Wario and the Seven Gold Coins

By Fireball

One day at Wario's house...

Wario: What's good on TV?

Wario turns on the TV.

Toad: Today a Koopa had stolen the gold coin!

Wario: So?

Toad: He tripped and he broke and it into seven pieces. Whoever finds it, gets to keep it. And it can open some kind of chest, it seems?

Wario turns off the TV.

Wario: This sounds like something I would try to do to make money... and I will.

Wario hears someone knock on his door.

Mario: Let me in!

Wario opens the door.

Wario: What is it, Mario?

Mario: Take my ticket to Mushkoopa.

Wario: Why?

Mario: I'm too busy!

Wario: What are you busy with?

Mario: I’ve got to save Peach... again.

Wario: Oh.

Mario: What are you doing?

Wario: Going to get rich.

Mario: I see.

Wario: Yep.

Mario: Well see ya.

Wario: You too.

Mario leaves.

Wario: Wait! Didn't the Toad say there’s one in Mushkoopa?

Toad comes in.

Toad: No.

Toad leaves.

Wario: Oh.

Toad comes back in.

Toad: News just in! A piece of the gold coin is in Mushkoopa!

Wario: Get out of my house!

Toad: Fine!

Toad leaves.

Wario: This is my lucky day!

Waluigi: See you!

Wario: I'm not going yet.

Waluigi: Well when are you?

Wario: In two minutes.

After two minutes of just standing there…

Wario: See ya.

Waluigi: See ya!

Wario goes to the boat, but there’s a Goomba in his way.

Wario: Out of my way!

Goomba: Too bad!

Wario: Let’s duel!

Wario Vs. Goomba

HP: 20/20
Attack: Punch
Goomba takes 3
Goomba gets his butt kicked!

Wario: And don't mess with me ever again!

Goomba: Ok!

Wario gets on the boat

Wario: Driver, would you get moving!

Koopa: What do you say?

Wario: Move it!

Koopa: Duel!

Wario Vs. Koopa

HP: 20/20
Attack: Jump
Koopa takes 3

HP: 1/4
Attack: Shell Attack
Wario takes 1

HP: 19/20
Attack: Jump
Koopa takes 3
Koopa goes down

Wario pushes the Koopa off and drives.

Wario: Sweet!

Wario makes it to Mushkoopa.

Wario: This place stinks!

D.DKoopa: Yo fat man! Who do you think you are!

Wario: I'm the great Wario! Who are you?

D.DKoopa: They call me D.D. D.DKoopa.

Wario: What a silly name!

D.DKoopa: Would you like to work for me, Wario?

Wario: NO WAY! Wario does his own work! WOW! That sounds like a lot of work to me.

D.DKoopa: Prepare to lose, Bario!

Wario: It's Wario! Now you made me mad!

Wario Vs. D.DKoopa

HP: 20/20
Attack: Jump
D.DKoopa takes 2

HP: 8/10
Attack: Dizzy Shell
Wario dodges
D.DKoopa: Grrrrrrrr!

HP: 20/20
Attack: Jump
D.DKoopa takes 3

HP: 5/10
Attack: Super Shell
Wario takes 4

HP: 16/20
Attack: Punch
D.DKoopa takes 4
D.DKoopa: My weak spot!
Wario: Cool! Now I know his weak spot!

HP: 1/10
Attack: Super Dizzy Shell
Wario takes 6

HP: 10/20
Attack: Punch
D.DKoopa takes 5
D.DKoopa goes down

D.DKoopa: You’re tougher then I thought!

D.D runs away.

Wario: He dropped something.

Wario picks up a heart and a Shell.

Wario: What the?

Wario's HP goes up and Wario's new weapon is the Shell.

Wario: Sweet!

Wario also picks up a map.

Wario: What's this?

It points to a castle that says Z.ZKoopa's castle and says that the gold coin is there.

Wario: I must get to that castle!

A Koopa comes up to Wario.

Koopa: I know how to get there!

Wario: How?

Koopa: Go through that warp pipe. But there ar-

Wario: Thanks!

Wario goes down the warp pipe

Koopa: ... Leave me alone!

Back to Wario…

Wario: This is so easy!

Boo: BOO!

Wario: Who are you?

Boo: Boo!

Wario: Very funny, but who are you?

Boo: I said I'm Boo!

Wario: And I said who are you!

Boo: BOO!

Wario: Let's duel then!

Wario Vs Boo

HP: 25/25
Attack: Shell
Misses Boo
Wario: What the?

HP: 5/5
Attack: Slap
Wario takes 1
Wario: OW!

HP: 24/25
Attack: Jump
Boo takes 5
Boo goes down

Boo: My weak spot...

Wario: The great Wario is still awesome!

Boo: Just leave!

Wario: Fine!

Wario comes out of a warp pipe to find himself in a land of grass.

Wario: Where am I?

Toad the Third: Why, you’re in the great kingdom.

Wario: ... It looks weird.

Toad the Third: How can it! It's just a kingdom with grass and mountains!

