The Arrival of a New Princess

By Alyson Koopastool

It was a dark and stormy night. Bowser  was sitting on his throne while staring out the windows and enjoying the relaxing sound of the rolling thunder. Then a Koopatrol walked into the throne room and saluted.

Koopatrol: Sir. There's a visitor here requesting to speak to you.

Bowser was so disgusted by the interruption that he could have burnt  the turtle on the spot.

Bowser: Then send it in, idiot!

Koopatrol: Uh, yessir!

So, a girl at the age of between 3 and 1/2 and 6 years old, with short black hair and green eyes, walked into the room. She was pretty quiet and looked a bit shy.

Koopatrol: Announcing, Alyson from Braz'Tchê Kingdom of Bras Notchête Country.

Bowser frowned in confusion. He‘d never heard of a "Braz'Tchê Kingdom" or a "Bras Notchête Country", not to mention that the names are very weird.

Bowser: Alyson, eh? I’ve never heard of this "Braz'Tchê Kingdom" or "Bras Notchête Country".

The girl replied politely in a shyly voice.

Alyson: Well, Braz'Tchê Kingdom is a VERY small kingdom, and my country is far FAR away and it's pretty small too. I'm not surprised...

Bowser: Fine, kiddo. What brought you here?

Alyson: ... Err... Well, actually my parents sent me here, Mister...

Bowser grinned to hear her calling him "Mister". What a polite li’l kid.

Bowser: Good. Then why did they send you here?

Alyson hesitated, growing tense. She rubbed the back of her head.

Alyson: You're Bowser?

Bowser:  Yeah. What you want from me?

Alyson: Errr... I uhh... I'm your niece.


Bowser almost fell of his throne in surprise and fright.


Alyson: ... No, sir... It's not a joke. I-

Bowser: Very well, then! I’ve got some questions to see if you're really my niece! First: What's my full name?

Alyson: ... King Bowser Koopa

Bowser: Who raised me?

Alyson: Kamek Magikoopa.

Bowser: What's the name of my "gone" older brother?

Alyson: Wart.

Bowser: What's the name of my late father?

Alyson: Morton Koopa.

Bowser’s eyes widened. It seemed she really was his niece.

Bowser: Ok, ok... Who are your parents?

Alyson: ... Uh... My father's your younger brother. You probably don't know him. When he was born, Morton Koopa and the queen split up. Morton Koopa kept you and Wart while the queen kept my father.

Bowser: I got it. But how can you be my niece? I mean, you're a human, not a Koopa!

Alyson: Uh, not exactly. Like my mother, I'm a "different species" of human. This species is called  "Kitsinny".

Bowser: ... "Kitsinny"...?

Alyson: Yes. Kitsinnies are humans with superpowers and the ability to transform into, at maximum, two animals. In my case, as my father is a Koopa, I got the Kitsinnies' powers and the Koopas' powers, fire breath, for instance.

Bowser: Fine, li’l Kitsinny! What are your parents' names?

Alyson hesitated, more tense than before. She looked both puzzled and embarrassed.

Alyson: ... Errrrmm... I... I-I... I actually don't know...

Alyson shrugged as Bowser raised in eyebrow in frustration and confusion.

Bowser: What the... You don't know your own parents' names?!

Alyson shook her head.

Alyson: I never saw them either. They're busy every single moment. They're always traveling to solve their business, then they simply dump me in my house with the servants to take care of me!

While saying that, Alyson seemed to be sad, frustrated, and disappointed with her parents.

Bowser: ... Why did your parents send you here, kiddo?

Alyson: I don't know exactly. During the past few months, a tense atmosphere enveloped my kingdom. When I asked people what was wrong, they always created some excuse to leave or they simply refused to answer me. So my parents (who were traveling) ordered that I should be sent here to live with you.

Bowser: Okay, I got it. Oh, almost forgot! What’s your full name?

Alyson: Princess Alyson Koopastool.

Bowser: EH?! You're a princess?! So your parents are-

Alyson: King and queen.

Bowser: And your "house" is-

Alyson: Actually a castle.

Bowser: Fine, whatever! You're my guest and you may stay one week at my Keep.

Alyson: ... One week?

Bowser: One week! Then you leave and go home! I'm fed up with kids. I’ve already got eight brats, I don't want more one!

Alyson almost chuckled to hear that he had EIGHT children. He must be very busy.

