Super Mario RPG 2: Three Villains, Two Heroes

By Chase

PROLOGUE: Resurrection

Fawful: Gah, where is her tomb?

Fawful is walking in a dusty pyramid, searching for a tomb. He spots a crack in the wall, shaped like a door. He walks up to it.

Fawful: (Hmm...) Cackletta?

A door appears and opens. Fawful cautiously walks in. He spots a casket and walks over to it.

Fawful: &*#$%*( *(#)#@@! (Oh, great Cackletta, wake up!)

The casket opens and Cackletta sits up.

Cackletta: I feel powerful again...

Fawful: %^@&#*$ (#&#*^)&!^&!

Cackletta: Excellent...


Nastasia is walking around in Flopside. She comes upon a strange building. She trys to open the door, but it won't budge.

Nastasia: Hmm...

She remembers she can hypnotize things, and tries to hypnotize the door to open. Much to her surprise, it does. She walks in. When she looks, she becomes awestruck.

Nastasia: Woah!

She spots Count Bleck's old body. She hypnotizes it into waking up. Again, much to her surprise, Count Bleck's spirit goes into his body and Count Bleck is alive once more.

Count Bleck: Nastasia... You shall receive great rewards for reviving... Count Bleck!


Mouser had been exploring Plit after Mario and his pals defeated him in Super Mario Bros. 2. But he wished he could get revenge on Mario. But he was too weak. How could he defeat Mario?

On a chilly day, Mouser found the answer to his question. It was Wart. He caught sight of Wart's decaying body in his old lair. Mouser somehow concocted a potion which he poured into Wart's moldy mouth. After a few minutes, Wart began to stir. He finally woke up and stared at Mouser.

Wart: Mario... is gonna need some luck.


After all the villains were resurrected, they met up and agreed to form an alliance to get rid of Mario once and for all. Fawful told the enemies of an excellent plan to kill Mario. It started with kidnapping Princess Peach.


It was a cold day in the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario and Luigi sat in their house, eating a plate of ravioli.

Luigi: You know, Bro, nothing major has happened lately. The princess hasn't been kidnapped for three weeks. It's getting fishy.

Mario nodded. Luigi was right. It was very odd. But, Mario was always on his toes, ready to pounce on a villain.


Meanwhile, at Peach's Castle, a shadowy figure with a round circle surrounding it dropped behind the castle. It walked in the back door, which was unlocked. The figure then snuck up behind Peach's throne and reached over the chair and duct-taped Peach's mouth shut. The figure then grabbed Peach and ran out. Peach was kicking her legs franticly. She realized who the villain was.

Wart had kidnapped Peach.


In Sarasaland, Princess Daisy was sitting in HER throne. Suddenly, two figures gagged her and stuffed her into a small dimension. She was screaming, although she was gagged.

Count Bleck: You have been kidnapped... by Count Bleck!

Count Bleck had kidnapped Princess Daisy.


On a spaceship far away from the Mushroom Kingdom, Princess Rosalina sat in her library. The Lumas were on vacation in different galaxies. Rosalina was by herself. A small figure soon interrupted her peace and tied Rosalina's hands behind her back.

Rosalina: Let... me... go... you creep!


Cackletta came around and grabbed Rosalina. She and Fawful soon disappeared.

Rosalina had been kidnapped.


The Mario Brothers were sitting at their house when Toadsworth barged in.


Luigi: ... So?

Toadsworth: SAVE HER!!

Mario gets up and grabs Luigi. They run to Toad Town and buy 7 Mushrooms, 3 1-Up Mushrooms, 1 Super 1-Up Mushroom, 6 Refreshing Herbs, the Pepper badge, and the Bean badge.

They equip the Pepper badge to Luigi and the Bean badge to Mario. Their stats then look like this:

HP: 24
ATK: 11
DEF: 13

HP: 23
ATK: 9
DEF: 15

The Bros. head down Koopa Path to Bowser's Castle. Not too long after they set foot on the path, Kamek steps out of some bushes.

Kamek: I stand guard to ensure nobody dangerous heads down this path to Lord Bowser's castle. If you wanna go through, ya gotta fight me!

Mario/Luigi vs Kamek

Mario- HP: 24/24
Attack: Jump
Kamek takes 8 damage!

Kamek- HP: 17/25
Attack: Fire
Mario takes 5 damage!

Luigi- HP: 23/23
Attack: Jump
Kamek takes 4 damage!

Kamek- HP: 13/25
Attack: Heal
Kamek recovers 5 HP!

Mario- HP: 19/24
Attack: Fireball
Kamek takes 6 damage!

Kamek- HP: 12/25
Attack: Firewave
Mario and Luigi take 5 damage!

