The Rise of King Sammich

By Koopra

Chapter 4: Here Death Cometh

On an island that looks like a nuclear wasteland called Isle Stratico lives an evil scientist named Zorlock Stratico. If you saw him, you would know that he was up to no good. He looks like a demon Koomba (Goomba+Koopa=Koomba) with wings, razor sharp claws and teath, and frizzie hair. Now he is testing his latest finding, a door to another dimension.

"I think I just might have it!" yelled Dr. Stratico. "One more drop and I will be able to rule the world!" He poured in the last drop, and once it impacted a giant subspace explosion erupted from the vile he was holding, and the lab was sucked into Subspace.


King Sammich was sitting in his throne when he heard loud explosions from outside and a Shy Guy ran in. "Sir! The Koopalings are here!" yelled the Shy Guy right before the door blew up, revealing a robot version of Bowser.

"You have killed my servants and my army, but you won't kill me!!!" King Sammich growled as he threw his fist in the air and a sword appeared in his hand.

"You will not win, Kooplort. I will destroy you just as you destroyed my father!" shouted Mecha Bowser in a robotic voice. The two ran at each other and struck. Mecha Bowser slasheed at King Sammich but missed; King Sammich used to his advantage and drove his blade through Mecha Bowser's metallic skull. "Gragh!" Mecha Bowser's head then exploded right as King Sammich pulled out his sword.

"Death is not a curse, it is a privilege." King Sammich wiped his blade five times, for there was gasoline on it. "The Blade of Evil's Bane works well." King Sammich sheathed his sword and sat on his throne.


"LOST CONECTION." beeped the computer screen.

"Dang it! I almost had him!" yelled Ludwig in distress.

"We need to get him ourselves," commented Roy. "We'll never get him if we just use robots!"

"But did you see that he had the Master Sword?!" said Iggy. "It'll be impossible to defeat him!"

"We still need to figure out something if we are to defeat Kooplort D Sammich," said Morton.

The Koopalings went to their rooms to formulate plans.

Ludwig was sitting at his computer typing lines and lines of code. Lemmy was looking for his freeze ray. Morton was blabbering about his plan to their pet cat Playful while he licked himself. Wendy was putting on some poison nail polish. Iggy was building another robot. Larry was watering a giant Piranha Plant with razor sharp teeth. And Roy was pummeling an eighteen pound punching bag. Man, they need to get more brains.

"What?" asked Roy, looking around the room.

Wha- er, nothing…

"Ok," said Roy.

Roy returned to his punching.

Chapter 5: Meet Ricky Rabbid

Koopra was walking through Sky Land, trying to stay on the correct path so that he wouldn't fall off. "Man, that looks like some battle down there," said Koopra. Koopra was looking down at a huge scale battle on a castle marked "Boomer's Fortress".

"I'll say," replied a strange-looking rabbit with a Viking helmet on that Koopra hadn't noticed.

Koopra jumped backwards. "Who are you?!"

"Oh, I'm sorry, I'm Ricky Rabbid," replied the rabbit.

"A… Rabbid? What's a Rabbid?" asked Koopra.

"Well, it's hard to explain… Just give me a good long look."

Koopra stared at Ricky for a while. "Hmm… Aren't you from the same universe of some guy named Say-Han or something?" asked Koopra.

"Umm… I don't think so, I was born in the Mushroom Kingdom."

"Then why are you here in Sky Land?"

"My plane crashed." Ricky pointed to a crashed plane about fifty feet away from them.

"How did I miss that?!" asked Koopra.

"I don't know… Hey, I have an idea! How about I go with you to do whatever you're doing, and when you're done you can help me get back home!" said Ricky.

"I guess…" replied Koopra.

"Great! Let's go!" Ricky grabbed Koopra and ran off in the direction of the Sun.


"Sire, your son has gone missing," said one of King Sammich's servants.


King Sammich's roars scared the servant. "Y-yes, S-Sire…" He ran off to get a search party started.

"THAT BOY WILL BE DEAD THE NEXT TIME I LAY EYES ON HIM!!!" King Sammich stormed out of the room, smashing everthing in his path.


Shine Guy walked through the sewers of Isle Delfino, knowing that a horrible deed was to be done, and that he was perfect for the job.

"Master Kraniko, we are under the main plaza now," growled Shine Guy.

"Good… I can already taste the blood of their defeat," moaned the ghastly spirit of Kraniko. Shine Guy pulled out his scythe and prepared for the attack. Kraniko's spirit mads itself invisible and floated out of the sewers. "It's time."

Shine Guy jumped up out of the sewer and lopped off the nearest Pianta's head. Shrieks sounded from all around as the dead Pianta slowly turned into purple acid. Kraniko's spirit appeared and drank the acid, seeming to become stronger. Shine Guy ran to the Shine Gate, lopping Piantas' heads on the way to drain the life out of all the Piantas and Shine Sprites on the island. Shine Guy floated up to the top of the Shine Gate above all the screaming Piantas below.

"Now that Kraniko's spirit is harvesting the life-force from all the residents of the island, I can destroy all the bodies that are holding some life-force hostage, thus destroying Delfino Plaza," said Shine Guy with a smirk. Shine Guy charged up his finale shot that would destroy all life on the island...

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