Alyson: Wow, eight children? A pretty lot, eh? It must be hard to you to raise them!

Bowser: Blargh, tell me about it! (to the Koopatrol) You!!! Take her and her stuff to the guest room!

Koopatrol: Yessir! (to Alyson) This way, please.

Both Alyson and the Koopatrol left. Bowser stood on his throne and turned to his right to face Kamek.

Bowser: AHHHH!!! KAMEK! What a fright! Since when you were here?

Kamek: The whole time, Your Frightness! And I guess you should allow the girl to live here and not stay only one week.

Bowser: Why should I?

Kamek: Why Your Ingenuousness... She can be very useful to us. I saw it the first second I saw her.

Bowser looked a bit unsure about what Kamek said.

Bowser: Are you sure about that, Kamek?

Kamek: Sure, my King. You know that my visions have never failed.

Bowser got quiet, thinking a bit. Then a sly grin appeared on his face.

Bowser: Fine. She shall live here, then.


Alyson was in the guest room placing her stuff in the room. She was looking kinda cheerful, though she was singing in a sad tone in another language.

Alyson: (singing) E não adianta nem me procurar em outros timbres, outros risos. Eu estava aqui o tempo todo, só você não viu...

She stopped singing when she heard someone knocking on the door. She opened the door to see a Hammer Bro standing there.

Alyson: ... Yeah?

Hammer Bro: I just came here to say that King Bowser changed his mind and has allowed you to live here. This guest room will be your bedroom now. Good night.

The Hammer Bro left.

Alyson: Uh... Good night to you too.

She closed the door and sat on the bed.

Alyson: Wow, he changed his mind fast... *Yaaaaawwwwwwn.*

She just lay down and fell asleep.

4 hours later... Everyone was asleep. The night still was stormy with thunder. One of these thunderbolts woke Alyson up. She looked as if she had woken up from a nightmare.

Alyson: *Gasp!* ... Oh, boy... I HATE thunder! Well, now that I'm awake, it would be a miracle if I fall asleep again! Geez... Now what am I going to do for the rest of the night?

She looked around, thinking of some hobby. Then she saw some sheets of paper with some colored pencils. She smiled, happy to have found a good hobby.

In the morning...

Bowser woke up with a Monday-ish face, but soon changed to his neutral one. He spotted a servant.

Bowser: Hey, you! Go to the newcomer's room and check if she's already awake! If she is, take her on a tour of my castle, got it?

Koopa: Yes sir!

The Koopa left and walked to Alyson's bedroom. When he was about to knock on the door he noticed it was open. He then pushed the door to see the bed with some drawings and pencils over it. He then saw a small, black cat sat on the pillow, staring at him.

Koopa: Oh, dear...! King Bowser's gonna fire me if I tell him she brought a pet!

He looked around, but he didn't see anyone else in the room. When he turned to leave, he heard Alyson's voice.

Alyson: Oi! Wait a minute, Mr. Koopa!

When the Koopa turned back the cat was gone and Alyson was the sitting in its place.

Alyson: May I help you?

Koopa: Look, I'll be done for if King Bowser finds out that you brought a pet, and-

Alyson: I don't have any pets!

Koopa: And what about that kitten that was standing right where you're now?!

Alyson replied with a cheerful grin. The Koopa then got a bit puzzled. He could sort of understand, but didn’t believe it was true.

Koopa: Uhhhh... Fine. Listen, King Bowser ordered me to take you on a tour in the castle. Is that all right?

Alyson jumped from the bed with a big grin.

Alyson: Wow, sure!

Koopa: Right. Let's start right where we are now. This place was a guest room, but I guess you know it's your bedroom now.

Alyson: Yeah, I know.

Koppa: This way, please.

Later on, the Koopa was showing the Koopalings' rooms.

Koopa: This is Prince Ludwig Von Koopa's room. He's the oldest and he's a genius, you can see it by those machines.

Alyson: Eita meu! He invented all those machines?!

Koopa: Yes, he did. He's also obsessed with chocolate...

Alyson: Tee hee! Don't blame him. Everyone loves chocolate!  Well, everyone except diabetics...

The Koopa had to hold his chuckle when he heard the chocolate thing.

Koopa: Ok, let's continue.

He and Alyson moved to the next room.

Koopa: This is Prince Lemmy Koopa's room. He's the second oldest and the fun-loving Koopaling. He also loves ice, he even made a weapon called the Freeze Gun that freezes anything it shoots. He can be seen riding on a ball.

