The Rise of King Sammich

By Koopra

Chapter 6: Stratico Bay

A small, dingy boat pulled up to a large nasty looking island. A small Koopa with spikes and a hooded robe walked onto the deck of the one-man boat, staring out into the dense fog surrounding the island. "So this is Isle Stratico…" mumbled the dark figure.

The fog parted, showing the fact that only the bay of the island was still intact; all other portions had been sucked into some sort of giant, purple bubble. "Hmm… Looks like Zorlock has achieved what he was trying to after all," said the strange Koopa.

The Koopa walked up to the purple bubble. As he got closer horrifying images flew throughout his head, causing him to crumble to the ground. One of these images was of a long-haired Koopa and several others advancing on him, only to end right before the long-haired one killed him. "GAH! This evil, it is to strong!!!" The shadowy Koopa fell to the ground unconscious as the bubble slowly pulled him in…


Koopra and Ricky had just left Sky Land, for they had found nothing of need from Roy's castle, and were now entering Giant Land. "Man, do I feel small!" exclaimed Ricky.

"Shut up, we need to find Larry's castle," responded Koopra.

"That won't be a problem," said Ricky.

"Why not?" Just then, a giant Piranha Plant ran at them. It also seemed to be wearing the castle. "Gah! Run!" yelled Koopra.

They started to run as the strange creature ran toward them, but the beast somehow shrunk back into a normal-sized Piranha Plant. "What on Plit was that?!" shouted Koopra.

"I dunno, but it looks like it wants us in the castle," said Ricky.

"Why do you say that?" Koopra then felt something grip on his chest, so he looked down to see a Piranha Plant tentacle pulling him into the castle. "Ricky, you idiot!"

They were then thrown in front of Larry's old throne, but now there was a strange-looking Toad with a chef's hat and apron sitting in it. "Piranha, take them away," said the strange Mushroomer.

The Piranha Plant took them to the dungeon and threw them in a cell. "Great, just great…" sighed Koopra as the sun slowly set through the dim-barred windows.

Chapter 7: Chef Nas T.

Koopra woke up and looked around to see that he and Ricky were no longer in the jail cell. He looked around more to see a dark, moldy throne room with a thin cloud of fog on the ceiling, and a very musky smell. "Hello, I see you are finally awake," said the chef Mushroomer.

"Ugghhh… Where am I?" asked Koopra, rubbing his eyes to see more clearly.

"You are in the castle of Nas T, Chef Nas T," replied the strange, robed figure.

"Nas T, huh? That sounds a lot like "nasty". He must be one bad cook!" yelled Ricky. Just then the frying pan that the Mushroomer was holding jumped to life and flew at Ricky.

"HOW DARE YOU INSULT THE MASTER OF ALL COOKING ARTS?! YOU MUST DIE, AT THE HAND OF CHEF NAS T!" yelled the Mushroomer, who appeared to be Chef Nas T.

"I don't think so." Koopra jumped and smashed the frying pan in midair right before it hit Ricky. "Let's dance." Koopra lunged at Nas T.


Shine Guy charged his death beam over the island of Delfino. "Almost there…" A giant Bullet Bill crashed into Shine Guy, but he retained his death beam. "What was that?!" shrieked Shine Guy.

"Fire!" another Bullet Bill flew at Shine Guy.

"Boring, I need more of a challenge." Shine Guy jumped up and sliced the Bullet Bill in half like scissors cutting paper.

"Retreat!!!" yelled a general Pianta, who was soon beheaded by Shine Guy.

Shine Guy floated back to his position and finished charging his laser. "This is what you have been needing for a long time, Isle Delfino." Shine Guy fired the laser. "This is where I make my stand."

Shine Guy watched as Isle Delfino was destroyed.

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