Wario: Whatever.

Toad the Third: Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Wario: Have you seen a castle?

Toad the Third: Yes! That's why we have no tourists.

Wario: I can see why.

Toad the Third: Shut up!

Wario: So who's the king around here?

Toad the Third: I am! King Toad the Third.

Wario: Really.

Toad the Third: Yes.

Wario: Well how do you get into this castle?

Toad the Third: You’re going in Z.ZKoopa castle!

Wario: That’s what I was thinking, fatty.

Toad the Third: Look in the mirror yourself!

Wario: Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Come on, Wario, no duel.

Toad the Third: If you beat me I will tell you how to get in!

Wario: Sweet!

Wario Vs. TTT

HP: 25/25
Attack: Shell
TTT takes 6

HP: 14/20
Attack: Triple Punch
Wario takes 3

HP: 22/25
Attack: Punch
TTT takes 5

HP: 9/20
Attack: Kick
Wario takes 2

HP: 20/25
Attack: On-Shell Punch
TTT takes 9
TTT goes down


Wario: So how do I get inside?

TTT: You must take a Koopa suit and go inside.

Wario: How do I get this suit?

TTT: From that cave.

TTT points to a cave.

Wario: Why?!

Wario goes in the cave.

Wario: There’s the suit.

Wario gets the suit.

Wario: That was easy.


Voice: Put the suit back!

Wario: Make me!

A Goomba comes over to battle him.

Wario Vs. Goomba 527

HP: 25/25
Attack: Shell
Goomba 527 takes 200
Wario: I heal fast... Just wanted to say that!

HP: 327/527
Attack: Headbonk
Wario takes 3

HP: 22/25
Attack: On-Shell Punch
Goomba takes 500
Goomba 527 goes down

Wario gets out of the cave

Wario: Now where’s that castle?

TTT: Right there.

Wario gets in the suit and walks to the door.

Wario: Yo! Can I come in?

Y.YKoopa: Sure man... But do you know the password?

Wario: Of course.

Y.YKoopa: Well come right in.

Wario goes in.

Wario: This place is huge!

B.BKoopa: You think so?

Wario: Yes.

B.BKoopa: So do I... I know you’re in a suit.

Wario: DON'T HURT ME!!!

Everyone looks.

B.BKoopa: It's nothing.

They walk in a room where no one can hear them.

Wario: What do you want?

B.BKoopa: I wanted to know if you wanted to beat Z.ZKoopa with me.

Wario: Sure... But why?

B.BKoopa: I hate him! And if we beat him I can be in charge and you can have the gold coin piece.

Wario: Deal.

They shake hands and someone comes over.

G.GKoopa: I heard you! Pepare to lose!

Wario and B.BKoopa Vs. G.GKoopa

HP: 25/25
Attack: Shell
G.GKoopa takes 5

BB (short for B.BKoopa; and GG is short for G.GKoopa now)
HP: 25/25
Attack: Super Shell
GG takes 7

HP: 13/25
Attack: Crazy Shell
Wario and BB take 10

Wario and BB
HP: 15/25 - 15/25
Attack: Super Dizzy Shell
GG takes 13
G.GKoopa goes down

Wario: Sweet!

G.GKoopa: Grrrr......

B.BKoopa: Let’s go to the king's room now!

They go up the stairs and into the king’s room.

Z.ZKoopa: What is it, B.B? First I hear D.D lost to a fat man, and the same of G.G? What’s going on?

B.BKoopa: Go Wario.

Wario takes off his suit.

Z.ZKoopa: What the?

B.BKoopa: You’re going to lose!

Z.ZKoopa zaps B.BKoopa.

B.BKoopa: OW! You have to fight, Wario...

Wario: Fine!

Boss duel
Z.ZKoopa Vs. Wario

HP: 25/25
Attack: Shell
ZZ takes 4

HP: 26/30
Attack: Zap
Wario takes 5

HP: 20/25
Attack: On-Shell Punch
ZZ takes 5

HP: 21/30
Attack: Super Crazy Shell
Wario takes 10

HP: 1/25
Gives Wario 10 HP
ZZ takes BB and throws him away

HP: 20/25
Attack: Punch
ZZ takes 7

HP: 14/30
Attack: Double Zap
Wario takes 9

HP: 11/25
Attack: Jump
ZZ takes 6

HP: 8/30
Attack: Super Zap
Wario takes 10

HP: 1/25
Attack: Power Shell
ZZ takes 7

HP: 1/30
ZZ: See you, Wario!
Wario: How do you know my name?
ZZ: I don't know.
Wario: Look!
ZZ: Where?!

HP: 1/25
Attack: Shell
ZZ takes 4
Z.ZKoopa goes down

Z.ZKoopa: How could this be?!

A heart and a machine come out of ZZ's pocket along with a piece of the gold coin. Wario gains HP and a new attack!

Wario: Sweet!

And Wario gets his first piece of the coin!

Wario: Sweet!

Somewhere else…

???: Very nice, Wario... Very nice.

Read on!

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