Alyson: Wow, this looks very cool! I always asked for ice in the summer. So he rides on a ball, eh? I guess we can share tricks.

Both moved to Roy's room.

Koopa: This is Prince Roy Koopa's room. He's the third oldest. Look, I won't lie, he always beats his siblings up. He's strong and merciless with the family's enemies. He's a bully, you’d better be careful with him.

Alyson: Nah, there're fights in every family... Don't worry, I know that, like almost everyone, he has a soft side.

They than moved to Iggy's room.

Koopa: This is Prince Iggy Koopa's room. He looks like Lemmy. Some think they're "twins". He loves animals more than anything else. He's a li’l inventor like Ludwig.

Alyson: This looks interesting.

The next was Wendy's room.

Koopa: This is Princess Wendy O. Koopa's room. She's the only girl of the Koopalings. She loves swimming and water. She loves to make herself pretty more than anything else. Her vanity is her weakness. I think you two will get along well.

Alyson: Teeheehee... Every girl loves to be pretty!

They went to Morton's room.

Koopa: This is Prince Morton Koopa Jr's room. He loves talking. He also has an interest in solar energy.

Alyson: Heh. When boredom attacks, the best way to send it away is a good talk!

Both moved to Larry's room.

Koopa: This is Prince Larry Koopa's room. He's the second youngest and the quietest of the Koopalings, he likes to keep to himself. He loves plants. He's the most polite and the well-behaved of the Koopalings.

Alyson: Cool. I like plants too. In my castle, I spend most of the time in the garden!

The next room was Bowser Jr's.

Koopa: And this is Prince Bowser Jr. Koopa's room. He's the youngest of the eight children. He loves sports and reminds me a lot of his father.

Alyson: Interesting. I guess we can play tennis together. Tennis, ping pong, and karting are the only sports that I like...

Koopa: C’mon, there's more on the tour. The next thing is the playground.

Meanwhile in the kitchen…

The Koopalings were having cereal and hot chocolate for breakfast.

Morton: Meh! I'm sick of hot chocolate! I don't hate hot chocolate, but having it every single day in the winter for breakfast and dessert is sickening!

Ludwig: Nah, it's okay with me...

Iggy: This cook should try something new.

Bowser Jr: Talking about "new", did ya know that there's a newcomer in the castle?

Wendy: Yeah, I heard that this newcomer is a relative that came from far away!

Lemmy: Cool! A new playmate!

Roy: A new punching bag! Heh heh heh!

Larry: I don't think so, Roy. I heard King Dad say that the newcomer is a "she"!

Roy: ... So what?

Larry: Sigh... Never mind.

Morton: Bah! Another girl?! I hope she's not like Wendy or else this castle will be worse than it already is!

Wendy: HEY!

She threw her cereal bowl at Morton's head.

Morton: Ouchie!

The other Koopalings laughed.

Ludwig: I don't know... And if she's a spy?!

Iggy: Kamek said that she isn't. And you guys know that his visions never fail.

Bowser Jr: But why did she come here?

Wendy: King Dad said that even she doesn't know...

Larry: The strange thing is that King Dad was planning to allow her to stay here only one week, but he changed his mind...

Lemmy: He said that he got plans for her.

Roy: What plans?

Lemmy: I don't know...

Ludwig: I wonder if she knows about our problem with the Mario Bros. and the Mushroom Kingdom...

Iggy: I think she doesn't, if she came from far away...

Kammy: Kids, finish your breakfast or it's going to get cold!

Koopalings: Yes, Kammy... (Yuck!)

Bowser then entered the kitchen.

Bowser: I bet you know that we got a newcomer, kids!

Ludwig: Actually, King Dad, we were just talking about that!

Bowser: K... Listen, I want you to make her feel at home so she doesn’t want to leave.

Roy: But King Dad... Why do you want her to stay so much?

Bowser: According to Kamek, she can be a great weapon against that annoying red plumber! *sly grin* We just need to manipulate the "weapon" correctly.

The Koopalings got happy. It seems they finally would get rid of the Mario Bros.

Lemmy: Don't worry, King Dad! We'll treat her as our dear big sister!

Bowser: Don't exaggerate, Lemmy! She's your cousin, not sister! *chuckle*

Iggy: Anyway, don't worry, King Dad! She'll never want to leave!

