The Rise of King Sammich

By Koopra

Chapter 1: The Adventure Begins

What King Sammich saw before him both frightened and amazed him. His servants had brought it with them after their raid on the enemy's castle. It was a dead body, the dead body of the royal King Bowser. King Sammich took a step back in shock; for he knew that there would be revenge wanted on his soul. "I can't believe that we actually did it, we have defeated the royal King Bowser, king of all koopas. I now wear a bounty on my head," said King Sammich.

"Sir," said one of his loyal minions. "A Koopa of your might needs his sleep."

King Sammich is a Koopa that looks like Bowser, but he has no spikes, wears a king robe and crown, and has a small moustache. "You are right," replied King Sammich. "I need my rest if I'm am going to do what I need to."


The seven Koopalings were sitting around mourning the loss of their dad. "I can't believe he actually died…" said Lemmy.

"Yeah, King Bowser Koopa actually died," replied Iggy.

"Who's going to buy me make up now?" said Wendy.

Roy punched Wendy in the arm. "Shut up, we need to get over this and figure out who is going to be king!" yelled Roy. "But before we do that, we need to get back at that old King Sammich for what he did!"

"Yeah!" yelled the other Koopalings. They all run to the armory to prepare.


Koopra was eating at Tayce T's famous restaurant when he looked up at the TV, and what he saw made him jump out of his seat. On the screen was an image of the dead body of Bowser laying on a pile of garbage. "Oh no..." whispered Koopra.

Koopra paid and left to go to the Mushroomer Dump to see if King Koopa was still there. There he was, King Bowser. Nobody seemed to want to touch him even to move him an inch. "We need to give him a burial," yelled Koopra. "He was the King of Koopas!"

"He was evil!" shouted a Toad somewhere in the crowd.

"At least tell me who killed him!" said Koopra.

"I heard that King Sammich did it to him!" yelled another Toad.

"King Sammich…" whispered Koopra. Koopra runs off to get some supplies, because he was going to go on a long journey.


"Sir, wake up, sir?" A servant was prodding King Sammich, trying to wake him up.

"Fine! I'll get up!" thundered King Sammich. He got out of his bed and one of the servants put his robe and crown on. He walked to his throne. "Did you get rid of the body?" asked King Sammich.

"Yes," said another minion. "We put it in the Mushroomer Dump."

"Good," said King Sammich. "Any news about Koopas seeking revenge?"

"Not yet, sir, but I expect an attack any time now."

Yes, and keep an eye on the Koopalings, I just know that they'll attack."

Chapter 2: The Death of King Bowser

Five days earlier, Bowser was sitting on his throne when he heard a loud noise coming from the giant computer on the right wall of the room. "Ludwig! Get that now, your father is scheming!" yelled Bowser.

"Fine King Dad!" said Ludwig. He pushed a button on the computer, causing an image of King Sammich to come up.

"Bwahahahahaa! Bow down before your new leader, Bowser!" said King Sammich. Bowser jumped out of his chair.

"No, it can't be! I destroyed you five years ago in the Crystal Palace!"

"Well you were wrong, I had my minions take me back to Castle Sammich," said King Sammich. "Now it's my turn to destroy something of yours!"

Bowser laughed. "You and what army?"

"This one." King Sammich pointed to a window across the throne room. Bowser ran over to the window to see a gigantic army. King Sammich laughed and the screen went blank.

Bowser turned around to order his army to attack, but before he could a Bullet Bill crashed through the window and crushed Bowser. "Grah!" Bowser fell to the ground, but what Ludwig didn't know is that he was dead.

"King Dad, get up! We have to fight a war!" Ludwig broke out crying. "Dad, no!"

The other Koopalings ran in after they heard Ludwig sobbing. "No, King Dad!" yelled Lemmy. All but Roy started crying. Three Shy Guys walked in and grabbed Bowser's body, the Koopalings watching as they took Bowser away. What the Koopalings didn't know was that the Shy Guys were King Sammich's minions…

In the present…

King Sammich paced back and forth in his throne room, waiting for the Shy Guys to bring up the prisoner. After the battle they had at Bowser's Castle they had found someone who escaped from the dungeon. The Shy Guys brought the prisoner up. "What th- How did Bowser capture you?!" yelled King Sammich.

"Sorry Dad…" said Prince Sammich.

"I thought you were spying in the shadows!"

"I was, Dad, but-"

"No buts! Go to the dungeon!" Prince Sammich walked to his cell with his head bowed.

"King Sammich, we have spotted a Koopa with long hair traveling through Ice Land. That's only five lands away!" said one of his servants.

"Then he shall be no more," replied King Sammich.


Koopra was walking through a blizzard in Ice Land when he found a giant castle made of ice. "This must be Lemmy's Castle, I'll find the Freeze Gun in there," said Koopra.

Koopra walked up to the door and snuck inside. He walked around until he found the throne room; on the throne was the Freeze Gun. Koopra grabbed the Freeze Gun and left.

Chapter 3: Shine Guy

We now see the tropical island of Isle Delfino. The Piantas were walking around oblivious of the fact that on top of the Shine Gate was a tall Shy Guy wearing a mask and holding a scythe. "Hmmm… These mortals will soon feel the wrath of Shine Guy!" said Shine Guy.

Shine Guy jumped back off the Shine Gate and walked into Mt. Corona. "Sir, the Piantas are none the wiser," said Shine Guy to a pit of lava.

"Good… I will have my spirit go with you to help you with your job," growled something in the lava pit. A giant demon Lava Shy Guy ghost came out of the lava. "Now go," said the ghost in a deep, rough, growling voice.

"Yes sir…" replied Shine Guy. He jumped into the sewers to start the attack that would harvest the souls to repair his master's body.


Lemmy Koopa was watching TV and eating some Goom Chips when Iggy came in. "Lemmy, why aren't you preparing? You have been acting like your life is about to end every since King Dad died!" Iggy said to Lemmy.

"My life has ended!" yelled Lemmy. "Roy is going to become King Koopa because he is the strongest, and we will become slaves!"

Iggy stared at Lemmy in surprise. "I don't know who you are." Iggy walked out of the room. Lemmy started crying.


Koopra was still trying to find his way out of Ice Land when he spotted a giant shard of ice. The shard was really Baron von Brr. Koopra pulled out his laser gun and pointed it at the shard after seeing that the shard had a face. Koopra did a roundhouse kick and kicked Baron von Brr's crown off.

"Who dares to awaken Baron von Brr?!"

"I do!" Baron looked at the Koopa that made the noise. Once Baron saw him, Koopra fired his laser at him, melting him into a puddle. Koopra then continued to look for the way out of Ice Land.

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