Wart, took her! He's always trying to defeat me!

Luigi: But doesn't he live in Sub-con?

Bowser: Nah, he moved to Chucklehuck Woods. Let's go there!

One LONG time later...

Mario (first time speaking): We're finally here!

Luigi: Ugh... I remember this place. I hated it.

Bowser: Well, we need to level up.

The three battle a few Goombas and Koopas (they took over the woods) and level up. Their new stats:

HP: 26 > 31
ATK: 12 > 13
DEF: 13 > 17
STACHE: 11 > 14

HP: 25 > 27
ATK: 10 > 10
DEF: 17 > 24
STACHE: 9 > 11

HP: 31 > 33
ATK: 25 > 26
DEF: 15 > 23
SHELL: 20 > 20

Bowser: Not much, but it's a start. Oh yeah, since I haven't been with you guys long, what does each item do?

Mushrooms - Recover 5 HP
Super Mushrooms - Recover 10 HP
Refreshing Herbs - Recover 3 HP and cure status effects
1-Up Shrooms - Revive party member with half HP
1-Up Super Shrooms - Revive party member with ALL HP

Bowser: Got it. Now, let's find Wart.

Luigi: Right.

The heroes walk for a while before stopping at a sign that says "WART > THAT WAY". Triclyde slithers in front of them.

Luigi: M-M-M-Mario! G-Giant SNAKE!!!

Mario: AAHH!

Mario, Luigi, Bowser vs Tryclyde

Mario- HP: 31/31
Attack: Fireball
Triclyde takes no damage. Defense goes up to 2.

Mario: AAH!

Luigi- HP: 27/27
Attack: Jump
Triclyde takes 2 damage.

Bowser- HP: 33/33
Attack: Claw
Triclyde takes 4 damage.

Tryclyde- HP: 24/30 (Defense boosted- 1 turn left)
Attack: Poison Fangs
Mario takes 2 damage. Mario is poisoned for 4 turns.

Mario- HP: 29/31 (Poisoned- 2 turns left)
Attack: Refreshing Herb
Mario recovers 3 HP and is no longer poisoned.

Luigi- HP: 27/27
Attack: Hammer
Triclyde takes 3 damage.

Bowser- HP: 33/33
Attack: Claw
Triclyde takes 3 damage.

Tryclyde- HP: 18/30
Attack: Tail Whip
Mario takes 6 damage, Luigi takes 3 damage, Bowser takes 1 damage.

Mario- HP: 23/31
Attack: Jump
Triclyde takes 2 damage.

Luigi- HP: 24/27
Luigi suddenly learns a new move: Ground Pound!
Attack: Ground Pound
Triclyde takes 6 damage.

Bowser- HP: 32/33
Attack: Claw
Triclyde takes 4 damage.

Tryclyde- HP: 6/30 - PERIL!
Attack: Tail Whip
Mario takes 5 damage, Luigi takes 2.

Mario- HP: 18/31
Attack: Jump
Triclyde takes 2 damage.

Luigi: Let me finish him off!!

Luigi- HP: 22/27
Attack: Ground Po-

Tryclyde- HP: 4/30- PERIL!
Attack: Pound
Luigi takes 22 damage and is defeated.

Mario: WHAT?!


Without warning, Triclyde drops on Mario and Bowser. They appear to be dead.


Peach sits in her cell, alone, cold, and terrified.

Peach: Come on, Peach, get it together here! You can't be scared!

Peach notices a small hole big enough for her to fit in in the corner of the cell. She thinks for a second before walking over. She then tries squeezing herself through the hole, but with no luck. Then, she comes up with an idea.

Peach: D'OH!

She starts digging until her fingernails are damp and dirty.

Peach: Ah! Phew... Hard work.

She slips through the hole this time and starts exploring. She soon runs into a Pidgit without its carpet.

Peach vs Pidgy

Pidgit: My name is Pidgy.

Peach: Oh. My name is-

Pidgy: Peach, yeah, I know. I'm your cell's guard. I believe you're supposed to be in the cell, not exploring the castle.

Peach: Please don't take me back!

Pidgy: ... Tell you what. We'll battle, RPG style. If you beat me, I'll let you explore a LITTLE farther. If not, you go back to your cell.

Peach: ... Fine.

Pidgy: Ladies first.

Peach- HP: 16/16
Attack: Parasol
Pidgy takes 3 damage.

Pidgy- HP: 17/20
Attack: Beak
Peach takes 3 damage.

Peach: (Oh no! If he keeps hitting me like that, I'll be defeated in no time! ... Hmm...)

Peach- HP: 13/16
Attack: Hair Spin
Pidgy takes 5 damage and is confused.

Pidgy: Heeheehoohoo... Woah! Funny monkey, HAHAHAHAHA!!!

Peach: (It worked!)

Pidgy- HP: 12/20 - Confused (Can't attack)

Peach- HP: 13/16
Attack: Hair Spin
Pidgy takes 5 damage. Peach is dizzy.

Peach: Wooaahhh!!

Pidgy: HAHAHAHA!!!

Peach- HP: 13/16
Peach is no longer dizzy.
Attack: Hair Spin
Pidgy takes 5 damage.

Pidgy- HP: 2/20 - PERIL! - Confused
Can't attack

Peach- HP: 13/16
Attack: Parasol
Pidgy takes 2 damage and is defeated!


Pidgy: Woah. You kicked me into shape. You can go a little farther.

Peach: Thanks.

Peach starts walking down the hall.

How will Peach fare when searching Wart's Castle? How far will she go?

Will the Marios and Bowser be revived?

Also, what happened to Rosalina?


Read on!

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