Bowser: Good.

Bowser turned to leave, but suddenly turned back.

Bowser: Ah, yes! Finish your breakfast!

The Koopalings frowned.

Koopalings: Yes, King Dad... (Blargh!)

A time later, back with Alyson and the Koopa, both of them were standing in front of the door of Alyson's bedroom.

Koopa: Well, the tour's over.

Alyson: Awwww... What a pity! It was so fun. Anyway, thank you for the tour, Mr. Koopa! Now I won't get lost in the castle.

Koopa: You don't need to thank me. I only did my job. *looks at his wristwatch* Oh, by the way... It's breakfasttime. Do you want to go to the kitchen to eat?

Alyson: ... Hm. Sorry, but I don’t have an appetite right now. You understand, don't you?

Koopa: Nah, it's all right! I must go to my position now. You can call me if you need something, Princess Alyson.

Alyson: Aw, please just call me Alyson, or "Aly" for short. By the way... What's your name, Mr. Koopa?

Koopa: Hmmmm... No one ever bothered to ask me that! Well, my name's Miguel, Miguel K. Troopa.

Alyson: *some kind of daydreaming face* Miguel... That's such a cute name.

Miguel blushed a little, but managed to keep his composure.

Miguel: Well, I must go now.

He left. Alyson entered her bedroom, but forgot to close the door.

Later on with the Koopalings, Iggy, Lemmy  and Bowser Jr. were walking through the castle while the others were in their rooms.

Iggy: You know, I wonder what this newcomer looks like...

Lemmy: Well, if she's our cousin as King Dad said, she must be something like Wendy or Susan...

Bowser Jr: Really? Poor newcomer...

The 3 burst out laughing.

Lemmy: LOL, that was a funny one!

Iggy: ... But if she doesn't...?

Bowser Jr: Hmmmmmmmm... Why don't we go and find out?

And then, all of a sudden, Lemmy's ball got punched by Roy. Lemmy fell on the ground while his ball rolled away.

Roy: Hahaha! Gotcha!

Lemmy: (getting up) Shoot, Roy! Why do you always have to do that?! Now I have to go look for my ball!

Lemmy left to look for his lost ball. Bowser Jr, silenced, went to his room.

Iggy: Lemmy, wait! I'm going with you!

Iggy ran after Lemmy.

At Bowser's throne, he and Kamek were a having a talk...

Bowser: You’d better be right about Alyson being useful, Kamek! If not I'm going to kick both her and you outta here!

Kamek: Don't worry, your Toughness... She is useful, I guarantee!

Bowser: Hmph, she’d better be! Hmmmmmmmmm... I wonder how to manipulate her...

Kamek: What did you see in her eyes when you looked at them?

Bowser: Jeez, I saw green, duh!

Kamek: *sweatdrop* Ahem... I meant something like fear, sadness...

Bowser: Uh, innocence...?

Kamek: *snaps fingers* Exactly! So listen to my plan...

They started murmuring.

Meanwhile in Alyson's bedroom, she was taking a "cat nap". She was almost falling off the bed, one of her legs already fallen and almost touching the ground. As she felt something touch her leg, her eyes flew open and she got up, afraid that it could be a spider. When she looked at her leg, instead of a spider she saw... a green ball.

Alyson: Nya, what a fright!

She picked up the ball and started examining it to see if she could find something familiar in it.

Alyson: No, it isn't one of my toys... I wonder how this ball came here...

She turned to the door and saw it open. She then remembered she’d forgotten to close it.

Alyson: Oh, right. The ball must have rolled away and stopped in my bedroom... Wait a minute, if this ball rolled here, its owner must be looking for it!!

She got out of her bedroom with the ball in her arms and started looking for its owner. Thanks to Miguel and his tour, she wouldn't get lost. While walking in the hallways of the castle, she was quietly singing in a macabre hissing tone a song that is familiar only on Earth.

Alyson: (singing) One, two, Freddy's coming for you!
Three, four, better lock your door!
Five, six, grab your crucifix!
Seven, eight, better stay up late!
Nine, ten, never sleep again!

The macabre hissing tone Alyson's voice was singing made the song really scary. Scary enough to chill your spine. She was so busy singing, she didn't notice the hallways were getting darker and darker.

Meanwhile with Lemmy and Iggy...

Iggy: Lemmy, are you sure your ball is around here?