Luigi- HP: 18/23
Attack: Jump
Kamek takes 4 damage!

Kamek- HP: 8/25
Attack: Fire
Luigi takes 3 damage!

Mario- HP: 14/24
Attack: Jump
Kamek takes 5 damage!

Kamek: Grr! I'll have to do serious damage now!

Kamek- HP: 3/25
Attack: Ultra Flash
Mario and Luigi are defeated!

Kamek: Har har har!


Meanwhile, Wart is locking Peach up.

Wart: Listen, little girl, nobody is gonna come to rescue you, so just sit tight and stay shut up!

Wart walks away. Peach is locked in a little cell with a bowl of dirty water and a bag of stale potato chips.

Peach: I can't believe that ugly frog did this to me! I will not stand for it! I must escape!

Peach tries ramming into the bars, but becomes dizzy and falls.

Peach: Mushrooms...

Eventually she gives up and eats some chips and starts thinking of a better way to escape. She falls asleep.


Back with the Marios and Kamek...

Kamek: Gwa ha ha! I beat the Mario Brothers!

But, 2 1-Ups come out from the Brothers' pockets and fall into their mouths. They wake up, half of their HP revived.

Luigi: Oh, you didn't defeat us, Kamek! Let's finish him, Mario!

Mario nods and he and Luigi finish the battle.

Mario- HP: 12/24
Attack: Jump
Kamek takes 3 damage! Kamek is defeated!


Kamek: Gah... er... ugh...

Luigi: Ya can't beat the Mario Bros! Ok, Mario, let's go!

The Brothers heal up to full strength with two Mushrooms and continue. They eventually arrive at Bowser's Castle, but two Koopatrols stop them.

Koopatrol 1: Halt! King Bowser has ordered that you two are not to come in!

Koopatrol 2: Exactly! So, ya gotta fight us or turn back!

Luigi: We can't turn back, Bro! We gotta save Peach!

Mario nods.

Luigi: We'll fight you losers, and we'll win!

Mario/Luigi vs 2 Koopatrols

Mario- HP: 24/24
Attack: Hammer
Koopatrol 1 takes 3 damage!

Luigi- HP: 23/23
Attack: Jump
Luigi takes 1 damage!

Luigi: Huh?

Koopatrol 1: Our spikes prevent you from jumping on us!

Luigi: Gah...

Koopatrol 1- HP: 7/10
Attack: Ram
Luigi takes 3 damage!

Koopatrol 2- HP: 10/10
Attack: Jump
Luigi takes 2 damage!

Mario- HP: 24/24
Attack: Fireball
Koopatrol 1 takes 4 damage!

Luigi- HP: 17/23
Attack: Hammer
Koopatrol 1 takes 2 damage!

Koopatrol 1- HP: 1/10 - PERIL!
Attack: Ram
Luigi takes 3 damage!

Koopatrol 2- HP: 10/10
Attack: Super Mushroom
Koopatrol 1 recovers 9 HP!

Mario- HP: 24/24
Attack: Fireball
Koopatrol 2 takes 4 damage!

Luigi- HP: 14/23
Attack: Lightning Bolt
Koopatrol 1 takes 7 damage!

Koopatrol 1- HP: 3/10 - PERIL!
Attack: Ram
Luigi takes 3 damage!

Koopatrol 2- HP: 6/10
Attack: Jump
Luigi takes 3 damage!

Mario- HP: 24/24
Attack: Hammer
Koopatrol 1 takes 3 damage! Koopatrol 1 is defeated!

Luigi- HP: 8/23 - DANGER!
Attack: Lightning Bolt
Koopatrol 2 takes 6 damage! Koopatrol 2 is defeated!


HP: 24 > 26
ATK: 11 > 12
DEF: 13 > 13
STACHE: 9 > 11

HP: 23 > 25
ATK: 9 > 10
DEF: 15 > 17
STACHE: 7 > 9

Luigi: That was close! Anyway, let's go!

The Brothers move on to the castle! They have a few battles with Koopas and Goombas, and win all of them. They eventually go to Bowser.

Luigi: We know you have Peach, Bowser! Hand her over!

Bowser: Huh? I don't have her!

Luigi: But... She's gone!

Bowser: Well if I don't have her... Who does?

Luigi: Well Mario and I don't know!

Bowser: Tell you what. I'll help you guys find Peach. After all, if she's gone, who am I gonna kidnap?

Bowser joins Mario and Luigi's search party.

HP: 31
ATK: 25
DEF: 15

Bowser: Let's go!

Will Mario, Luigi, and their new "friend" Bowser find Peach? Speaking of Peach, will she find a way to escape Wart's clutches? Stay tuned for Chapter 2!


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