Lemmy: I don't know. By the way, did you notice that the hallways are getting darker?

Iggy: Lucky I brought a lantern! *grin*

They kept walking in the dark hallways. Soon it was so dark they needed to use Iggy's lantern. The same was happening to Alyson, but she didn't have a lantern. Her eyes was shining in the dark like the cat's eyes and she could see in the dark a little, but not enough.

Alyson: My nocturne sight still needs to grow more... *sigh...*

She resumed singing the same song.

Back with Iggy and Lemmy, they were talking untill Lemmy heard something.

Iggy: You kn-

Lemmy: Shhhhhhhh...

They got silent for a while until they could hear a scary song.

???: One, two, Freddy's coming for you...

That put chills trough Iggy’s and Lemmy's spines.

???: Three, four, better lock your door...

Lemmy shrugged, and Iggy started shivering, the light of his lantern now shaking. The song was getting higher and scarier.

???: Five, six, grab your crucifix...

Lemmy: (low voice) Is... Is that a-a... ghost?!

Iggy's lantern wore off.

Iggy: (low voice) Oh no! T-the lantern!

Without the lantern it was pitch black.

???: Seven, eight, stay up late...

Back with Alyson, she was hearing murmurs that seemed to belong to two young people. She stopped walking and turned around to see if someone was after her, but didn't see anyone. She shrugged and started to walk backwards. She kept singing, hoping the song would keep her calm.

Back with Iggy and Lemmy, they turned around to see if there was a ghost behind them, but didn't see anything since they could barely see their own hands. They were almost panicking in fear and started to walk backwards, still with that song in the air.

???: Nine, ten, never sleep again…

They were walking backwards, Lemmy trying to make himself calm and Iggy trying to make his lantern work. They kept walking... until... Lemmy's back touched something. Iggy and Lemmy turned around, scared for their lives.



She lost her balance and fell on the ground. The same happened to Lemmy. Iggy's lantern started up again. He saw Lemmy sitting on the ground and... someone else, a girl, sitting on the ground too. Probably she was what Lemmy's back had hit, he reasoned.

Alyson: *puzzled face* ... Credo... Eu, hein?! What just happened?

To Iggy and Lemmy, her voice was familiar... It was the same voice that was singing, but in its normal tone it was cuter and more welcoming than that scary and macabre hissing tone. Alyson then figured out what had happened.

Alyson: Oh, meu... Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you!

She got up and helped Lemmy up.

Lemmy: Thanks, err... Scared? Who was scared? I wasn't! And you, Bro?

Iggy: Hm...

Alyson: *giggle* Aw, c’mon! You two scared me, I admit!

Iggy: I guess we scared each other! Heh!

Alyson: Before I forget, you guys know who is the owner of this ball?

She showed Lemmy's lost ball.

Lemmy: My ball!

Alyson: Oh! Is it yours? It stopped in my bedroom while I was sleeping, so I went to look for the owner. Well, here you are!

She handed the ball to Lemmy.

Lemmy: Hey! Thanks a lot!

Iggy: He was looking for it like crazy!

Lemmy: But what are you doing here? How did you come here?

Alyson: Well, my parents sent me here to live with Uncle Bowser. I arrived in the castle last night.

Iggy and Lemmy: ... So you're the newcomer!!!

Alyson was a little surprised by Iggy’s and Lemmy's reaction when they found out she was the newcomer. Did she do something wrong?

Alyson: ... Uh, yeah, I suppose...

Lemmy: Ha! The suspense's over!

Alyson: ... Suspense...?

Iggy: Everybody is dying of curiosity to know about the newcomer!

Alyson: Oh...

Lemmy: Well, you're not a Koopa.

Alyson: Uncle Bowser got confused about that too, teehee! My father is a Koopa and my mother is a Kitsinny!

Iggy: ... What are Kitsinnies?

Alyson frowned a little. It seems she would have to explain all that over again.

Alyson: Why don't we talk about it while walking out of these dark hallways?

A li’l later... the three were walking to the playground while chatting.

Alyson: ...So you aren't twins, since one is older than the other...?

Lemmy: Yup.

Iggy: I'm curious about that music you were singing in the hallways.

Alyson: What's with the song, Cousin Iggy?

Iggy: Ludwig never told me about some similar song... And who is this "Freddy" anyway?

Alyson gave an intimidatingly sly grin.

Alyson: Are you sure you wanna know?

Iggy: Yeah!

Alyson: Fine! I'm gonna tell you guys when everybody gets together. It's a good story!

Lemmy: Well, we're in the playground.

Commotion and chaos could be heard from inside the playground. Alyson, a bit startled, didn't seem to be used to it.

Alyson: Credo! What's wrong inside?!

Lemmy: Nothing, that's just our brothers and sister playing.

Alyson: ... (O_o')

Iggy: C'mon, you won't tell me you and your brothers never played together!

Alyson frowned and didn't say anything, but sighed.

Lemmy: Oh... You're an only child?

Alyson: Yeah... sorta.

Iggy: Sorta?

Alyson: My best friend David Boom is almost a brother to me... Sometimes I wonder if he cares about me more than my own parents...

Lemmy: Hm... It seems you and your parents don't have a good relationship.

Alyson giggled sarcastically. What relationship?

Alyson: Heh! We don't even have a relationship! There's no relationship between us! To be honest I never saw them in my entire life!

Iggy: (whispering to himself) That's weird...

Alyson: I heard that, Cousin Iggy. I know it's weird. Parents that are too busy to say a simple "Hi!" to their own child? What an irony...

Alyson, Iggy, and Lemmy: ...

More noises from the playground threw them out of their thoughts.

Lemmy: Erm, are we going to enter or just stay stopped here like the three goofies?

Iggy: Heheheh, no, let's enter!

Lemmy: Yeah! Let's show our cousin the entire family!

Alyson shrugged. Lemmy opened the door of the playground. Inside the playground, the other Koopalings were doing their own things. When they noticed the door opening, they saw Iggy, Lemmy and... Alyson coming in.

Ludwig: Lemmy, where have you been? Who is she? Is she your girlfriend? *playful grin*

Alyson: Quê?! *blushes* (O.O')

Lemmy: (elbowing Ludwig) No way! She's our cousin, the newcomer! Her name's Alyson.

Ludwig: You gotta be kiddin' me! She's not even a Koopa, she's a human!

Alyson: Do I have to explain it for the third time? (T_T)

Iggy: Our uncle is her father and--

Ludwig: Then your Wart's daughter and Susan's sister?!

Alyson: ... My dad's not Wart! And who is Susan?

Lemmy: Actually Kind Dad had a younger brother!

Ludwig: Oh! I got it! But it doesn't explain why she's human.

Alyson: I'm a Kitsinny.

Ludwig: Um, what?

Alyson: *sigh* (I guess I'm going to say it over again...) Like my mother, I'm a "different species" of human, this species is called  "Kitsinny". Kitsinnies are humans with superpowers and the ability to transform into, at maximum, two animals. In my case, as my father is a Koopa, I got the Kitsinnies' powers and the Koopas' powers, fire breath, for instance.

Ludwig: Hm, this is interesting... Do you like music?

Alyson: Xi! That's one of the things that makes me happy!

Ludwig: Would you like to listen to my symphonies?

Alyson: Sure! Why not? (As long it's not Opera!)

Lemmy: (whispering to Iggy) She and her ears are going to regret that decision...

Later on... Alyson returned to the playground. Lemmy came towards her and beckoned.

Alyson: Why are you communicating to me as if I were deaf?

Lemmy: You still can hear?!

Alyson: Is this a trick? Sure I can!

Lemmy: Ludwig's symphonies didn't drive you deaf?!

Alyson: Aw, qualé?! He's not a bad composer or musician! Honestly, he's better than lots of people in my country!

Lemmy: Well, if you say so...

Lemmy went to do his own thing. Ludwig appeared behind Alyson.

Ludwig: Hey, thanks! By the way, what's your favorite genre of music?

Alyson: Actually I like any music except Opera, but one of my favorites is Rock!

Ludwig: ... K... (A royal princess that likes the genre Rock 'n Roll? That's kinda odd...) (O_o)

Alyson: Why the face, Cousin Ludwig?

Ludwig: Oh, nothing.

He went to do his own thing.

Meanwhile at Peach's Castle...

Toadsworth: Princess... What are you so worried about?

Peach: (looking out the window) Well... You know, it's been really long since Bowser's last attack. He's been too quiet for too long.

Toadsworth: And what's bad about this, Princess? He has not threatened our kingdom for a good while.

Peach: But he never took so long to strike back! There's something wrong.

Toadsworth: And what can be wrong with that fiend being away from us?

Peach turned to Toadsworth, greatly worried.

Peach: By the time he's taking, I'm afraid he's plotting something different... and more deadly.

At Mario's house...

Luigi (in his pajamas) You know, Bro, it's quite boring when Bowser is away for too long.

Mario: Yeah... No adventures... But at least we can get a good and deserved rest!

Luigi: Yawwwwn... Talking about "rest", I'm going to sleep a bit more...

Mario: Watch out for the Boos under your bed.

Luigi: MARIO! D=<

Mario: *snicker* *XD

At the garden of Peach's Castle...

Toad and Toadette were looking at the mountains in the horizon. They could see Bowser's Keep far, far away.

Toad: Bowser's been gone for too long! We can't even find any life signal in his Keep!

Toadette: Do you think he, uhh... moved away?

Toad: Him? Move away?! Tch, that would happen only in our dreams!

Toadette: Whatever... But it's really weird that he hasn’t struck back yet...

Toad: Maybe he finally gave up...

Toadette: HA! Him?! Give up?! Now that's what would really happen only in our dreams!

Back at Bowser's Keep... In the Koopalings' playground, some Koopalings were causing chaos while the others were doing their own thing. Alyson was sitting in one corner of the playground reading stuff in her native language until someone poked her. She looked to her left and saw a small Koopa with red hair in a ponytail and red eyebrows, with a white bandana bearing a picture of lots of fangs tied at his neck. He also was holding a kind of paintbrush. He had a curious look on his face.

Bowser Jr: Hey, wha'cha reading? I can't understand what's written!

He looked again at the text. It read:

Verdades Reescritas

- Você não é completamente inútil. Serve ao menos de mau exemplo.
- Se você não é parte da solução, é parte do problema.
- Errar é humano, mas achar em quem colocar a culpa é mais humano ainda.
- O importante não é saber, mas Ter o telefone de quem sebe.
- Quem sabe, sabe. Quem não sabe, é chefe!
- É bom deixar a bebida. Só tente se lembrar onde.
- Existe um mundo melhor, mas caríssimo.
- Trabalhar nunca matou ninguém, mas... para que se arriscar?
- Há duas palavras que abrem muitas portas: puxe e empurre.
- Não leve a vida tão a sério, afinal, você não sairá vivo dela!"

Bowser Jr: I seriously can't understand it...

Alyson: You want me to translate it for you?

Bowser Jr: Yeah! Tell me! Tell me what's written here!

Alyson: Sure, Cousin Junior! Lemme see... (translating) Rewritten Truths-

Bowser Jr: It's the title, isn't it?

Alyson: Uh-huh. (translating) You're not totally useless, you serve at least as a bad example…

Bowser Jr.: Hm... It's pretty true...

Alyson: If you aren't part of the solution, then you're part of the problem-

Bowser Jr: (mimicking Luigi in Mario Power Tennis) Oh... This... is... bad...

Alyson: *giggle* Preeeeeeetty bad! (translating)  To err is human, but finding who to put the blame on is more human indeed…

Bowser Jr: Wahahahaha!! Put your blame on someone else? This happens A LOT here! XP

Alyson: (smiling) Tsk tsk... *translating) The important thing isn't to know, but to have the phone of the one that knows…

Bowser Jr: ...

Alyson: Who knows, know. Who doesn't know, is boss!

Bowser Jr: Heheheheheh, this explains why every sub-boss failed King Dad!

Alyson: It's good to leave the booze. Just try to remember where...

This time Bowser Jr. almost burst out laughing.

Bowser Jr: WAHAHAHAHAHA! That's the alcoholic's old excuse!

Alyson: *snicker* (translating) There's a better world, but veeery expensive…

Bowser Jr: (still laughing a bit) Oh, my... That's plain true!

Alyson: X3 (translating) Work never killed anyone, but... why run the risk?

Bowser Jr. was laughing so much he couldn't even talk.

Alyson: There are two words that open many doors: push and pull...

Bowser Jr: Heheheheheheheh! At least those two words always work!

Alyson grinned this time.

Alyson: Cousin Junior, you gotta listen to this last one! (translating) Don't take life so seriously, at last, you won't get out of it alive!"

That was the last straw. Bowser Jr. fell off laughing to death. Alyson grinned happy for making someone smile, happy, and laugh at her new living place. The other Koopalings heard Junior's laughs.

Larry: What's going on with him?

Wendy: He's laughing, stupid.

Bowser Jr. was almost crying from so much laughing.

Bowser Jr. (finally relaxed): By the way, Iggy told me that you're going to tell us a story about a "Freddy" guy tonight!

Alyson: That's true. But actually this story has 7 stories (not counting "Fred VS Jason").

Bowser Jr: And what kind of story is this?

Alyson: It's a good terror-horror story!

Bowser Jr: (kinda hyper) COOL! I'm gonna call King Dad, Kamek, and Kammy to listen to it tonight!

Alyson: ... Why?

Bowser Jr: Why they love terror-horror stories! I'm sure they'll enjoy this one! But why the question?

Alyson: Nah. In my country, every time I wanted to tell some adult a story, they simply said they're too busy for "childish things".

Bowser Jr: Well, the three adults I'm gonna call will enjoy your story, of course!

Alyson: Well, fine, then.

Then, a flash appeared and an odd Bob-omb appeared out of it. It looked like the normal Bob-omb, but white instead of black or red, with blue feet, dark blue eyes, and a mouth. Alyson got thrilled and glomped the "Bob-omb".

Alyson: DAVID! Oh, David! Eu não acredito que você me achou tão rápido! Você veio me visitar? <:D

David: O quê você acha? É claro que sim!! Afinal, você é a minha melhor amiga! ^_^

Bowser Jr.: Alyson, what's going on? Who's this guy?

Alyson: His name's David Boom. He's my best friend from my home!

Lemmy: So he's the David one you mentioned before?

Iggy: Hello there, David! Welcome to Bowser's Keep!

David: ..................?

Alyson: Ahem... He doesn't understand English.

Iggy: Oh... Lemme guess, he came to visit you.

Alyson: Exactly!

Lemmy: About the flash thing... I didn't know Bob-ombs could teleport...

Alyson: David's not a Bob-omb like the ones you know. He's a Bob-boom. When Bob-booms explode, they "unexplode" in another place, sorta like a teleport.

David: Alyson, como você está morando muito longe agora, minhas visitas não podem durar muito. Tenho que ir, Dannah deve estar me esperando!

Alyson: Aww, você já está indo embora? Mas você está aqui a apenas 5 minutos!

David: Eu sei, mas tenho que ir agora. Quando eu não puder visitar você, eu telefono!

Alyson: Está bem... Mal posso esperar para ver você de novo. Tchau, David! Mande lembranças à Dannah!

David: Eu vou sim! Tchau, Alyson!

David exploded away.

Bowser Jr: Wow, that visit was fast!

Iggy: But who's the "Dannah" person?

Alyson: Dannah is David's twin sister.

Lemmy: *elbows Iggy* It seems we click! XD

Iggy: Lemmy, we're not twins. ¬¬

Meanwhile with Bowser and Kamek...

Bowser: WHAT?! No! it's not going to work! We already tried it with Junior and it ending up wrecking us and my vacation! How do you expect it to work with Alyson?!

Kamek: Trust me, Your Worriness. It'll work! Unlike Junior, Alyson's TOO innocent. The more ingenious she is, the easier it will be for us.

Bowser: You’d better be right, Kamek. Or else you'll be fired! And when I say fired I mean FIRED!!!

Kamek: *gulp* Stay still, Your Angerness. You must stay calm in this!

Bowser: Grr, you're right! Now, go and get Alyson... Let's put our plan to work... Heh heh heh heh...

Kamek: Sure, my King... Right away!

Soon, Alyson was playing with Bowser Jr. in the playground when...

Kamek (entering): Princess Alyson? King Bowser wants to talk to you! Please follow me.

Alyson: Hmm... Ok, Godfather Kamek.

Kamek: (... "Godfather"?! Ah, well.) This way, child.

Kamek then left the playground with Alyson following him.

Back with Bowser... He was calm but impatient waiting for Kamek. His back was turned to the door. The door opened, showing Kamek's entrance.

Kamek: Your Awfulness, I brought the girl as you ordered.

Kamek stepped aside to give Alyson the way into the room.

Alyson: ... You want to talk to me... Uncle Bowser...?

Bowser, without turning around, gave a sly grin.

Bowser: Yes, my dear niece... It's something very serious, so pay attention. (Gwahaha, it's going to be easier than I thought, heh!)...

Read on!

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